Brad Pitt Says Selling Baby Photos Was 'Really Strange'

12/04/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
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During a Wednesday appearance on Larry King Live, Brad Pitt revealed that the decision to pose for PEOPLE with newborn twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon, 5 months next week, was not an easy one to make. Nor, Brad said, was the decision to pose with daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 2 ½, in 2006. Although it feels "really strange" to sell baby photos for millions of dollars, the 44-year-old actor and partner Angelina Jolie ultimately decided that the reward outweighed the risk. "There’s a bounty on our heads, and these pictures are going to come out at some point," Brad explained. "They’re going to be chasing us, and they’re going to go to the ends of the earth to get these photos."

"We just thought, well, maybe we could — since there’s such a bounty, and that bounty is so obnoxious, we could take that money and funnel it to something good. And that’s what we decided to do. It’s still a bit uncomfortable to do such a thing, but I know it’s right in the end. That was a decision we made."

While he may hate the paparazzi, the public fascination with his family of eight is something Brad says he understands, and even considers "quite complimentary." He adds,

"I think it is an interesting family. It’s not your usual family."

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, Brad has much to be thankful for. "Everyone’s healthy, so we’re all happy," he said. The couple’s efforts to celebrate the heritages of each of their children at Christmas remains a work in progress, however, as those children are primarily focused on their presents — and not much else! "You know, we tried a little something last year, but the kids are so young, it just didn’t mean much, really," he said. "But we’re getting there; You know, as they get older, they’ll start to understand more."

In addition to Knox, Vivienne and Shiloh, Brad and Angelina are parents to Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 5 and Zahara Marley, 3 ½.

Source: Larry King Live

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jinni on

He is being such a hypocrite. It was so weird for him to sell pictures to People of his kids, that he decided to personally take intimate pics of his family not long after they were in a 15 page spread in People. Does he really think the public is that simpleminded to actually believe what he’s saying now?

(LOVE- aJ ) on

Wonderful family.

Micky on

You didn’t have to sell them at all. The two of you make ridiculous amounts of money, you could have simply donated that money from your own pockets. Shocking thought, I know.

Have pangs of guilt if you want to, but don’t try to explain away your need to be the center of attention as a humanitarian effort.

Natasha on

I somewhat agree with you jinni.

However I was sooo curious to see what the twins looked like so I was super thrilled that they did the photoshoot!

hahaha on

theyre a bunch of FAME WHORES!

Marcie on


I think he was saying it was weird to be selling them for the huge amount of money, not necessarily for the pictures to be out there. That was my take on it.

Kirsten on

I agree with Marci. I took it as he thought it was weird that people were paying such a big amount. It seems as if he felt he was almost selling out his kids even though the money went to charity. The demand for these children is so high. You should see the paps yelling at them! I think Brad blames himself for bringing them into that lifestyle.

Mom2boys on

He keeps saying he hates the press. Yet he spends a lot of time talking to them. If he hates publicity, then why doesn’t he lay low for a while?

I am a Brad Pitt fan. I think his family is beautiful. But enough already!

Brandi on

Well he’s promoting Case of Benjamin Button right now so he needs to do press and of course we’re going to hear about it. It’s just like it was with Angelina when she was promoting Changeling last month, you hear a lot for a week or two and then it dies down once the movie comes out. Every actor does it, not a big deal.

daisy on

That is not what he said at all.
If you watched/read the interview, he implies that it is weird that there is such a bounty on their heads for pictures and selling pictures, pictures of the kids, and he talks about the W pictures. But let him speak for himself:
KING: All right. You’re on the January issue of the cover of “Architectural Digest” talking about Making It Right. You shoot some amazing photos of Angelina for “W.” Exclusive photos of you and the twins were sold to “People” for charity. You like privacy, but you like exposure.

How do you balance the two?

PITT: Well, the pictures for “W,” you know, it’s a really strange feeling. It’s something Angie and I had to talk a lot about, especially with the birth of Shiloh. You know, these pictures were going to come out — they’re — these pictures are — I’m — you know, I’m talking about the pictures of the kids.

KING: Right.

PITT: That there’s a bounty on our heads. And these pictures are going to come out at some point. And they’re going to be chasing us and they’re going to — they’re going to go to the ends of the earth to get these photos.

