Kevin Federline on Parenting With Britney Spears

12/05/2008 at 08:00 AM ET
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Kevin Federline and sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, pose for this week’s issue of PEOPLE, with Kevin opening up for the first time about his parenting relationship with popstar Britney Spears, whom he wed in 2004. Although the couple’s divorce was finalized in July 2007, custody issues and Britney’s battle with and recovery from mental illness keeps the pair in each other lives.

Kevin, who also has two children — Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4 — with ex Shar Jackson, spent the holiday at her home with the boys (he has Kori and Kaleb on weekends). Sitting down with PEOPLE on Saturday, Kevin says he has been enjoying time with his younger boys. "I’ve taken that time out to sit back and enjoy having my kids, show them what it’s like to have normal, stable lives. The first couple years of their life they were all over the place," he notes. "My main thing for my kids is that they get to live life the way — or as close to the way — that most people do. It’s going to be hard not to spoil them, but I don’t want to."

Why talk now? "I made sure that the kids were okay," he explains. "Now that that’s all right, I can breathe."

Click ‘More’ for the interview in its entirety, including Kevin’s reaction to Britney’s breakdown this past January and how things are now "turning around."

Do you remember when you first met Britney?

I met her at a club in Hollywood, Joseph’s. Our eyes met and that was it. We just hit it off right away. I learned real fast how much of a whirlwind the press and everything was.

What was it like falling in love in a fishbowl and so quickly?

We were aware of it. At times it’s tough, but we had each other. We felt like — or at least I felt like — we had a little bit of a private life. It’s not like they knew everything that we would say to each other or every great moment that we would have. I was madly in love with her. Everything just seemed so right. I didn’t see it as too fast or too slow.

Just because she’s this huge star, I didn’t care about that. I don’t look at her as "Britney Spears." I look at her as somebody that I fell in love with.

What are your happiest memories of the marriage?

Well, getting married. I never thought I would get married, but it wound up happening. That was a really, really happy, exciting moment. I pretty much realized that I was giving my life to her, and I was doing it without question. It was just something that was meant to happen. And probably my greatest moment with her is having our two sons. It was great, from the time we found out.

What went wrong?

It’s hard enough to be in a marriage, andthen have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I’d becomemore concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but mykids are always most important.

Britney said in the MTV documentary [which Kevin recorded but as of the time of the interview had not watched], "He started to do things for himself, and I just never saw him anymore."

I was on the road promoting my CD. I was trying to be the working dad. I wanted my kids to look up to me. I’m out there trying to provide for my family. Even if they don’t need it, it’s not about money, it’s about showing your children.

I mean, we were havingcomplications. I didn’t give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to workstuff out with her, and she didn’t even talk to me or anything and wentbehind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided. It was a huge shock. She’d just had Jayden, and I’d been working for over a year. I did everything that I could to cater around the whole situation: built a recording studio in the house, made sure I could always work at home, try to help out as much as I can. It just … I don’t know, I guess it wasn’t enough.

Britney also said she wed for the wrong reasons — for the idea of it.

I really don’t understand it. I can’t really tell you how it was for her, but I know for me, I fell in love. And I loved the idea that I was in love and I got married and had two beautiful children. If that’s what she’s talking about, I don’t know, I still don’t get it.

A lot of people assumed you fought for custody of the kids because of money.

My first question to [my lawyer] was, "Am I ever going to be able tosee my children?" I told him that I would spend every last dime that Ihad to make sure that my children are okay. That’s all that mattered. Ididn’t know how much power Britney had. That really scared me.

Did you feel you could provide a more stable environment than they had with their mother?

Yes. But at the same time, a reason why we ended up going through the custody battle is because I want my kids to have a mom and love her. I don’t want to do this by myself. Part of the whole thing was to get them safe and get her to where she will always be there. Because there are points in time where the whole world didn’t know whether she would be around for them.

When things started to unravel for her, what went through your mind?

It was tough. I was definitely worried. There are a lot of people who stepped up to the plate. I know my mom has helped me out a lot with this. I was glad that Britney’s parents could come over and see the kids.

What kind of toll did this take on you?

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster. For the longest time, I didn’t know that I was depressed. You act like everything’s going to be okay. I was trying to be this strong person for the kids. Meanwhile I’m spending four to five hours a day in my bedroom just sitting there depressed. My nanny brought it up to me. I was in denial, but then I realized it. So I’d go golfing and get out with my friends a little bit more and trudge my way through it.

How did you react in January when Britney locked herselfin the bathroom with Jayden and was later taken to the hospital on agurney?

That whole night is a blur. You want to talk about oneof my lowest points of depression, that was probably one of them. I wasvery, very worried for her ’cause I care about her. That’s the motherof my children. Just because I’m not in love with her doesn’t mean thatI don’t love her. I’m definitely rooting for her. There’s nothing morethat I want than for her to be in the best health and doing what sheloves to do.

In the aftermath she was hospitalized and didn’t see the kids for seven weeks. How did you remind them of her?

I talked to the kids all the time about their mom. And I had pictures of her and us and the kids in the house. Sometimes we’ll go to bed and Preston will point to a picture and say, "Baby and Mama and Dada." I don’t know how they came through it, but thank God they have.

Are things getting better?

Oh, man, it’s totallyturning around. It works out that [the kids] get to see her. There’sstructure over there, there’s structure at my house. We’re trying tokeep the same type of schedule. It doesn’t have to be completelyperfect, but the foundation is there.

But Preston and Jayden spend most of the time with you. What’s their life life?

Pretty much everything at my house is catered to the kids. In the dining room there’s a train we got them last Christmas that they can actually ride on. On one of their days off from preschool, I try to make sure I get them out of the house, to the zoo or the aquarium. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have the paparazzi follow us.

If I let them swim in the pool all year round, they’d be in it every day. I try not to let them watch too much TV. Anything from SpongeBob to Sesame Street. Preston will also watch NASCAR. The kid wants to be a race-car driver. He gets in his car seat and says, "Daddy, go faster!" They’re really into cars, both of them. They also like to jump off the couches and try to land on a beanbag. They’re boys’ boys.

What are their personalities like?

Preston’s sensitive; his feelings get hurt real easy. He is the one that is always under my wing; he doesn’t want to go anywhere without Daddy. If his shirt gets dirty, he wants to change it. He’ll also tell you whether or not he’s going to wear an outfit you pick out for him. "No, I want those shoes, Dada."

And Jayden [laughs] — Jayden is a little terror. If Preston is picking on him — well, usually it’s not Preston that’s picking on him — he’ll just go and terrorize the whole house. For no reason at all.

On parenting:

Britney is an awesome mom. That’s one thing I never really have to worry about. I’m strict when I have to be, playful when I have to be and sensitive when I have to be. I’ll make brownies or cookies with them. They love any kind of noodles.

Britney recently said Preston says the F word and she seemed to blame it on you. Do you use that kind of language around the boys?

