Jennifer Garner's Pregnant Pickup

12/04/2008 at 01:30 PM ET
Breeden/Andrade/Pacific Coast News

After spending the morning at the farmers’ market, Jennifer Garner picks up 3-year-old daughter Violet Anne from preschool on Wednesday afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif. Despite her growing bump, Jennifer still managed to give her little girl a ride to the car!

The actress is due to give birth to her and husband Ben Affleck‘s second child this winter. See images of the family in our photo album.

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jashmom on

Despite her smile, it seems Jen looks a little uncomfortable carrying Violet (but still gorgeous and glowing). However, I understand why she might be with all the paps constantly around them. Anyway, can’t wait for baby #2 to arrive. I’m thinking a little sister for Violet. =)

Nancy on

Wow, she’s really getting close to the end (so exciting!). Is it just me or does it seem like this pregnancy has gone so fast? lol… Violet is too cute with her hair up like this! :o)

Rebecca on

Violet is so sweet, aww… Oh, and Jennifer and Ben are expecting a baby boy! Look… “Garner went to the baby boutique Petit Tresor Friday to look for cribs, changing tables and gliders, but left with a few things in blue, a source from the boutique confirmed. Among the items the couple took home: a Kensington chocolate playmat from Plain Mary with a blue monogrammed “A,” as well as matching Plain Mary items emblazoned with the word “hunk” on them (bibs, burpcloths and t-shirts), said an insider.” Font: I’m Not Obsessed.

Lauren on

I can’t figure out when she’s due. At first I thought it’d be mid-December; now I’m not so sure. At any rate, I’m really surprised we haven’t fund out any more advanced information regarding the baby’s name and gender. I guess she learned from her pregnancy with Violet. I’ll be shocked if this baby is a girl; I’m getting major boy vibes from her.

Susan on

I don’t think Jennifer looks uncomfortable. I think she is holding her that way so she can see Violet’s face. And with good reason – it is such a cute one!

brooke on

She looks a little uncomfortable to me. Violet is tall and jen’s bump is getting bigger, so it must be hard. Tori spelling said it was hard towards her 7 month and beyond, and liam was only 1yr compared to a 3rd year old. I’m thinking late dec/early january she is due and I think a boy.

Kim on

It bugs me that she is carrying Violet this late in her pregnancy. It is really not that safe. It is just common sense. Violet is 3 years old for crying out loud. I understand there may be paparazzi around, but she can still walk beside her closely and hold her hand. Just my opinion!

Brandi on

I like Violet’s hair twists.

Courtney on

Why does it bug people if she carries her daughter.

I had 3 children in a 32 month span. A 2.5 year old, 14 month old and a newborn. Then I had another when my youngest was 3. I carried different children all thru my pregnancies. My doctor had no problems with it. I’m not an idiot and neither is Jen. She is under good care, I am sure.

If she wants to carry her beautiful daughter then let her! She obviously adores her child and looks very happy…I am sure she isn’t thinking “I’m gonna smile and look happy for everyone elses benifit”.

Beautiful child, family and husband too!LOL

Mary on

I think it’s fine for her to hold Violet like this. It’s not her fault her child can’t walk around without being trampled by the paps. Love them!

angie on

Violet is super cute!

I think Jen is still carrying Violet, to just enjoy the last days before the baby comes, you know when you just give birth you cannot carry heavy things or kids.

I have a 3 year old boy, and as he is bigger than Violet I just carry him when he asks, because I am looking to get pregnant and when that happens I would not be carrying him so much anymore.

I think she is just enjoying the last days alone with precious little Violet!

Allegra on

Aw, these two are such a sweet pair! I can completely understand that Jen wants to carry Violet all the time (she’s just so darned adorable!) but the three-year-old plus the big pregnant belly looks to me like a kind of awkward mix. Anyway, they both look happy so that’s all that matters. I definitely thought another girl for them, but there’s been a few reasonably decent sources who have said boy, for sure, so know I remain unconvinced either way. But whether the baby is the boy kind or the girl kind, I’m sure the little thing will be too cute for words, just like its beautiful sister. I am so happy for this family! They’re such a gorgeous, smiley group of people (especially the girls). X

Emma on

Think it is fine that she is carrying Violet. It was only last month that she managed to get a restraining order against someone who was stalking her – it must be pretty scary to have that kind of experience and therefore no wonder that she wants to keep Violet as close as possible. Add the paps to the mix – nightmare. I’d probably be carrying my child around if I was in that situation.

