Michael Sheen's Custody Arrangement Very 'Informal'

12/04/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
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For 9 ½-year-old Lily Mo, a yearning for a change of scenery simply means a change in household, says actor Michael Sheen. Walking the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie Frost/Nixon, the 39-year-old tells OK! that sharing custody of his daughter with her mom, actress Kate Beckinsale, has been "relaxed and informal," as the couple have let Lily mandate her own schedule. "We don’t work anything out too much. It’s up to Lily a lot of the time," explains Michael.

"When she gets bored of me, she goes to Kate, and when she gets bored of Kate, she comes to me."

However, despite being raised by two successful actors, Michael is hopeful that his daughter will forego the acting industry, and follow her passion of writing. "I hope she’s going to be a writer. She’s a very good writer," gushes Michael. In the meantime — as she pens countless novels — Lily is enjoying the excitement that comes along with live productions as, according to her father, she is currently thrilled to be "rehearsing Mamma Mia! in her drama class."

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Chelsea on

Wow, I didn’t know he was Lily’s father! I knew Kate’s current husband wasn’t, but I didn’t know Michael was! Props to them for keeping a balance for their daughter.

I wonder if Kate will ever have another baby with her current hubby?

kelly_ikd on

wow Lily looks so so much like her dad! I had never seen a pic of him but now that I have I see a HUGE resemblance!

Manda Jo on

OMG I didn’t know that was her ex either…so her current husband directed her and her ex in Underworld? Or were her and her ex still together at the time? I’m so confused :/

Sarah on

Chelsea, I think Kate has said that Lily will be her only child and she wasn’t on planning any more kids with her new husband. Apparently, they are happy with just having Lily, who said she wants to be an only child.

But, who knows if their minds will change…

MB on

Manda Jo, I don’t believe Kate was with Michael during Underworld; I think she said she was with her current husband. Michael and her husband get along and sometimes we see pics of the 3 of them with Lily.

I think it’s super they have such a relaxed and friendly custody arrangement. Lily is quite blessed to have parents who can put aside their disagreements to create a loving and flexible environment for her.

kelly_ikd on

I remember Kate saying that Lily doesn’t want any siblings.

Brooke on

Lily looks exactly like her father. And Chelsea, kate has said she doesn’t want anymore kids.

Kelly on

So what about school? Homeschooled or do they live close enough that she can change all the time?

Micky on

She’s 9 1/2 and she’s rehearsing a play based on the consequences of promiscuous sex? Wow, that’s some good parenting right there. Not. When I was 9 1/2 I was able to have a CHILDHOOD, as my mother still firmly insisted that I was brought by the stork. I thought he was like Santa.

melissa on

1st off he’s a great actor{kate too!}but they were never married and she split with sheen during the filming of underworld and then began a relationship with wiseman.
kudos to them as parents,tho!

Sanja on

Kelly I’m sure they live in the same city and they drive Lily to school regardles where she is sleeping at the time.

Alana on

According to imdb.com Kate and Michael were never married, so her “current husband” is the only one. It’s great that they are able to keep their differences to each other so their daughter can have dad and mom close enough. Good for them!

dawn on

Oh man! I had no idea that’s who her daughters dad was. he was in underworld with her! and I recognize him from another movie also, can’t remember..

and, his comment?

“When she gets bored of me, she goes to Kate, and when she gets bored of Kate, she comes to me.”

hmm… I don’t know about that. I think there should be some stability in her visitation with each parent.

Kim on

Kelly – Lily goes to a gifted school for smart children. So yes, she goes to a public school rather than home school .

Kelly on

Okay thanks i just wasnt sure as they are both acting & directing so i was just wondering

CelebBabyLover on

dawn- What’s wrong with Lily deciding which parent she wants to be with when?

That said, I love the fact that Lily seems to be a writer. I LOVE to write, and have written countless stories over the years!

kris on

“hmm… I don’t know about that. I think there should be some stability in her visitation with each parent.”

Dawn, I understand where you’re coming from (I think) with this comment. If Lily is “mad” at Mom she goes to Dad’s or visa versa that is not good. But, I think we have to keep in mind that both parents travel for work and maybe this informal arrangement just makes it easier for everyone. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that Dad’s primary residence is in London but that he keeps a place in LA to be with Lily. It would seem to make sense to let Lily see her Dad whenever he’s in town and not on some set schedule. JMO though.