Not at all. So many people are around the kids, who’s to say who taught them to say the F word? The first couple times that you hear it, you’re just in shock. I’m no
t okay with it. I tell him that’s a bad word and give him a time-out. He says, "I’m not bad. I’m not bad. I not say bad word." He doesn’t like it when you tell him something’s bad.

How often do you and Britney talk to or see each other?

I see her when I drop the kids off. Every now and then we have conference calls to discuss scheduling. After her dad got conservatorship of her, he had me over and I sat with her for a couple hours. I let her know I care and that I wasn’t out to get her. I was making sure she’s okay.

What’s going on with your career?

I’ve been working on a clothing line, Otzi. We’re starting out with young boys’ clothes. For the last two years, picking out clothes for my kids has been my life. Hopefully we’ll have it in stores by schooltime next year. I also have a reality show in the works. What I’m trying to do is let people into my life a little bit. But it’s not something where you’re going to see the kids.

Do you still have feelings for Britney?

It’s good for the kids to see that Daddy does care about Mommy, and Mommy does care about Daddy. Because no matter what happens, there is only going to be one mother and one father to these children.

What about a reconciliation?

I’m one to never say never. I mean, I’m not going to sit here and say I’m geared up to go that route, but who knows what the future holds. You try to do the right thing, and hopefully everything will turn out right.

Source: PEOPLE, December 15th issue

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Sarita on

Do we know when the interview was done? Was it before or after Britney’s remarks on Kevin?

The photos were just taken this past Saturday the 29th. Not sure when the interview was done, but we assume around the same time.

– CBB Staff

Samantha Jane on

I think this was a great article and came out a good time. He is not bashing brit but rooting for her. I think he is a wonderful father and look how happy those boys look! I have never seen them smile that big! They are soo adorable! Preston is def all kevin and Jayden is all brit!

mamalopez on

Those boys are sooo cute!! I’m happy about this interview. It seems honest enough. He could have gone all out with a Brit-bash, I’m very glad he didn’t. I really hope the best for those two little darlings. Actually for all of them. They have a tough road ahead of them. I think they’ll do alright.

JM on

People always want to talk about people turning their lives around and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Well for me I’m doing that for Kevin. Sure he’s not father of the year but I think all this has truly made him grow up and be more of a man. You have to give credit where credit is due. He doesn’t bash Britney and he seems very loving in the photos above with his sons. The only reason Kevin needed to step in was bc Britney was unfit at the time. He didn’t need to take custody of his other children bc there was no threat by Shar Jackson that she was an unfit parent. Kevin took control and now that Brit seems to be “trying” to turn her life around he’s regonizing that the children need a mother in their life.
But seeing as too Britney just keeps bashing Kevin in each interview it’s hard for me to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she should of just said nothing if she didn’t have anything nice to say. This is the father of her children and always will be and one day they’re going to be old enough to see everything that’s gone on.

Jeanine on

Those boys are so adorable. I’m so glad for them that they can spend time with both their mother and father.

Mari on

Maybe people don’t approve of everything that Kevin Federline does, but he has pretty much been there for all his children when they needed him.

That being said, 4 children – with 2 different women is enough for any man.

melanie on

i cannot believe how big they are! and so darn handsome!! jayden is the absolute sptting image of britney!

bc on

Now that’s what a mature person sounds like. I think Britney still has a long way to go. She has no accountability for any of her actions. Glad to see Kevin got some interview time as well. Especially to counteract all of Britney’s immature, nasty comments.

Aelys on

I’ll always be surprised at how Kevin “fooled” everybody. When he and Britney started dating, everyone called him names, assuming he was with her only for her money. 4 years later, even after all they’ve been through, and even after Britney’s bitterness in the RS article, Kevin never said a bad word about Britney and always was there for his kids (and I mean also Kori and Kaleb). I’m quite impressed and he has earned my respect.

daze on

i’m glad he doesn’t bash her. as for britney doing it i think she’s just a little clumpsy (i don’t know if it’s the right word) in the way she talk. nothing else.
let’s start on this interview and cover… i have to admit that even if i don’t judge him as a father (since i don’t know him and he seems doing for the best) i feel a little bit uncomfortable for a few reasons :

first : the timing. britney is seen everywhere and people think she has turn her life around and suddenly kevin appears on the media again. Maybe he feels free to talk because she is now in a better place. but it disturbs me.

second : i don’t see what is his “right” to be on a magazines cover. no career, no fans… people will buy it just because he’s the father of britney’s kids. a little harsh to say i know and i’m sorry but that’s the true.

and last : as i said people are interest in preston and JJ but he has two others kids and they don’t appear on that magazines. i know the subject is how kevin and britney deals with the situation and the custody but i feel bad for kori and kaleb. it’s like their less important. they’re already growing up being the “others” kids in the sense their not living permanently at kevin’s home and now their exclude of a family photo. I know the current custody is likely to change and it was necessary in regard of the past situation but kori and kaleb deserve an equally involve father. i hope they feel like they have it.

by the way, we’re not learning too much from this interview so that’s not big deal. and the kids are absolutely gorgeous : preston is a perfect mix of both and Jayden is all britney!

Artemis on

Those kids are cute, it’s a shame their parents are divorced.

Why can’t I believe Kevin? I think there’s something manipulative in his interview, trying to be the goody after Brit “bashes” him.

Besides, why nobody picks on him for not mentioning his “other” kids?

Christine on

Ever since she had her breakdown and he took over with the boys (quietly) I have had nothing but respect for him.
Even Shar Jackson will say that he is a great father (and that they had broken up before he met Britney)

I wish he and Britney both the best.

Olivia on

Armetis: How sad that you are so willing to cut Britney slack no matter what she does and so quick to insult Kevin. What a disturbing double standard.

Sue on

Ok first of all, I’m sure he loves his kids but…

…he’s basically blaming their failed marriage on Britney. He said that his children came first, funny thing to say when there are a lot of pictures of him partying in Vegas. A time, where Britney was at home with two infants. Where was Kevin? Right, in Vegas spending Britneys money.

Re Shar Jackson…she wasn’t very fond of him when he left her pregnant with a toddler to go on tour with Britney. Only when Brit paid HIS alimony she started saying positive things. Coincidence?

And why do people praise him for being a dad? That’s what he should have done from the beginning. (And I mean all 4 kids)

Amanda on

JM- couldn’t agree more. The other day I was so sad to read Britney’s interview because as good as she looks now mentally and emotionally she still has a long way to go and it was painfully obvious reading her interview. I’m glad Kevin has been so responsible in regards to his children and Daze, I don’t blame him one bit for this interview. Brit has said some harsh words about ‘raising the children alone’ (when she doesn’t even have custody?) and ‘finding a father figure for her kids’ (ummm, they have a father), her words were more harsh than the worst personal bash because they hit on his parenting which he seems to be doing a great job at.

Ashley on

Well said, Aelys. I agree.

