Nancy Grace and Family Wish You Happy Holidays!

12/14/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

It’s John David and Lucy Elizabeth‘s second Christmas! CNN anchor Nancy Grace, 49, released her family’s holiday card, sharing personal photos of her clan — husband David Linch and her "twin miracles," now 13 months. Nancy and David welcomed their babies last November, after a difficult pregnancy. The couple married in April of 2007.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Lacey on

They are so cute!! John David is big! I love Nancy Grace, she not afraid to say anything. Merry Christmas!

proud mmommy of 3 on

I love nancy grace and her babies are so adorable.

Cheryl Lage on

What a wondrous Christmas they’ll have. Wishing them — and all of us — happy, happy holidays.

Kate on

They are so cute!! What a lovely card.

Caroline on

I love that this card has the whole family featured–what a nice unit they make!

Lori on

What a beautiful Christmas card, her words are so touching! God Bless them all.

brooklyn on

Kids are cute.

Elle on

Her story is a true triumph of hope over despair, joy over anguish, and a beautiful portrait of answered prayers. Thanks CBB for sharing this story, thanks Nancy for sharing your family.

marla on

i love her. i love this family. beautiful little babies.

Hayley_B on

Awwwwww…two lil cherubs – how sweet!

Brooke on

I guess I don’t understand what is wrong with putting “Lucy and John-David”. Nancy Grace seems to have this thing about preceding baby’s names with the word “Baby”

Her newscasts are always laced with:

“Where is Baby Caylee?”

“Who took Baby Maddie?”

Eve on

I don’t think God blessed David and Nancy with those babies though; I think maybe fertility doctors had to intervene! Give them some credit!

Ashleigh on

These are great photos. I love the kids with the Damask backdrop!!! And that middel photo of her andher hubby laughing and loving the kids is just yummy :)!!!

Brooke- Its just what she does. Im a photographer and alot of parents ask to put baby in frot of the kids names on xmas cards… But I like how she has litte and baby.. Very cute!!!

Jason Lydon on

I know this photographer, she is NYC area based Meredith Mascola. Her style is incredible, I love how Nancy’s twins are posed and the background prints are priceless! Awesome shots.

Sara on

The photographer and designer of the card is Meredith Mascola.

kris on

“Her newscasts are always laced with:

“Where is Baby Caylee?”

“Who took Baby Maddie?””

My guess would be that she’s trying to make more of an impact. Saying a “baby” is lost/missing has more of an impact on people’s hearts. Which in turn may help find out more information on these cases. Since having her own children she really seems to be affected more by crimes against other children.

Leigh on

I just love the photos! The babies are so sweet and I am very happy for Nancy and David. I also like the way she puts “little” and “baby” in front of the names. She has waited so long for them, and they won’t be little for long, so let her enjoy it while she can! Nothing is wrong with cherishing eery moment!

SY on

Brooke: I was thinking the same thing, why did she have the little and baby before their names? That said, it’s a cute card, anyone know who its by?

dorothy ginger starks on

david and nancy always congrats on your wonderful family.david you brought love to nancy,nancy you brougt 2 special children into world and lucy and john david you brought love to david and nancy your mom and dad and nancy you bring joy to your family and to all your fans you bring love and knowledge thank you dear lady

Jason Lydon on

The website of the photographer is There are more pictures on her blog!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with Leigh. I also think that “Little Lucy”, might very well be an affectionate nickname they have for Lucy, as she was very small at birth (somewhere in 2-3lb range if I’m remembering correctly).

Stacy on

Those kids are way too cute. I love the card.

Stella on

Does anyone think John David looks a little bit like Courtney Thorne-Smith’s son Jake? Both babies are adorable!

joyce on

God has blessed you with two beautiful children and the will to fight for those less fortunate. On this night let’s say a prayer for little Caylee, and thank God for our own children.

Jo on

Your children are so adorable! I know you and your husband are so blessed to have them. May they bring you much happiness. Nancy, thank you for what you do for missing children, and others. On one program, let us have a moment of silence for all the missing children and their families. I know this must be the worse thing in their life to loose their child. Bless them all. I love your show and Merry Christmas to you and your family.