And we just thought well, maybe we could — since there’s such a bounty and that bounty is so obnoxious, we could — we could take that money and funnel it to something good. And that’s what we decided to do. It’s still — it’s still a bit uncomfortable to do such a thing, but I know it’s right in the end. And that was the decision we made.

The “W” photos we just — we just didn’t want to leave the house, so we just figured we’d do it ourselves and had a good time doing it..

babyboopie on

Aw what a beautiful family they are. I know it must have been weird for him but hardly surprising, two of Hollywood’s favourite actors having a huge beautiful family! Love Brad, Angie, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne!

..... on

Uh Mom2boy….

Brad is REQUIRED to promote his movie like EVERY other actor!


Most of the W shoot was Angelina, the kids were in ONE shot each because it was showing a week at their home.

He says the bounty on their heads is weird.
He would rather set up photos for charity than let paparazzi make money off them.

Brad knows they will take photos, but he doesn’t like the way the go about it.
The same paparazzi that trespass on their property, try to get in hospital rooms, shove cameras in their kids faces.

Plus LOTS of other celebs of sold baby photos… Julia roberts, marcia cross, gwen stafani, heidi klum, brooke sheilds etc.

Jade on

Mom2boys I would point out that he said he hates the paparazzi who are an annoying section of the media. They do not constitute the whole of the press and you cannot just twist his words to make it into a generalisation. Wow yeah he totally spends so much time talking to them that’s why we hadn’t heard from him since like September. Yep he should totally avoid all that publicity especially when he’s got a movie to promote. Then the studio can sue him for not fulfilling his contractual duties. After all it’s not like he should actually honour his obligation to his film. Enough Brad you can’t be like every other actor, don’t talk about anything other than your film otherwise people will get annoyed and fed up with you. Sheesh give me a break, no actually give Brad a break it won’t kill you I promise.
OMG people are still going on about how he took private intimate pictures of his family and sold them to W how the hell did you miss out on my epic post about that? Just give me a moment to get the link and you can then kindly stop spouting rubbish. On top of that people are like how can he say he finds it weird to sell baby photos when they were questioning Brad and Angelina saying they were selling out their kids etc. Now you find out that it’s not exactly a simple decision for them there’s still criticism. I guess there’s just no winning with some people…

Jade on 12th comment from the bottom explaining why those photos for W were not private photos that were sold. Also people moaned there why does Angelina have to talk so much about the family, they say they want privacy but look at them doing interviews and like here it was because she had a movie to promote. See it’s not such a difficult concept to grasp. Everytime an actress/actor is on here really frequently for some period of time giving lots of interviews it’s because they’re doing the same thing, trying to generate interest in the movie. (E.g. Reese Witherspoon recently for Four Christmases)Gosh is that a double standard I see, really I would never have imagined it.

Lauren on

Give me a break. Yes, selling the twins’ first photos to decrease demand and minimize the curiosity as much as possible was the smartest move he could make. Nobody forced him or Angelina to do the W spread, and if thinks he can try to dupe people into believing that he had no choice but to photograph his partner breastfeeding their baby on a national magazine cover, he can forget it.

Yes, the paparazzi are completely intrusive and in some cases abusive when it comes to this family. But let’s be realistic-there are certainly things Brad and Angelina could do to minimize the attention, and they choose not to. Nobody made Angelina publicly admit to having an affair. Nobody made her and Brad talk about how the kids sleep in their bed on Sundays and come filing in one by one at night. That is highly personal information that, if they truly wanted to keep private, they would and could. The fact that they choose not to says that putting their family out there for public interest and consumption is at least somewhat of a priority of them, and for them to turn around and complain about the instrusion in their lives is outright hypocritical and rude.

xena on

hypocrite is also what I think.

Cerise on

If he has to be out there giving interviews because he’s promoting a movie/their charities/hobbies how about saying “I’m here to talk about that” as opposed to continuing to feed the frenzy about his family & then bemoaning the constant attention. There are a lot of other big celebrities who manage to keep things more much low key when it comes to their families. There are new quotes and interviews daily from him & Angelina talking about their kids no matter what they’re there to talk about. If they want more privacy, they should keep some things private.

Jessica on

Umm Lauren, Angelina did not publicly admit to having an affair, she said that they fell in love. You can fall in love with someone and not have sex.