I am eager to get my issue and see if there are any more photos of the boys inside. They are just too cute! I can’t quite make out what Jayden is holding on the cover–is it a Halloween cookie or something?

Kristen on

I dont know, there is something that I just dont like about Kevin. Him saying that he would use every dollar of his to get the kids, but Britney paid for his legal bills? Also the timing of this interview right after Britney does all of her interviews? It just seems too calculated.

Heather on

I wish I believed him, too. I hope, for the kids’ sake he’s being genuine. I’m such a complete Brit fan, I probably just have a hard time giving him enough credit, though.

Nicole on

You know, people are all about Kevin these days. Sure, he stepped up when he needed to, but what about the 2 kids he left? What about being in THEIR lives like he is with SP & JJ??

He has no real job… he’s living off of Britney’s money and child support, and now he’s putting his face (along with the boys’) on a magazine cover.

The other day when Britney said she wanted someone to be a provider for the boys, that is what I think she meant. The no job, living off of her aspect of Kevin. Sure he’s doing a good job with the boys, but it hasn’t always been this way, yet everyone wants to pat him on the head.

Sorry… I’ll always side with Britney when it comes to K-Fed and his gold digging ways.

daze on

amanda : the fact is that back in the time they were married, britney was raising them alone so maybe she’s reffering to that or simply telling that when she has visitation with them she’s the one taking care of the parental duty since of course kevin is not there (and don’t have to) during visitations. she’s in fact not telling that the kids are being raised by one parent but that when she’s with them she has to do it on her own. it’s simply normal. i know some of you are gonna say that her dad is here too and all but maybe even in that particular situation (the conservatorship) he lets her be a mom and do the mommy duty, teaching them the good and the bad, being an autorithy figure…

as for the comment on the father figure i don’t think it’s bashing. it’s even good that she wants her hypotetically future husband to be a father figure and a stable person. it just means that she wants a good guy to be trust around her kids not that she plans to replace their father.
a kid can have more than one father figure, or mother figure. especially nowadays with divorced parents and step parents.

again, i think britney wants the best but she’s not very verbal and never has been. so that’s not rare that we misinterpret (did i just create a word or it exists? i’m not an english native!) what she says.

JM on

Artemis…it doesn’t matter. He didn’t bash her PLAIN and SIMPLE. He took the high road. Was it to get more sympathy?? who knows. But it doesn’t matter. Had Kevin gone on and said nasty things about Britney back when she was having her breakdown or even now I’d be very disappointed in him. I was never a fan of Britney and when she met Kevin and went off with him I saw this as a train wreck waiting to happen and felt no sympathy for either one. I wasn’t a fan of Kevin being off partying while Brit was apparently stuck home but lets cut the crap…Britney probably has never been left alone with those kids for more then a few minutes. I’m sure she’s always got a nanny, an assistant, a cousin, friend or someone close by to help her. So when it comes to the “single” mother lifestyle she’s got no sympathy from me. I know single moms. They’re by themselves ALL the time. They rarely have help from outsiders; not to mention work multiple jobs. Those woman I feel for not Britney.
We also don’t know what took place prior to her breakdown. Perhaps she refused to allow Kevin to see them hense the reason why he just gave up and went out. But the media made Kevin out to be this horrible person and perhaps he really wasn’t all along. I still don’t think he’s the best father figure for any child or do I think he’s a really great guy I just think over the last 3 years he’s seemed to grow up and prove that he’s a decent father figure for all of his children. Shar Jackson has said he’s a good dad. Why would she have to lie?

Bottom line is I have a brother who has 3 children and still parties quite often. Do I condone it? Absolutely not. However he’s still a good father and provides for his kids. So just because a mom and dad may occasionally go out at night (after their kids are sleeping) it doesn’t make them bad parents. Let’s not forget the many times Britney went out as well. IMHO they’re both equally to blame in the game…accept atleast Kevin seems to be trying where Britney just wants to point fingers.

Fifi on

Artemis: I agree! I think kevin seems very manipulative and fake, I think Britney is better off without him…

Destiny on

Last night on Access (or tmz) I saw that the paps were hounding Brit because she wouldn’t let them film or take pictures of her. The NYPD and her bodygaurds would not let them get close and she held up umbrellas to shield her face. They started calling her “White Trash” and other names. I really felt sorry for her. This girl lives a life that I have never or will ever experience and so I don’t think that it’s fair for me to judge her. Do I think that she should be excused from being a good mother? Of course not. But who am I to say that she isn’t a good mother? Regardless of what I see on tv or read in the tabloids, I will always be hoping that she finds ture peace & happiness and emotional stability for herself and her children’s sake.

Kevin really could be a great man and father and could be very genuine and have the best of intentions in this interview. And for his children’s sake, I hope that he is. I don’t know him and don’t know what goes on behind the doors of his home so I won’t be quick call him a “great” father. And in my opinion, the only opinions, on whether or not he is a great dad, that I think really matter are his 4 children.

Bobbi on

I think it’s a little unfair for the comments about his ‘other’ kids. First of all, we never hear all of anyone’s interview. I’m willing to bet he was asked about his other kids. The questions published were only the ones concerned Brit and the boys, so of course the answers don’t include Kori and Kaleb.

Secondly, perhaps they aren’t in picture because Shar doesn’t want them in public. She has never really liked them in the spotlight, it’s not only Kev’s decision, it’s hers too. Aside from that, Kevin has these two boys a majority of the time, they live with him. It’s not unreasonable for the story to be about them.

And lastly, I find the comments about him not equally fathering all his children unfair too. In many interviews, Shar herself says that they all see Kevin often, and she recently praised his fathering. Britney is in the middle of a comeback, so the media is all over HER. Obviously they will only publish the parts of the interview that concern HER.

I don’t care about the timing, it doesn’t matter if he is indeed coming out just because of Brit’s comments. Even if so, good for him. Why shouldn’t he give his side of story? It’s only fair.

Destiny on

One other thing…I also think that Britney’s comment about the “father-figure” was misinterputed. I’m not sure, but I took it to mean that what she is looking for in a future mate is someone that will be a good “father-figure” to her children. I think that was evident by her saying “father-FIGURE” and not father. I don’t think that it had anyting to do with Kevin, although people wanted to make it about him. If I was a single parent, one of my biggest concerns in choosing a mate would be that he would be a good father-figure to them, even if I thought that they had a great father. I was raised in two seperate homes and although my father was very much in my life, my step-father was a GREAT father-figure and that was very important to my mom.

I hope Britney does find such a man that a good father to her children and that loves her and them uncoditionally. And I hope the same for Kevin. It’s possible and I’m rooting for both of them.

