Tom Cruise and His Bundle of Joy

12/03/2008 at 06:30 PM ET

Tom Cruise is every bit the proud daddy as he sweeps 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri (and her princess sippy cup!) off her feet during a stroll through New York City on Wednesday. The actor recently spoke about the relentless paparazzi attention on his family, saying,

"It’s certainly different with the media these days, but people havebeen very good to us and do give us space, so I am not going to becritical."

She carries Disney Princess Insulated 9oz. Cup ($9.50).

On her feet are Nordstrom’s Bella Ballet Flat in Candy Red ($40).

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Courtney on

OMG I see a sippy cup! This is the first time I have seen her without a bottle…

LOL..Not sure why that excites me so much….

COngrats Suri!

lola on

so cute but it was thirty degrees today in nyc i was in my winter coat and she is in short sleeves! who knows though maybe she was just outside for 1 mintue

Deadra on

Those Gap shoes look NOTHING like the ones she’s wearing…you sure?

Amber on

She’s starting to look more like Tom to me.

Addyson on

Although Tom’s wearing a long sleeve shirt, he’s still not dressed for 30 degree weather. Neither of them look very cold either so they were probably just going from car to building or vice versa. I’m getting so tired of reading comments about how she needs to be wearing something warmer. We get it!

crimpe on

This family…I don’t get them. It just seems strange that Suri is constantly being carried, dressed to the nines in clothes unsuitable for the weather, wrapped in a baby blanket. I know, Suri doesn’t like pants, Suri doesn’t like coats, but who runs the show? I wonder if Tom’s other kids were coddled like this. That said, I am totally digging the shoes.

Jaycee on

Loved her sippy cup so I looked it up. Too cute!

abc on

i know she likes dresses but when its cold they should make her wear warm clothes

J on

It was 30 degrees in NYC? Lucky duck, it was warmer than that in NH. I hate winter wear, I’m glad it’s still nice enough to Christmas shop without the bulky clothes though.

Brianne on

i love the pictures of Suri – she’s adorable and Tom always looks happy with her, but come on, Tom – you’re the dad! Put a coat on her!!

Julia A on

According to the caption on another website, Suri was being carried from their apartment to a waiting car. She was probably outside for like 3 minutes.

Daisy on

Ok, I am in no way a fan of Tom Cruise but come on, give it a rest. The constant obsession with Suri’s lack of layering is beyond a joke. We get it, some of you aren’t happy. Many toddlers do not like coats and getting them in them can be hell. My 3 year old cousin once wanted to walk home in the rain in a t-shirt because he was so adamant he was not wearing a rain coat. If you are just nipping in and out then not wearing a coat can be better for everyone than a battle and a tantrum.

If Suri was cold she would be letting her daddy know. She is wrapped in a blanket, wearing socks over tights and being carried by a parent who isnt dressed for the cold so they were probably not out for long.

Elisa on

1. She’s always being carried because she is just a little girl and the paps are nuts.
2. She never uses winter clothes because she don’t like it and she always looks ok with that.
3. She use $90 dresses because 90 dollars for tom and kate are like 9 cents for us.

Please stop saying the same things everytime.

Tom and Kate are great parents like the most of us are. Suri is a health beautifk girl. Don’t worry, they know what’s the best for her.
Take care of your children.

Ash on

It is not safe to buckle a child into a car seat with a bulky coat on. What is the point of putting a jacket on a child just to walk from a building to a car then take it off to put them in their seat?

DEbra on

I just wonder why Suri is always in the limelight, but yet when his other two kids were small we never saw them at all. He nor Nicole were out and about with them. Nicole is also seen now quite a bit with her new baby as well. I just think it is kinda weird that the other two where never seen at all.

Jean on

$20 for a plastic sippy cup? Where was I when those went up in price?

EK on

I don’t see what the big problem is about Suri wearing dresses I where them practically everyday

CelebBabyLover on

Why is Suri carried a lot? Probably for the same reason Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (and sometimes Zahara) and Violet Affleck are usually carried- The crazy paps.

