Anthony Bourdain Wants Daughter to Eat Like an Adult

12/05/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
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Parenthood may have calmed Anthony Bourdain down some, as the famously acerbic chef admits that he now tries "not do anything really stupidly self-destructive if I can avoid it," but that’s not the only outlook that’s changed. The Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations host now focuses more on the types of food he introduces to his 19-month-old daughter Ariane because he wants her to keep an open mind. "I very much don’t want her to fall into a groove where she wants agrilled cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off and nothing else," he notes.

To help prevent that, Anthony makes sure that he gives Ariane different types of food — including organic, even though he’s been critical of the movement in the past — and encourages her to "eat like an adult," saying that "the more often that she does, the happier I am." Even though he is creating recipes for his daughter, don’t expect a cookbook for children from the 52-year-old.

"Um, no … I’m hardly in the position tospeak authoritatively about something I really am just learning myself.I am not Bill Cosby yet. I don’t have the sweaters."

Anthony is married to Ottavia Busia. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on The Travel Channel.

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Micky on

Yes, because I went through a phase where I wanted barbeque weenies and nothing else, and obviously I’m forever damaged by being a normal kid. Forget the 170 I.Q. or the degree from a prestigious university! Forget that I am now a great cook who appreciates dining on everything from sushi to exotic cuts of beef to ethnic delicacies. Obviously, I was permanently and negatively altered by those barbeque weenies and being a normal child! *eye roll* Seriously, in today’s society, there are things SO much more worth worrying about when it comes to your kids. Give them normal, healthy food, make them play outside, and stop stressing over pushing your gourmet crap, Anthony.

Jade on

Love him on No Reservations. Has anyone seen his daughter’s pics?

joy on

I think that is a great strategy.

My girl is a year old, and has always eaten whatever we eat. She loves everything from spicy Indian curries to Ethiopian injera and wot, and is developing quite a sophisticated palate. As a former pastry cook, I think it’s important to expose her to different cuisines, and she’s taken to it wonderfully.

Of course, I’m sure a lot of it is down to the individual kid and not just the upbringing–she could become completely picky six months from now, and I’ll eat my words!

Sarah on

I wonder how Ariane is pronounced? I have seen that spelling before and wonder if you pronouce the “e” like “uh” or just like Arian. My daughter’s name is Ariana; which is pretty easy to figure out.

brannon on

I did the same with my son and things were going very smoothly until about 2 months ago – suddenly discovered the phrase “I don’t like that.” Driving me crazy!! (But he’s still not getting hot dogs and grilled cheese everyday!)

Kenzie on

Ariane is pronounced:
ah – r ee – ah n

it is French meaning “silver”
though it could have derived from the greek name Ariadne, which does mean “holy one.”

OC Mommie on

If only it was that simple.

Let us know how that works for you Tony.

My daughter is 20m and she only ate baby food for a very short time, then moved on to people food. I fed her everything from duck to souffle, to fish. She ate everything and I was thrilled. Then at around 18m she just stopped. Wouldn’t eat a thing. I don’t get it. And no matter how many different types of foods I give her — she just wont eat them anymore.

Anais on

I love Tony and his show a whole lot, and I think it’s awesome that he’s making sure his daughter has variety in his food. Tony has said that some of her favourite foods are olives and rabbit, which I think is very cool for a kid.

Nicola on

Maybe he’ll be lucky. We have friends who’s kids live for humus and beg for a snack of cauliflower in the afternoon. We never even introduced baby food. In the baby stage, we did lentils, sweet potatoes, coconut rice, all sorts. Home made, every last dish. He ate tofu, beans, home made yogurt, all sorts, until he hit a point (sometime after 2) where he refused all of it. He didn’t like anything anymore and now, at 4 1/2, he is a ridiculously fussy eater, will not try ANYTHING new or unknown, and drives us absolutely mad. We keep trying and we keep assuming that he’ll outgrow it. I don’t suppose that A.B.’s daughter will actually have a choice 😛