But I agree with you about them releasing to much personal information, but they love their kids and it’s hard to not talk about them.

But I feel that even if they didn’t talk about their families or sell personal photos the paps would still hound them to an enormous degree.

Artemis on

Did the money from W magazine photos go to charity as well?

Why can’t he just say they chose to sell the photos while others may not approve of it. I don’t buy “charity”. Yes, its good they gave it to charity but they share a lot of personal things that doesn’t put a penny into any charity work.

Would they do “anything” for charity? Obviously not, so they wanted to do it and they didn’t feel weird at all to have their babies in a magazine.

No pap photo can even come close to those intimate photos, so I think he’s just making excuses by saying that they would have eventually gotten it.

ana on

There was no money from W. It was a photoshoot for a magazine like any photographer would do with an actress for a movie promotion – you are never paid for them.

I just want to add that people who dislike this couple have a selective memory. They forgot Namibia – what paps were doing there before Shiloh was born. They forgot hospital in Nice were they were on the roofs and trying to get into the hospital. I guess, if some paparazzi took the first photos and put milion dollars or more in his pocket – that would be O.K. For them to take photos and give money to charity is wrong? I really don’t get that, but I understand that people who don’t like them will always find fault, and there is nothing that can be done about that.

ana on

And to add one more thing – Namibia was before they ever talked about their kids, about their relationship, about anything. Didn’t help. They are two of the biggest stars in the world and interest for them is bigger than for anyone else – even people who don’t like them can’t help and comment and be interested.

ana on

My last comment: I can’t help myself from feeling that a lot of you wouldn’t mind him talking about his kids or seeing pictures of the family if he had kids with someone else, umm I don’t know, like J. Aniston? lol

Chicki on

I have always wondered how the giving-photo-$-to charity things works for celebrities. Let’s say they sell the photos for $10M – do they receive a check from People magazine, or do they ask People to write the check payable to the charity of their choice? OR do they funnel the money to one of their own charitable trusts, dole out the money they want to go to charity then use the sum as a huge tax write-off? I mean, for tax purposes, don’t they have to declare that money they are paid, and doesn’t that ultimately benefit them as well? I’m not judging anyone for doing whatever they do, I just hate for things to appear one way in public and be a totally different thing behind the scenes.

Brooke on

I have nothing more to add artemis, jinni, mom2boys, and cerise said it all. Brad and angelina love attention. Almost everyday is a different quote from one of them

Lauren on

In the one in on trillion chance Mr. Pitt reads this blog, may I suggest the following posture regarding your children. “All my kids are fine. Thanks so much for asking.” Period, the end. And by the way, here’s how Gwyneth, Naomi, Nicole, Reese, etc. dealt with the “bounty” on their newborn…they walked out the front door, a million picutres were taken, and life went on. Sheesh.

ana on

Lauren, I can’t belive that you compare interest for Shiloh with interest for any child of Gwyneth, Reese, Nicole or Naomi? They all talk about their kids in interviews, just not each and every quote is reposted and reposted over and over again – you know why? People are just not that interested in them.

ana on

Cate Blanchet is also doing promotion for Benjamin Button . She did interviews with British Vogue and Interview in wich she spoke, among other things, about her kids. I love Cate, so I read those. Did you see her quotes anywere on the web? I didn’t. Brad did Oprah (with her) and Ellen (no mention of kids) and L. King, from wich are these quotes. He will probably do some more press in papers and you will for sure get the quotes out – especially here, it is a site about celebrity babies. Brad and Angelina give interviews when they promote their movies, like everyone else – they are just quoted more than anyone else.

Lauren on

Okay, Ana. You don’t like people who suggest alternatives to someone who expresses dismay at having to decide whether or not to sell photos of their infants. And regardless of the intrest (or lack thereof) in the other celebs I mentioned, by definition when a pack of paparazzi get the exact same (first) picture at the exact same time, well, there goes the “exclusive!” and the weekly magazines are screwed. I’d respect him more if he said it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do to sell photos for a greater good. I might disagree, but he’d have a point.

