Gwen Stefani Goes Out With Her Boys

12/05/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
Zodiac/Splash News Online

Gwen Stefani cuddles close with son Zuma Nesta Rock, 3 months, while out running errands with the baby and son Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, yesterday. After a quick stop, the trio headed to a park, where they romped on the playground equipment — in fact, Gwen gave Zuma a diaper change on top of the slide!

Dad is Gwen’s husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale. To see more of this fun foursome, check out our Stefani-Rossdale Family Photo Album.

Zuma is wearing Amber Hagen’s Cashmere "Mommy" Sweater ($153) paired with BabyLegs in Juniper ($8, save 25% with CBBJuniper through 12/31/08).

On his feet are Play ‘N Wash Lamb in Beige ($42).

Click ‘More’ to see pics of the family in action!


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Artemis on

She looks great! I love this family and how much they spend time with their kids.

Although I have to say, did she changed Zuma’s diaper in public? That sounds gross and a little inappropriate.

JM on

haha! that’s awesome. Such a normal mom.

Andi on

1st? love this family

Addyson on

I don’t blamer her! It looks like where she changed his diaper is a little more private than a park bench. Artemis, if he needed his diaper changed, the poor little guy shouldn’t have to wait!

beth on

a little gross and innapropriate? ha ha, must not be a mommy 🙂

Philippa on

Why would a nappy change in public be inapropriate? If she would do that in the middle of a restaurant, you’d have a point, but other than that it seems normal to me.
Zuma looks so sweet and the name is growing on me. I really didn’t like the name at first, but it suits him!

Brooke on

Gwen’s boys are cute and both resemble her a lot when she was a kid. I like her hair straight, and she looks younger than 39.

angie on

I saw these pictures on x17online, in fact I watched a video of they going to the pharmacy, and Kingston keeps yelling, obviously annoyed: No paparazzi! all the way, poor little guy, why can´t the paps just snap a picture and then take off, do they really need to follow them all their way, and specially if they know that the baby is scared, there is just not respect!

As for Gwen changing Zuma on the slide, lol, of course sometimes you just cannot wait, she is pretty regular mom!

Aurora on

Umm… “a little inappropriate”?! I’m not a mother, but I can TOTALLY see that changing your baby’s diaper in public is something that just HAS to be done. What would you folks that think it inappropriate suggest she do? Leave him in that diaper? Call off the whole playtime to pack up and go home?
haha I was at a coffeeshop the other day and a mother with a newborn ran into the bathroom…there was NO changing table, nor any counter space… So she went over in a corner of the shop and changed the diaper. To be honest I don’t think it fazed anyone! haha 😀

Jessica on

Well they were there at night so nobody was there except for the intruding paps.

Devon on

When a diaper needs to be changed, it needs to be changed! Regardless of where or when it is. It’s not like it was on a table in a restaurant or in the middle of the fresh produce section in the grocery store! Then it might be a little gross and *slightly* inappropriate.

This family it too cute and they seem so happy together.

katie on

I find it much more inappropriate to let my child sit in a dirty diaper.

fay on


u’ve really never seen someone change a baby’s diaper in public, the backseat of a car, a park bench… i’ve even seen wet diapers get changed at outside restaurants (as quickly and quietly as possible) but… REALLY… dirty diapers are kind of the great equalizers… lol..

no matter if u make 100 or a million dollars a day, if u have a baby (and don’t just pay someone to do ur dirty work) at some point, ur gonna have to change him/her in the backseat of yor car… it’s just the way life works sometimes…

Elizabeth on

I really hope they go for a third and get a girl! Can you imagine the fashion that Gwen would have for a little girl! The boys are so prosh, too.

Philippa on

OMG Angie, I just saw that video too. And it just broke my heart. A 2 year old isn’t supposed to know the word paparazzi, let alone be afraid of it.
It’s so sad.

morgyn on

was it really night time? i have the same camera as a lot paps (though am not one) and sometimes when i use the flash, it appears to be night time, and it could be noon. not like it matters, just saying.

i do not see a problem with public diaper changing, its much more comfortable and healthier for the baby. if men are allowed to pee in parking lots and the side of highways, certainly Zuma can get some fresh pants!

i love everything about this family, so adorable!

