Oscar De La Hoya Honored With Statue

12/03/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya was honored with a statue on the prestigious Los Angeles Sports Walk of Fame on Monday in Los Angeles, Calif. Posing with him in front of his likeness is wife Millie Corretjerand his two youngest children Nina Lauren Nenitte, 11 months, and Oscar Gabriel, 3.

Oscar is also dad to son Jacob, 10 ½, with Toni Alvarado, son Devon, 10, with Angelique McQueen and daughter Atiana Cecelia, 9 ½, with Shanna Moakler.

Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

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Sylz on

He has a 9 year old, a 9 1/2 year old, & a 10 year old???? The golden boy has been busy!

Nicole on

What a beautiful family.

Wait, wait, wait, let’s back this bus up a minute. He has three children with three women within the span of a year… or half a year, it looks like? My GOD!

Jessie on

Does anyone else find it weird that Oscar de la Hoya has 3 older kids with 3 different moms all born within the same year? …

kaya on

um, wow, busy man.
those two are really cute!

Aimee on

Yikes! He was a busy guy around the time his first three were conceived.

Astrid24 on

Ugh I find that disgusting, three children by three women in one year. Notice he’s trying now to be a family man, except the older kids never seem to be included.

Jackie on

I thought his only child other than those with his wife was the daughter he has with Shanna Moakler. Three kids with three different mothers within a year? Wow.

marla on

oh good god. it must have been an interesting year 10 years ago. i hope that he has slowed down since then and realized the enormity of bringing a child into the world.

rachael on


Erica on

Yeah…three 10 year olds with three different women is kind of special. Oscar’s gonna have some explaining to do in the next few years to his kids!

J on

does he ever see his two oldest kids? I know Travis Barker claims Atiana as his daughter and Shanna said Oscar isn’t around. it’s definately crazy that he had 3 kids by 3 different women in only about one year. kinda sickening too

Susan on

Nothing says “marry this man” like three kids in 12 months. Solid.

Jessica on

10 1/2, 10, and 9 1/2.

Someone was busy. Not cool, there is a such thing as condoms.

g!rocks on

All i got to say is i’m happy that Travis Barker claims Atiana has his daughter! She deserves more than just a sperm donor as a dad! Kudos Travis to stepping up as Daddy! 3 children with 3 different women in a year! No comment! lol.

jamie on

Can I say ManHo??

Lorus on

Susan – Priceless! hahaha.

I have to agree with you all on this one. I guess he didn’t know what a condom was.

Bela on

He is not the only one responsible for the older kids, the women could have been on birth control too. Or maybe, just maybe they wanted to have his baby. Did anyone ever think of that?

brooke on

Angelique mcqueen she is the great niece of steve mcqueen I read. Shanna had said recently that he sees atiana and he never allowed travis barker to adopt her he said no that was his daughter, but overall he has always seemed to favor his kids with millie over the older 3 kids. He cheated on shanna while they were together, this is why he has 3 kids by 3 different women within one year. Atiana sure looks exactly like oscar, and she looks like nina and oscar jr a bit more than the two kids shanna has with travis.

Heather on

Ok everyone is dogging Oscar (rightfully so) but as the old saying goes it takes 2 to tango…You can not tell me all 3 women had no idea he was sleeping around. I would be worried about STDs


OMG!! 3 kids between the age of 9-11 with 3 different women!? SAD!

I know nothing about his relationship with his oldest kids but it is sad how in every interview and pictures is just him and his ‘new’ family! Just remember this ‘golden’ boy…KARMA is a *ITCH.

Christy on

Oscar also has an older son with yet another woman. I believe his oldest is in the late teens, and he USED to reside in Pico Rivera, CA.
I think it’s very sad for all of his other children that he is only photographed with the “new” family. A real Golden Boy, huh?

Heather on

Ok everyone is dogging Oscar (rightfully so) but as the old saying goes it takes 2 to tango…You can not tell me all 3 women had no idea he was sleeping around. I would be worried about STDs

Terri on

The women are just as much at fault.

Morgan on

He’s a real winner, this one 😉

Kara on

The birthdates for his three older children, for those who are curious of the time span:

Jacob- February 18, 1998
Devon- November 30, 1998
Atiana- March 29, 1999

Nancy on

It sure makes you wonder what Millie saw in Oscar to make him marriage material. Maybe fidelity and a devoted father figure for her children aren’t important to her. Eh, to each her own;it’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into.

Haylo on

While it most definitely takes two to tango, it’s ridiculous to say that the women are just as much at fault.

No they are not, it’s highly unlikely they had any idea that he wasn’t being faithful to them. My father has two children by two women who are 6 days apart. One is by my mother, his wife, and the other by his mistress. You can be assured that my mother had NO IDEA what was going on.

I doubt any of those women did either, probably not until each of them were pregnant did they realize that he also had someone else pregnant at the same time.

The full responsibility for promiscuous behavior of that sort goes on the man with multiple partners, not the partners.

lianne1033 on

It does take 2 to tango, but he still looks worse than the 3 women. Looks like he was just trying to plant his seed where ever he went. Three mistakes? Get a clue!

Natasha on

Wow you guys are quick to judge. Shanna said that Oscar is Atiana’s father and he IS involved. They raise their daughter TOGETHER. There were photos of Oscar & Atiana at one of his matches I believe and also her name was stitched into his jersey or whatever.

Just because he had 3 kids in a little span of time does not mean they are not loved by him.

gina on

so that would make Atiana & Devon about 4 months apart! wow! fertile people! lol

wow! on

haylo, i definitely agree with you on this one! i don’t think Shannah new that he was cheating when her daughter is only 4 months apart from his son devon! wow!