Bancie1031 on

Ok everyone wants to say it’s ok that she doesn’t wear winter CLOTHES, that it’s ok to wear dresses everyday because she wants to but last time I checked Tom and Katie were the parents. THEY are the ones that get her dressed, buy her clothes etc ….. By no means am I trying to indicate that Tom and Katie are bad parents because thats not the case and in all honesty none of us can say one way or another because we don’t know them personally we’re judging from pictures. I’m still saying regardless if she likes them or not your her parents stand up and put your foot down. End of story.

Suri looks so cute here. I love seeing daddy’s carrying their little girls. It just reminds me of a daddy’s love for his little girl.
We see Suri in these red shoes alot they must be her favorite, and that’s so cute. My daughter has a favorite pair of shoes she likes to wear daily also.
Tom does look like a proud daddy in this photo doesn’t he 😀

Bancie1031 on

Courtney – “This is the first time I have seen her without a bottle…”
We haven’t seen her bottle in a while, she hasn’t had it in all of the recent pictures (in case you haven’t been here in a while) for the last couple of months anyways.
And for some reason it doesn’t surprise me to see Suri with a princess cuppy either LOL …. it just matches her doesn’t it 😀

Pearl on

If you are in NYC and are wearing short sleeves, you have got to be crazy! and no child should be dressed like that in such weather period! I’m a grown up and I won’t even get my damn morning paper in a short-sleeve

Little Miss S on

LOL my kids (2 and 4) hate to be bundled up to get in the car, plus it does make it easier to get them strapped in! We had snow here in the UK on 2 December and at 8am we were all out building snow creatures and would my 2 year old keep her gloves on?! But I wouldn’t deprive her of the amazing fun we were having and she warmed up with spiced apple juice. I think Tom and Katie favour a very child-centred type of parenting but that’s up to them, who are we to criticise? Oh, and I thought it was so refreshing that Tom did not criticise the paparazzi; he understands the pressures that come with fame and uses them positively where he can; he knows people love to see pictures of this family!

Nicole on

Seriously, she needs a coat. She’s 2 1/2, not a baby to be swaddled, no matter how adorable she is. As for comments about “we get it already” – kindly stop telling others how to comment.

Lilly on

Has no one else noticed the blankets she is always being wrapped in? This is her coat.

And please, she looks positively content to me.

Very cute!

Tamika on

Ok, so maybe the comments about her not being dressed warmly enough are getting old,However the fact that most of us seem to be mothers,aunts,god-mothers etc….We have a sense of nurturing that makes us want to bundle Suri up lol! I live in NYC and it has been really cold as of lately. In this picture Suri and dad are jumping into an awaiting car, but what about the others???Children can get sick very quickly. Just to be safe, she should at least have a sweater!!!!
But as far as her dresses go,they are absolutely adorable

Manon on

It always amazes me that on a site which invites people to comment there are posters who get so unpleasant and aggressive towards those who venture an opinion! And these are valid opinions, not just criticisms.

T & K seem like great parents and their daughter is beautfil and happy.


1. This whole “you parent your own child” thing is not that healthy in society – if you read some of the recent events in UK you might see that.

2. I agree the little girl is probably mostly outside when dressed like this for a very brief moment but even so unless she is going to a sauna surely she would be chilly even indoors in just a dress?

3. T&K must realise they set an example (kind of goes with the terriroty). Even if little Suri is going to a car heated to a balmy temperature, it’s not a good idea to see chldren not properly clothed. That’s just a very basic point with small children : right amount of food, sleep and clothing.

My OPINION is that although they obviously love and cherish their little girl they are just a little out of touch with reality.

I don’t see any other issues apart from this really silly clothing one.

Jen on

Here Here Elisa 🙂
I had actually stopped reading comments regarding Suri for this reason. Wish I was in NY for Christmas.