Di on

I have to agree with some of the earlier posts. I see a tremendous contradiction between what Brad Pitt says and his actions. When Brad and Angelina first got together they were pretty private, in fact, they would not even stand next to each other for a photo and now you can’t keep them from discussing their private life. For example, I read somewhere that Angelina said that she and Brad like to take baths together.
If the purpose of the People magazine photo shoot was to avoid the bounty, then what purpose does it serve to have a pic of Angelina breastfeeing on the cover of W. I mean, that is one photo the paps would have a hard time getting unless they are in the house.
NY Times did a really good article recently about Angelina and her relationship with People. Basically, in exchange for selling pics of their kids, People has basically agreed to give the Jolie Pitts only positive press and her whole humanitarian image is very manufactured in order to counteract the negative press she received right after Brad and Jen broke up.

ana on

I don’t dislike anyone, Lauren, not even any celebrity – they never did anything bad to me, I am just an outside observer of their lives. I am just stating my opinion like you are stating yours. Peace.

Bugs on

I know he hates paparazzi and the extreme measures they go to get the pictures, but Brad has to understand that they do that because they know those pics WILL BE BOUGHT by magazines for millions.

So why doesn’t Brad complain about the magazines instead of the paparazzi?

Xan on

The only thing that matters to me is that the money they received from the baby photos went to charity.

These people helped countless children, and will continue to do so. So what if their kids are photographed every day because their parents are in the spotlight? The trauma of that is significantly less than the potential trauma some of their children would have suffered without Jolie and Pitt in their lives.

This is without a doubt a case where the good far outweighs the bad (or the annoying).

Faye on

Xan – Thank you for that wonderful post. Beautifully written.

Casey on

Here’s a few jumbled points that I’d like to make in response to other posters above.

Bugs, he is not complaining about the magazines because they don’t directly affect him or his family. The only people who worry about what the magazines are saying are the people who actually read them (you and me). It’s the paparazzi who are an actual PHYSICAL presence in the lives of his children and that’s what he hates. All he wants is for them to give them some physical space and boundaries and not frighten the children when they’re out. Long lenses can take perfectly fine pictures these days.

Xan, I agree with you. The fact that the money went to the charity is the most important thing. Has anyone asked the thousands of people that this money must have helped whether they agree with the ‘moral question’ being posed? Do they think that printing a picture of a baby in a magazine is worth a roof over their head, a hospital for their mother, a school for their child? Because I do. And I think that when Knox and Vivienne grow up, they will as well. What a source of pride for them.

Someone suggested above that the Jolie-Pitts could have stood on the hospital steps with the babies and let all the photographers snap at once, reducing the bounty instantaneously. I don’t think that’s possible, where it otherwise might have been for another celeb family (eg Gwyneth Paltrow). The twins were born prematurely – they were tiny, and fragile. They don’t need a hoarde, a mass of photographers for their first picture, yelling and clamouring to get the ‘best’ shot. It puts them at risk. How can any of us judge the choices Brad and Angelina had to make until we walk in their shoes?

And as someone said above, the W photoshoot did not feature the children very much at all. It was mainly pictures of Angelina. There were over twenty pictures taken but each child appeared only once (and you couldn’t even see their faces in most cases. All you saw of one twin was their fingers. Another twin was shown by the back of his/her head. And Zahara was only seen by the silhouette of her back was she walked away from the camera). So you can hardly say that Brad set out to take “intimate pics of his family”. The family pictures are incidental. This photoshoot is of Angelina.

Mom2Boys said “he keeps saying he hates the press”. Well, no, he doesn’t really. The press is a powerful and valuable tool to wield, and Brad and Angelina acknowledge and recognize when they use it to further their charitable efforts. Without the press, no one would know about Make It Right, and no one would have followed Angelina to Afghanistan with cameras so we can see what she saw. No one would know about their movies or anything else they’re required to promote. So like all powerful instruments, the press can be used for both good and evil. They know that and have never denied it. Calling them hypocrites for appealing to the ‘good uses’ of the media, and speaking out against the ‘evil uses’, is simpleminded.

Sarita on

Promoting his movie doesn’t mean he has to talk about his family, they could both decline to answer questions about that. They could even stipulate beforehand that those questions are off limits.

Casey on

Remember the outrage when the press were required to sign a waiver saying they would not ask any personal questions at the premiere of “A Mighty Heart”? Despite not having issued the press agreements herself, Angelina was vilified. Called a ‘dictator’, ‘media manipulator’, ‘media hypocrite’ among many other things. People crying out “who does she think she is?”

