Nicole Kidman Keeps Sunday Well-Wrapped

12/04/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

After spending time in Paris, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have moved on to Spain and Rome with 4 ½-month-old daughter Sunday Rose!

The family was spotted leaving the Ritz Hotel Madrid on Wednesday with Sunday wrapped in a Max Daniel blanket, off to their next Australia European media tour spot — Rome, Italy!

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JJS on

They are a beautiful family! I am glad they dressed that baby for the weather finally!

Randi on

They are such a beautiful family. I’m glad to see she put a hat on little Sunday now nobody can complain lol

Kait on

You can definately see she already has Keith’s little nose, she’s cute!

Me on

I love this family, but this picture looks like a painting or something! Like it’s been photoshopped. Or is it just me?

Either way, I’m glad we’re finally able to catch a glimpse of her!

Lauren on

Nicole looks absolutely flawless in this picture, and so much natural than she has appeared lately. I don’t see any of her in Sunday yet-that baby’s all daddy right now.

Skipsie on

Me- I think its been photoshopped too. It looks like its been airbrushed.
The photograph could of been taken on bad lighting which would of made the photo look grainy, or “noisy image”

Sorry too much photography talk lol

Sunday’s a cutie.

karen on

Now that Sunday is getting older, she has other idea’s when Nicole is trying to keep her face hidden. You can tell in some of the pictures that have been released lately that Nicole is trying to hold her head down and the baby is fighting her to get to look all around. So cute.

Emaline on

Keith & Nicole always looks flawless! I love that we’re finally getting glimpses of little Sunday, so cute!

Brandi on

Nicole is still wearing her makeup from the premiere. If you see the pictures with Hugh Jackman, her hair and makeup is the same.

It looks like the picture was blurry and the photo agency tried to sharpen it.

I agree that Sunday is definitely looking like Keith, she has his nose.

Artemis on

Great great family. I like Sunday’s chubby cheeks and that curious look!

Allegra on

Sunday Rose…what a cutie! I love her name too. She has a gorgeous profile. I made a comment of the other day’s photos of them in Paris, saying how I think that despite the popular opinion she looks like Nicole’s kiddie photos, but in reference to this photo I take it back completely. Her face here just screams Keith! She has such a straight nose! I want it! Cute family… X

Alessandra on

I think she has keith’s nose, but actually looks like nicole more.

Rosy J on

Sunday Rose (love her name) really looks like Keith in this photo. In some other shots of her she looked more like Nicole. She is so precious. I’m very happy for them.

caitlin'smom on

I’ve always liked Nicole Kidman but I have to tell the truth and say that this bothers me. She and her husband made a point of saying they were going to keep the baby out of the public’s eye. Now, as soon as she has a very big and expensive movie to promote, that child seems to be very visible in every shot. She even showed a picture on Oprah while promoting her movie. Something about that doesn’t set right with me. They are a beautiful family but there is something very wrong about using a child for attention. It’s a very “Tom Cruise” move, imo.

brodie on

why is it that people always need something to complain about?
first it was that the baby wasnt dressed warm enough, now its that the photo is photo shopped?
enough already cant people just be happy for someone?



It looks like a painting. I think it was either photoshopped OR it’s a moving imagine and that’s how it came out…

kris on

It’s probably a moving picture. I assume the 2 fingers at the bottom of the picture are the bodyguard’s trying to keep the camera person from getting to close.

Kathy on

Nicole does look so beautiful. I wonder why they didn’t also use this photo from the same event?