Kym Marsh Expecting Third Child

12/06/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
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Another baby for Coronation Street! Actress Kym Marsh and her boyfriend, actor Jamie Lomas, announced that they’re expecting their first child together this summer. Thrilled with the news, Kym, 32, shares that she will continue working on the hit show until she is scheduled to take her maternity leave, sometime in early summer. In a statement released to the press, the couple say,

"We are delighted to be able to announce that we are having a baby. All of our family and friends are very excited at the prospect of a new arrival next summer."

The new baby will join David, 13, and Emily, 10, Kym’s children with Dave Cunliffe, and Billy, 2, Jamie’s son with Hayley Lever. Other Corrie stars recently welcoming babies or announcing pregnancies are Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas, whose daughter Scarlett Jacqueline arrived October 26th, Andy Whyment, who welcomed son Thomas in October, Jack P. Shepherd, who is set to be a new dad when girlfriend Lauren Shippey delivers, Alison King, who is due to give birth to her first child in February, and Jane Danson, currently expecting her second child.

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Nika on

I didn’t hear antyhing about her for quite a while. But the last time I read something about her wasn’t she in a group called Hear Say and married to a younger actor? Or is this the wrong person I have in mind?

Congratulations anyway. I’m sure the older kids will love having a cute little baby around.

freya on

She was in hearsay and relatively recently split up with her younger actor husband. She has only been going out with this new guy for 6 months according to the british press.
it will be strange for her going back to the baby stage seeing as her other kids are so much older – lots of fun though!

phoebe on

Nika, yes you have the right person. Kym stopped singing professionally and began acting in Coronation Street a couple of years ago. Her and Jack Ryder split up earlier this year. She’s actually a very good actress, which doesn’t always happen with singers.

Michelle on

Nika you’re correct in what you’re thinking. Kym was in the group Hear’Say (back in early 2000’s) but she left within the first two years and then moved onto a solo career and then into the soaps. She was also married to a young actor called Jack Ryder but they split up about 6 months ago.

I’m happy for Kym though, she’s mentioned a few times about wanting more children so I’m glad she is being blessed with another child.

lola on

Wouldn’t this baby be her 4th child if she already has 3? Or am i missing something?

Alison on

Lola, Kym herself has given birth to two children, and her partner has a child from a previous relationship so it is technically her third birth, but the fourth for their new, cute little family unit

Cyd on

I’d also like to tell CBB users that Kym is three months pregnant having only been with Jamie for SIX months. She split up from her husband seven months ago.

So after three months they decided to start a family. It must be very hard on her husband, Jack Ryder, who became like a father to her two children during his marriage to their mother.

a on

wow they must have something in the water on that set

Charley on

I can’t help finding it strange that Kym didn’t have a child with Jack Ryder – to whom she was married for several years – yet is very quickly expecting a baby with her new boyfriend. I guess we never know the full picture, but still.

I always really liked Jack and the way he became a very stable father figure to her two children; for such a young guy he was remarkable. I was sad to hear of the end of their marriage as they always seemed very happy. Again, the full picture is elusive. I hope Jack finds happiness too with a new partner in due course.

emma on

I am so surprised by this news! Although Kym has always said that she would like another child “sometime”, she went through her entire marriage to Jack Ryder (which lasted something like 6 years) saying it “wasn’t the right time yet”. Therefore, I’m kinda surprised that she has found “the right time” just 6 months into a new relationship. However, I wish them all the best and can’t wait for more baby news from her!!!

Gonzo on

I agree Cyd, it must be strange to be with someone for 6 (?) years, raise their kids while having no kids together then see your wife up the duff a few months after you’ve separated.

Lost respect for her (not that I had any ;D)

kate on

Gonzo, you took the words right out of my mouth.

She was married to Jack for 6 years, had no kids with him, then 3 months into the first relationship she has had after the split, she is pregnant.

Poor Jack. He must be gutted. As must Jamie’s ex, after all, their son is only 2.

I find the whole thing really surprising and as has been said before, I have lost all respect for her.

As for the “cute family unit” comment, I dont really think that that is fair to say… there will be 4 kids from 3 different relationships!! “Complicated family unit” is the term I would use!

kate on

oooh and I guarantee the baby will have an unusual and out there name….

David and Emily are pretty normal but were born before she was famous.

It seems like if you’re famous your offspring have to have unusual names.

Livy on

Wow, I didn’t expect so many negative comments. Yes, maybe it’s not the picture perfect family but life is complex and unexpected. As long as she and her partner are happy what’s the problem?

As for the fact she never had children with her ex husband, how do we know that was her choice? It could have been a joint decision or his decision.

Sydney on

I too was surprised about this announcement as the last I had heard about this couple is that they had split! Apparently because they had a very tempestuous relationship and argued all the time. Just shows you shouldn’t believe everything you read! I am just speculating but I would guess this wasn’t a planned pregnancy as it has happened so quickly in their relationship and so quickly after Kym’s separation, but they seem very happy with the news so congrats!

CelebBabyLover on

kate- How do you know they’ll give the baby an unusual name? Not ALL celebs give their kids unusual names. Maddie Aldridge (Jamie Lynn Spears’s daughter), Levi McCounaghey, Stella McDermott, Francesca Giner (Amy Jo Johnson’s baby girl), Max Bratman, and Max and Emme Muniz (J-Lo’s twins), are just some examples of celeb babies born this year who were given “normal” names.

Also, most celebs who DO give their kids unusual names do so because the name has special meaning to them (for example, Knox Jolie-Pitt was named after his paternal great-grandfather, and Sunday Urban’s name was suggested by her maternal grandparents).

Sorry if I sound snappy. I just hate it when people assume that celebs give their kids unusual names just because they’re celebs!

Carolyn Demelo on

Wow, there must be something in the water over at Coronation Street! Congrats to them, hope all goes well!

kate on

Celeb Baby Lover – something about your post tells me you need to get a life!! haha

sarah on

kim marsh has a wonderful family and a amazing voice and is a amazing actress

shes a great mother and my sympothy goes to her for the loss of her baby, being born way early