Gavin Rossdale and Kingston Prepare for Takeoff

12/07/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
Whittle/Kaminski/Splash News Online

Are you lookin’ at me? Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, got a lift from dad Gavin Rossdale as they walked through LAX Friday (with mom Gwen Stefani and baby Zuma Nesta Rock, 3 months, not far behind)! The family was headed to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Gavin performed with his band over the weekend. On Thursday, Gwen took her boys to the park — and performed an emergency diaper change on the playground!

For more of this rockin’ family, check out our Stefani-Rossdale Family Photo Album!

Kingston wears BabyLegs in Cabana Blue from the Cabana Gift Set ($24 for 3 pairs, save 25% with coupon code CBBJuniper through 12/31/08).

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Mary on

Love this family! He is just too cute!!


Kingston is cute as ever!

He is wearing BabyLegs on his arms:

brannon on

My son wears babylegs on his arms too:) cute!

Penny on

At 2 1/2 he shouldn’t be using a nook. That being said he’s Super Cute!

Anna on

Kingston is wearing babylegs in cabana blue on his arms.

sophia on

They went to Utah, where Gwen tried teaching Kingston how to ski!!! So cute!

Summer on

I think it’s funny that no one comments on his pacifier, while if this were Suri, everyone would be freaking out…..

Lou on

gorgeous! (that goes for the both of them,lol)

he’s just too cool, cant wait to see him and zuma interacting together,he’s gonna be such a brilliant older brother!

j on

kingston is getting kind of old for a binky..

i feel like im the only one that says that, lol

Sydney on

I love love love that he’s wearing babylegs on his arms, he is already a very stylish trendsetter, I won’t be surprised if I see all the celeb babies copying kingston ;P He’s so cute.

Cara on

I agree he is rather “old” for a pacifier, but the poor guy has been really upset lately by the paparazzi–there are a couple of videos of him crying/yelling at them…so it is definitely easier to just let him use it for the 10-15 minutes or whatever it takes to get through the airport

Ms.B on

Why isn’t anyone complaining about Kingston having on a tank top? Those leggings or whatever they aren’t covering his whole arm. If it were Suri there would’ve been at least 50 replies about it…………..

Julie on

OMG, they are both gorgeous! 🙂 And, I couldn’t care less that he has a pacifier – I’m sure he won’t have it when he’s in Kindergarten.

amandamay on

i just knew that the “pacifier bashing” would be front and center… grr lol

seriously people, it’s totally none of your business how other people raise their kids. unless they are abusing him, stop criticizing.

what a gorgeous little boy!!!!!!

Lindsay on

Oh, heaven forbid a baby still has a comfort item. If you think about it, 2 years out of an entire lifespan is a rather short period of time. So not a big deal.

Sydney on

Is 2 really too old to still have a dummy? I don’t have kids yet but I know I had one, at least at night, until I was about 5, when my mum said we should throw them out the window into our garden for the dummy fairy to collect and give them to babies that really needed them, and apparently I never asked for one again. My brother had one until about 5 too and I know my cousins daughter loves hers at night too and she’s 5.

I also completely agree with Cara that Kingston has had a hard time with the paps recently especially last time he was at LAX airport, so it’s not surprising we are seeing him with a pacifier.

Lady on

he is such a gorgeous little boy…
but he is almost 3 the nook has to go…just like suri was still carrying a bottle a few months ago..

Doreen on

He’s too ‘old’ for a Paci!

Jill on

Do any of you who are commenting on him having a pacifier have any children yourselves? So judgmental!

Lauren on

ITA that Kingston’s had that paci for too long. That said, I love how Gwen and Gavin dress him in pink and mix it with more masculine clothes and prints. Very cool.

carolina on

People should lighten up on the pacifier. 2.5 years is not too old to still have one! My brother used his until he was 5/6, what’s wrong with that? If the child likes it and comforts him? Nothing’s wrong with my brother’s teeth due to using it for so many years. It’s the same as sucking your thumb, I did it until I was about 15 and sometimes I still do for a few minutes when I’m tired. Who cares? Let kids be kids.

Care on

I agree amandamay. While some people may think that he is too old for it, it is not your child so it really shouldn’t matter. Every parent raises their child a different way. Its just a comfort item probably, I had a blankie until 4 that I NEEDED to carry around and my mom was perfectly fine with it, its not hurting anyone so who cares.