Stephany on

Oh, Suri. She’s such a beautiful little girl. And I agree with everyone, give it a rest! The constant nagging about wearing jackets and dressing warmer. Obviously, they weren’t taking a walk for 30 minutes! He was taking her from their apartment to the car. She’s not going to catch her death from a minute of being outside.

phoebe on

Courtney – did you mean that this is the first time you have seen Suri with a beaker cup and not a bottle? Because I can’t recall seeing any ‘drinking’ photos lately, so I figured that’s more what you were referring to! With regards to the weather and the dress, Tom doesn’t look bundled up so I doubt it’s cold OR they are just going a short distance. As a mother, I know that the way Tom is holding Suri is not a particularly practical way to carry a child for a longer distance, so my guess is they were just having a short stroll to a car or something like that.

Cheryl on

“Ok everyone wants to say it’s ok that she doesn’t wear winter CLOTHES, that it’s ok to wear dresses everyday because she wants to but last time I checked Tom and Katie were the parents. THEY are the ones that get her dressed, buy her clothes etc ….. I’m still saying regardless if she likes them or not your her parents stand up and put your foot down. End of story.”

Daisy, why can’t she wear dresses every day? What’s the problem in that? There are plenty of women all over the U.S. (and the world) who wear dresses-only due to their religious beliefs. They manage to stay plenty warm in them, and go about their day to day activities just fine. Obviously, it’s not part of Tom & Katie’s religion, but there is nothing wrong with wearing dresses, or skirts, every day of the week. Why would Suri’s parents need to “put their foot down” over that?

Morgan on

Elisa, right on! Getting a bit fed up with the idea that people who give “advice” to the celeb parents/kides featured on this blog, actually believe they’re speaking to the parents. The idea of Manon’s comment regarding the UK; it’d be different if our opinions were in fact relayed to the family and they chose to ignore them. Then people could go to sleep with their righteous indignation cuddled close. Blasting a family on a blog isn’t community parenting and to attempt to portray it as somehow what’s best for the child in question, is ridiculous

Kate on

I don’t so much a problem with her briefly being outside without a coat, but it seems to me like Tom & Katie ‘present’ Suri as if she’s still an infant. I know she may use the blanket as a security item, but they always seem to have her wrapped up in it the way one would wrap up a little baby. And while I don’t have a problem with them carrying her (yes, the paps are crazy), they way he’s holding her just seems odd. It doesn’t look comfortable for either one of them, & from the past we’ve seen Suri isn’t really a fan of the paps, yet she’s being carried here in such a way that she’s facing them.

Brandy on

These cups are a great transition from the bottle. My oldest loves these cups and we have never had an issues

Hayley_B on

I never wanted to wear pants or jeans either as a little girl cuz they were “boy’s clothes.” That stopped when I was about 10 – and now I wear jeans as my fave comfy clothes…lolol.

Nothing wrong with little girls in dresses – if she likes it then let her! She’ll change her mind soon enough.

Nice to see photos of Suri with her Dad. 🙂

dawn on

he seems to be such a dedicated,supportive,great dad! Not to mention HOT! people need to give him a break sometimes! he gets harsh criticism from the media. and SURI OMG she is adorable. she’s been blessed with both her parents good looks!

Mallory on

Kate, what do you mean Suri hasn’t appeared to be a fan of the paps? I’ve seen quite a few pictures where she’s walking with Tom or Katie and smiling, and maybe WAVING, at the camera. To me, she’s always seemed to be perfectly okay with them.

Kate on

Sometimes she seems ok with them, but there have also been numerous pics where she’s been crying & trying to shield her eyes, burying her face into Katie. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by them in this particular series of pics, but we’ve definitely seen others where she was not a happy camper.

MommyX2 on

Ash, are you serious?
Yes, children shouldn’t wear coats in their carseats, but does that mean that they shouldn’t be dressed in them during the winter? There is no way I would take my kids outside in short sleeves, no matter how short a distance to the vehicle. That is just lazy parenting. I have two children in carseats, one of which is a baby and harder to dress and undress, and yet I still manage to dress them properly and then take their coats off in the car.

JM on

YAY!!! Suri has a BIG girl cup!!! LOL!!!! And princesses nonetheless!!

