An Expectant Carnie Wilson Treats Herself

12/04/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

Carnie Wilson, due with her second child in June, treated herself to an ice cream cone after dropping her Mercedes-Benz off for service on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif. Revealing how she chose to break the pregnancy news to her husband Rob Bonfiglio, she says she waited for a night when he’d be arriving home late.

"I taped the pregnancy test to the front door and drew a picture oflittle stick figures of Daddy, Mommy, Lola, and then a little tiny one.I jumped out of bed at midnight and went into the kitchen and I see himholding the stick. He took me in his arms and goes, ‘Here we go again,honey.’"

The new baby will join big sister Lola Sofia, 3 ½.

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brooke on

Wow she is gonna get big with this pregnancy. She’s only like 3 months and already could pass for like 6 months. I think she had extra weight on her, so that doesn’t help.

Brandi on

I think she looks pretty normal, actually…

Kristin on

I think she looks just right for a June baby. I’m due in May and I’m a bit bigger than she is. She looks great!

lara on

That wasn’t very nice, brooke. Not everyone is skinny and it’s pretty unrealistic to constantly demand that of people. She looks like someone who’s due in June should look like.

brooke on

A lot of people at 3 months, that don’t even look it, some don’t even have to say they are pregnant yet. To say that’s normal, well being overweight is not normal. Carnie has had issues with her weight, she was 165 before she even got pregnant. It’s a given she is gonna get bigger than a skinny person. It’s not meant to be a nice or mean comment, just an honest comment because not every comment on this site has to be oh how cute. Not everybody is super skinny, but yea anybody who is into health and nutrition will say she does look big for 3 months.

Chrystie-Delancey on

I am not trying to be mean, but CBB’s comments about how Carnie treated herself to an ice cream cone is what partly lead to her downfall the last time she was pregnant.

Does anyone remember the tabloid posts of her sitting on a bench and eating ice cream? They were not pretty. I wish her well, but I also wish she didn’t NEED the media attention like she does. Just enjoy your family and go into seclusion. We don’t need to hear every detail about how you planned to “mount your husband in October” and all the details of how many times you had sex to try and conceive.

Moore on

I don’t see why every comment has to be nice. Sometimes honest isn’t nice. I thought she was due sooner than June and yeah she probably had extra weight on her. Her diet and goals and previous pregnancy weight gain were never secrets. As far as how someone should look while pregnant, there’s no standard but looking at her and knowing her history (the parts she’s made public), its obvious that she wont be “all belly”. I just hope she’s taking care of herself. I’d hate to struggle to lose weight again while having two little ones to take care of.

Jess on

I don’t think it’s fair to say because she’s overweight she will get bigger than other people & assume that it’s normal just because she’s had weight issues. I’m chubby (around Carnie’s pre-pregnancy weight myself), pregnant with my 2nd child, & at 16 weeks I’ve lost 15lbs because I’ve been watching what I eat to take in more healthy items than the unhelathy ones. Beacuse of that, I’m actually losing weight. I was careful my last pregnancy in the same way & only gained 25lbs. So, it’s not a given that because someone is overweight they are going to get bigger than skinny people during pregnancy.

Kate on

I don’t even think she looks pregnant – more like your average person carrying a little extra weight – there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of belly definition!

It is nice that she will be giving her daughter Lola a brother or sister.

Shelly on

Brooke must not have children. One shows a lot sooner for the most part with the second, third, etc, pregnancy.

brooke on

Shelly your wrong I do. And you obviously didn’t see pictures before carnie was even pregnant, she was around 190 before even pregnancy and going on a diet. As for showing quicker yea you usually do with a 2nd kid show quicker, but that doesn’t mean your big all over at 3 months. Explain heidi klum, brooke burke, jennifer garner, denise richards,etc they were all skinny but not an unhealthy skinny before pregnant and they had a little bump but not all over. This is why we have an overweight nation, people wanna act like being overweight is normal and also use pregnancy as an excuse. If your fine being heavy great for some, but carnie herself has been open with her weight issues and has said she has to be careful with her weight gain. On other sites many mentioned she does look big for being so early on her pregnancy, here most people want comments that are how cute, if not they get bend out of shape. To be honest I wouldn’t even think she is pregnant if I saw her walking in the street, I would just think she is overweight.

Emaline on

That is such a sweet story! <3

Brandi on

Brooke, you may not realize it but you are coming off rudely. The thing with Heidi, Brooke, Denise, Jennifer ect is that they are all naturally tall, thin women to begin with. Carnie is and never has been either of those things, so of course she is going to look different. Carnie does work out as we all know from her magazine articles. She may lose weight but she is never going to be a tiny woman.

I also thought you didn’t have children because of other comments you have made.

brooke on

Brandi i’m not coming off rude, if I was they wouldn’t post it here on CBB. And I guess your wrong, you can make assumptions on who has kids and who doesn’t by comments. Maybe because i’ve always been a very thin person and take care of myself, I can’t relate to getting so big at any point in my life, whether it’s when I’m pregnant or not. So compared to me and my other friends I consider that big for early in a pregnancy. I’m an honest person, who posts real things not just how cute and how nice. Yes carnie has never been thin to begin with so most likely she is gonna be bigger than your average woman, which is why my comment is to me she looks big. People have such a problem with other people stating their opinions. This is a mellow blog, go to other blogs and you see way worse comments. Nobody would be an uproar if people were saying nicole richie looks small or nicole kidman when she was pregnant, but say someone looks big and it hits a nerve with some people, because a lot of people are insecure with their looks and bodies. Which is probably why anytime a celebrity has a good body after having a baby, most comments here consist of I rather spend time with my kid than be at a gym 24/7. Not realizing to look good you don’t have to be at a gym 24 hours, and you still can be a good mother and look nice.

