Kerri Walsh Expecting First Child

12/03/2008 at 04:15 PM ET
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Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh and her husband Casey Jennings are expecting their first child together, with the 30-year-old beach volleyball player telling Access Hollywood, "I’m chubby and I’m pregnant and it’s awesome!" During the 2008 Olympics, Kerri and partner Misty May-Treanor both said that after the games they would be turning their attention to starting families with their respective spouses; At 16 ½-weeks pregnant already, Kerri’s work towards that goal was apparently underway in Beijing!

"Well, the way they date pregnancies is a little bit confusing. We believe we conceived during our last days in Beijing, or about a couple of days after we won the gold medal."

Undeterred, Access Hollywood host Billy Bush did the math and pegged conception at around the first week of August — prior to the start of the Olympic games. As she so often does on the volleyball court, however, Kerri held her ground! "I think it’s impossible, but you never know!" she says. "I don’t want to get into all of the details, but I’m pretty sure it was a couple of days after."

The couple are opting for a delivery surprise, but mother’s intuition has Kerri leaning one way already.

"Wedon’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, and we aren’t trying to find out.We have a feeling it’s a boy, but we’re going to find out thetraditional way."

For someone who has become accustomed to life in a bikini and who isnow "definitely not bikini-ready," Kerri says that she doesn’t mind hernewfound curves. "I think the chubbiness is all relative, but it’s forthe very best cause in the whole world, and I’m proud of it," sheexplains. "I’m just going to stay off the beach for a while, how aboutthat?" Kerri revealed that although Misty — who signed on for Dancing With the Starsshortly after the Olympics — won’t be baby-on-the-way’s godmother,she’ll still have a special role in its life as "Auntie Misty." As forMisty’s efforts to have a baby, Kerri is keeping mum.

"I know that she’s trying, and that’s all I can say!"

Kerri is due in mid-May.

Source: Access Hollywood

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mmh on

Yay! I said it before, but women in their field really have to plan having babies and I was so excited to hear both of them say they were going to work on it after the Olympics. Here’s hoping Misty’s journey goes as planned as well…

Lauren in CA on

Congrats to them! I loved watching her compete in the Olympics and am so happy she is starting the family she so desperately wanted. 🙂

Lacey on

Awesome! Congratulations Kerri and Casey!
So, her DD is mid May, I believe.

Kim on

Like she said working out dates is weird and not indicating time of conception, like based on last missed period, not conception date and when you are 40 weeks preg its actually more like 38 weeks from conception.

gigi on

I’ll take her word for it over Billy Bush’s math. Congrats to her! I know she and her husband must be very excited!

Michele on

Also, just because she measures 16.5 weeks doesn’t mean she literally IS 16.5 weeks, Billy! A lot of the time the doctor’s best guesstimate if you and your hubby are…er…very “active” is what you’re measuring.

Deb on

I am 16 weeks 1 day pregnant and I know my date of conception was August 26th. Hers would be exactly when she said it was. Billy Bush’s math is way off!

Kelly on

Congrats!!!! Now Misti needs to get pregnant & they can two new gold medal winners on their hands!

Jen K on

Sorry Deb, but your math is off! If you conceived on Aug 26, that was only 14 weeks and 1 day ago!!

Congrats to her!!

October on

I’m almost 16 weeks and my conception date was August 27th, so I believe her. That would be right on.

October on

Jen K, Pregnancy is dated from the start of your last period even though conception usually occurs about two weeks later. Deb’s dates are right on. 🙂 I don’t think Billy Bush understands pregnancy dating.

Jen on

I am 17 1/2 weeks pregnant and know that I did not conceive the first week of August, but more like the 3rd week. Billy Bush’s math is wrong! Remember-your weeks are counted from the 1st day of your last period.