But umm if she’s being carried from apartment to car and back into a warm store I don’t see a problem with that. However when she’s at the playground playing with no coat or walking down the street that’s when it bothers me. I don’t necessarily care I just think it’s odd that’s all.

Daisy on

“Daisy, why can’t she wear dresses every day? What’s the problem in that? There are plenty of women all over the U.S. (and the world) who wear dresses-only due to their religious beliefs. They manage to stay plenty warm in them, and go about their day to day activities just fine. Obviously, it’s not part of Tom & Katie’s religion, but there is nothing wrong with wearing dresses, or skirts, every day of the week. Why would Suri’s parents need to “put their foot down” over that?

Posted by: Cheryl”

If this was aimed at me can I ask why? I mentioned nothing about her dresses, I personally think they are adorable and I was the little girl who would have stay in the house rather than go out in trousers until I was about 7 lol

Lis on

Pearl, I agree.

I understand that it’s not a big deal to put a huge coat on when you’re outside for a minute or two, but it is WINTER! Even INSIDE, she should be wearing a long sleeve shirt (much like her daddy)!

phoebe on

Morgan, with regards to the UK thing, let me just try to address that, as someone who lives in London right now. In general, not referring to the Holmes/Cruise family, being afraid to speak up when it comes to a child’s welfare is an inherently bad thing. Please don’t get me wrong here, I don’t think there is any child protection issue with Suri, but Manon’s comment, I believe, certainly stands whichever way you look at it.

What happened with the Baby P case was shocking to any half decent parent (half decent person moreover) and if there is one thing the public can so far take from the case, it is that keeping quiet and being afraid to speak up about your worries and fears for a child is the worst possible thing you can do. To describe the concern as ‘righteous indignation’ scares me a lot TBH, and as much as I think your intentions with that post were good, regardless as to why people are talking about a child’s welfare, as long as it’s kept in check, it’s a good thing. Perhaps if the people in Baby P’s community had been more vocal, social services in this case would’ve done their job a little better and then who knows what the outcome may be?

I realise that you were specifically referring to the idea of saying things on a blog, and I do understand what you mean with that, I just don’t think it’s right to tell people they shouldn’t be concerned for a child or share that concern. The more the concept is talked about in any forum (including on a blog), the more likely someone is to report a concern in their community.

Let me reitterate (before someone believes I’m expressing real concern for Suri), I think Suri is a very well loved and well cared for child. But in a wider sense, it’s a slippery slope to restrict conversations about child welfare, especially at a time when we should be encouraging people to come forward. So Morgan, I get what you were saying, but I just don’t want to read about another horrible case, and then to hear that people didn’t do anything because they were afraid of making a fuss.

babyboopie on

I had decided not to comment on this about Suri but after reading some of these interesting points of views and opinions, I felt I must say something. Suri Cruise is celebrity baby, which means she will never want for anything. So she doesn’t wear coats? She has on expensive clothes and shoes whilst being carried fro and back to cars- keep that in your mind for a moment. Yes I agree, all children should have sensible clothing in this weather- however Suri’s healthy and happy, a typical 2year old little girl who will never lead a normal life.
Just as those millions little children in the world who are starving, cold and poor who don’t even have parents. Since it’s Christmas, maybe we all should be criticisng those who are supposed to be responsible for those poor starving cold children in all parts of the world and do what we can do to help them?

skipsie on

I’m kind of embaressed asking this, its probably so obvious but I’ve always wondered.

Is Suri pronouced, Sure-ree, or Sue-ree?

Shes gorgeous and I don’t blame her Daddy for carrying her around. We don’t know what its like to see what they see, which is probably about 30 loud men shoving cameras in her face.

Cheryl on

Daisy, I apologise for my error. My comment should have been addressed to Bancie1031.

babyboopie on

It’s Sue-ree with a long drawn out REE.

J on

Here here, Elisa and Morgan! It cracks me up because the same people will complain about Suri and then when called out they act offended and say they are just making harmless observations. Then they tell others not to tell them how to post.

