John C. McGinley's Bjorn Baby, Billie

12/05/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Scrubs star John C. McGinley took 10-month-old daughter Billie Grace along for a trip to bring out the trash last week in their Malibu, Calif. neighborhood.

John and wife Nichole welcomed Billie in a homebirth last February; John also has a son, Max, 11, from his first marriage.

Billie rides in a Baby Bjorn Synergy carrier in black ($130).

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CTBmom on

Awww. I just love seeing Daddy’s “wearing” their babies! I never found my husband so attractive as when he walked around with our son in his snuggli.

Jenn on

Her little pigtails are KILLING me.

Allegra on

Wow, what an adorable baby! I just love her little piggy tails! Too too cute… And CTBmom, I totally agree. Daddies are the sexiest when they cuddle/play with/wear their children. It’s just the sweetest thing!
I love Billie’s name too. Kind of old-fashioned but trendy too. Very cute. X

Janis on

I recently saw John in an interview and he seems like the nicest, coolest, most sincere guy and such a GREAT dad!

Stephanie Hurst on

She is such a cutie! John is also pretty brave. My husband carried our daughter the exact same way for a couple months, until one time when she got excited and accidentally kicked him in a very….painful place. Needless to say, that was the end of Daddy carrying her in front!

Dana on

I agree with the comments on how sexy a man wearing a baby is. My husband exclusively wore our oldest when she was a baby. I never had a chance (not that I minded). I finally got the chance to wear our youngest and had to have him give me a lesson on how to do it! Some of my favorite pictures I have of my husband is when he was wearing one of our kids.

Oh, and she is adorable! Love the hair.

EAB on

She is freaking adorable! The pigtails are soooo cute!

Anna on

Aww she is cute. But, I wish other celebrities would realize (like Keri Russell has) that Ergo carriers are so much more comfortable on the parent and the child than baby bjorns. They’re (usually)cheaper too.

Nika on

Oh those pigtails are the cutest thing ever! I’m going to try that on my daughter too tomorrow, lol!
She looks so tiny though, my daughter is 9 months old and mucht bigger than Billie. But maybe my daughter is just a little bit bigger that the average baby.

Why is there such a big difference in the way daddy or his girl are clothed though? Look at those bare legs! Daddy is dresses much warmer!
Ofcourse I have no idea of the weather circumstances over there. I live in the Netherlands and it was snowing here today! I know it can be warm over there, but I still don’t get why they’re dressed so differently. I always dress my daughter with one more layer than me.
Sorry, don’t want to nag or anything.

Anne on

The baby is beautiful but she looks uncomfortable with her legs dangling and appears to want to put her feet somewhere. Sorry, I don’t like this baby carrier.

Stéph on

Billie is so cute with her little pigtails. I also like to see dads carrying babies, it’s so sweet. But I too think that she doesn’t look comfortable in this baby carrier.


SHE IS SO CUTE! those pigtails…ugh so cute.

Nika, that was my first thought. We get on Katie and Tom about the fact that Suri isn’t wearing a jacket yet…this baby has a onezie on and bare legs/feet. Its been cold here in california. It may not be as cold as the east coast but to us spoiled socal people it’s cold.

Becky on

Wow, what a doll! She has so much hair! She is a cutie and she looks like her brother…

angie on

I agree with you that she doesn´t look confortable in that carrier, I hate Baby Bjorn too.

But I think she is super cute!

MB on

Anna, I love the Ergo better too. I tried out both the Bjorn and the Ergo with my friends’ babies to get an idea of which to buy when my baby is born in a couple of months and we’re going to go with the Ergo (and a couple of slings). However, I’ve never found an Ergo that was cheaper than a Bjorn…most here are $20-$40 more expensive.

Does Max live mostly with his mom, or with John?

Kresta on

Awww, she is so petite. My babies were so big.

SH on

I finally figured out what looks wrong with that carrier after looking at it several times! lol…and I think this is what’s bothering me…
If the baby is facing forward shouldn’t the strap go UNDER her armpits before it’s clipped up to the strap of the carrier??…not around in front of her neck. I was wondering why that baby looks like it’s drowning in that carrier! I think that’s the reason!

morgyn on

for some reason i thought he had a boy? nevertheless, she is just adorable! and it always gets me smiling when the daddy is wearing the baby!

Janis on

I think Baby Bjorn Synergy (like the one pictured) is way more comfortable than Ergo! True, the Baby Bjorn without back support is a killer, but the Synergy is great for parent and child. Easier than Ergo to fasten, too.

SH, you can wear it either way — arms above or below. But I agree, she looks like she needs just a wee bit of adjusting. Then again, papa may have her right where he needs her to prevent a painful kick as Stephanie Hurst mentioned! My husband often says to our son, “Is this your way of saying you don’t want a sibling?” Ha!

Autumn on

Cute baby, but the first thing I thought too when I saw her was that she looks cold with her bare little legs & feet in December!

I know they’re in California and all, but I still think she needed some tights or even those Baby Legs legwarmers (that CBB promoted a year or two ago) and a pair of socks at least! lol!

Shelly on

Dr. Cox! I love him and from the articles I’ve read about him, he’s really a hands-on dad. Billie is adorable! His son, Max, has down’s syndrom and John started a foundation I believe to honor his son and to help other families facing this same issue. Can’t wait for Scrubs to return to TV on January 6th!

Judith on

I think Billie is a weird name for a girl. What happened to traditional names? His son has a traditional name…

Morning on


Too bad half of American women have no access to legal midwives.