Jonny Lee Miller and Michele Hicks Welcome Son Buster Timothy

12/05/2008 at 05:10 PM ET

Actors Jonny Lee Miller and Michele Hicks have welcomed their first child, a boy! Buster Timothy Miller arrived on Wednesday, December 3rd in Los Angeles, weighing in at 9 lbs.

After marrying in July, the couple announced the pregnancy during Michele’s third trimester in September. While Michele compared bellies with fellow expectant star Angie Harmon, Jonny told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that they knew the sex and had a name, but were keeping it private. Of his wife carrying their baby, Jonny said,

"She’s tough. I thought that already, but I think it even more now."

Source: PEOPLE

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SY on

Not a fan of the name, but cannot wait to see what the baby looks like…he’s a big boy like mine were!

Sarah on

Congratulations to them on the new baby!! But i’ve gotta say….Buster? Really?

Sarah on

I love him and I hate that Eli Stone was cancelled. Is Buster in tribute to Buster Keaton? I loved how he told Ellen it was a normal name. Our definition of normal must be a little different. 🙂

Brooke on

Buster well that’s a different name. Not my type but hey it’s right up there with other celebrity baby names recently lol. I remember years ago when he was married to angelina jolie, before she married billy bob.

Mallory on

Buster? Wow. Hmm, either way, I bet the little boy is going to be gorgeous with two parents like that! 🙂

Devon on

Congrats to Johnny and Michele! I actually like the name. Maybe it’s because I always call my little cousin “Buster” that I love it for an actual name. I call him “Buster” than I call him by his given name. If, when Buster gets older, he doesn’t like it, he can always go by Timothy. Buster Miller and Timothy Miller sound really great together!

fay on

i like buster…

i had a friend named william augustus.. we called him buster… he HATED william augustus…

i remember that fool even wrote buster on his resume… lol..

i LOVE buster… lol

Cate on

My dad used to call my brother ‘Buster’ & eventually thats how my dog got the name so it holds a special meaning to me so I find it sweet.

I have friends from the South & Buster & Bubba aren’t uncommon nicknames from what I’ve been told

Susan on

Man…That’s an awful name. That’s right down there with Peanut. Buster?
It sounds like a brand of vacuum cleaners. I can’t see this little guy succeeding up the job ladder with a name like this.

kelly on

Makes me think of that kids TV show Arthur LOL.

Michelle on

When I was a kid I had a dog named Buster.

meghan on

Maybe someday Buster and Peanut Rademacher can start a support group….

MB on

I just think it’s funny that he had sooo emphasized giving the baby a “normal” name. I think of Buster more as a cute nickname. But, Timothy is definitely traditional so he’ll have a choice of which to use as he gets older.

Congrats to them both. With parents like that, Buster has got to be beautiful!

Bree on

Why give a human baby a name that belongs on a dog? Plus his name is too close to a curse word. Poor kid.

Erica on

Buster sounds like a dog’s name!

Elizabeth on

I like Buster. I think it’s just a name from a different generation, like maybe our grandparents? I predict this name will catch on.

Ama on

I hope they call him buy his middle name. Congrats, all the best, but Buster???? Hmmm?!?!
I think, Toy Story! Not trying to be mean and judge.
Just surprised I guess with the unique baby names coming out in Hollywood!

Kait on

That’s a cute name… for a dog. In fact, it’s our Rottweiler’s name, and I agree people must have different definitions of what they consider to be “normal” names.

Sarita on

Buster is more a nickname to me but Buster Timothy is a pretty normal name compared to Zuma Nesta Rock, Bronx Mowgli etc.

Brandi on

For some reason I was sure they would have a girl! First name is not my style but I like Timothy quite a bit. Congrats.

Crystal on

Sarah-you took the words right out of my mouth. Not a fan of the name but to each his own. CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂

Ranjit Kumar Saha on

I thanks this Actors& actress for their Lucky Son.Thanks again.& HAppy KISS From my 2 younger Daughter&wish their long life.

ellen on

buster is strange, but i like timothy, it’s cute name

KC on

Congrats. It’s unfortunate he’ll have to live with the name Buster. I wouldn’t wish that name on my worst enemy. What were you 2 thinking?

Allegra on

Hmm…Buster? Not really a fan, but whatever floats their boat. I think it’s kind of cute as a nickname though. In reference to those who were surprised because he said they’d chosen a normal name, maybe they chose Timothy and then decided to add Buster as some sort of tribute, etc. I don’t know. But anyways, best wishes to this family, welcoming a baby is such a beautiful thing… Peace. X

lulusass on

I love Buster!!! It’s adorable!

Pencils on

Buster? That was the name of my dad’s dog when he was a kid. And it sounds to me like a lot of other people think it’s a dog’s name. I don’t get why people give their children what have always been traditionally nicknames for their first name. Yes, people can name their kids anything they want. But the point is that this is another person–you don’t own the baby. Someday that baby will be an adult and possibly will be trying to interview for a white-shoe law firm and will have to say “Yes, Buster is my real name, it’s not a nickname.” They could still have a child named Buster, just give him a more normal name and then call him Buster. It’s how people always did it. That way the child could make up his own mind when he’s older.

Judith on

Congrats to the couple!! I hope their child wants to be called “Timmy”. It’s a much more “normal” name than Buster..

Rosalind on

CONGRADS Johnny and Michele I am very happy for you. I am also a big fan of Eli Stone. Congrads again

P.S. I like the name Buster its cute.

Chicki on

I think of Buster from Arrested Development! That’s really more of a nickname – even Buster Keaton was born Joseph Frank. I loved meghan’s comment about Buster and Peanut forming a suport group lol!

Warren on

Congratulations on your baby and may you and your family enjoy impending parenthood and have a nice holiday season. I hope you also have a Happy New Year!

Silvermouse on

I think Buster is cute as well!

Rosy J on

Congrats to them and best wishes on their bundle of joy.

Anne on

My grandfather was known as “Buster” for most of his life, although his given name was Norman. Apparently he was a large baby, and after the birth, my great-grandmother commented, “Well, that was a real buster!” and thats what started it! Interesting choice, the middle name of Timothy is nice if he ever wants a more “traditional” choice.

lorelei23 on

Nine pounds?! Yikes. Congratulations to Michelle! Jonny, she is way, way tougher than you even thought before.

Actually kinda like both the names. And here’s hoping ABC sees sense, renews “Eli Stone” and Buster’s dad still has a job come the New year.

Anais on

I’ll take Buster over Bronx Mowgli any day. Buster now forever reminds me of Arrested Development. It’s probably one of the most ‘normal’ names out there, just not common in this day and age.

Lis on

Haha! I second Meghan’s comment!

…I just can’t imagine a grown man ever seriously introducing himself as “Buster”… (sometimes I think the parents forget their baby isn’t always going to be a baby…)