Kate on

I don’t blame any of Britney’s troubles on her. She’s emotionally stunted, and I blame that on just growing up in the stardom that she has. No one probably ever told her no! Has there been normal child stars? Of course: MJH and others, but no one was (even today, is) in the stratosphere that Britney was/is in. The part in her documentary with the paparazzi gave me a panic attack. Paps hounding her, shaking the car, shouting at her, spazzing out and all Brit wanted to do was walk 10 feet to go shopping! It’s no wonder at all that she was in the state she was in.

I still think of Kevin as very manipulative and sly, but this was a good interview. Those boys are so cute.

Abbey on

Why are they “celebrities”? I just wish these people would disappear. the media gives them so much attention . . .

bc on

It’s pretty common for the other side to pay the legal bills…especially if they’re the ones dragging it out in court. Maybe the “Britney can do no wrong” people forget how many court dates she blew off, how many had to be rescheduled due to tantrums, flaking out on her part, etc. Why should he have to pay extra for her not showing up in court when she’s supposed to? It’s pretty typical if one party is dragging out a court case, and being irresponsible, that that party will get dinged, and have to pay legal bills. That’s not really any sort of special thing, and doesn’t really say anything about Kevin’s character, regardless of what the anti-Kevin people would like to think.

phoebe on

I find that interview odd. On the surface, it looks nice, but then I think Kevin holds the cards (no matter how he managed to get them) so he’s taking this standpoint that he’s perfect and he’s so supportive, and I’m sorry, but I can’t buy it. What I see is a man who married into money, enjoying it while he was married, and now he’s being a fulltime dad because he gets more child support having total custody. I find his ‘niceness’ very fake. I said it in a previous Spears/Federline post and I still maintain, he’s done VERY well out of this marriage, and I bet he knows it. I’m very sorry if anyone is offended by that, it’s just how I see him. I just can’t get him as this stand up guy when he walked out on his unborn child (whether or not he was still with Shar, he still walked out on Kaleb), and then went partying leaving his wife taking care of two babies. I just feel really sorry for those two little boys.

Jeannette on

I don’t really comment on the posts about Kevin and Britney however this time I feel I should. About Kori and Kaleb, they are not Britney’s children- they are Shar’s. Shar did not shave off her hair or go partying with Paris Hilton, having a breakdown of some sort. Kori and Kaleb were not involved in Britney’s turmoil. So them not being on the cover or much in the interview makes sense and they should stay out of it. Sean and Jayden are adorable boys and they look happy in the cover picture with their father and I think Sean looks more like Kevin now that I see them side by side (Britney thinks they don’t look like Kevin but I disagree). Perhaps Kevin is not the person to be with but he has step-up to the plate when it comes to caring those boys and you have to admit, that during Britney’s crazy year, we did not see the boys with Kevin all that much- I don’t remember too many photos taken as often as they were with Britney.

elena on

I have to agree with the critics- he was an absent dad before the divorce. In fact, I remember it was reported that he had only seen his second kid twice in the couple months after his birth. Now that it’s convenient for him to be a dad, he will be. Plus, he left his last girlfriend while she was pregnant. Some guy!


I would just like to point out in regards to his children being his #1 priority during their divorce and before…that’s a lie. If they were he wouldn’t have been out partying in Vegas every weekend and going galavanting around town with his buddies while Britney was home with a infant and a toddler. If he cared he would have been there for her…especially since it was pretty obvious she had PPD.

That being said…I think he’s a good father…no father of the year but he’s a good dad. I think blaming Brit for the divorce is just wrong…he played a larger part in that then he’s taking responsibility for. If he thought he could spend her money, be out of town all the time and partying like he had no responsibilities and she’d sit around with her kids at home LETTING him do that…he’s sorely mistaken.

Britney isn’t blame proof…but I don’t think it’s right that he blames it soley on her and for him to lie.

Nicole on

Why is no one allowed to praise him for being a dad? How ridiculous. As for mentioning his other kids – these are snippets of an interview, there’s more in the magazine, and besides, he has never really spoken about either of them. Probably because no matter how you look at it, they are not the children of a celebrity, so no one really even asks. And why can Britney be on the cover of OK! and Life&Style, and Kevin can’t? The blatant double standards are disgusting.

It seems like the problem people have with Kevin is, Britney is allowed to make mistakes and move on and try to be better, and Kevin isn’t. Maybe he wasn’t a great dad at first, but maybe he was FORCED to become one, because for awhile he essentially became a single parent. People grow and change, experiences grow and change them, and it’s been YEARS.

I admit, I was one of Kevin’s detractors from the very beginning. He’s done a lot of things that aren’t great. But actions always speak louder than words, and from what the public has seen, it seems like Kevin is doing well for himself and his boys. You really can’t ask for more. And if he’s living off his divorce money – so what! I hate to break it to you, but a LOT of people live off money if they can, instead of working, and who knows what he’s got going on? It seems like a lot of people jump on “phantom” reasons to continue hating him because it’s inconcievable that this “bad boy” who tarnished their golden girl can possibly be a good person.

Erica on

Awesome post Nicole! I think it’s kind of telling how some are so willing to give Britney the benefit of the doubt, even when she is literally flashing her crotch every day and being loaded onto gurneys and shaving her head and being forced into a conservatorship (IMO, one of the best things that’s ever happened to her). From a legal standpoint it would take a hell of a lot for a judge to hand sole custody to the father, especially one who is markedly less well-off than the mom. There were probably things going on in that household that none of us knew about, on top of what was reported.

I’m not saying that Kevin was or is perfect, or that Britney has no chance of becoming a more responsible individual, but it says something about one’s maturity level in the way they speak about the mother or father of their children. All Britney can do is criticize Kevin while he has never had a bit word to say about her as a mother, even at the height of her craziness.

I also think it’s very telling just how much more relaxed and happy looking the boys are with their dad than with Britney. I’m not criticizing her for having a nanny or help or whatnot b/c Kevin’s also got nannies, but it’s about who has been there for those kids. I’ll never forget the shot of baby JJ clinging to his older brother’s hand in the backseat of Britney’s car. Talk about a picture speaking a thousand words.

Stephany on

I’m really not a big fan of either one of them. I never was a Britney fan, back in the day and I’ve liked her even less over these past few years. I didn’t know much about Kevin so I figured him for a golddigger.

I think this interview was so smart on Kevin’s part. Obviously, he was going to have his side told. Britney has been giving interview after interview with some very strange comments and putting Kevin down as a father. I would’ve been very surprised if Kevin did the same.

He is going to come out looking like the golden guy. It’s not rocket science. He is the one who hasn’t had mental breakdowns and lost custody of his children. He’s the one caring for them while Britney goes gallivanting around town. And now he gives this interview that further shows his worth as a father.

So, yes. I am a little more on the side of Kevin as he does has custody of his two youngest children (I think it is ridiculous to enter his oldest two in this conversation at all). He may be “living off Britney’s money” but that’s the way it goes. Smart interview, Kevin!

