Katie Holmes on Seeing New York Through Suri's Eyes

12/05/2008 at 10:00 AM ET
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Like other high-profile celebrity moms before her, Katie Holmes says that the key to happiness is staying focused on work and family — and shutting out the rest. "I’m a mom and an actress with a play to do every night," the 29-year-old tells The New York Times Style Magazine. "I can’t pay attention to all that noise." Since moving to New York City for her Broadway debut in All My Sons, the reality of that fame and the fame of husband Tom Cruise has at times been hard to avoid, however; Lamenting the lack of underground parking, Katie notes that "you can’t really sneak in anywhere like you can in L.A." On the other hand, the upside of life in the Big Apple for the couple’s 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri is obvious.

"Try to see New York through Suri’s eyes. She goes to music class and for walks in Central Park."

Gymnastics lessons at Chelsea Piers were not quite as successful, however, so the couple improvised. "There were so many people that Tom decided to take over an apartment in our building and turn it into a gym for her," Katie explains. "He had mats put on the floor and brought in an artist to paint animals on the walls."

"The teacher can come to Suri’s gym now — she has her own place to do gymnastics."

Katie’s flair for fashion is often on display through Suri, andmother-and-daughter have been known to collaborate. A project-orientedperson "whether it be a movie or a play or designing clothes or aparty," Katie says she delighted in designing Suri’s Halloween dress — with considerable input from her tiny muse!

"Iasked Suri what she wanted to be for Halloween, and she said she wantedto be Halloween. So I found orange fabric with all these bugs on it andI designed a dress for her and a matching dress for me. We’re sort ofpumpkins."

Source: The New York Times Style Magazine

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Susan on

Umm. I understand the child’s need for security, but a gym jut for herself? I am sure she is a sweet girl and has fun at the gym – but she really should be around other little children her age. Having said that, I understand the concerns because of their high profile. Still, something about that just doesn’t sit right with me…

Astrid24 on

Does Suri ever have time to interact with other children? Part of the point of gymnastics for toddlers is socialization. A gym for just yourself, that’s really quite sad for a little kid, being kept away from other children.


Wow Suris’ own gym? FANCY!! I can barely afford a membership to a regular gym!! ha ha ha

lily on

that’s kind of ridiculous. so there’s a lot of people…find a more private gym. they have classes for children where only a certain amount of people can sign up.

Chicki on

The couple “improvised” by “taking over” an apartment in their building to build the kid her very own gym? What strikes me is how normal this family is! Do you detect a hint of sarcasm in my tone? Good!

kelly_ikd on

Personally I think of it as a typical “Dad” thing to do, my Dad probably would’ve done that for us if he could afford it. I think it’s sweet.

dee on

I don’t see what is so wrong, so she has her own gym. They could and maybe do invite other children over if they like. We weren’t there or know how bad the situation was.

Janis on

I must echo the sentiments pf Astrid and others. Suri’s “own gym” sounds like a lonely place.

Nicole on

I don’t see what the big deal is about her having her own Gym. This kid has playdates with the BECKHAM boys… so I’m sure that she & Cruz have a grand ole time in that gym. But given the status of her parents, and the amount of people that were likely at the gym, she was probably very overwhelmed.

Megan on

I think that is wonderful. She won’t have paps taking her picture and other parents and children staring at her. I am quite sure they have lots of other friends that can come to Suri’s private gym and play with her. Tom and Katie might be a bit different than all of us but they certainly aren’t ignorant to the fact that she needs to play with kids her age.

Lady on

I think that is a little overboard….she never seems as happy as Violet Affleck does who interacts with other kids..IMO

jamie on

I’ve been to the gym at Chelsea Piers and it definitely would be overwhelming for a 2 year old. But it’s NYC!! That’s not the only children’s gym in the city. There are many more private studios that offer classes that are private, or smaller, or whatever you want them to be!

Amber on

Something tells me this child has plenty of playdates and if she is anything like my daughter (who is just 2 weeks older than Suri) she gets very overwhelmed around lots of people, specially other kids. I am sure other celebrity kids and friends of the couple can come to her gym and do gymnastics with her. I highly doubt this child is lonely, and I think Tom and Katie do a good job.

erica alayne on

While I can’t fathom spending money to give my child his own gym, I find it funny that people are automatically assuming this means that she doesn’t play with other kids. How on earth does anyone know she doesn’t have lots of playdates AT her gym, or does other things to interact with other children?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that building a gym for a child isn’t excessive, but I don’t think everyone should jump to other conclusions just because of it, either.