Jane on

I have a 3 yr old son and am due in mid January – I carry him quite frequently!! And I have no one following me. Today I carried hime to the car from the doctors bc it was snowing and didn’t want snow all over. Lots of reasons. If it were uncomfortable, I would stop.

Rosy J on

I often wonder if Jen is aware of the numerous comments about her carrying Violet and whether or not she will ever address the issue. Anyway, it’s her call and she and Violet are are sooo darn adorable. Again, I can’t wait until baby #2 gets here.

Marilyn on

I heard it’s a boy this time.

kelpy on

These two are so lovely.
I think she’s having a boy – have done from the beginning.
Surely she must be due someday soon! I’m looking forward to finding out if I’ve been wrong all this time.
I bet the new baby’s name is very down-to-earth, like their choice was for Violet.

SY on

When I was pregnant with my second my Dr. told me that lifting my older son was fine as long as I didn’t feel as if it were a strain. It was easier if he stood on a chair and then I lifted him (he’s very tall) and that seemed to work. My second pregnancy went along smoothly and I still carried around a 2.5 year old that looked more like a 4 year old. (Now he’s 7.5 years old and looks 10-11 🙂

Mwood on

She is a doll baby. I don’t think anyone knows what she is having. Though she picked up things in blue and a play mat with “A”, casey affleck had a second son this year named Atticus, so that could of been for him

MB on

Rebecca, don’t believe Petit Tresor. They are known for completely making up celeb purchases to try to pimp their store. CBB doesn’t report on anything they say anymore b/c they’ve lied so many times.

In any case, I think it’d be fun if they had a boy so they’d have one of each but another girl would be so cute too! 🙂

Just Saying on

Can someone please tell me why she is still carrying her daughter…is it because of the paparrazi. Because I really don’t understand… Nonetheless she looks great pregnant and I hope she has a safe delivery. I think she’s due any day now.

Laura on

I too totally think she is having a boy and think she will deliver early January. i would be really surprised if it is a girl. Is it just me or does her face look different in the last two posts…like tired/pale or she has gained weight in her face. something looks different

Ana on

Maybe she is carrying her daughter because she enjoys being face to face with her to talk after picking her up from school? I carried my then 2.5 year old the entire time I was pregnant. Once it got uncomfortable to carry her in front of me because I am all belly when pg and show early, I just started carrying her piggy back. I still find myself carrying her on my back and the baby on the front. It’s fun and a good workout to boot!

CelebBabyLover on

MB- ITA! Also, I read somewhere that Jen wasn’t even in LA at the time Petite Tressor claimed she shopped at the store (she was in Boston, I believe)!

Petite Tressor also claimed that both Jessica Alba and Jamie Lynn Spears (who, like Jen, wasn’t even in LA at the time she supposedly shopped at the store!) were having boys, and they both had girls!

sil on

Kim, i totally agree with you.

Mallory on

To all you people commenting that Jennifer shouldn’t be carrying Violet at this stage of the pregnancy…I’m PRETTY SURE Jennifer knows HER body better than any of us do. Just because it was uncomfortable or impossible for you when you were pregnant, that doesn’t mean that NO WOMAN can do it. Like SY said, doctors will often tell their pregnant patients that it is fine to do it as long as it isn’t a strain for them. Jennifer is a smart woman; I’m sure she’s fine!

Lis on

Oh, Mwood – nice observation! You should be a detective 🙂

I, for some reason, have been thinking boy all along too, but more often than not, I’m wrong!!! We’ll just have to see!

And I think it’s fine she’s carrying darling little Violet. I’ve seen many preggy women carry their children…like someone else said, as long as it’s not a strain, then it should be fine 🙂

Erin on

The only reason it bugs me that she carries her is that she’s 3 and should be independent and walking on her own, BUT, if the paps were after a shot of me and MY child, I’d do the same thing!


Mallory,I’m absolutely agree with you!Jen knows her body and knows what she’s doing!
With the paps around your kid you wouldn’t do the same thing as Jennifer?Come on people we don’t know what it means the life with the paps around you EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!I don’t want to be rude but please try to understand the situation!
P.S Rebecca,don’t believe to Petit Tresor,they are ALWAYS wrong and Jen wasn’t in Los Angeles at the time,she was in her native West Virginia!

Helen on

I reckon Baby no2 will be born 12th-16th Dec.