There is nothing wrong with them talking about their family. That’s what they love most. Obviously they don’t mind people knowing about it, or even seeing pictures of it. It’s only the aggressive intrusions in their their lives that Brad has talked about hating.

sigh on

The only hypocrites here are the people complaining about Brad & Angie ANSWERING QUESTIONS about their family, when they themselves are sitting here reading a website ABOUT CELEBRITY FAMILIES.

If you have SUCH a problem with actors answering questions asked of them during press junkets or being seen/photographed taking their kids to school, the grocery store, shopping, etc… then why are you not all over *every single other thread* on CBB posting this stuff??

lol on


because they don’t like brad and angelina. They are sitting here calling him a hypocrite when they are one themselves. GMAFB and get over it. if you don’t like them stay of their threads no one is forcing you to read anything he says. Telling him not to talk about his family, like who the hell are you? reese witherspoon talks a lot about how much she doesn’t like the paps, michelle willams talks about how she actually hates them yet I don’t see y’all on their threads. It’s because you don’t like this particular person, it’s so transparent. I think you’all need to read up on this site and what it’s actually about.

This comment probably won’t get posted but I feel better venting now. freaking ridiculous.

Amelie on

I agree that it is hypocritical for Brad to complain when he and Angelina feed the frenzy. They can always stop the questions about their family. How come they can stop questions about Jen? Then the W shoot, if there is a bounty on your child, then do it like Halle Berry and just go out in public with the child. Brad and Angelina bid over pictures of their children. I understand helping charity but this over exposure harms rather than protects them. And even if you are taking private pictures because you do not want to leave your home, why breast feeding pictures and controversial semi nude ones to increase the frenzy? Besides, if they did not want to go anywhere, they would have taken the pictures at home. Tom Cruise has a movie coming out, yet there are not shoots with Suri. You cannot use your children to promote a movie. Once you start exploiting your children, others think it is OK to do so.

CelebBabyLover on

Casey and ana- ITA! Like ana said, Gwyneth, Naomi, Reese (who also, BTW, sold pictures of her kids when they were babies), and Nicole all talk about their children in interviews, just like Brad and Angie do.

I mean, take Nicole for example. Over the past few weeks, we have seen her talking about Sunday quite a bit while promoting her new movie.

The fact is that Nicole and the other celebs mentioned above are able to keep their families more private because the media and the general public aren’t as interested in them.

And just because you don’t do a photoshoot doesn’t mean the paps won’t hound you. Look at the Afflecks, for example. They’ve never done a photoshoot with Violet, and yet she is one of the most photographed celeb children on the planet!

Also, one cannot really compare Nicole, Naomi, etc. to Brad and Angie, as they don’t get nearly the media attention that Brad and Angie do. The only celeb family that even comes close to the J-Ps in terms of how hounded by the paps and the media they get is the Holmes-Cruises.

CelebBabyLover on

Amelia- Halle was able to go out and have the paps get the first photos of Nahla because she could get away with it. The Jolie-Pitts really can’t.

Halle is not nearly as famous as the J-Ps, plus her boyfriend isn’t really famous (Gabriel is a model, but I don’t think he’s all that famous. I could be wrong, though). With Angie and Brad, they are BOTH famous, and both EQUALLY famous, PLUS they are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, so naturally the paps are going to be much more interested in their family than in Halle’s family.

I’m sorry to get dramatic here, but Angie and Brad had gone out with the twins or with Shiloh (or even possibly with Pax) without doing a photoshoot first, the sad fact is that it very likely literally would not be safe, and someone could have even ended up hurt.

I mean, look at the lengths the paps went to get the first photos of Knox and Viv. Some of them (disquised in cameo gear) broke into the J-Ps property just to try to get the first photos of the twins! Not only that, but even though the twins weren’t around (they were presumably inside napping), the paps took pictures of the rest of the kids (who were playing outside), including one of Pax (who was playing in a pond) stark naked!

From what I’ve heard, Brad actually had to threaten to sue if any of the photos the paps took were published anywhere just to get the paps to stop taking pictures.

