Clint Eastwood Dishes On His 'Dysfunctional Family'

12/07/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
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At the age of 63, Clint Eastwood, already the father of six, was completely focused on his career and the thought of marriage — and even more so, kids — could not have been farther from his mind when contemplating the future. However, his previous thoughts to remain single were quickly forgotten when Clint was introduced to reporter Dina Ruiz during a scheduled interview. Unable to deny the obvious chemistry, Clint and Dina tied the knot in Hawaii; A few weeks later, Dina revealed even more unexpected news to her husband, who once believed he had planned the rest of his life! "We were in Hawaii on our honeymoon. After a few weeks, she said she felt a little nausea. She asked me to stop at a gas station so she could buy one of those sticks," says Clint. Moments later, the newlyweds were celebrating the fact that, in a few short months, the two would welcome their first child together. Clint jokes.

"She came back and said, ‘We’re pregnant.’ At least nobody stood there with a shotgun when we got married."

With their daughter Morgan, now 11 — whom the adoring father says is a "great kid, smart as can be" — welcomed into a "dysfunctional family," Clint shares that shortly after the birth, he "figured I’d had enough of acting. Maybe I’d just direct a project occasionally." The resolution was not long lasting however, as Clint — now a changed man — returned to the industry with his next film, Mystic River. According to his wife Dina, the 78-year-old actor no longer cares "about how he’s portrayed on film. He likes now being seen as a grandfather, as vulnerable, as crying over his daughters."

As Clint continues to produce, direct, and star in countless classics, he credits Dina, "a great asset," with running the household and keeping the family — including Clint’s children and their mothers — together. Her secret? Clint reveals,

"She doesn’t have the usual resentment about prior relationships. She’s befriended everyone, so it keeps this dysfunctional family together." 

Maintaining relationships with Kimber, 44, his daughter with Roxanne Tunis, Kyle, 40, and Alison, 36, his children with Maggie Johnson, Scott, 22, and Kathryn, 20, his children with Jacelyn Reeves, and Francesca, 15, with Frances Fisher, is important to the busy father — an issue that was made quite clear when Frances was severely burned in a fire in Canada. Upon receiving the news, Clint and Dina immediately "flew there right away and brought Frannie back and got her to a burn center."   

Source: PARADE

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Lacrosse on

Woah Clint!
5 baby mamas!

Alice on

well Lacrosse, I was more going to say, Woah Clint! 7 kids!

Sarita on

Wow, lots of children by lots of different women!

I kond of like the spacing in age. It makes it less tacky. It’s not like Oscar de la Hoya where all kids are the same age.

Lily on

I commend his wife for maintaining relationships with his older children.

Coming from a dysfunctional family, where the word dysfunction is clearly emphasized, it’s nice to see that they, at the very least, are civil to each other. I think my parents could take a couple cues from them.

mp on

Kudos to Dina for putting the emotional stuff aside and nurturing the family as a whole. And I admire Clint’s openness about his unusual parenting situation.

Heather on

Well Clint, its not a dysfunctional family if its working out well! Definately unsual though! Good for all the mom’s putting aside any bitterness and getting along well for the sake of the kids.

kris on

It does say something that they all seem to get along. He was married to the Mother of his 2nd and 3rd children when his 1st was born so I think it says even more about them that they can get along. His oldest seems to have named her child (Clint’s grandchild) after him. I would assume she would not do that if she was not close to her Dad.

Also, glad to see them step up when the Mother of one of hid kids needs help. Burns are serious business and it’s good to know they were there to help her get the care she needed.


His interviews are always so refreshing and grounded in humility. With a distinct under-current of wisdom and grace.

I love the fact that they are all one unified family. Kudos to his beautiful wife and to him as well. His children are all lovely and productive.

Here’s wishing Francis a full recovery.

dawn on

WOW! well the bible said “be fruitful and multiply” he’s surely on that route! LOL! atleast they act civil with each other. congrats to him.