Nicole Kidman on Defying the Odds

12/03/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
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When Nicole Kidman refers to daughter Sunday Rose, 4 ½ months, as a miracle, she means it! During a Friday appearance on The View, the 41-year-old actress revealed that following an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, she’d been given very low odds for ever having a biological child. "I was told I had a 2% chance of getting pregnant," she explains. "So I say she’s a 2% baby." As she has often while out promoting her film Australia, Nicole — already mom to Isabella Jane, 16 this month, and Connor Antony, 13 — teared up when discussing her newest addition, revealing that at night she even puts her hand on Sunday’s back to make sure she’s breathing. "Something happened to me when I birthed that baby, that’s changed me," she says. "I had Bella and Connor when I was 25, and I think at 41 something happened."

"I’m kind of very, very raw and open…I’m fearful, and all those things. I wake up going … ‘Is she okay?’"

Calling herself a very creative person, Nicole can’t imagine not having acting as an outlet. "I’m not just going to sit at home and twiddle my thumbs, there are stories in me that I still want to tell," she says. With that said, if she was "ever made to choose" between work and family the decision would be easy.

"I’ve now created this safe place where I feel so satiated, and I think that’s what it is. There’s a peacefulness where I just say, I know what will happen, if I’m lucky enough to live another 40 or 50 years. I’ve got these wonderful kids, this family…and I will fight tooth and nail to keep that."

Up next for the family — which includes Nicole’s husband Keith Urban — is Sunday’s first Christmas, and Nicole says that she’s already begun decorating. "Keith drove up the driveway the other day and burst out laughing, he said it looks just like Disney Land," she says. "But I just wanted it [that way]…little baby loves lights."

Bella and Connor are Nicole’s children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Australia is in theaters now. 

Source: The View

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Bancie1031 on

I love Sunny’s chubby cheeks! She’s just so cute!

spotlight on

Im really happy that she was able to give birth to a child but it just seems strange to me the way she talks about this baby and how much it has changed her when she has two teenage children. I think about how much she has worked over the past 5 years or more and how much time that must have been away from them and how she says they call her nicole yet they call katie mom….its just a little strange to me

Pogue Mahone on

As a mother of 11 I have had many years full of fear, and as for the ever-present worry of SIDS, I can never rest easy or breathe a sigh of relief until each of the kids has safely passed their first birthday and no longer at risk! With all my kids I have had MANY sleepless nights and worry-filled times!Worry of head injuries when they fall, worry of complications when they have fevers or colds, worry of stopping breathing in their sleep; it goes on and on…someone once said being a mother is like having your heart living outside your body.How true!!

Elizabeth on

Is it just me or does Sunday look a lot like JEssica’s Alba’s baby Honor?

Stephany on

Say what you want to say about Nicole, her comments always tickle me. She seems so happy to have Sunday and be able to experience infanthood again. Her comments always make me melt.

Rachel on

I have had several miscarriages & an ectopic pregnancy and none of the OBGYNs or specialists have said I only have a 2% chance of having a biological child. That is rediculous and I am wondering why/how she came up with something so melodramatic and inaccurate to say.

Sarita on

Didn’t Tom make a similar comment just the other week about how he felt when Bella was just born? It seems like she never connected to her other children as she is doing to this one.

Nicole on

First, I want to say I like Nicole Kidman and am not a “hater.” Please hear me out when I say this…

Maybe it’s just me, but I personally am a little bothered by her comments lately. It’s no secret she doesn’t have the most normal mother-child relationship with her older two children, but in her recent comments, it’s no wonder why! I have been blessed with two beautiful boys and two twin angel boys, but if I were to adopt, I feel I would feel that “connection” even though I hadn’t birthed them. She almost seems to highlight that that connection isn’t or wasn’t there when the other two came into her life…”Something happened to me when I birthed that baby, that’s changed me…”

I don’t know…maybe I’m just reading too much into it. But, that to me is something that would come out of the mouth of someone that JUST became a mom, not someone that has been a mother for 16 and 13 years. I know I felt that exact feeling when I gave birth to my first son, but he was my first! I couldn’t say the same when I lost/had to deliver my twins or when I birthed my 4th (and final!) son 4 months ago because I was already changed! I became a mom almost 3 years ago. It doesn’t change that I love all 4 of my boys equally, but that change of not-a-mom to forever-a-mom occurred when my first son was born. That moment when you become a new person, almost like you were just born again into a completely different person…it’s a beautiful moment. As I said, I have only been blessed with being able to conceive my children and have not adopted, but I would think (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong) that moment would be the same whether you are meeting that baby just moments after he/she entered the world or you are meeting them in a 3rd world country motel lobby when they are 2 years old or whenever…I think a mother is a mother, no matter how she became the mother.

Am I making sense to anyone?

Pencils on

I do the same exact thing, I frequently have to check to see if my infant baby girl is breathing. Although I stick my entire head in her bassinet to listen–I don’t dare put my hand on her or she might wake up! Anyway, I think it’s something most new mothers do. Still, I understand how Nicole feels, I just had my first baby girl at the age of 41. And she is the most precious thing.

dawn on

LOL! it’s ok nicole, we all still do that. I know I do! I still check to make sure my kids are ok and breathing at night. and they are 13,12,4 & 2 1/2.

SouthernBelle on

That is one beautiful baby. And Nicole is just so overjoyed, and rightfully so. I can’t quite tell yet, but it does appear that Sunday looks a lot like Keith. Is it just me that sees the resemblance?

Daisy on

I look after my little cousins every weekend and even I get worried about the baby, I go in and put my finger in his hand to make sure he grips it lol

I think it’s just natural when you are caring for a baby that you become slightly paranoid.

kelly on

Beautiful baby. I can really see the resemblance to her dad too.

Jenne on

I still check my 13-year-old! I think I get what she means about the difference between her as a mom at 25 and as a mom at 41. I’m still young enough to have another baby and I know it would be very different.

Linh-e-Pooh on

Baby Sunday is just precious! I love that full and fleshy cheek that she possess; it screams healthy and happy! Right now, Sunday is nearly ALL DADDIE; but she does take on mommie’s fair skin. Nicole seems so happy, and rightfully so. She’s been blessed with two adopted children, with whom she loves so much. But to carry and deliver your own child; its a newer and face it, more satisfying feeling! And with age, emotions intensify, Nicole is right to say that having a child at 25 is different from having one later in life; because with age, comes more fear and more willingness to be giving. I’m sure that Nicole would continue to be an amazing mom to her little bundle of joy, and same to Keith as the father and husband. I do hope they’ll have a happily ever after; they deserve it, wholly!

And with being a bit paranoid; anyone and everyone who had mothered and/or fathered a child would understand that parenthood CHANGES HOW YOU PRECIEVE THINGS. With children, they often come first and their happiness yield your own.