These are the same people who in mid november were cheering when there was an article on Suri wearing a coat while out with Katie. They actually thought that Katie read the articles about Suri in no coat. Give us a break with the complaining already, they aren’t letting the girl freeze, starve, get bored, etc.

Morgan on

While I completely understand the gravity of the Baby P case and the importance of expressing genuine concern over the welfare of a child, I do however feel that there is NO way to draw a comparison between my reference to the anonymous blog commentary and the lack of concern for the welfare of a CLEARLY abused child. I feel that’s more than unfair and certainly agree that as a community, people need to be less afraid to voice genuine, well founded concerns. Unfortunately, given that what we see in a candid photograph amounts to less than a minute of that child’s life, (we don’t see the moments before or after) we can only comment on what we see. So those here that say “she needs a coat” are just as valid as those who point out “she could be getting into a car”. I have a hard time overinflating the importance of comments of “concern” made under a set of circumstances that could so plainly be out of context. I don’t feel people shouldn’t voice their concerns: if that is in fact what they are and not simply bashing people they don’t know…REPEATEDLY. At that point, it would seem the most constructive thing to do, if one’s motivation was genuine concern, would be to write a letter to Tom or Kate’s management agency? That’s a better example, in my opinion, of voicing concern for a child’s care as opposed to yet again venting about the child not being photographed in a coat during a 30sec snippet of her life.

skipsie on

Thanks babyboopie =]

Sabrina on

What an adorable picture!

phoebe on

Morgan, again, I see where you’re coming from, but I still find it dangerous to restrict any conversation about abuse, given how important the subject is. I don’t think anyone here seriously believes Suri is in any danger. I’ve looked at photos of her in the past and thought that perhaps she should be in a coat, but that’s as far as it went and I think that’s the case for most people. It’s pretty wild to suggest anything else. Now, I think people should have the right to say that they disagree with the certain things that are being said about Suri and the parenting she is recieving, not only because I don’t believe her clothing can amount to a child welfare issue, but also because you have to ask how much can you really tell from a photo anyway? And I am sorry if you took offence from anything I said, but I drew reference to your comment about so-called ‘righteous indignation’ because I felt a bit of sarcasm from that and I just didn’t feel that it helped. Again, sorry if this isn’t what you meant, but I think we’ve both made some reasonable points here, and if you consider what we’re both saying, there are a number of points we actually do agree on.

That said, the point I was and am trying to make is that while I think people need to keep it in perspective with Suri, to talk about child welfare in general is a good thing. And Manon’s original post was not suggesting anything bad about Suri at all, she was just pointing out (from what I gather) that to assume that all parents know what is best for their child is completely incorrect, not to mention potentially dangerous. Just to add to that point, as I have been writing this in London, I have watched a Panorama documentary on the disappearance of Shannon Matthews (wiki it for the details if you have a minute). Parents do not always know best, that case and Baby P tell you everything you need to know on that subject.

Like I said, I believe that Tom and Katie are great parents, and as I’ve (shamefully lol) admitted before, I spent my teenage years being educated by Dawson’s Creek, and still cry when I watch Jerry Maguire because I love it so much, and I don’t think it’s right to suggest that there is any evidence Suri is mistreated or neglected or any other rubbish like that. I just see that the more welfare issues that are raised, in whatever context, the better it is for our children. I would like to think that if I lost my way with my daughter (as painful as that is to even think about), someone would have the courage to call me out on it. I love Suri, I think she’s just precious, and I wouldn’t like my post to be taken as anything against her, or her mum and dad, but some of the things written here that are triggered by discussions about Suri do raise valid issues outside of her own personal world.

Bottom line here is that discussions MUST be encouraged. Clearly, no one here has any grounds to say there is a care issue in the Holmes/Cruise family, but as long as CBB-ers keep that in mind, I think the more that people feel able to voice their views on this subject, the better.

Ash on

Yes, MommyX2 I am serious. I think it makes more sense to wrap my child in a blanket (such as in this picture) for the 1 minute tops it takes to get them to the car as opposed to putting them in a coat and then standing at the car with the door open letting cold air in while I take the coat back off. If we plan to be outdoors for an extended period they do have their coat on.