Alessandra on

Great post moore, and I also agree with brooke about carnie looking bigger.

With all her twin comments lately, I was wondering if she is having twins or just carrying big.

Viv on

From all the comments I’ve read by brooke on this site, I also definitely thought she didn’t have children. And I think that being honest is great, but to me, brooke just comes across as repetitive and frankly, very superficial 99% of the time, with the constant talking about whose celebrity is hot, skinny, did or didn’t gain weight during the pregnancy and. That may be honesty in your part, but it does come across as shallow, at least to me…

Nicole on

People comment about celebs being very skinny when pregnant, so it’s only logical that it works both ways. She does look bigger than 3 months. She seems happy, though.

Gianna on

She does look bigger than 3 months, that’s the truth.

Lauren on

I must agree with Viv in this case. brooke, I totally understand why you don’t see the benefit in posting comments that are all puppies and popsicles and get frustrated when readers whine that others are being mean and judgmental when they are truly just expressing a different opinion. That said, a good 99% percent of your comments, as Viv pointed out, deal directly with celebrities’ looks and weight, and when you don’t find someone attractive you make it very pointed and obvious. Do I expect you to think everyone, celebrity or not, is stunning? Of course not. And the occassional comment would not be a big deal. The fact that this is an ongoing thing with you tells me you place a very high importance on how someone looks, and while you probably do not realize it, many of your comments, like the one about Carnie above, are quite rude.

Obviously as long as CBB approves your comments, you are free to post what you want. But as someone who can’t stand when other posters dictate who should and should not say this and that-in other words, someone who is far on your side than not-I do find that your posts tend to be quite repetitive and superficial. And judging by them, I would never guess that you have children. But that’s just my opinion.

MB on

Jess, that’s great! Congrats, both on the pregnancy and on the weight.

Some women just gain weight at diff. times and that’s totally normal. It has nothing to do with their previous weight, it’s what their body needs (according to my OB). I put on a lot of weight right away, and I’m naturally thin. I mean I had gained maybe 20 lbs by week 20. However, my body just sort of quit gaining at that speed (my diet and exercise levels didn’t change) and now I look completely normal for someone who is 30 weeks. Weight gain during pregnancy has some to do with your diet and exercise, and some with what your body needs. Your body might need to gain 15 or it might need to gain 60 and my OB said that’s OK as long as you’re eating right. I don’t think we can judge anyone on this site by their weight gain during pregnancy or how long it takes them to lose the weight.

Sarah on

And so it begins again. Comments have been pretty good here lately but the ones allowed on this post are unbelievable. I don’t know if CBB is anti-people who are not stick thin or what (just saying, it seems like some celebs get better treatment as far as comments go), but I can’t believe some of these were allowed. I think I’m going back to not reading which sucks because I do enjoy the site and have for several years. I quit for a few months because of comments, but I came back recently. Mistake on my part.

grace on

The thing that always makes me giggle is when women immediately get bellies. I’ve seen girls who said they were 6 or 8 weeks pregnant with these bulging bellies. The baby is barely the size of a gummy bear at that point. that being said, i totally pooched out my belly in the beginning because i wanted the world to know i was pregnant:) and i knew there was no way the baby was big enough to make my belly look like that haha.

Sarita on

She doesn’t even look pregnant to me. If she hadn’t confirmed it I never would have guessed she was.

Sarah on

Since Brooke claims to have kids, I hope they aren’t girls. They’re going to have a horrible body image/self esteem with a mom that places so much importance on looks.

Ashley on

Congrats to Carnie, she seems like a woman that just wanted to be a mommy and it’s great to see her so happy. She obviously is indulging in pregnancy cravings and doesn’t care about how big she is going to get. Besides if you can’t eat whatever your heart desires when pregnant when can you?

DiamondGirl on

Carnie opens herself up to comments about her size because she herself yammers about it constantly, telling exactly what she eats, when she wanted to conceive, etc.

Brooke’s comments seem very mild to me, and I think it’s odd to analyze another poster based on her comments.

SH on

How could you compare Carnie Wilson to BROOKE BURKE?!?! That’s freakin ridiculous! Comparing someone who’s struggled with their weight their entire life and had surgery for it vs. a supermodel who went back to size 0 about 2 weeks after she had her 4th baby. Yeah, good analogy. Anyway, brooke, did you stop to realize that every WOMAN is a different bodytype and every PREGNANCY is different? Women gain different amounts of weight in different locations of their body at different times of their pregnancy. I have 4 kids, 4 pregnancies, all within a 5 year span…ALL different experiences. It’s not a cookie cutter world full of thin beautiful people. Carnie doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant in that picture – she looks like she always looks. 6 months pregnant? Whatever…

Angelika on

As someone who struggled with her weight until her early 20s, I think it is a sad commentary on our society that we have to judge how many months pregnant someone looks. Who the heck cares what people look like? When I was pregnant with my son I was threw up every day for 30 weeks…I only gained eleven pounds. People were constantly asking me, “Wow – you are so small. Is something wrong?” That is just as hurtful as saying – “Wow you are huge for being that far along.”

I have three nieces and I try so hard to bolster their self esteem and to respect their bodies, whatever their shape and size. It is disheartening when I read judgements on different shapes and sizes of women and hear that overweight is “unhealthy.” You know – read some of the current medical studies…being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy at all.

I wish women could support each other and not be so judgemental. Guys don’t sit around and compare belly and thigh size – it doesn’t mean the whole world needs to be rainbows and puppy dogs – it means having a mutual respect for each other.


Silvermouse on

I agree with Angelika with this one. I’m happy for Carnie and I think she’s pretty cool, even if she is a bit overweight. What determines a woman is not her weight, but her personality.

Us on

That is fatty patty lattie mattie jennie!!