Nanny-Emma on

”she said she wanted to be Halloween”

That’s very sweet lol.

sarah on

No one knew that she had her own gym, so how do you know if she doesn’t have friends to play with? I mean who cares? She isn’t your daughter and it isn’t your money…It doesn’t affect you in anyway at all.

cc on

I just think the comment is in bad taste. I understand that they are obscenely wealthy and can do whatever they want with their money. I just think it’s distasteful to talk about it openly like that. It makes me believe they are so completely out of touch with the fans that permit them to live that lifestyle to begin with – especially during this tough economic climate.

dawn on

I think it’s grand that they can afford to do that. but I also believe it’s good for children to have interaction with their peers.that kind of isolates her alittle too much! to each their own. I’m sure most of the people parenting skills on here,would make other people eyes roll out of their heads! LOL!

Julie on

oh my God! People are ALWAYS complaining about how Suri seems frightened by the paparazzi and how unfortunate it is that her parents still take her out in public.

So this time they did something about it: they gave her her own private place to play. She probably truly loves the gymnastics, so why take that away from her? I think it’s good she’s involved in those activities. Shame on you all for criticizing that!

brannon on

Whenever I read a Suri post I just feel sad. So many other A-listers have children but I never feel sad for them…

Lauren on

I feel exactly the same way, brannon. To answer Sarah’s question of how we can back up the insinuation that Suri leads a lonely childhood, all one needs to do is look over the countless shots of her out in about at different parks, Chelsea Piers, etc. Out of all those photos, I have yet to see her interacting and playing with one other child. In every single picture she is either completely focused on her parents, playing by herself, or standing in a corner watching the other kids. So as extravagent as the idea of her having her own private gym sounds, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. It’s just more of the same-Suri’s special gym, Suri’s special playroom at Katie’s play, Suri’s special shopping and park trips. What I would be curious to know the road is what all these exclusive “benefits” got her in the long run. My guess is that they won’t take her very far. Between appearing to be spoiled rotten by her parents and her apparent disenchantment with other kids her age, she will be in for a rude awakening when she steps out into the real world. Maybe Daddy will buy and paint a world just for her? Oh, wait-he alwady has.

Artemis on

I don’t if its good to make a private gym for a child, but Im sure anybody who could afford it would do it!
I failed to learn any sport professionally because I was a small kid and others would never give me a chance to play and Im so unhappy about it.
If my parents could arrange private classes for me, I could be more of a sportwoman now. Come on people, we all know you would do it if you could afford it.

Anna Kate on

While the private gym is a little excessive for a 2-year-old, I can understand their desire to shelter and protect their baby from all those paparazzi. I would love to see pics of Suri’s little gym!

MomtoB on

I would definitely build my child her own gym if I could afford it! And also let her friends come to us! Sounds perfect!

MB on

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for some of the A-list celeb parents to parent their kids. I mean, it’s got to be hard to find a balance between sheltering your child from the paps and fans and all of that and trying to give them a “normal” childhood. And while some days I’d love the money they’ve got, I do NOT envy them the parenting choices they have to make, nor can I judge them for those choices.

phoebe on

I can understand CC’s comment about the bad taste in light of the credit crunch situation at the moment, but I do think it’s likely that Katie probably didn’t realise exactly how that would be taken, what she said probably sounds normal to her after all.

My comment on the private gym thing is that of course it’s excessive, but if they want somewhere away from the paps, then okay, the idea behind it is certainly honourable. In fact, I would probably be completely in favour of it if she was having friends over there with her, which is something we don’t know about. I think it would be lovely if Tom and Katie organised playdates with a few children to all enjoy the gym in private. They might already do this of course, it would probably be the best way for Suri to get everything out of it she could. A lovely place to play (and learn) and some little playmates to socialise with, all away from the paps.

annie on

I agree Brannon….

Kate on

If I remember correctly, there were pics of Suri jumping in a trampoline at Chelsea Piers this summer & there was no one else around. I think the captions even read that she was taking private lessons. I could be wrong though.

TracyG on

Why am I surprised that this post would bring such critiscim? OH wait…I’m not!!!

People are so critical of celebs but Tom and Katie must be the number one family that cannot win with people….

