Sarah Jessica Parker Gives James a Hand

12/07/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and son James Wilkie Broderick, 6, share a smile while walking to James’ West Village school on Thursday. Even though it’s been chilly in New York, the duo donned their puffy coats and braved the cold!

Dad Matthew Broderick lends his voice to the new animated feature The Tale of Despereaux, in theaters December 19th.

James wears a Patagonia Kids’ Down Jacket in Ceylon Blue ($125).

He also wears Tsukihoshi Kids Euro in Navy/Red ($51).

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Pencils on

It actually hasn’t been that cold in Manhattan, at least not until Saturday. I didn’t even zip my heavy jacket on Friday. I can understand bundling your child up, but SJP makes it look like the great frozen north. Maybe if she had some body fat she might be able to stand 40 degree temperatures without a heavy down jacket.

Darlene on

I was just wondering where his hat is???

Fifi on

You know what I find interesting? How everyone always complains about Kate Hudson’s son’s hair being too long but no one ever says anything about Sarah Jessica’s son who’s hair is just as long…

kmb on

I love how we complain when celebrities and their children are under-bundled for the winter, then we complain that they’re over-bundled, too. Who cares? SJC is fit and that’s a downright rude comment. When we possibly throw on the wrong jacket without first checking the weather in the morning we’re not publicly scrutinized.
On a better note, he’s so adorable in those mittens!

amy ann. on

I wish CBB would ban comments with the words “Who cares?” Everyone cares — at least on some level — who is reading this blog and ESPECIALLY those who take the time to write a comment.

Shelby on

personally, and no offense meant, but I think everyone ought to lighten up a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I love how we often see SJP or MB walking James to school. They always look so engaged with each other. I’m always hoping they’ll have another baby. (not that they can’t be content with just one . . . just that they seem like such a happy family–why not?)

Nanny-Emma on

James is just too cute. I feel compelled to comment whenever a pic of him is on here!

sira on

“Maybe if she had some body fat she might be able to stand 40 degree temperatures without a heavy down jacket.”

Not only is this comment particularly rude and judgmental, is it really relevant?? So what if she decided to wear 10 heavy down parkas? You didn’t have to zip your heavy jacket on Friday- should you get some kind of prize for that? I agree that it would be much more pleasant if everyone lightened up a bit and didn’t just post comments for the sake of complaining or being overly critical beyond reason!

Elle on

“The following types of comments will not be posted:

namecalling and insults to a personโ€™s appearance or character
off-topic and completely unrelated to the post”

I guess they totally skipped the rules when they read the comment by pencils. That was really mean what she said about SJP. She has a great body for a woman her age and is a great mom. Why do people have to dig so low to insult her because of their own insecurities?

kmb on

If you’ll take time to actually read my comment, I meant “who cares?” in regards to whether or not she’s wearing heavy winter clothing, whatever she wears shouldn’t be anyone’s concern but her own.
The adorable-level of celebrity babies is the reason I read CBB.
If you really, really care about what she’s wearing, that’s great for you, but this site is about celebrity babies.

Sarah on

Can the CBB add to the rules, right under “the following types of comments will not be posted,” something like “implying a celebrity child is not dressed appropriately?”

GOOD GRIEF! I figured it was just people trying to pick on Tom and Katie, but apparently not. I don’t even like SJP (AT ALL) but I seriously doubt that she or most of the other celebs featured here mistreat their children to the point of not dressing them for the weather!!

Sydney on

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because she is an older mum, but I get the feeling SJP is done with having kids. Being an only child is not so bad, James seems to be very happy and his parents clearly spend lots of time with him, love seeing them out and about with big coats on, they look like they have so much fun together.

Also is this the same Parka that Naomi Watts was wearing the other day?

G on

Seriously! CBB, you should add a line about insulting the way people dress their children! It’s ridiculous how many complaints there are about that around here…

Shmoo from Canada's High North on

I always have a giggle when I see people in the south dress for the “cold”. Runners and no toque, lol, but a puffy jacket my kid would wear at -20 degrees celsius or less. Same as pics from LA and people are wearing scarves and knee-high boots. I’d be melted into the pavement. Anyway, just lets me feel all tough for a moment.Either that or bitter that it’s pitch balck out when we’re off to school this time of year. Look at that sun! (sigh)

Anon on

Fifi you’re clueless. Everyone always harps on about how little James should get a haircut. Check out every other blog entry about James Wilkie and you will see endless criticism of this celebrity couple’s little boy.

Darlene – Where’s his hat? Who cares? I’m sure SJP knows where it is and that’s enough.

Lacey on

Every time I see a pictures of Sarah or Matthew with James, I always think how normal and down to earth they are. If I walked passed them, I would give them a second look.

Lacey on

Meant “wouldn’t give them a second look” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lauren on

“Can the CBB add to the rules, right under “the following types of comments will not be posted,” something like “implying a celebrity child is not dressed appropriately?””

Fantastic idea. While we’re at it, can CBB add to the rules, right under “the following types of comments will not be posted,” something like “posters incessantly whining about and trying to moderate comments they dislike?”

Anyway, the two of them are dressed fine-better to overdress and remove layers than underdress and be stuck between a rock and a hard place-and I agree that they present as a very down-to-earth family, especially given SJP’s alter ego.

FC on

He has everything covered except for his head. Hmm, with the way that wind is whipping their hair, did it fly off? ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL, maybe he should borrow his mother’s thicker knit hat, it sure isn’t moving anywhere…

nancy on

These two are adorable all bundled up. I, like poster Sydney was wondering about SJP’s coat – both this one and the one Naomi Watts was wearing the other day are nice and warm-looking without being too big and bulky. Does anyone know where either of them are from? I am gearing up for a chilly NY winter!! Love Jame’s Patagonia jacket too…