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12/05/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

We’ve recently had the opportunity to review products for kids 5 andup, but since our reviewers’ children are all four or younger, Irecruited my neighbor’s daughter, Julia, who is nine years old and in3rd grade.

The press release says:

Just in time for holiday gift-giving to your favorite young girl,Playmates Toys is debuting the new, portable hand-held MyLife™ ($60) — afun, pink interactive device that gives users the ability to live intheir own virtual world through customization and game play.

MyLife™ is the only hand-held console that allows users to create theirown character and have a rich, virtual life in full color.  Stylish,pink, compact and lightweight, MyLife™ is the perfect purse-sizeddevice for today’s “on-the-go” tween. Within her virtual MyLife™ world,today’s tech-savvy girl has many opportunities to customize herexperience by selecting her style of clothing, choosing and caring fora pet, playing fun games and of course, shopping!

The kid says:

The MyLife Handheld Portable Console is a mini, portable, virtual life. The good parts of it are that it is easy to set up; creating yourself is kind of neat. You get to name your best friend and your pet.  It was fun going to the different My Life places on the scooter and talking to the different My Life neighbors and friends; it was cool to see what they have to say.  I also like how the weather would change when you didn’t expect it.  One annoying thing is that there is irritating music playing in a bunch of the places you go to and I need to turn off the volume.  I also wish that I could create my best friend’s look as well as my boyfriend’s and parents’, they came with their look already made!  I didn’t even get to choose my boyfriend’s name.  If my friends had a My Life would their boyfriend’s name be Dylan too?  I don’t like getting bounced to the hospital all the time, it was really random and so aggravating. 

My favorite part is helping my neighbor Joe look for his son Woody who always gets lost.  I also get frustrated sometimes because I can’t figure out what the computer wants me to do. I didn’t get to try out connecting to other My Life’s so there is a lot I didn’t get to do.  I did take My Life to school and my friends love it. I think it would be a pretty good holiday gift.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give My Life a seven. 

— Julia

I say:

When I first saw this product at the annual Toy Fair, I neverimagined I’d actually be recommending it on CBB. In the 7 months sincethe tradeshow, I have to come to understand that while I’m loathe toencourage my daughter (or any girl in general) to get too interested inshopping and other stereotypically feminine pursuits, I now understandthat sometimes these interests develop with or without you. Forexample, Anya’s obsession with pink and princesses has spiraled out ofcontrol without our pushing it on her (though, as Josh pointed out,maybe we shouldn’t have painted her room pink!). That said, if Anya wasinterested in a role play game focused on clothes and shopping, I wouldbe more likely to allow her to play with MyLife because it is one ofthe few, if any, role playing games that is completely offline. This isa benefit because she can play it anywhere, she is safe from internet predators, and we can more easily control her play by hiding the console.

You can enhance game play with the purchase MyStuff™ Keys ($3) to unlock fashions andaccessories and MyWorld™ Keys ($20) tto unlock new settings in order to provide additional contentvia downloadable cartridges.

— Danielle

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selena on

well im a little girl names selena i am ten years old and i would love to have mylife but i do not no if u have to have the my stuff keys to play mylife and its like the perfect game ive allways wished for