Last week people were posting that Tom shouldn’t have her out in public if he has to carry her to avoid the paps. Then it was “Suri is so scared with the paps, so WHY do the Cruises take her out?”

NOW, they get her a private gym, which they can AFFORD and it’s “OMG!!! Poor Suri! She needs to be around other kids and how DARE they take that away from her!”

You people ASTOUND me….You all must live the most perfect lives…truly….

And before someone posts that “It’s just our OPINIONS!” Yeah, well everyone has one, doesn’t mean they are right!

Karey on

I respect Tom and Katie’s decision to protect their daughter. However, I find it completely tasteless to announce that they have “taken over a vacant apartment” to make a private gym for Suri. Look, we all know they are rich . . . but I was raised to believe that bragging about your money is ostentatious.

Ella on

I would have killed to have my own gym when I was a child (heck, I probably still would!), and I do believe Suri must see other kids from time to time anyways, so I can understand why Tom and Katie chose to have a private gym built. People can say what they want, but I’m having a hard time believing Suri is that miserable. Spoiled, probably, but sheltered and unhappy, maybe not.

That said, I do think it’s sad that Suri will never get to experience the whole gymnastics atmosphere like she would at a gym. Nothing can replace a team, I grew up with mine and they’re still my closest friends, and missing out on that seems wrong to me. I agree that it must be hard ot find the balance between sheltering Suri and letting her have a normal childhood, but somehow, I think a better option must exist.

rose on

Ella, I wouldn’t assume that Suri will never get to play on a team. Suri is only 2 years old right now and is probably overwhelmed from all the attention she gets from paparazzi and fans. Maybe Tom and Katie think it’s best to shelter her a bit right now. Bella and Connor used play on sports teams, and even though there were tons of paparazzi at their games, Tom let them play. I hope that Suri gets to do the same when she is older.
Also, Katie pointed out that it’s easier to sneak around in L.A. because of the indoor parking there. The Cruises will be going back to La next month, so maybe she’ll find a gym with indoor parking that she can take Suri to in LA.

paula on

I can see the points that people are trying to make here, but I don’t think it is possible to infer that Violet is happier than Suri based on the photos we see. Not all children express their feelings in the same way or enjoy the same things. Even children who are being raised in the same family can have different dispositions.

J on

Why is it tasteless to mention that they turned a vacant apartment into a gym/activity place? If they have the money and the apartment building owner is happy with it, more power to them. It didn’t seem like bragging or throwing wealth in the fans faces at all.

TracyG, I agree with you and have for a while now. I don’t understand what the Cruises have done to have so many nitpick nonstop at the tiniest thing they do.

Ariella on

One of the most unsettling comments I have read in a long time is the one by Sarah suggesting none of us should care about something that doesn’t affect us directly. Sarah, did I misinterpret you? I think it’s great that people care about other peoples’ kids AND their own. As long as we all live here together, we are affected by others whether we feel it or not.

The thing about Tom Cruise creating a private gym for Suri that I find interesting is the apparent need to completely control her environment. Many of us do this to the extent that we can with ourselves and with our children, but when you have fame and money, you are able to control your surroundings in a way that regular people can’t. That’s why, I think, so many celebrities HATE the paparazzi: it’s the thing in their lives that they can’t control, one major thing they can’t use their money to manipulate. The celebrities that many of us perceive to be “happier” than others are the ones who seem to be at ease with a little more chaos and a little less control.

Bancie1031 on

TracyG – I kindof agree with some of what you said.

“There were so many people that Tom decided to take over an apartment in our building and turn it into a gym for her,”
I’m sorry but this statement just rubbed me the wrong way. It’s good to see that Katie grew into her fame quite nicely. Actually I was a fan of Katie’s on Dawson’s Creek. I honestly miss seeing Katie in Blue jeans, T-Shirts and flip-flops.

You know I wonder if Bella and Connor were this sheltered when they were this little? I personally don’t know and that is a honest question.

Ever sense Suri was born you no longer see Connor or Isabella playing sports and that’s sad.

I do find it sad also that they took Suri out of her gymnastics class where she had interaction time with other children her age – that don’t know who she is nor do they care that she’s TOM CRUISE’S daughter. She does seem to live a lonesome life. Other than the Beckhams and that one time with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt when they were infants I have never seen her with other children. She’s always playing by herself or with mommy and/or daddy. Just what I have seen from pictures.

J – “they turned a vacant apartment into a gym/activity place”
They said nothing about the apartment being vacant, just that “Tom decided to take over an apartment in our building” and yes I find that comment disturbing.

