Gavin Rossdale Says Interest in Kids is 'Strange'

12/06/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Andrade/Butterworth/Pacific Coast News

Increased fame often brings decreased privacy, and it’s something Gavin Rossdale says he has come to terms with. What the 43-year-old singer says he’ll never understand, however, is the paparazzi’s fascination with his two sons — 2 ½-year-old Kingston James McGregor and 3-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock. "Yes, it’s strange," he tells FOX news. "But I mean, I don’t feel vociferous enough about it to complain to some tribune."

"I love the idea of escaping into other people’s worlds, but to me, that stuff is dull. Those photos of us taking out the trash, ‘Whoop dee dee.’ It takes away from what we are doing with the work."

Kingston and Zuma are Gavin’s children with wife and fellow singer Gwen Stefani. His latest album Wanderlust is available now.



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Carol on

I think people are so interested in pictures of celebrities doing mundane things because you feel like you have a connection with them. Like “Oh he takes out the stinky garbage too”. Kingston and Zuma are so adorable.

Lou on

i agree, though wish they wouldnt get all up in their faces, its so unnecessary with the long lenses etc, its just upsetting for the little ones

cat on

I wonder if he has a relationship with his daughter, Daisy Lowe? She´s never mentioned as haer kid.

hahaha on

does he ever see his daughter Daisy?

Mari on

I get what he is saying.

And if I knew – a statement would do – that certain magazines only bought photos of celebs children taken at a minimum distance away (so as to allow the children some space) I would buy or look at only those magazines.

Lou on

mari-me too! x

Mary on

The fact that Kingston even knows what the paps are at this age is crazy and sad! I feel so sorry and agree with Gavin and I feel bad for the kids.

Sarita on

I think the problem is that if there are ten paps en 1 gets up close to the family, than the rest can no longer get a photo form far away, because the pap will be in their photos. So they all should keep their distance, some doesn’t work.

Artemis on

I think the interest in celeb’s lives is first and foremost because people confuse their “image” with their true selves.
Like you see Brad Pitt, you don’t think “Brad Pitt, a guy just like me”. You’re more probably thinking “that romantic guy in that movie”.
Same goes with singers and their image from their performances and songs.