Di on

I’m glad that Kevin has decided to finally speak out about what has happened. Brit has taken it upon herself to say some unflattering things about Kevin’s parenting such as she thinks he is teaching the children swear words (Rolling Stone interview) and the fact that she wants a “father-figure” for her children which I find bizarre because those children have a father and two grandfathers for that matter.
I am no fan of Kevin by any means and I find it deplorable that he abandoned Shar when she was pregnant with their second child but despite all that, Brit chose to marry and have two children so I do not feel sorry for her in the sense that she is paying him 20k/month in child support and most of his legal fees. When you marry a man who has no money and no job, that is what happens, you end up having to pay for everthing.
Kevin may not have always been the best dad but he stepped up to the plate when he had to and ultimately that is the most important thing.
In terms of his other two children, I do not know what custody/visitation schedule he has with those children because he and Shar have managed to work things outside of the legal arena. I would hope that he sees them often but ultimately that is between him and Shar and certainly not a public matter.
I would hope that if Brit has any concerns about Kevin’s parenting that she would talk to him privately instead of talking negatively about him in the media when has chosen not to say anything bad about her.

mline11 on

Britney’s interview showed Kevin in a different light. He doesn’t seem to care about his kids with Shar Jackson so why would he be so involved with Britney’s? I don’t trust him, he’s a skeemer.

Jenny on

Hi interview sounded too..something.. I don’t like to use the word fake but that’s what it seems like.

Bancie1031 on

sue – *claps* nicely said!
JM – “He didn’t bash her PLAIN and SIMPLE. He took the high road.” – I just get the feeling he was told to say not to bash her or he knew better.
“Shar Jackson has said he’s a good dad. Why would she have to lie?” – Because she’s getting nicely paid with her Alimony and Child Support with Britney’s money and all.
Fifi – “kevin seems very manipulative and fake” – I couldn’t agree more.
phoebe – very nicely said!
elena and ERICKA – I also agree with you.

ok with all of that outta the way I know everyone must think I’m this BIG Britney fan and in all honesty I’m not. I liked some of her songs from her first 2 albums after that, not so much. The truth is I feel very sorry for Britney. I feel like she’s getting the short end of the stick while Kevin’s coming out smelling like a rose!
He cares so much about his “kids” but only the ones he’s going to get paid the most for. If he was so worried about their well being as well as Britney’s -why wasn’t he there for them while he and Britney were still married and it was obvious she was suffering from PPD – why wasn’t he there to help her with it? What about his “other kids” Kori and Kaleb?
What perfect timing for this interview to come out huh …..
No he’s not to blame for everything but neither is Britney. They BOTH need to learn to take responsibility for their actions, neither is perfect or blameless. Please don’t get me wrong Britney isn’t innocent but neither is Kevin, as I’ve said before.
I’m sorry I’m just not completely buying Kevin’s innocent woe is me story.

SP and JJ look great! I can’t believe how big they have gotten.

brooke on

Nice interview, and he didn’t bash or make any catty comments towards britney like she has recently. I’m a britney fan, but I will admit he stepped up to the plate when she couldn’t and didn’t seem tp use the kids for magazines, publicty, etc, this is first interview he gave and it’s because britney has been talking about him I believe. As for child support anytime one parent is richer, you gotta pay up and in all fairness she wouldn’t be paying as much as she is, had she not lost custody of her kids. He has primary custody, so naturally she who is way more richer has to pay up. Seems to be a double standard because if say matt damon or matthew mcconaughey ever break up with their gf/wives, they will be paying a pretty penny because both of them are worth a lot more than their wives, and nobody would think twice. Britney herself admitted she proposed to kevin and pursued him, so it was her choice to marry a guy with no money, so she has to pay now. The kids are what matters here, britney needs to take responsibility for her own life and kids, rather than saying her life is boring, is like being in jail, talking about kevin, etc. Hopefully she can get her life together for the sake of the boys

Terri on

He screams “lying through his teeth” and if he’s not lying then to go public about a private matter is sneaky and underhanded and he should avoid talking about his ex wife at all. Keep it behind closed doors.

Kitty on

If he is such a bad father or person as some of you say, then why do his children look happy and healthy? It’s time to give credit to Kevin for stepping up and becoming a father. It has been well over a year since Britney starting acting crazy and during that entire time and presently, Kevin has been a stand up Dad. Just because you idolize Britney, does not make Kevin a bad Dad.

Ayla of No People on

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Britney Spears. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it.

She pursued Kevin. She payed to marry him. She knew he had other children. He was already broken up with Shar even though she was pregnant at the time. He did not leave Shar for Britney. It is a fact that sometimes people do break up while the woman is pregnant.

I believe that Kevin has joint custody with Shar, who makes her own money and pretty good money to boot. There are pictures out there in the past year of the kids all being at Kevin’s home at the same time. Shar has said many a time that Kevin is a wonderful father.

You must also remember that Britney herself supported and wanted Kevin’s budding career as a rapper. She wanted it for him. She wanted him to hit it big. It wasn’t until he was doing his “job” that she couldn’t take it anymore. There is a lifestyle that goes along with being a “rapper” and Kevin was doing his part. I’m sure he was home a whole lot more than was perceived in the National Enquirer and Star Magazine.

I have no animosity toward Kevin. He is only doing what many a woman does in everyday life. Live off the divorce settlement and outrageous child support. He has for the most part given up on any kind of career, except modeling at times, and the scant amount of interviews he’s done. The only times he is seen out and about are when “Daddy Spears” has visitation with the kids.

There was way, way more going on with Britney than we will ever know. Remember, the judge several times called her an habitual drug and alcohol user.

I give Kevin and his family (because his family has been there with him the whole way) many kudos for stepping up and raising seemingly happy and healthy little boys.

I just tonight read an article on X17 I think telling how Jaden lost it in a restaurant last night and was screaming for Daddy. He apparently had to be removed by a nanny.

I think that says a whole lot about Kevin and his ability as a father.

Just remember you would be more than willing to take money from YOUR ex if it were you in his position.

I also hate the term “Golddigger” in this case. Yes there are golddiggers out there but I don’t think that Kevin had the premeditated intent of being one.

Just my honest opiion.

Kristen on

I agree that Kevin stepped up, but lets remember that he was absent when he and Britney were married. We dont know what happened behind closed doors so we cant assume. For the comment that the boys look happy, well anyone can get 2 young children to smile for the camera, its called a camera man with a toy!

Sami on

It wasn’t until he was doing his “job” that she couldn’t take it anymore. There is a lifestyle that goes along with being a “rapper” and Kevin was doing his part.

Usher is male singer who has children. Do you hear about him taking off for weeks to party? Not promote. Party. No there are rappers in the world who are fathers. I don’t care what his job is his family should come first. He should have made the right decision and postponed his career to care for his children and wife.

Also he doesn’t talk badly about her because he has pre-nup. This speaks in itself.

Both of these people need to get thier lives straight. Kevin is doing well, and Britney is slowly getting there, but in all they need to work on their relationship. That’s all that matters for them and their kids.