There are other famous (just as if not more famous as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) parents that don’t do things of this nature. They still take their children out and about, including sports and gyms, without any problems. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, Jennifer Garner and Ben Afflect, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham “The Beckhams”, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale …. and that’s to just name a few.
And out of those 5 couples of “A LIST” celebrities that I just named, they let their children have as normal a life as possible. My whole point is if Tom and Katie wanted to they could give Suri as normal a life as these other couples. Children don’t know anything about celebrities or who’s famous.

rose on

“Ever sense Suri was born you no longer see Connor or Isabella playing sports and that’s sad. “

Bancie, that’s not true at all. There have been many photos of Tom and Katie going to Bella and Connor’s games after Suri was born. I even remember seeing photos of them taking Suri to some of Connor’s basketball games. As, I said earlier, I hope that Suri will be able to play on a team when she is older.

Bancie1031 on

Rose – I’m not calling you a liar by any means I just meant that I personally haven’t seen any of these pictrues ….. if you have a link so I can I would greatly appreciate it. I do remember seeing Tom and Katie going to some after Suri was born but WITHOUT taking Suri with them.

Bancie1031 on

Ariella – interesting intake on the situation. I haven’t thought about it that way.

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie- Suri has never had a playdate with Shiloh (at least not that the media or the general public know of). That was Kingston who had the playdate with Shiloh.

Anyway….Uh, people, Katie also said she takes Suri to music class. There are probably other kids there.

Also, how does Suri not being seen with other kids automatically mean she doesn’t play with other kids? Celebs CAN do some stuff without the media knowing about it, after all!

Oh, and I believe Suri also plays with Grier Henchy (Tom, Katie, and Brooke have all spoken about it).

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie- Here is a link to some pictures of Suri attending one of Connor’s basketball games: http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2007/03/suri_cruise_out.html

Angel on

They are going to be sorry. They are setting this beautiful little girl up to be the next Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton. She is definitely the poor little rich girl. You would think that with all their millions, they could take some parenting classes or maybe just read this site and take some lessons from some of the other celebrity parents. Jennifer Garner comes to mind. Spending time with your child, taking her to normal activities like art class or the library. A novel thought, huh?

MB on

I am not a huge fan of the Cruises, but I thought of one other thing to consider. Because nearly all the pictures we see are from paps, we are just seeing on side of the story. The paps can take and sell whatever pictures they want to create a story, because it’s those stories that sell magazines. Given the media debacle when Tom and Katie got together, and all the mystery surrounding Suri’s birth, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if many of the magazines’ paps are making an effort to catch Suri alone or unhappy because “poor little Suri” makes a better story and sells more magazines than “happy Suri.”

Anyway I hope what I just wrote doesn’t sound like some huge conspiracy theory, haha. I’m just trying to say that a lot of paps might be getting paid for specific pics, so that they fit into what mags want to write about, and tragic stories sell better than happy ones (usually).

kelly on

Sounds like Suri was not getting the attention they wanted for her. With the security guards they use, I don’t think it was a safety issue, I think it was an attention issue. I get the impression what ever Suri wants/needs, Suri will get.

Dorothy on

She seems like a well adjusted friendly child. Why are people now complaining about a gymn when they were complaining about her fear of the paps. They will never win.

karys on

I am sorry but some of you truly need help and I really do judge your reasoning skills. How can you sit their and call people bad parents because they build their daughter a gym. When their are people about there who are truly hurting their children. Sicking.

Also I do necessary think that Jennifer is a better parent then Katie, you don’t know what she does in her private time with her daughter, which knonwing all you so called child experts would probably disagree with.

It’s so disgusting to me how many hateful people are on this site sometimes. Making up such disgusting things about a famliy and if I were Tom and Katie I would want to protect my daughter from people like you and hop that if you have children they don’t turn out the same awful, judgmental, hateful way.