Veroncia on

Changing a diaper in public is not the issue. Changing on playground equipment, tables in restaurants and offices where other people put their hands on is what’s bad to me. It’s unsanitary and plain gross. She is in a park that she drove to. She could have and should ran to car and taken care of her business. That;s what I have always done.

Sam on

So cute and so normal!! I learned fast as a mommy that when the baby has to eat, it has to eat, and when it needs to be changed, sometimes you just have to do in in public as inconspicuously as possible. I actually think that she was changing him on the slide because she didn’t want the whole wold to see her baby exposed. You know the paps would have gotten up close and personal since none of them have any respect.

angie on

I was about to say the same Philippa, a 2 year old already afraid of paparazzi is so sad, when I saw the video I just wanted to kick all paparazzi away from him.

Precious boys Kingston and Zuma!

Vanessa on

Where can I see the video?

Jessica on

Veronica I’m pretty sure she used a blanket so that his rear end wouldn’t touch the seat. That would only make sense right.

Sarah on

Good point, Sam. As a former nanny, with one of the children getting really bad diaper rash after sitting in a dirty diaper for as little as 2 minutes sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. Playgrounds are dirty, anyway. Most people use Purex or some other product after they leave, anyway.

I, too, didn’t like the name Zuma at first. I don’t think it’s so bad, now. I love how much time they spend with their children, too.

MB on

I think Sam is probably right. Also, what we can’t see in this picture is whether she had a mat. A lot of diaper bags come with a portable mat to put the baby on and I really don’t see what the issue is with changing a diaper on one of those, especially if he was wet. Sure, it’d be gross if there was poo that exploded all over the place, but I doubt she’d leave a mess where little kids are playing.

Nicole on

Gwen had a bag with her, why would she not have a bag with a changing mat in it? She probably didn’t lay his bare butt on the cold metal.

I saw other pics from this set, Kingston was sooo adorable in that little blue knit hat!

brooklyn on

Aww. Zuma’s a cutie!!!

JJS on

I am a mom and have changed many a diaper in the back of my truck? On top of a slide? That’s kinda gross. And when Kingston has a nanny, it would have been easy for Gwen to go somewhere where little kids aren’t putting their hands.

But, not all playgrounds have bathrooms with changing tables and the paparazzi could have swarmed her if she was at her car. I don’t blame her for not wanting Zuma’s privates all over the internet.

Sarita on

Why don’t the visitors on this site realise that they enable the paps to make these photos. You cannot go to this site and post that you wish the paps would leave them alone. It doesn’t make any sense.

marla on

do you know how many times i’ve gone to restaurants where there weren’t changing tables in the bathrooms? those times made me want to change my child on a table in the restaurant, which i didn’t do. so, outside in a park is not a big deal at all.

Bancie1031 on

Come on people do you really think a playground ISN’T nasty? Children wipe and pick their nose, scratch their bottoms, grab their privates and go and play, touching more than the bottom of the platform where the slide is(where their hands don’t normally touch anyways just their feet – bottom of their shoes really). So what’s so bad about her changing a diaper? I’m sure she put him on something besides the cold metal.
I personally would much rather change my baby than have them get a diaper rash.
It’s good to see Gwen out and about with her 2 bundles of joy!

whooa! on

zuma is so cute and adorable. and the name at first didnt like it too much, but now i love it.

Lou on

oh my god, give the poor woman a break people-i can think of worse places, and as previously commented by a few people, its better than leaving the poor little lad in a dirty nappy. unfortunately this was probably the most private place for her to do it, due to excessive amounts of paps constantly following their every move.

sarita-i do agree, however the way the paps hound them and get in their faces IS very wrong. for a two year old lad to have a fear of paps, (see the videos recently of gwen and a crying kingston at LAX) thats when it has gone much too far. they have long lenses,so stay the hell back before they hurt somebody. as much as i love to see pics of both the rossdales and grohls,i wouldnt like to think they’re being put in danger by being practically stalked by the media.