Nic on

It really stands out how happy and relaxed the boys look with Kevin. When they take pictures with Britney everything looks forced, and much of the time they either look bored or sad. JMO.

Also Shar has never said anything negative about Kevin’s parenting. Sure she wasn’t his biggest fan when they broke up but they seem to be mature and even friendly when it comes to co-parenting their children.

One more thing: I don’t have a problem with Kevin getting child support. Women marry wealthy guys all the time, have kids, divorce, and get child support so what’s the difference? If he went to work every day people would still complain that he’s not spending time with his kids. I’m glad he did this interview. Good for Kevin for sticking up for himself while still being civil concerning the mother of two of his children.

Kerri on

Boy, his interview comes off WAY better than Britney’s. And honestly, what speaks volumes isn’t any interview, but that he seems to have worked to help Britney get time with the kids again. I have to be honest, if I had an ex acting like Britney was last year, I wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR that generous with allowing our children to spend time with that person. It’d be one thing if she was mentally stable, but I just don’t think she’s there yet.

As far as his other kids — this interview isn’t about them. And Shar praises him as a great father to those kids.

Let’s face it, Kevin could walk on water, and some Britney die-hards would still hate on him.

Bancie1031 on

Here’s another picure of your father of the year …..
He was working I bet.

Mia on

Nice interview. Though I am not shocked he didn’t speak badly about Britney because isn’t he legally bound to not divulge any details or speak ill of her? I am pretty sure I read that.

I don’t think he is father of the year by any means, but clearly the past year has forced Kevin to step up and be a man for once. I give him credit.

But as for the kid not looking happy with Britney. I see them scared in pics with her because the papz are all in their way. Kevin is not hounded like Britney is. I saw her special and I have seen far lens pics, and in those the kids look VERY happy to be with their mother.

Those boys adore both their parents and thats a great thing. Jayden is clearly a mommas boy.

Erin on

I look at this cover and all I can say is PUT THOSE KIDS AWAY! THEY ARE NOT A NEW CAR!

And the people at PEOPLE who would continue to let these kids and other kids be used as a marketing move make me sick.

Pearl on

Kevin is basically giving Britney what she decided to abandon – her own kids!! enuff said. He is giving her the chance to be the mother he knows she can be, and she has an issue with that. No where in her recent interviews do you get the sense she grasps that.

reagan on

We’ve seen time and time again how devasting Post Partum Depression can be especially for a young woman who was dealing with more in her life on an average day than most of us can imagine in a year. Britney may be a celebrity but she’s human and I’m sure the pain of losing her children and the anxiety of never knowing if she’ll ever be able to get them back in case something else happens in her life that the court can take offense to plagues her everyday. Yeah, she did a little KEVIN BASHING but what woman that has experienced what she has would speak about their ex with sunshine and rainbows. Of course, Shar Jackson is happy to co parent with him because she’s getting a cut of Britney’s money as well. I’m sure she wasnt appreciating him when he left her pregnant to take off with someone with more fame and a bigger bank account. In a nutshell, Britney made a bad choice about a man. He wasnt about anything. He didnt have anything going for him and he seemed “normal” with his everyday life compared to her paparazzi frenzy every five minutes. All kids, famous and non have thrown tantrums; have put something in their mouth they werent suppposed to and for the most part the parent got lucky to catch it in time, not every person is a genius when it comes to putting baby items together like highchairs… cut her some slack people. Every experience in parenting is not going to be positive unfortunately but we try our best. I dont believe Britney is any different. I’m glad she’s trying to get her life back together. Some people never bounce back from mental illness so if she’s able to achieve that then she’s stronger than she’s let on. I’m not going to sit here and praise Kevin Federline for doing something every father is supposed to do with or without millions in the bank account which is.. TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN. He partied just as hard and long as she did the only difference is Britney’s been on the radar for years. When he showed up, everyone was like “WHO THE HELL IS KEVIN FEDERLINE?” He didnt get this much press when he knocked up Shar Jackson not once but twice. If it wasnt for Britney, he wouldn’t have had half of the press and interviews and opportunities to make bull**** claims like he’s a rapper and waste HER money putting out an album that I’m sure only two people own …Britney and him.

dawn on

I’m glad to see they’re supporting each other after the divorce. too bad they’re not together anymore. but maybe it’s for the best. seriously,kevin needs to settle down with ONE of his mothers children. he’s not setting a good example for the boys. just my opinion though. but I am proud to see he kept it together during britneys breakdown. he’s doing good. bless them all!

J on

He was so concerned for his kids that 3 weeks after Jayden was born he went to Vegas for almost 2 weeks. He claimed he was “working” but he was photographed at casinos, partying at clubs, and his favorite of all places the strip clubs. He left his wife at home with a one year old and a newborn to go live it up in Vegas. For him to claim that him focusing more on the kids caused their split is complete bs. He’s basically trying to say that she was jealous of her own kids. That’s funny because before Britney filed for divorce Kevin was on Tyra’s show and she asked him does he ever get jealous because before the kids Britney was all about him and now she was all about the kids. He admitted that yes he does get jealous sometimes and that’s why he was focusing so much on his cd.

He claims that he was trying to work things out with her but she wouldn’t talk to him. I remember those pics of Britney crying at that restaurant in New York after he stood her up. I remember the day that Britney filed for divorce he was doing an interview. He was asked what does he do when they have an argument and he said that he doesn’t deal with it he usually just goes out with his friends. I guess in the world that he lives in choosing to party with your friends and standing your wife up when she’s trying to reach out to you is the way to work out your issues.

Whether a marriage works or doesn’t work depends on both individuals. They both contributed to their marriage failing even though you wouldn’t know it by reading this “nice” interview.

Sarah on

“I don’t blame any of Britney’s troubles on her.”

Kate: Wow, that statement is really sad. She is a 27 year old woman. She is an adult and is responsible for her own actions. Tons of people have difficult childhoods. Does that mean they are not responsible for their actions when they are adults? No. Does that mean they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions? No. I guess, according to your logic, people who have had difficult childhoods should be allowed to act any way they want to, break any laws they feel like it, endanger as many people as they want to and it’s all okay because they had troubled childhoods.

It’s truly disturbing to see that no matter how much Britney screws up she has a huge group of people who excuse whatever she does and claim it’s not her fault.

I had a difficult childhood. Does that mean I am not responsible for any of my actions. I guess that means I get to act anyway I wnat to and none of it is my fault.

The people on here who are constantly defending everything Britney does and trashing Kevin no matter what he does sound very young. Maybe in time some of you will come to realize that every adult is responsible for their actions, including Britney, and that no one is above reproach (not even Britney) and that being rich and famous should not give a person a free pass to act any way they feel like acting. I think some people are letting their celebrity worshiping get in the way of common sense.

Rachel on

Wow! Really impressed by this article if for no other reason than for Kevin’s ability to act like a mature adult in speaking of his ex (who bashed him repeatedly in her latest interview).