Bohemian Nut on

g!rocks, very well said.
Sperm does not make a man a father, it is love and love alone that determines a relationship.

coco on

i wont judge oscar because i know plenty of guys (unfortunately) in the exact same boat. three kids,three women, same year, and almost same age. however, i was surprised because i didnt know about his two older sons or two younger children for that matter. i only knew about atiana whom he has with shanna.

kris on

I read Shannon’s palimony suit and I can’t say that there’s many good things said about him. He started a relationship with Shannon before his first was born but while that mother was pregnant. The second child was conceived while he and Shannon were living together. Doesn’t seem like someone with a great moral standing to me. It’s one thing that he even has 3 kids so close in age but it’s even worse that this was going on while he was living with someone.

kelly on

Umm, just because he may not be the greatest “man” in the world does not make him a bad father. My best friend’s father was in a similar situation to Oscar’s and she has such an amazing relationship with her Dad.

Ivey on

I remember this 10 years ago and it definately was a scandal. I guess it forced him to be more carefull because Oscar Jnr. came 6yrs later.

Belle on

Yes he should have worn a condom, but why is it women always get the free pass in the birth control department? It is always “HE” got her pregnant. No they both got her pregnant it takes 2 to lay down and these women are also to blame for the pregnancies. That being said, they are beautiful children and I am sure very loved.

CTBmom on

Adorable kids! I think the boy looks like his mom, while the little girl looks like her daddy. I do have to say, there is no way (and I don’t care who they were or how much money they had) that I would get involved with a man who had 3 kids by 3 woman in a years time. I don’t even think I would get involved with a man with 3 kids by 3 woman, no matter how far apart in age the kids were. That’s just me, of course…to each their own.

CLO718 on

Cute kids!
As for having 3 children by 3 different women in the span of one year…..thats really disgusting. I wonder how will he explain that to his children while their older

melanie on

you would think shanna moakler would have had suspicions about him…

CelebBabyLover on

Belle- ITA! And how do we know for sure that he didn’t use a condom? Condoms can fail, you know!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also want to point out that people DO grow up and mature. Perhaps Oscar learned his lesson after having three babies with three women in less than a year!

Maybe his days of infedility are behind him!

Bugs on

Well, i guess it’s nice to see him finally settled down with Millie. Good luck this Saturday Oscar!!

Jess on

People make mistakes…

3 children, 3 different women, in two years? There’s been worse. Just because Jacob, Devon, Atiana don’t live with their daddy does’t mean he doesn’t love or care for them.

Use a condom? Yes, however surely (like said before) it takes 2 to make a baby – and therefore mom could have worn protection.

I’m not siding with him no, but he made a few mistakes and he’s grown up now. We can’t judge people on something they did 10 years ago.

Oscar Jr & Nina are gorgeous! What a beautiful family!

Lindsay on

Far out I would be running a mile if I was dating this guy and found out he had 3 kids with 3 different women all within the same year!!
Obviously he knows nothing about protection.

april on

We know what Oscar likes to do in his free time!Wow.

Andrea on

It may take two to tango, however, he should’ve know to use and condom and the women should’ve known to either tell him to do so or take care of it themselves.

His second child was conceived right around the time his first child was born and Aitana was already on the way when his second child was born….oops

Allegra on

I agree, having three children in the space of little more than a year is kind of a unusual situation, but does anyone actually know that he was cheating on anyone? Is it at all possible that he had brief relationships with at least two of his baby mamas and moved on quickly? At least that way he’s not being unfaithful…
Anyway, Oscar and Millie and their children look pretty sweet and loving together, and it’s cute how Oscar looks like his mommy and Nina like her daddy.
As long as his kids are loved that’s the main thing. Even if he’s not in their lives a lot they still have their mommies.
Anyways, none of us know the real situation or circumstances.

AC on

Has anyone else realized that if Oscar was a woman with five kids by four men, most of you would not be this nice to her? It seems that everyone’s feeling “bad” for him or somehow accepting his promiscuity because he’s this well known male boxer. Not cool. It’s disgusting that he was that irresponsible with himself and his relationships. Period.

kris on

Allegra, he was living with Shannon at the time his second was conceived. That would say cheater to me.

AC, have to agree with you.

Sarah on

3 kids, by 3 women within 14 months?


babymomma on

Just image all that child support! not to mention all that baby momma drama. If Oscar is looking for baby momma #5 he should call me

durden on

Oscar used to be an idol for many Latinos. He used to fight with his heart for his mom and for the Latin people. Oscar always remembered where he came from. After he made his money he became nothing more than the stereotypical male jerk. Oscar is a sorry excuse for a man and if anyone reads up on his relationships with his other children, you will see that he is a terrible father. Hes lost to every good boxer he has faced. His wins have all been to crappy boxers. His embarrassing loss on 12/06 was karma on so many levels. Oscar deserved to be humiliated for being the pompous, arrogant loser that he is! Thank you Pacman.

Bella on

Oscar is dog do doubt about it! Jacobs mom was a friend of his then Fiancé. Devon’s mom was a stripper! Great selection in women !

Clarissa on

Women rarely get pregnant by accident these days with all the reproductive rights and technology bestowed upon them. They probably said they were on birth control, which rarely fails, and he was stupid/naive enough to believe them. The probability of birth control failing is so low, it’s practically impossible for three failures in a row to happen. I’m sure the family courts favoritism of women and the fat child support payments had nothing to do with it……but you’d also think that after the first “accident”, he would have been more protective of himself.

Meli24 on

Did anyone mention condom to Oscar. I guess not. Didn’t he realize all these women were just using him to have a baby at the height of his career. He should have been honored with the statue of fertility and infedility. Oscar’s like the equivalent of a female slut.