Sarah on

are pacifiers really necessary? i understand why kids get attached to them, but i do not understand why parents give them to their babies in the first place (except to make them stop crying). i never had one a single day in my life and i turned out just fine. i don’t plan on giving my kids pacifiers either.

pacifiers can bad for teeth. and as a two-year old, kingston definitely has his baby teeth in. oh well, at least they can afford braces…

catman on

A pacifier at age 2 1/2! Are you kidding me. The kid looks ridiculous.

Amber H. on

I love the Baby Legs on the arms! We do this with my 2 year old daughter under her tee’s – it is too cute. 🙂

FlyByNight on

Kingston is very cute, but some of the clothes they dress him in … he just looks so sloppy! And a tanktop in December? Even if he has on those babylegs, it’s still not warm enough, even for L.A. That being said, he’s an adorable little guy!

KT on

Actually pacifiers help prevent SIDS – you would know that if you had kids.

JK on

Maybe they let him have the pacifier so the flight wouldn’t be as hard on his ears?

Just a guess.

Becky on

I love all the different names people have for binkies. We have “nooks”, “dummys” and “pacis” so far in the posts. What else does everyone call them from where they live? Just curious…..I’ve always called them binkies or pacifires.

Also, I think it is just fine he still has one. Who cares? He has a new baby brother, so he probably needs some comfort as he is not getting all the attention anymore and with such new big life changes for him it would be a horrible time for his parents to take that away from him. I had one until I was 6 and I turned out OK and my teeth weren’t messed up (my daughter never was a binkie baby though, she has a stuffed animal lamb that she sucks on his ears, and she’s 2 1/2 and still sucks on “Lamby”). Just like having a blanket. I am sure many of you slept with your blankie for many many years. It is a comfort thing. Every child has a comfort item in some form or another. I see nothing wrong with it.

Lily on

He’s such a beautiful child!

As far as the pacifier ordeal, I say let it be. My eldest was never interested in using one but my youngest, who’s now 18 months, has one at nighttime. It’s his form of comfort. No need to take it away from him at this time.

As others also mentioned, his past run ins with the paparazzi have had him in hysterics so if this allows him to calm down while Gwen and Gavin are making their way through the airport than so be it.

Another thought would be that he’s still adjusting to the new member of the family. My son’s aunt just had her third baby last month and the middle child, who’s also 2 1/2, has had a hard time adjusting to life with her new little sister. She’s reverted back to sleeping in her crib, always having her blankie by her side, and using pacifiers. It’s a big change when a new baby is born and every child acts differently.

Sydney on

Oh dear, can we really not have a post without someone criticising how a child is dressed? That is obviously a vest that you would put on a child’s clothes and they are INSIDE at the airport, Kingston was probably hot so took his t-shirt off! It’s not like they let him go skiing in a vest!

CelebBabyLover on

KT is correct. I’ve also heard that you don’t really need to worry about a pacifer affecting a child’s dental health until the permant teeth come in…By which point most kids have ditched the binkey!

I also don’t remember seeing Kingston with a binky very much (if it all) before Zuma was born. That makes me think that perhaps he is experience new silbing regression.

Often times, a toddler will insist on using a binky, bottle, diapers, etc. when a new sibling is born, as they see that the baby gets lots of attention and so they want to be a baby, too!

CelebBabyLover on

FlyByNight, I just went to the WeatherChannel website and checked the recent weather in LA. Assuming this picture was taken on Friday or Saturday, the lowest the tempurate was at the time was around 50 degrees. That’s definently not too cold for a tank top and baby legs on the arms!

MB on

I figure there are a whole ton of things that can be bad for kids, such that parents just need to pick and choose their battles. Binkys/Pacis can cause a kid to need braces, but anymore many kids are going to need braces anyway. I don’t think I used a binky for more than a year and my teeth were TERRIBLE. That was b/c crooked teeth are genetic in my family, not because I used a Binky. They actually make “dentist approved” binkys now to avoid some of the potential damage to the developing palate.

While my psych prof told me it’s easier to wean a kid from a binky before s/he is old enough to give it a nickname, it really is up to the parent and the pediatrician over when to wean the child. Given all the terrible things a parent can do to their child, things that can have a definite, irrerversible consequence, I can’t imagine getting into a fuss over a binky…

Elle on

I don’t usually say anything about the celeb children but I want to respond to what others are saying. I don’t understand the whole paci thing either. I have a 13 month old son and when he was a baby we tried it with him and he didn’t really seem to care. So we never started it which meant he never needed it. I didn’t want to force it on him…and yes I am aware that they just recently said it can help lower the risk of SIDS. But most children that are around that SIDS age (at least my son) can hold anything in their mouths while they sleep. I don’t want to bash them but I don’t understand why people make their children dependent on things like this. Between blankies and pacifiers I just don’t get it.