Morgan on

I definitely see where you’re coming from and certainly believe we’ve both raised valid points. I apologize if my sarcasm offended you; it wasn’t my intent for it to apply sweepingly to parents voicing concerns. Those of us who have children and have the best interests of those children at heart would, I’m sure, feel the same as you with regard to wanting someone to be forthcoming with that concern when they see the wellbeing of our child at risk. I have a daughter not much older than Suri and I’ve had more than my share of conversations (and in some cases, debates) over decisions I’ve made for her. At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that it’s better to have too much love (and concern) than not enough; as we’ve seen can sometimes have tragic consequences.

MommyX2 on

Ash, why would you leave the doors open? I get in, close the door, and then take off their coats. Either way, even if you would leave the doors open, how would it be warmer to have a blanket loosely draped around the child? You still have to remove the blanket to strap them in. At any rate, I would certainly have my kids in sweaters or warm long sleeves wrapped in a blanket. But short sleeves in the winter? No way. I don’t understand how any parent would think that was appropriate in December. I just don’t understand it.

DiamondGirl on

I’ve always heard Katie and/or Tom pronounce “Suri” to rhyme with “curry”.

CelebBabyLover on

MommyX2- Guess what? I NEVER wear long sleeves. Even in the winter, I wear short sleeves and I’m fine as long as I wear a coat when I go outside. I am very “warm-blooded”, so I tend to overheat quickly if I wear long-sleeves.

So I disagree that people (kids and adults alike) HAVE to wear long sleeves in the winter!

Amelie on

Suri is moving from the house to the car and it does not even take a minute. If she hates coats, why battle with her for something like that? For strong minded children, you may spend all your life fighting them. You have to pick your battles.

CelebBabyLover on

DiamondGirl- That’s the way I’ve heard them pronunce Suri’s name as well. I’ve never heard it pronuced as Sue-ree.

Bancie1031 on

Cheryl – I believe you were talking to me and not Daisy. I’m not saying it’s wrong to wear a dress or skirt everyday but show me someone that wears silk dresses, short sleeve dresses and dresses without anything else with them all year long …..
Put a sweater or jacket on her over her dress while outside. Put a long sleeve dress on her. Put a turtleneck shirt on underneath her shortsleeve silk dress. Put on a pair of tights or leggings with her dress. Something besides just a short sleeve silk dress with nothing else but shoes. That’s all I was trying to say.
In all honesty I think she does have on leggings here but I still believe that she needs something else on her arms; maybe it truly is my motherly instincts – as someone else said IDK …. I just know I don’t like seeing pictures of children or children in person without shoes, something on their legs, something on their arms and in all honesty a hat – but I know that a lot of children just pull them right off – on during the winter months when it’s so cold outside. And yes this is a valid concern over any childs well being and not something just to knit pick over. If you go back and look over all my post on Suri I have never mentioned anything negative Except for the clothing issue here recently.

CelebBabyLover – I also don’t like long sleeves but I still think a child should have something on their arms when outside. I’m in GA (as Stated before) and right now it’s 26 degrees out. Today’s high was only 44. New York has got to be colder than here (since there farther north obviously). It’s been bitter cold outside lately and from the looks of the picture the wind was also blowing (look at Tom and Suri’s hair – looks to be slightly blowing)and with the wind blowing it’s sometimes feel colder than actual temperatures.
Also someone else said that Tom doesn’t have a coat on in this picture – yes that is correct but he has on a long sleeve shirt with a undershirt (or some type of shirt) underneath, look around the neck line. He has on layers. Whereas Suri only has on a silk short sleeve dress (with Leggings, socks and shoes).

DiamondGirl – that’s also how I have always heard it pronounced. Like Curry but with a S ….. Surry but spelt Suri.

I don’t have a problem with Tom and Katie still carrying Suri. What’s so wrong with that? She’s still only 2, she’s not 12. Carry her and love her as long as she will permit.

I also agree that Suri is such a cutie! I love seeing this little girl.