Olive and Isla Fisher Take Off

12/04/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Isla Fisher was spotted carrying her 13 ½-month-old daughter Olive— in a cute ruffled lavender sweater — through LAX on Wednesday, where the pair caught a flight.

Dad is Isla’s fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen. Isla, 32, will next be seen in Confessions of a Shopaholic, in theaters for Valentine’s Day.

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Brandi on

Olive is really cute, they look a lot alike here!

Jessica on

JustJared has some really cute pics of Isla and Olive with matching sunglasses and Olive cheesing.

Cute fam.

Stephany on

Gosh, Olive is just delicious! She doesn’t look too happy here but she’s still adorable! And, Isla, as always looks GORGEOUS! They make a cute pair. 🙂

brooke on

Olive looks so much like isla, but I see some of her dad in her. I think it’s the forehead and eyes.

Nika on

Awh they look so cute together. Isla and Olive, it even sounds great, beautiful names!
I think Isla is one of the most beautiful women I ‘know!’ She looks much more natural and unique compared to some other celebs!
Olive is getting big, she looks a bit like my little girl!

Allison on

Olive is super cute – but I’m wondering, why are is Sasha Baron Cohen never in the pictures? It seems like Isla is a single mom.

trinh on

i’m not trying to start anything… it just makes me sad that i never see them w/ olive’s dad, sacha. i love love olive and isla.

brooklyn on

Isla looks great! Olive is such a cutie!

Kristen on

Olive and Isla make such a cute pair! Isla looks so young she could be the baby-sitter 🙂

Allison and trinh, I agree with you. I’ve wondered for a while now if maybe Isla and Sacha aren’t together anymore, or at least aren’t engaged any longer. It seems like years that they’ve been engaged, and I figure they would have married by now. I know she was converting to Judaism for him, but I figured having a baby together would have sped up the process!

Rosy J on

Isla and Olive are the latest in a long line of beautiful mom and daughter look-a-like duo. Both of them are so adorable. Love seeing them!

rachael on

Olive is just precious!!

Lisa on

Beautiful pictures!!

Regarding Sasha, they are still together. Sasha is now in Europe filming Bruno and so he has been busy with that. There were some photos of them all together during the summer on the beach. Maybe they are going to see him now.

T on

What a precious pout!

Jen on

Her dad is filming for his next movie. That is why they are rarely photographed together. Remember: these people do not live or work like we do. We like to compare ourselves to these people and assign our personal norms, but they are often not applicable. Don’t read too much into the absence.

Micky on

Thank God I don’t live or work like them. When I die I won’t have to say, “I wish I spent more time with my children.” And I don’t think they’re “personal” norms, I think they’re HUMAN norms for people who haven’t been so screwed up by a lust for stardom that they put it before being with their family.

Julie on

Yes, I was also thinking the same thing. The only picture I remember of Sasha and the baby is one from the airport a few months ago. Otherwise, we only just see mommy and baby. While they’re both beautiful, and I love to see them, I can’t help but wonder why dad is never in the pics.

joanne@terrytiger.com on

Too Cute…what a precious little girl !!

SH on

how do you pronounce “Isla”?
Do you pronounce the “S” in the name, or is it silent – like Ila?

Just wondering…

abby on

its pronounced eye-lah
yeah they are adorable! Isla looks so young!

gwen on

Sacha is VERY camera shy when he is not in character. When he is out of costume he goes to extreme lengths to avoid paparazzi and will not be in photos with fans even. At least part of his concern is worry that if he becomes too recognizable people will see through his characters when he goes out to do his comedy.

I wouldn’t assume that he has not been involved or around just because there haven’t been photos of him with Isla and Olive. There haven’t been photos of him anywhere else either, except once in a while in character as Bruno.