HeatherR on

I never get tired of seeing Gwen and her gorgeous family! She is the epitome of style of grace!

Stephany on

Veroncia, I hardly think a child’s playground is the most sanitary place to bring a child. There are dozens and dozens of children running around on those slides everyday. She obviously felt she needed to change her son’s diaper ASAP! Also, I doubt she just plopped him down and changed his diaper. As other posters have pointed out, she most likely used a blanket or a changing mat to change him.

Anyway, I love these pictures! Gwen looks so happy and so young! Kingston and Zuma are just stinkin’ adorable!

Bancie1031 on

ok everyone has my attention now ….. what video and can someone please tell me where to find it ….. a link would also be very nice …. thanks in advance.

Tracy on

That baby boy is such a chub. He is so cute.

Sky on

I don’t know if we’re allowed to link it but just go to x17’s website it’s the post on the third page that says Gwen Stefani and her little lambs

Allegra on

Aw, Kingston and Zuma are such cute little boys! But the fear Kingston has of the paparazzi is just heartbreaking.
Zuma looks really big for three months! Honestly, I have a friend whose nine-month-old son looks about that size!
As for the diaper changing issue, to me it’s no big deal. She had him on a blanket, and I doubt she would’ve opted to change his diaper in front of the cameras unless it was really necessary.
Gorgeous family! I hope they have more babies… I would love to see a little girl… X

Philippa on

The video is on x17. just search for Gwen Stefani and it’s the very first video that pops up.

Mary on

I think it’s absolutely fine she changed his diaper in public. I always change my babies diapers at the park- on my lap on a bench or in the stroller. No big deal! Her kids are adorable and she is so nice!

JM on

I have changed diapers in cars, strollers, floors (using a diaper mat of course)…you can’t let a baby sit in a messy diaper!! If you just got to the park why turn around to go all the way home just to change it?!

Poor Kingston and the paparazzi. This is def. where I agree when Brad Pitt says that they just need to leave children alone. Kingston is cleary sick of them.

Nanny-Emma on

How is changing a diaper anywhere inappropriate?! Is Nappy Rash from waiting more appropriate?! Crazy.

I saw the video of their trip to the doctors and the paps were way too intrusive!!

k on

Wow, that video was very very upsetting. I love this site, but I don’t know how we can morally justify this treatment of children regardless of their parent’s career choice.

MB on

That’s one of the things I appreciate about this site. CBB doesn’t buy any of the pictures where the kids are upset. If more celeb sites would follow their example, paps would change how they get their pictures and have more incentive to use the long lenses.

Amy on

MB, that’s true to an extent, but while Kingston doesn’t LOOK upset in this set of pics, there’s a video from this outing, and the entire time they walked from the car to the pharmacy, Kingston is yelling “no paparazzi! no paparazzi!” So I don’t know who this set doesn’t count as one where he is “upset.”

Tina on

Normally I read the comments but rarely comment myself. I was surprised at what a big deal is being made about where a diaper is being changed though. Who cares!?! It’s a park! I highly doubt she let his bare little bum touch anything. It’s not like she’s in the middle of a fancy restaurant. Let’s just enjoy this great website without having to go all negative on everything 🙂

Kirstin on

OK…awe…WHO CARES!!! Jeeze…I mean so what and I have done it on a bench! WHO CARES…Seriously…

Ok, but I definatley want to change the subject and comment on how FABULOUS Gwen is looking these days! She looks gorgeous and seems like she is back to her old self. Go girl!

FlyByNight on

I guess I look at it like as a celebrity, Gwen is willingly putting herself in this position to be photographed, and that she’s taking that risk when she goes somewhere like a public playground. That being said, she should have taken the baby to the car to change it. Even if she used a changing mat, sometimes not everything stays on it. It’s a matter of public hygiene.

amy ann. on

Not to oversimplify, but everyone grows up with hardships. Some kids grow up with divorced parents, some kids grow up with diseases and poverty or learning disabilities, or lost limbs, or port wine stains, or just plain unattractiveness. So Kingston and Zuma’s big hardship right now is the paparazzi following them around. Not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

trinh on

and here i thought she was going to reap a ton of praise for changing his diaper anywhere, just like a “normal” mom would have to. that’s life ppl!

