Victoria Beckham a Stickler For Good Manners

12/03/2008 at 10:00 AM ET
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When Victoria Beckham made the move across the pond from England to the United States in 2007, she initially did so alone. The 34-year-old songstress and fashion designer tells the Times Online she arrived ahead of husband David Beckham and the couple’s three children — Brooklyn Joseph, 9 ½, Romeo James, 6, and Cruz David, 3 ½ — so that the boys "could literally drop their suitcases in the hall and find that dinner was on." Since that time, Victoria says that her family has enjoined a relatively low-key lifestyle in California, where she considers the paparazzi to be less of an intrusion than in her homeland.

"They have these driveways and there’s a law that forbids photographing on private land, so when I pick the kids up from school we never get papped."

Crediting her own mom and dad for being "real sticklers for good manners," Victoria says that she has in turn become quite a stickler herself — with good results! "People are always remarking on how well-behaved the boys are," she explains. "They’ve all got their own headed notepaper for thank-you letters."

Source: Times Online

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Ruthella on

LOL; I’ve seen pics of Brooklyn giving paparazzi the finger!

Understandable, in a way, but I find their politeness being specifically pointed out funny, in light of this!

YvonneB on

I’ve met Victoria in a professional capacity and I found her to be a bit cold and dominant. I’m not saying this has any bearing on her children or the way they are raised, I just didn’t see any of those manners that she values when I met her. Her boys are adorable.

Natasha on

Ruthella I’ve never seen a photo of Brooklyn giving them the finger. Cruz did “apparently” but if you watched the video he definitely wasn’t.
Sometimes they stick out their tongues at the paparazzi but I’ve seen a video were Romeo did and Victoria clearly disciplined him for doing that.

I completely believe they are well mannered!

MB on

I’ve never met her so you could be totally right Yvonne, but I thought in an interview or two Victoria said she felt bad about how she comes across. I thought she said something about still feeling awkward, which comes across as being cold…?

Artemis on

Why does she have to be friendly at all? Im also a very cold person. The point is she’s an awesome mom, the last thing I’d think she’ll turn out to be! I really love the Becks.

Natasha on

I’m sorry that happened Yvonne! Most people I’ve spoken too that have met her say she’s totally awesome and so down to earth! I guess it just depends on the context of where you met her.

YvonneB on

Sorry guys, I should probably have been more specific. It was a work connection, and subsequently, I met with her on more than one occasion. I guess I just feel that to treat people nicely costs nothing, and to choose not to do this anyway, to me it’s just a bit rude. I’m openminded, it’s possible that the few occasions I met her she was just having bad days or something, but I just didn’t get good vibes from her.

Artemis – it’s great that you’re a fan, and I’m not calling on her parenting abilities either, but I think it’s nice if people are friendly and warm to others. Like I said, it costs nothing to be nice to someone.

Stephany on

I want so badly to not like this woman (I don’t know why, it’s just this feeling I get…) but I can’t! She seems like she is so dedicated to her sons and a great mama. And good for her for instilling manners into her children. Manners and children seem to have gone down the drain in the past few years, at least in my family.

Hillary on

My favorite celebrity kids! The Daily Mail had pictures of David with the boys at a Lakers game a few days ago – they were all over the place when he left for a few minutes!

Julia on

for some reason people just like to hate on the beckhams especially in england. the british media are absolutely vile to victoria beckham for no specific reason.

like yvonne i have also met and worked with victoria beckham. I work in PR and have on several occasions met her, and she was absolutely lovely, in fact id goes as far as to say that she was quite possibly the nicest celeb i have worked with and extremely professional – one stand out moment being when she introduced herself to everyone by saying “hi im victoria nice to meet you” which completely wasn’t necessary because of course we all knew her, but for a celebrity to not just assume you know them is quite refreshing, and extremely polite!

kelsy on

well people that actually know her – like for example heidi and seal, say how wonderful a person she is, david is and more importantly how lovely their children are and how unbelievably polite they are. now i think i believe them over people who dont actually know them! recent pictures of the boys show happy a seemingly normal young boys who adore both each other and their parents.

jay on

this is a recent quote taken from an interview with Seal, here is what he has to say about the beckhams and their children:

“I have nothing but the utmost respect for David and Victoria.

“I believe you can tell a lot about people through their kids and Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are three of the most respectable, well mannered kids you’d ever come across. They are a very classy family.”

CelebBabyLover on

I’m really confused about her comment about never getting photographed picking the boys up from school. The Garner-Afflecks also live in LA (well, I think they maybe actually live in Brentwood, but still, that’s pretty close to LA), and Violet gets photographed being picked up from school all the time!

Lynsey on

CBL, I think that’s because the boys probably go to private schools, while Violet’s school is more public? So they can take pics of Ben or Jennifer from a distance, while the Beckham boys probably go to a school where the privacy is really high.