They look so cute and happy all together on that magazine cover too. I love the way SP is resting his head on Kevin’s shoulder and Jayden’s little smile is priceless. I also laugh when I look at this photo and think of what Britney said about neither of her boys looking anything like their father because SP sure does!

I love reading the comments where people continue to bash Kevin for having no job or no money and for never seeing or talking about his other kids. Huh? Kevin’s had a job for a long time now as a dj. He also has had spots on tv shows and commercials. He also has joint custody of his children with Shar which means he DOES see and spend time with them. And as for Britney paying for the custody battle AFTER her breakdown… she should have to. As for Kevin’s behavior in the beginning of their relationship… if anyone can prove to me that Britney’s behavior was any better (toting around a tiny SP to shop with Paris Hilton, dragging her boys about town, driving with the kids in her lap) was any better than I might feel the slightest bit sorry for her. They were both very clearly immature. That’s not the point. The point is now. The point is who stepped up when things really got bad and took care of the children. It was Kevin.

It should be well known at this point that Kevin never sought full custody until Britney really began to lose it. And frankly, I’m not so convinced she’s back yet. Some of the things she’s said recently in interviews have me raising my eyebrows.

The simple fact is that while this article portrayed Kevin as a classy individual who at least had the human decency to not speak ill of his children’s mother in public… Britney’s article portrayed her as just the opposite.

Cara on

I think K-Fed has a speech writer and a life coach so he doesn’t F**k up. He’s being too good to be true.

He cheated on his wife and left her for Britney , knocked her up twice, ran the clubs during their marriage and people want to call him father of the year only because now his life is highly publicized? If I were him I’d be watching my every word and move as well or else he’d totally be F**kED.

C’mon. Give me a break.

Things have unfortunately made him smell like roses because Britney fell apart after he decided to dump on her too and now everone wants to call him a good daddy. Puhleeeze. It’s easy to be a good daddy when you have a million people helping you.

One thing that’s not easy is post partum depression which he chose NOT to stick with Brit through. Now…who’s the father of the year? I think this award goes to Britney for going through such a traumatic thing (PPD and the loss of her family) and pulling it back together.

h williams on


do you no any thing other than what you have read in the mags….and papers NO.
BUT HERE YOU ARE SPITTING VENOM about two people and two kids you have never met…or even no.

britney is still ill and will be for the rest of her life FACT do any of you understand what that is like.

you people need to get off your high horses and stop say nasty and awful things about these people and how they raise their children, you are not perfect either am sure you have said things done things that were wrong its just there arn’t millions of people like you sitting there saying nasty things to make YOURSELVES FEEL BETTER!!

i hope it worked, i hope you are all sat there at homes thinking about what a much better job you are doing than britney and kevin.

well done am sure your kids are perfect, and so are you

Janelle on

brittneys boys are the cutest boys. I bet they miss there mom because they can only see nher once a week but they also see there dad everyday they are having a boys day for 6 day. they are going to be great boys I can’t wait until they are older.I love Jayden’s smile on the cover and sean preston leaning on his dad soulder thats cute they are going to be popular when they get older Jayden looks like his mom and sean looks like his dad they are both brittney’s little boys. bye

kris on

I just wanted to say that regardless of weather Kevin is just saying this for the interview or not the fact that Britney couldn’t pull it together enough to not say negative comments about her ex says volumes. At least he gets the whole point that what he says to the public is put in print for the whole world to read. And for his kids to one day be able to read. With the amount of media attention these kids will always have isn’t it best to at least put a good face on and attempt to be nice to your ex for the very small amount of time you actually have to see each other. These boys are sooooo little and Britney and Kevin have many years ahead of them where they will need to get along.

Carol on

He sounds like he’s doing a great job with the kids. I’m surprised to hear that he’s trash from all these people on here who must know him and spend all day with him. Seriously people…I think all of us are lucky we don’t have you analyzing our actions and parenting skills 24/7. Good thing K-Fed takes up all your time.

kris on

Oh, and I think these two boys are so adorable. It’s nice to see them being able to have a stable relationship with both of their parents.

Ivey on

I find it interesting when a wealthy man divorces his wife, it’s completely normal for him to pay all her legal bills and for her to get a large settlement. But when the roles are reversed the man is a gold digger.

brodie on

kids can look happy & healthy when they are being cared for by nannys and not him!
in the 4 to 5 hours he was spending in his room depressed who was looking after the kids?
just sayin!

Nicole on

Brodie – how ridiculous. Probably their nanny was looking after them, just like they have a nanny at Britney’s. There’s the double standard again – Britney can have a nanny, Kevin can’t; Britney can get depressed and bipolar, and Kevin is supposed to be totally unaffected by what was happening. If he’d said he was fine, everybody would be jumping on him for that. It’s like I said before – for some people, no matter what, Britney can do absolutely no wrong and Kevin did all these horrible things that made her break down. Britney spun out of control all on her own, and it wasn’t her fault, but it wasn’t Kevin’s, either!

Jessika on

Completly off base but boy has he gained some weight!!! And if they call SP Preston all the time why didn’t they just name him that????

nosoupforyou on

I wish both parents would stop pimping their kids.

What these kids need is privacy.

dawn on

they’re trying. but I think they still have a lot of growing up to do. It’s good to see them try though. But what’s with all the interviews lately? anyway, May God bless and keep them.

Max'sMom on

Kevin definitely seems to be the mature one.

I love how he doesn’t talk bad about her & says that he was really in love with her. It will be nice for his boys to read one day.

It does seem that he still has feelings for her. I hope that one day that can work things out.

Kevin, keep up the good work!!!

JM on

This just goes to show that sometimes when babies have babies it just doesn’t work out. And I use the term baby because not all 20 some year olds are ready to be parents and clearly perhaps Kevin and Britney were not ready for all of this.

I always said Britney liked the “idea” of marriage and children and when it happened she realized it was all too much for her.

Erin Brower on

i think that kevin is a great father, and he’s doing

a great job raising those boys , unlike their mother , who is clearly not ready to be a mom. the critics should leave kevin alone, and

give him some credit for trying. and i’m glad that he still sees his ex- girlfriend, Shar, and the other 2 kids. he is honestly, the most Down – to Earth person that i’ve read about. and i feel bad when he said that, he was shocked about ” Unfitney” Filing for divorce,and she went behind his Back. Shame on her !!! Frenchy92776

mamar on

I believe that Britney’s comments from her interviews resinate those of a young immature woman who really didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Does that excuse her actions? No and it should not. I think she did love him and probably still does. I also believe that it is easier for her to “bash” Kevin to make her feel better about herself. Ms. Spears will have a long way to go before she is where she needs to be. In her interviews, she really does not come across to me as the self confident woman she would like to portray herself. She is still very sad about her situation. I think that she does feel bad about having such a chaotic lifestyle and I believe from her MTV interview that she has a lot of regrets. She sees her life now as a sentence. I am glad to see her career getting a boost but I guess she won’t feel like everything is okay until she has regained control and stability over her life. the only positive thing that I can say for her at this point is that she has hope that her life will regain some kind of normalcy.