Alice on

I agree, Amy ann. Kingston and Zuma have the paps but they also have loving parents who can spend time with them, and provide them with all they need. The paps come with mom and dad’s job and they’ll learn to live with it, just like other kids learn to live with their parents often away if their job makes them travel, or any other inconvenience.

stephanie on

i really dont mind when somebody is changing there son in public, trust me you dont want a diaper rash i have 20 month old. i understand. oh yeah why is kingston still has a bobo isnt he to old for that his going to be 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i think thats not right.

CelebBabyLover on

FlyByNight- First of all, you should never refer to a baby (or any person, for that matter) as “it”. Zuma is a human being, not an object or a piece of property!

That said, so if you were Gwen, you would have changed Zuma in the car, thus letting the paps get pictures of his privates (and trust me, the paps HAVE done stuff like that before. I remember a set of pictures from about a year or so ago of Tobey Maguire, his wife Jennifer, and their baby daughter Ruby. One of the photos was of them changing Ruby in the car.)?

stephanie- Kingston will not be three until May, which is still five months off! That said, I think Kingston may be going through a bit of new sibling regression. I don’t remember seeing him with a binky regularly until Zuma was born.

mp on

I changed my daughter’s diapers in a lot of places. I think Gwen handled it just fine.

Nika on

Gwen looks so great!!! Her boys look so cute too.

I can’t believe anyone who is a mummy would say something about the diaper change in public.
Beth I was going to say the exact same thing about Artemis. Must not be a mummy, haha.

I there even a problem really? It’s a baby, and a diaper.. and it happend to be in public? What is the big deal?

Why doe everyone feel like they have the right to tell what Gwen (or any other mom) CAN or CAN NOT do??? As a mum you should know that everyone gives you ‘good advices’ but you should only do it the way you think/feel is right!!

I think Gwen is the best mom!!!

Bancie1031 on

I just watched the video of Gwen taking Kingston and Zuma to the doctor. While it’s sad that Kingston does know the word paparazzi, he wasn’t crying. He was just saying “No paparazzi, No paparazzi”. In all honesty; and lets really be honest here, how many times is it likely that Kingston has heard mommy or daddy say “oh no the paparazzi is here” or “no paparazzi”? He’s a very smart child, but in all honesty children pick up what they hear. Regardless with their long lens I believe that the paparazzi’s were WAY to close to the children. But I have to be honest I thought it was kindof cute how he held out his hand and said “No paparazzi”.


anyone have a direct link too the video? I’d like to see it but X17 only goes so far back and I’ve looked at other sites and I can’t find it.

stephanie on

hey celebbabylover- i understand what your saying. but i have been seen him for the past few months with the binky even before she had the baby. thats true what you say about changing the baby in public the papz and stuff can take a pic. thats not right, so yeah if i was her i would just change him in the car. i just think shes one of us not a celebrity.

marie on

okay ALL moms have had to (at least once in the diaper days) change a diaper in a public place. its a fact. they walk everywhere so i don’t know if they walked here which would have made changing a diaper a bit harder. as for the paparazzi, my kids hated there pics to be taken at certain ages so you can imagine what it would feel like to be blinded with flash after flash since the day you were born. paparazzi everytime you wanted to go to the park, grandma’s house, out to eat, etc. it would get old very fast. its hard enough to get kids wrangled into carseats try doing it with your car surrounded by people with cameras flashing away a couple of inches away from your face. i do think they should stay further away from children. by the way i’m trying to find out the brand of the bear hat kingston is wearing. does anyone know? i’m glad that they weren’t close enough to make out the label on the side of the hat:)

shawna on

Kingston looks so darn cute in that picture!!! that is my favorite one of him and Gwen!!