Angie Harmon's Less Than Perfect Third Pregnancy

12/05/2008 at 12:00 PM ET
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Actress Angie Harmon is well into her third pregnancy, expecting a delivery surprise (to us anyway — she knows the sex!) with husband Jason Sehorn in the months ahead.

Already mom to daughters Finley Faith, 5, and Avery Grace, 3 ½, Angie says in the December 2008/January 2009 issue of Pregnancy magazine that while she’s excited for her new arrival, this pregnancy has been less than perfect.

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How has this pregnancy been going?

Let me tell you, when you’re pregnant with the first one, it’s great of course, all new and “Yay!” With the second one it’s still okay; you can pay attention to number one and she can share in the joy of the pregnancy. I remember how I used to sit in the bathtub when I was pregnant with my second and have [Finley] rub my tummy. I loved that!

But this third one has been horrible! First of all, I’ve had morning sickness. Hellooo! And then I got anemia, which was also new and horrible. And then I tore a disc in my back. So with this pregnancy I have not had two good days in a row; talk about frustration. And you can pile the guilt of not being able to take care of the other kids like I like to right on top of that. Thank God I’m getting a baby at the end of this, because if I wasn’t I’d be insane right now!

What is your back pain like?

Oh my God! In the past, I have never had sympathy for people who threw their back out. I’m like, “Yeah, right. You just get up and get back to what you were doing and stop complaining!” But now, if anyone were to call me and say, “Angie, I threw my back out,” I’d be there in the blink of an eye with a bedpan and a big pot of chicken soup.

How has your husband been dealing with your pregnancy?

Awesome! I play “angel music” when he walks in the room. I’ve become as close to my husband as I’ve ever been going through this. You know what they say when you get married, “for better or worse”? Well, the person who wrote that part of the vow sure knew what we would all be in for. He must have been thinking about this very situation. That “worse” part of the vow could have been translated as, “After you are married, will you lift her on and off of a bedpan?” I’m not kidding.

But Jason’s done at three. I was totally fighting him at the time I got pregnant; he was threatening a vasectomy. I said, “Honey, we need a big family! Imagine Thanksgiving with all the kids coming home and your grandkids sitting on your knee.” Then I went through all this with my back and the sicknesses. So finally I said, “I’m with you. If you want a vasectomy I will drive you there! And while we’re at it, I just might get my tubes tied.”

How have your deliveries been?

Well, the first one was breech, and the second was sideways, so I’ve had two Cesareans so far and am planning a third — but I’m totally fine with it. I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t make me less of a woman because my babies come out of a different place. My C-sections have been fine. They don’t cut through the muscle anymore so the recovery time is quick. It’s not like back in the old days when they used a rusty saw. We’ve actually made medical strides!

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What foods have you craved most during the last few months?

Normally, I’m a salty-food person. I love potato chips and spicy things like Bloody Marys. But since I got pregnant, I’ve been going all in for chocolate and sweets. Yesterday, I mowed through a half a bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate chips. Now, this isn’t like some gourmet chocolate or anything. I think it’s like 100-percent sugar! I’ve also had a hankering for really thick, heavy beer. Maybe the baby’s got some German in its blood.

Have you had any aversions?

Yes, I have an aversion to appliances, actually. Anything in the kitchen.

What have you learned about yourself during this pregnancy?

Well, I’ve learned that I can withstand a tremendous amount of pain. I’ve never been a good patient. I’m not good with pain. It is not for me. I’ll get a hangnail and think I should go to the hospital. “Honey, look at my finger! This one’s a bad one, call 911!” So I guess this time I’ve developed a higher tolerance for pain. I actually have calluses on my knuckles from crawling back and forth to the toilet because of my back.


Really! Jason is impressed. If you knew what I’ve gone through — I don’t mean to be negative for your readers, but this one has been really different.

Will you use a postpartum doula? Baby nurse?

Jason is my doula. I should make a T-shirt that says, “Jason Sehorn is my midwife.” He and I are both control-oriented. I don’t want a baby nurse; I have him. When the baby starts crying, he doesn’t just lie there and snore. He gets up and makes himself very useful.

What has your own mother taught you about being a parent?

We’ve learned over the years that in order for you to end up being a responsible, kind, caring respectful human being, you have to grow up learning those same things. I can’t do the spoiling thing because it’s a total injustice. When you spoil them they’re taught, “This is how the world works.” And they proceed to become psychotic females, crying and freaking out and turning into stalkers. I want my girls to be strong and self-sufficient.

And call me crazy, but Jason and I are happy with the Disney Princess stories and happily-ever-after theme. A lot of people ask me why I like those stories. They say, “Don’t you want your girls to know that the prince doesn’t always ride in on a white horse and sweep them away?” I’m like, “No!” Their lives are so busy and intense; do I want to rob them of a dream like that when they’re only 4? I don’t want them to miss out on anything. Women can be so wrapped up with how strong we can be.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

My favorite thing is watching the kids when they don’t know I’m watching them, when I can step outside the parent role and just look at them as little human beings. I’m so amused by their actions.