DLR in Canada on

I find it interesting how people are quick to diss the pacifier. Would they be as quick to diss Gwen if she was still breasfeeding Kingston at age 2.5? I didn’t think so. So yeah, let Kingston be with his pacifier. He’s adorable in that outfit, and how cool it is to wear those sort of leg warmers as sleeves.

Lorus on

Sarah – Neither of my kids ever had a pacifier! They definitely aren’t a “must”.
I don’t really care if kids use them or not but what annoys me to no end is when a child tries talking while it’s still in their mouth!

hkdiaz on

seeing as ho they are at the airport, they may be coming from/ going to a flight-pacifiers help with keepin kids ears from hurting during takeoff and landing. Even if he is still using it on a regular basis, no big deal-my daughter used hers until she was 4-her teeth are perect. Most dentists just recommend it be gone by the time PERMENANT teeth start coming in.

maya on

If this were Suri with a pacifier… I bet there wouldn’t be such nice, compassionate comments all over.

Charley on

I know the family and would just like to say a couple things!

Kingston has not been adjusting well to Zuma and has gone back to his pacifier for a short period. Please don’t be judgemental about it!

Also Kingston was taught the phrase “no paparazzi” as a joke and in the recent x17 video where he is yelling it, Kingston was not distressed.

Mommyto3 on

No harm done to anyone if he is still using the paci…
My middle daughter just weaned from the paci and she almost 3 years.

kiki on

I do have a daughter and she did have a paci until she was 4 months old and she no longer wanted it. I’m grateful because I do think anything over 2 is way too old to have one. Besides looking a little funny, they also don’t encourage speech or if the child does talk with it in their mouths they are not learning to form the words properly. This was told to me by a speech therapist. It’s hard but you should try and break them of needing it at an earlier age before they will even remember wanting it.

Ella's Mommy on

Kingston is my favorite celebrity child!! Taking a comfort item away from a child too early can cause serious developmental issues such as stuttering.

c-ann on

They are a beautiful family. Enough with the binky bashing. We all have done things raising our children that others would question, find fault with and judge so stop it.

JM on

Sucking helps children’s ears when flying…they’re too young for gum or to undertand to constantly keep swallowing so it makes sense he may have it.

However I think once a child reaches 2 years old Binks, paci’s whatever you choose to call them should be kept for bedtime use only. Then once they turn 3 it should be eliminated altogether. That’s my opinion on it. I cut the tips off of them (with permission of course from my SIL since she was too as she said “weak” to do that to her kids) and my nephews and niece never looked back!! We allowed my one nephew to hold onto his but he never put it in his mouth he’d just cupped it in his hands at night. Many kids don’t “need” them it’s more or less used as a mechanism to keep kids quiet! But they were meant for small babies to suck on to soothe them. After age two they really don’t need them it’s just something they become attached to and parents then have a harder time taking it away (same goes with the bottle).
A few tears or a bit of whining may occur but it doesn’t last long. And trust me it’s better then having to make sure you have it wherever you go or the kid will tantrum and not to mention braces are not cheap these days!!!

but that’s only my opinion on the subject 🙂

dawn on

Everyone always think they know what’s best for other peoples baby….

Artemis on

They’re so cute!! and whats the big deal with the pacifier? It doesn’t hurt anyone and if the kid loves it, let him have it. He’s just 2.

t. on

just my own side note I do not have children but I am a nanny and I do know for a fact that doctors reccomend Paci’s for small children while flying to help with their ears popping

TracyG on

So let me get this straight here..

It’s 50 Degrees in LA and a tank top is OKAY, yet when it’s 49 degrees in NYC, everyone is up in arms that Suri doesn’t have a jacket on but a blanket.

It’s okay for Kingston to have a binkie at 2 and a half, but Suri at 2 and a half, is TOO OLD for a sippy cup and/or bottle…

Hmmmm…seems that we have a serious double standard with posters here regarding certain families!

That said, Kingston is so cute!

Carol on

I think it’s fine to have a plug/binky at this age. Some kids need that extra suck time. I think those things look ridiculous on his arms and how warm can they be? Gavin has on long sleeves and Kingston a tank?

A Classic Tale on

Love this pair of BabyLegs. It’s so great to see a young stylish trend setter wearing them 🙂