With that being said I believe that Mr. Federline as done what he can to assure that he can give his kids a protected life. As much as people have a distaste for him, I believe the kids are safer and happier with their dad. He is finding balance with career and family and still controling his life. I think Britney can’t stand that. She is watching this happen to others around her and can’t fully appreciate why she can’t have this.

A word to Britney and to Kevin- Preston and JJ are your children. They love you very much and want to see both of you happy. One thing that you need to be aware of is if you want to teach them respect, respect one another. If you have hurt one another in the past, make it right for everyone involved.

Melissa on

You don’t have to like Kevin, but you have to agree that he’s a good dad. When Britney started acting out, everyone said, “Oh man. Who’s going to take care of these kids? Kevin’s unfit too.” People were wrong. He has been the only solid, stable force in these kids life. He hasn’t said an ill word about Britney, and she goes around bashing him still. She has a lot of growing up to do yet, and I think she can learn something from Kevin.

Melissa on

FYI to the negative comments about him not having a job. . .what about parenting his children? I’m a SAHM. What is wrong with him devoting his life to taking care of his children?

Di on

I think both Britney and Kevin want the world to think that they are good parents and I believe that is the purpose of this interview. Look at me-I’m good dad; I care for my kids. Brit did the same thing this past summer when she was on the cover of OK with both of the boys.

Now that each of them have had their say, I would hope that the boys will kept off the covers of any magazines for the time being. I believe that children deserve privacy in order to live the most normal life possible.

CelebBabyLover on

“On one of their days off from preschool, I try to make sure I get them out of the house, to the zoo or the aquarium. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have the paparazzi follow us.” Hopefully that comment will put a stop to all the “Kevin never goes out with his children!” comments.

He DOES go out with them, but is lucky enough to not have the paps follow them most of the time.

jerzeegirl on

Kevin seems to has grown from the over hyped hip hop wanna be to a man. Good for him. There’s enough blame for everyone to share, from Britney’s parents on down. What’s important is that she get healthy and they both share in parenting of the boys.

daze on

i love the comment on the kids personnality. that just show everyone that they should stop judging people by looking at pictures.
how many times did we read comments like : “jayden looks miserable, there something wrong with this kid”. and now his dad is telling the kid is a little terror. so that put a lot of things in perspective. the pictures we see can represent a moment when he’s tired or calm… Personnally by looking at pictures i would have say jayden was the sensitive one and preston the one who’s all over the place. and so we were wrong.
My point is just to say that even if a picture can replace a thousand words it’s not exact for paparazzi photo. those ones means nothing because nothing is natural when it’s come to be shot without your permission.
i remember thinking that britney looks lifeless in paparazzi pics, i mean when she’s aware of the fact they’re here. and when pictures are taken with long lens it just shows a women calmer and happier. especially when she’s with her kids, very affectionate and with lot of love in her eyes.

and how sad is the comment on preston pointing at pictures to show his mom! hopefully thoses hard time are now behind them and they can enjoy a great relationship with both their parents.

lymn on

Although I have a lot of sympathy for Britney,
she has been unable to be a good mother for the last couple of years
while Kevin has been a good father.
They both need our prayers and understanding.

Mary-Helen on

I love the photos! The boys are obviously daddy’s boys (not so much in looks but definitely by body language)

Some of Kevin’s comments struck me as that he is still very much in love with Britney and wants to be her husband.I think he really was in love with her and was completely floored when he left her. While I don’t think he was necessarily a prize, he has certainly matured into a loving father and a good man, someone Britney might be sad she doesn’t have with her in the end.

Also, for those who said that Kevin has “no job” didn’t he say he has been working on a clothing line? Isn’t that a job?

CelebBabyLover on

Melissa- ITA! When a woman choses to be a SAHM, usually everyone praises her and commends her for that decision. However, when the situation is reveresed and it is the dad who stays home, he is usually critcized for it and called things like “lazy” and “a bum” and “living off his wife’s money”.

Why is it acceptable for moms to be SAHMS but not for dads to be SAHDs?

daze- I completely agree with you that Britney look lifeless in pap photos during her downward spiral (most of the time, anyway. There were times when she looked manical or “crazy”. Sorry, but I can’t think of any other way to put it.). I have described her as looking lost, dazed, confused, and lonely in those pictures, but lifeless definently describes how she looks in those pictures as well!

lymn- Beautifully said! Kevin and Britney do indeed need our prayers and understanding right now, NOT criticism and ridicule. I believe that judging ANYBODY is wrong.

Judging someone with a mental illness (especially one as serious as Britney’s seemed to have become before her father stepped in and she finally got on the road to recovery) is mean and hurtful.

It’s bad enough when a friend or loved one has a mental illness, but when it’s YOU that has the mental illness, well, frankly, it’s h*ll on Earth (I have never had a mental illness myself, but I know people who have). It can be very scary, as well as extremely emotinally draining to go through.

Until you have walked a mile in the shoes of someone with a mental illness, then you have no right to judge them! People with mental illnesses need four things more than anything else: Love, understanding, support, and prayers.

terri on

Shar Jackson is getting no child support or alimony from Kevin Federline. They weren’t married so how would she be entitled to alimony anyway? Also, Shar never talked bad about Kevin from the very beginning, not just when he split from Britney.

rambhakta rai on

i know kevin still wana go with britney but it is totally pointless for her because he left her in the third class situation now she is getting up and he is trying to come close if she was still in bad condition he never talk to her so britney must aware of him he could again give her betray and let her down.plz britney dont go with him again instead him u can go with normal man who can help u to be the best woman.

Alisa on

Rachel were are you getting these lies from??

Britney did not repeatedly bash him! Kevin is NOT a DJ for the last time??

Kevin filled for custody right after Britney filed, way before her breakdown! People get on his case because he lives off his children’s child support!

Kevin was MIA during their marriage while Britney was taking care of the babies. If Britney’s mistakes can’t be forgotten why should Kevin’s??

Kevin’s Lawyer, famliy & friends have been bashing Britney for years. Remember Kevin can’t attack Britney in public.

If Britney was poor I don’t think Kevin would’ve bothered trying for custody.

This interview he wants to come across as some perfect husband & father, I don’t buy it. People say Britney doesn’t admit her mistakes. Witch isn’t true, Not once in this interviews did Kevin say he did anything wrong. I think it’s very low that he acts in this article like his other kids don’t exist. It’s all about SP & JJ.

How do you know witch parent the boys are happiest with?? I’ve seen them both look happy in pics w/ their mom & dad. Unless you’re at home with them you have no idea. I’ve seen them smiling & cuddling w/ their mom in plenty of pic. Stop the slander!

art thomas on

like to see that fight
my money on britney