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Source: Pregnancy, December 2008/January 2009 issue

Angie wears Cadeau’s Shawl Collar Wrap Cardigan ($130) paired with Joe’s Jean Socialite’s with Secret Fit Belly in Harvey ($210).

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Angie wears a Vince for Pea in the Pod Sweater in Heather Maple ($280) paired with Joe’s Jean Socialite’s with Secret Fit Belly in Harvey ($210).

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Wendy on

I can totally relate– after Andrew was born in September of 1997, I had to have my Gall Bladder out. It was also Thankgiving weekend. My father-in-law though it was his cooking that put me in the hospital!! 3 days after surgery, I had to go BACK in for 7 missed gallstones in my bile duct. I was down for 5 weeks from that procedure! My husband did it ALL for me! Diapers, feedings, baths. He also painted my nails, and shaved my legs for me, too!!

Betsy on

Finally someone who can say “Hey, you know what? Pregnancy is not always sunshine and roses” I had a very difficult second pregnancy and it’s nice to hear a celebrity talk about something other than just “loving their pregnancy”. Her husband sounds wonderful and supportive – I guess that’s why they are having another child 🙂

Brooke on

I love angie, she’s so funny and honest. The part about jason having a vasectomy and than maybe her getting her tubes tied after such a rough pregnancy, funny comment lol. She’s always been a gorgeous woman, and although this has been a rough pregnancy for her, you would never know because she looks flawless. She always reminded me a bit of ali macgraw. Anyway can’t wait to hear this baby’s name, and i’m hoping they have a boy.

erica alayne on

She is so gorgeous! I’m sorry she isn’t have the easiest pregnancy ever, though. I can’t wait to see baby # 3, and to hear the name! I love the names they picked out for their girls.

Brooke on

Oh I wanted to add loved her c-section comments. She’s right it doesn’t make a woman less a woman to have a c-section.

Kristin on

How far is she? She has almost no belly. I hope every thing gets better for her before the baby comes.

I can relate to her with problems during pg.

Jen K on

She is always so beautiful and has such a grace about her.

I love the names she picks for her girls. I think a Riley would go along well with Finley and Avery.

Max'sMom on

“My favorite thing is watching the kids when they don’t know I’m watching them, when I can step outside the parent role and just look at them as little human beings. I’m so amused by their actions.”

That is one of my favorite thing as a mom as well!

mmh on

She cracks me up! What a fantastic celebrity marriage that actually understands “for better or worse..”

Elizabeth on

She is wearing the same Stella McCartney top on the cover as Jen Garner’s except Jen’s is blue.

Emaline on

When is she due? Looks like late spring maybe. I think they’re having another girl.

Rachel on

Congrats to them both! If their baby is a girl, they should give her the middle name of Hope. Her girls will have Faith, Grace, and Hope for middle names.

kelly_ikd on

I love her! I love the Disney princess thing too. I always imagined the happily ever after and that’s just one of the joys of childhood. Not to say what Brad & Angie do for their kids is wrong (telling them about war, etc.) but personally I want my kids to have their innocence and imagine the world as a good place for as long as I can.

Michele on

I think it will be a boy. She has looked better and less ill this pregnancy than with the other two. I seriously think there’s something the about extra estrogen that makes you sicker when you’re having a girl; all of the women in my family had bad, bad “all day sickness” all the way through their pregnancies with girls, but not with the boys.

Christine on

I wondered if she is having another girl when she said she wants her girls to be strong and self sufficient.
…or she could have just been referring to her 2

She has never gotten big AT ALL with any of her pregnancies. She is in her third trimester – I looked that at the end of my first!!!

Blue on

I heard rumors that she is going to be in the Real Housewives of Dallas?? Is this true? Anyone else hear that?

Brooke on

Blue I heard that rumor too. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I did hear it.

Liz on

I can so relate. I just had my 3rd, after 2 girls and the pregnancy was rough.. it was a boy.

Kristin on

Not everyone pregnant with girls gets sick. I was never sick at all luckily;)

Baby Girl Stuff on

I have to admit that I’m a little jealous and MORE than a little in awe of women who look that stylish and trim while pregnant. She is really amazing and it sounds like her husband appreciates her, too.

Mrs. R. on

This is the MOST honest, and funny interview I’ve ever read.
Kudos to Angie Harmon. I could take her or leave her before this, but now I am a BIG fan. This is a person I’d love to know in real life – she sounds like she’d be fun.

Elizabeth on

Totally agree with you, Mrs. R!