Bri on

So sad that a small child is blasted here. The comments about her being spoiled and anti-social are absolutey disgusting. She is a TODDLER. You cannot judge her based on a bunch of photos the paps sell. Come on now, people. Think about it for a second before you make snide marks again. How would you like it if people made snap judgements on your child with no proof other than a few photos? Tom and Katie can’t win with this crowd. It’s either “OMG, Tom wants the paps to take more photos of her! What a horrible father!” or this “How dare they build that spoiled child a private gym and let her have some privacy from the public eye?!?!” When does it end? Is it not enough that you make fun of Tom and Katie that you have to make rude comments about a child? It’s awful. The fact of the matter is, you really don’t anything about Suri, other than the few tidbits Tom and Katie have said. You have no way of knowing if she is anti-social or has problems interacting with other people – so why say it? Just to be mean? Please, get over it…

Genevieve on

The nitpicking about EVERYTHING to do with Suri Cruise is nauseating. And the way people jump to outrageously broad conclusions (Suri NEVER, EVER plays with other kids! She is banished to her private gym and will NEVER IN HER ENTIRE LIFE play organized sports!) is infuriating.

Angel – Katie said she takes Suri to music class and for walks in Central Park. How is that not “spending time with your child” and why is it so different from Jennifer Garner taking Violet to art class?

People saying that Suri having her own gym makes them sad? The awful comments people make about her and her parents on here are a lot sadder.

sam on

Bri and Genevieve, I SO agree. When Jen and Violet go out together it’s, “Oh what wonderful mother and daughter time.” It’s almost always the two of them, no other children in sight. But when Katie takes Suri to the park, it’s “Poor lonely Suri.”
When people want to see the worst, they will. Tom and Katie can’t win no matter what they do.

lala on


CelebBabyLover on

paula- ITA! My father comes from a three-kid family, and his two siblings were more on the serious side, and could at times be wild and difficult to deal with.

My father, on the other hand, was a very happy-go-lucky, laid-back little boy who was rarely without a smile! 🙂 Everyone has different personalities and everyone shows happiness differently.

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – Now that you mention it I do believe you are right and it was Kingston, I apologize I got confused with my celebrity babies. Thank you for helping to clear that up for me 😀
Who is Grier Henchy? Isn’t she Brooke Shields (don’t know her hubby’s name or her married last name) youngest daughter?
Also thanks for the link and AWWWWW look how little Suri was there, isn’t she cute! I have obviously never seen that picture before but are there anymore?

I personally have never said that Jennifer Garner was a better mom than Katie and I never will, for the simple fact that I don’t know either’s parenting skills but only of what photos show.
And while Katie does take Suri to the park just like Jennifer does Violet I think the difference being is that we have seen pictures of Violet playing/interacting with other children at the park. Another thing is that Violet always look so happy and smiley and Suri most of the time looks kindof sad IMO.
And just for the record if this article was Jennifer talking about Ben building a private Gym in their apartment building for Violet I would feel the same way.
If she goes to a music class with other children (which we don’t know for a fact, some are just guessing about this)then what is the difference of taking her to a gymnastics class. Unfortuneately we will never know the answer unless Tom or Katie tell us.
While we are judging from a photo, people judge other people everyday from exterior appearance – same difference. I’m not saying it’s right but point being it happens every single day. Sad but true.

J on

I posted a URL link of people.com where Katie and Tom are spending their money to buy Xmas gifts for needy kids. Is that considered rubbing their wealth in our faces too? Some seem so upset that Tom and Katie actually spend their own money the way they want, maybe the charity link will have some people lighten up a little.

J on

Bancie I read that he took over a vacant apartment in another article. Didn’t mean to rile up and confuse.

It’s his money and it’s between him and the landlord what he does with an apartment. I’m sure it wouldn’t be so disturbing to the rest of us if we had the money to do that. And why is it a disturbing thought anyway? It’s ok if companies turn apartments into small offices and gyms, etc. but it’s not is a celeb does it by himself?

I guess we should start complaining when people build new rooms and extentions to their houses for baby rooms. Tom did basically the same thing but on a higher level, so whats the problem.

Emilia on

I think some of these comments or so out of line, you have to think that if you had the kind of money that they have, you would do and buy anything that brings a smile to your child’s face. I have taken my little brother to the Chelsea Piers gym, and there was a lot of children, my little sister did not like it. And if i had the money to build her own gym i would do it too. Why do people assume that suri has no friends? not because you don’t see any pictures of her playing with kids, does not mean she doesn’t interact with other children, you have to remember that she’s only 2, my little sister is the same age as suri, she has some friends but she doesn’t play with them everyday, because sometimes she likes to play by herself or she doesn’t like to share her dolls, like any other toddler her age, i think that some people should stop judging suri and her parents, because none of us really know what happens between close doors. we only know what we see in the media, which half the time is not even true.