Angie also mentioned recently that the paps tried to drill a hole through the ceiling of her hospital room to get photos of the twins (either that or the J-Ps caught wind of the paps planning to do so. It was unclear which she was referring to.).

If I were a celeb and people were doing things like that (which are both dangerous AND illegal!) in order to get pictures of my new babies, you can bet I’d sell their first photos to a reputable magazine like PEOPLE!

I also want to point out that Angie said in one of her recent interviews that she thinks the amount of money paid for the twins’ first photos is “a ridiculious amount”. In otherwords, it seems as though the J-Ps themselves don’t think people (no pun intended!) should be paying that much money for baby photos.

LolaCola on

What I found hypocritical was when Pitt said he hated talking about his kids to the media because it almost cheapens his love for them. But then he keeps going on and on about them. However, it is not only Pitt to blame but the media why do they keep asking them the same questions: “Are you going to have more kids”, “What’s it like having six kids”, ” What the best part about being a father/mother”. It is rather annoying because not only is it the same questions but the same answers. Brad and Angie don’t have to tell the press they’re not going to answer any questions about their family all they have to do is say “no comment” they did it for several months when they were rumored to be together.
Are Brad and Angie exploiting their children, YES, but they are doing it for charity, and I don’t know if that is better or worse.

C'estmoi on


I’m curious…Do you personally know the Jolie-Pitts? I only ask because you always talk about them as if you just had lunch with them at their house in France, and you’re always defending them with 10 paragraph responses. Just wondering. Thanks!

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- If they said “no comment” to every question about the kids, people would probably start speculating that they were having problems at home or criticze them for refusing to answer those questions (look at what happened when they refused to talk about their relationship when they were first rumored to be together!).

Also, do you have kids? If you do, I’m guessing you enjoy gushing about them and going on and on about them (to the point of annoying people at times. What parent hasn’t had someone get the them “Enough already!” look when they are going on and on about their kids).

Why should Brad be any different? Why shouldn’t he be allowed to be a proud papa and talk about his kids?

Cestomi- No, I don’t personally know the Jolie-Pitts. I do, however, read their interviews and articles about them in legimite media sources (such as PEOPLE magazine).

As for why I defend them with such long posts? Well, part of it is to get my point across, of course, but a big part of it is simply that I LOVE writing, so I sometimes get a bit carried away!

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- I almost forgot: In regards to Angie and Brad “exploiting” their kids…They don’t. If they wanted to exploit their kids, they could take them to movie premires, promotions for their movies, and constantly sell pictures of them to magazines for no reason.

They do not do any of that. Without the newborn (and new adoption, in the case of Pax) photoshoots, it sadly would probably literally not have been safe to take Shiloh or the twins (or possibly even Pax) out. See my posts about three and four posts up for further explanation.

As for the W photoshoot, like other commentors have said, that was mostly of Angie. The kids appear in one shot each, and that’s, as another commentor put it, “Incidental”, because the photoshoot was supposed to portray one week of Angie’s life.

Obviously the kids are a big part of her life! The breastfeeding photo doesn’t even show much. All you can see is some cute little baby fingers poking out. 🙂

Finally, I keep forgetting to mention that perhaps Angie and Brad want to show pictures of their family on THEIR terms rather than the paps!

LolaCola on

CelebBabyLover, The tabloids speculate anyway . Brad and Angie are always talking about how much they love each other and the kids but there are still rumours of problems.
I’m guess you didn’t fully read my post or understand it. I did not say there was anything wrong with celebs talking about their kids. I was calling Brad a hypocrite for saying one thing and doing another. He said he doesn’t like talking to the media about his kids but he does it anyway ALL THE TIME.
And guess what the paps are going to take pics anyway. I understand their reasoning but I hate it when they [celebs, and their fans] make it seem like they have no choice. *Exploit- to make full use of and derive benefit from. Brad and Angie took full use of the public interest in their kids and used it to benefit poor children in various countries, i.e. they exploited them. I’m not saying it is bad or good but that is what they did.

*From online dictionary

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree as far as Brad being a hypocrite. However, your explanation of what exploiting means DOES make a lot of sense.

I have always thought of exploitation as a bad thing. For example, some people say Britney Spears’ parents exploited her. Obviously Angie and Brad don’t do what the Spears’ did. However, I understand where you’re coming from now that you explained the definition. 🙂