Kathy H on

I have always absolutely loved Angie Harmon. Not only is she just stunningly beautiful and a talented actress, she seems equally if not more beautiful on the outside. I still remember watching Jason propose to her on Leno years ago, and just how surprised and happy she was. As a native Texan myself, as Angie is, I think part of her ‘toughness’ and her ability to handle this difficult pregnancy so well is this ‘thing’, this undefinable something that we Texas gals have. And I also think that is another reason their marriage is so strong. She was raised in Dallas by loving parents, was taught good, old-fashioned morals and values and clearly she is instilling those same morals and values in her daughters. I hope for Jason that they have a boy, but I know after this rough pregnancy they’ll be thrilled with whatever God blesses them with. I normally can tell the gender based on how a woman carries, but she’s so darn tiny I can’t get a read on it. I just hope her back gets better and she can really enjoy the new baby when it’s born – having a hereditary back disease, I certainly can both empathize and sympathize with her and I cannot imagine having a newborn with a bad back condition! Best of luck to Angie & Jason, their girls and this new little bundle of joy.

cyndi on

She looks radiant! I am in my third month and look like poop! But I agree, this is my third pregnancy and I am so much more tired. Then again, this baby will be coming 12 years after my last…best of luck to her. she and her husband seem very genuine.

Elaine on

The idea that you are sicker with girls than with boys is a myth I’m afraid. My Mum was dreadfully sick every day of her pregnancy with brother (1st child), but not so bad when she was pregnant with me. I was sicker with my second child than I was with my first (although I felt sick most of the time with number 1, I wasn’t actually sick more than a couple of times). Both my children are girls.

Her CS comments are GREAT! A CS is actually more risky to a mother than a normal birth so its definitely not the easy option

DLR in Canada on

She is having another girl. She made that little blooper in the interview talking about the princesses. she said she knows the gender of the baby, and she was talking about “her girls”, and didn’t say anything about her “boy” being a prince. ya know? yeah, i know she could have been talking about the two girls she already has, but my money’s on angie having a third daughter.

jenni williams on

I loved this interview! Thanks Angie for being honest about pregnancy not being a buncha roses. And thanks even more for saying there is nothing wrong with c-sections. With this whole natural birth movement being shoved in our faces by some celebrities its nice to hear the otherside!

emily on

I loved this interview. It was very transparent and refreshingly honest.

I can sympathize with the bedpan stuff – I caught some amoeba in the hospital when I gave birth overseas, and a week after giving birth, I had to be readmitted to the same hospital for dehydration. Not dehydration from vomiting, I’m afraid – worse!! My poor hubby saw the “for sickness and inhealth, for better or for worse…”

Judith on

I have had 4 kids and the first 3 seemed like a ‘breeze’, but not the 4th. I developed gestational diabetes, had to give myself insulin injections(not fun). After his birth, my C Section incision got infected and I wound up back in the hospital. He was just 14 yesterday.. (Dec.6). I would not trade anything I went through for having a healthy baby boy. My first 2 were girls; the third was a boy. I sympathize with you, Angie.. I know what you are going through (complications). We know it was all worth it, when the pregnancy ends and the baby is born!! Congrats to you and Jason and your two girls..

Kate on

It is refreshing to hear a celebrity be honest about their pregnancy unlike so many others who just “love” being pregnant. I think celebrities feel like they still have to live in a magic, unrealistic world when they talk about their lives, pregnancies, and children. I know some people do have really easy pregnancy, but more often than not being pregnant is very hard on a woman’s body and the only reason we make it through is for those precious babies that are the outcome. Thanks for being honest and open Angie! Most of us can relate!

FC on

Kathy H, you’re bringing back memories now. I too remember when Jason surprised her on Leno with his marriage proposal. I thought that was so cute!

But he’s a star being there for her, taking care of her and her bedpan! I’ve heard of some good men, but I haven’t heard about one doing that for you. Wow, if I can find a man willing to go to bat like that, I just might be in heaven…

Love the outfits she wore for the shoot, especially that last one…and the heels included. Love to hate how fabulous she’s looking, too, lmao, even during all she’s been going through. Really love to hate her now…hehe.

Mia on

I think it’s a boy. If it was another girl, wouldn’t she just be like “oh, we’re having a girl”

Also, that this pregnancy is very different than her first two.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Considering she wants to keep the gender private, no, I don’t think she’d have said “Oh, we’re having a girl”.

Also, you can different experiences with each pregnancy but have the same gender each time.

Sue on

Angie looks absolutely stunning. Oh the memories of those not so pleasant moments of pregnancy. She seems to be a wonderful mother and how lucky is she to have a husband like Jason. Can’t wait to see what the name of this baby will be, loved their choices for their daughters. God Bless her and her family I wish them the best.

cheryl on

Let me get this straight-she used to “have no sympathy” for someone else’s pain,yet SHE would whine over a hangnail hmm…

Mang Thai on

Angie still look fine even she’s pregnant.