Darren Brass and Family Launch 'Ruthless & Toothless'

12/06/2008 at 09:00 PM ET

Tattoo artist Darren Brass, of TLC’s Miami Ink, hit the red carpet Wednesday at Art Basel in Miami with wife Talea and son Cassius Aveory, 10 months, at the launch of their new children’s lifestyle line, Ruthless & Toothless.

The line features clothing, wall coverings, accessories, bicycles, skateboards andfurniture all done in a tattooed style, at affordable prices for budget-conscious parents who have an artsy flair.

Cassius wears the Long Sleeve Dragon Onesie ($33).

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Heather on


$50 for a dress and $30 for a onesie?

More than any non famous person I know would spend on such items.


00o0o0o I’m so so so glad you guys have the link. I’ve been searching for it since he first started the endevour on the show.

That baby is so cute! WOW the shows are old because she was still pregnant the last show I saw.

Shannon on

I don’t know if anyone else feels like I do, but when I see tattoos on a woman, it just doesn’t look good, especially this many that she has! Does she ever think how she is going to look with all those on her when she turns 80 years old!!

Melissa on

It’s $29.99 for a onesie. How is that “at affordable prices for budget-conscious parents who have an artsy flair”. More like affordale for the budget-conscious rich parents, imo.

Bethy on

hahah…I love the name of their new line! Funny. I’ve always liked him on Miami Ink. I’ll be interested to see what they come out with!

Brooke on

They are pretty expensive. But that is THE CUTEST baby ever!!! lol he’s adorable. I like the name of their new line! It’s cute and catchy! lol

Rye on

wow, she is like a foot taller than him. that’s funny! cute baby!!

c-ann on

Too expensive for my taste, yes but Ruthless & Toothless? That is hilarious!

Melissa on

Really cute kids clothes, but a little pricey.


hmm disappointed in the prices and actually the clothes. I was expecting more…and honestly those prices are OUTRAGEOUS! I can get a pack of onsies at walmart and get some decals and make my own for cheaper lol

kmb on

rye, i saw your comment and laughed because originally i thought he was sitting! hahaa
but yeah, that baby is adorable.
pricey onesie if you ask me.

phoebe on

Some of those clothes are cute, but they are crazy expensive for what they are.

Lauren on

Wow i’d say the prices are more for people who make decently over the average median income.

But other than that he has a gorgeous family 🙂

mel on

the line is quite cute .. considering some of the other labels for children are poor quality and high priced I think roothless actually has a shot. It is very cute and low priced in comparison. I will be buying some of the pieces.

Heather on

The prices are ridiculous! I so wanted the sparrow onsie and sparrow dress for my daughter and soon to be born daughter cause I have sparrows tattooed on me and thought it would be so cute. But I would never pay those prices! Guess I better get out my own artsy side and make some of my own then! lol

Jryli on

This line is not any more than Gap Kids! When a celeb dresses a baby in Gap they are praised for being “normal” and affordable.

brannon on

Seriously? Prices are way better than a lot of other lines. Just ordered a few things for my friends upcoming shower – she’s going to love them! Thanks for the link!

xgirl on

cute stuff, but i wouldn’t consider a $29.99 onesie “affordable”!

tan on

nice but its pricey definitely.for the person who said that its not different than Gap yeah Gap is outrageous as well and I don’t see why someone would praise Gap for being for the person a budget cause it isn’t either.They should make it more affordable.Especially with a recession going on.

Nikka on

The clothes look very expensive, out of the cost consicious person’s budget

marla on

i think they’re ugly, regardless of the price…i wouldn’t buy it for 2.99 or 29.99. but then again, i have no tattoos and a classic style so no surprise there. to each his/her own.

Hea on

Beautiful little family. I love Miami Ink! Did Ami become a dad or was that just a rumor?

Jilly on

I think that the onesie’s are adorable, but I am curious about the quality. Is the price high (but not outrageously high) because of the famous artist and artwork, but put on cheaper garments to not raise the price to those of most celebrity lines? If anyone orders the items could you let us know how the quality is? If they are going to last and wash well, I could see splurging on a few things since they are so cute!!!

Andrea on

Talea Needs To Put A Bra On!!!
I Know It’s Beside The Point, But GROSS!Her Breasts Are All Hanging Out,It’s DISGUSTING! Maybe,She Should Put Out A Line Of Bras,So She’ll WEAR ONE!

JK on

I didn’t hear anything about Ami becoming a dad… but I remember reading on this site a while back that Yoji was expecting #2 but haven’t heard anything since. Does anyone know anything about this?

Megan on

I actually went to high school with Talea! Shes a great person with ALOT of talent! Its good to see someone from KY go out and do something big! She represents well! Love ya Talea!

Lilly on

She looks really tall or is he sitting down?

The baby is cute, not sure about the line, it’s a little too busy for me, but to each his own.

MB on

Jryli, I think that might be more because Gap Kids is a lot more “normal” compared to some of the things celeb kids wear (just thinking of Suri off the top of my head). But personally, I shop Gap Kids when there is a sale, but just when there is a sale. Their quality is great, just a little over what I can afford for clothes a baby will grow out of so quickly.

Mom Of Boys* on

I have to say that I wouldn’t call the line Budget friendly but come on ladies…..alot of the stuff we all look at on these celebrity babies are high end items and we buy it as well. So while I do believe that it isn’t the cheapest stuff on the block but it isn’t Juicy Couture ourageous.

Christine on

I see both sides. I love these onesies, but since my boys are 4, the choices for t-shirts are very limited. As for the cost, I certainly wouldn’t say this is for “budget-concious parents.” Walmart, Target… those are for budget shopping. This is a splurge.

DLR in Canada on

“…affordable prices for budget-conscious parents who have an artsy flair.”

I think they meant budget-consiouc celebrities as I am quite positive in this time of economic craziness and thousands of job layoffs, the last thing a new parent wants to do is pay $29.99 for the Dream Machine Onesie. Wal-Mart is way better, even if the “decorations” aren’t as fancy and aren’t illustrations by James Hamilton, they’re exactly what a budget-conscious parent buys for their rapidly growing wee ones.

Hea on

Lilly, Rye, Kimb and others – No, clearly he’s not sitting down. I bet you can see that had you bothered to look.
He’s 5’4 and she’s probably in heels. And that makes you laugh? Wow… how adult of you.

Casey Cordes on

To be fair about the pricing, all the items are also made in the USA, not overseas, thus the higher price points, as they made a choice to keep production in the states whenever possible to help with the job situation.

And if you look at other designer baby clothes, they are still cheaper, these are more style pieces than the everyday wear. and it is still only the first line… plus every piece really is hand-drawn by the guys.

SH on

I’m with Marla on this one…I don’t think I’d buy that onsie at WalMart for 2.99 – let alone 29.99. I’d never put that on a baby.

Shelly on

Marla, so all people who have tats lack class? Gee, I hope you don’t fall off your pedastal. I love Darren and while I don’t have a little one to buy for, I’ll keep his site in mind when I’m gift shopping.

Lilly on

Hea, I didn’t laugh as you could see from my comment, I merely asked a question.

If he is short and she is tall and is wearing heels to top it off, and they are both comfortable with the height difference, then great for them. Relax.

Hea on

Okay Lilly, you were the one that didn’t laugh. Someone else did but all of you mentioned commented on the same thing.

I just find it unneccesary to comment on peoples physique. And I think it’s obvious that he’s not sitting down. I don’t get why people care so much about differences.

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