Stephany on

Jen K, I think Deb’s math is right. I’m so analytical that I had to see it for myself so I plugged it into’s Pregnancy Due Date Calculator and it’s spot on. She’s 16 weeks, assuming conception is August 26th. (Sorry, Deb, if that weirds you out but I figured you would know over some stranger, right?!)

Anyway, so happy for Kerri Walsh and Casey! That’s so exciting. I knew they were trying but didn’t expect to hear an announcement so soon. Awesome!

lauralee on


Weeks gestation is always measured post-LMP (last menstrual period). Deb is correct. You are always approx 2 weeks more pregnant than you are time passed since conception. A lot of women don’t know or track when they ovulate or conceive so care providers have traditionally counted since LMP, since that’s more obvious and uniform. By the time you can first tell you are pregnant, around the time you miss your period, you are already 4 weeks along (avg. of 2 weeks post-conception – although, of course, everyone’s cycles are different and it’s possible to conceive on day 10 or 20 or whatever).

Courtney on

Cool for them!!!

What a wonderful way to remember the Olympics…LOL…
I would go by her dates better than Billy’s!

Crystal on

That was fast! It just seems like yesterday she and Misty were saying they were ready to start a family. Time flies!! Congrats to them!! 🙂

Sarah on

I’m sooooo happy for them. This is so exiting!
I loved her in the Olympics and i knew that she was going to try to start a family.

DLR in Canada on

Um, today is December 3, right? So if someone conceived on August 26, that is exactly 14 weeks and 1 day ago. If someone conceived in order to be at the 16.5 week pregnancy mark on December 3, they would have conceived August 17, right? The women’s gold medal beach volleyball final was on August 21.

Kate on

It is hard for me to believe that a gold medalist would have anything on her mind other than her sport before the big show! This baby was conceived after the gold medal!
Congrats! Bring on the next generation!

MB on

DLR read the above comments for an explanation of how pregnancy is dated. 🙂

Robin on

It’s amazing that people who read and comment on a baby blog don’t know how a pregnancy is dated. And we all know that when we want to know the true facts about pregnancy that Billy Bush is the expert we go to. She got pregnant one week AFTER she won the gold medal.

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to add something to the discussion of how pregnancy is dated. It IS indeed very confusing, and another thing that makes it confusing is that doctors usually count and measure pregnancy using what are called “Lunar months” rather than “Calendar months”.

Basically, a “lunar month”, contains four weeks, or 28 days, which is the amount of time it takes for the moon to complete one cycle (from new to full), thus the term “lunar months”.

While calendar months average four weeks, most are usually not EXACTLY four weeks long. In fact, February is pretty much the only month that is usually four weeks along, as it only has 28 days except for Leap Years.

It actually makes sense that doctors count and measure pregnancy using “Lunar months” as, like other posters have pointed out, pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period, and the average woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days, or one lunar month, long (in fact, in some cultures, a woman’s menstrual cycle is known as her “moon time”, as it is usually the same length as one cycle of the moon).

However, all of this means that, in actuality, pregnancy usually lasts the FULL nine months, and women give birth at the beginning of the TENTH month of pregnancy.

Nicole on

It amazes me how people that obviously haven’t been pregnant can tell ones that ARE pregnant that they don’t know how pregnant they are! If you are, have been, or know the usual way an OB calculates pregnant weeks, then you know…You know?! 🙂

The only way to accurately date a pregnancy is to do an early US around 6-8 weeks after 1st day of last period. That baby will date right every time!! It’s when they get a little bigger and start taking their own growth pattern that it’s hard to tell when conception occured.

Both of my pregnancies with my 8+ lb. (3 weeks early) sons, were dated at around the 6 weeks point. And if you know when the deed was done, it was exactly right. If you went by the LMP, then it was a week off because I usually have around 35 day cycles instead of 28 day cycles, which would make OV day on day 21 instead of 14.

Amy on

After all those unsuccessful fertility treatments, I did learn very well that pregnancies are dated by the first day of the woman’s last period, not on the date of conception. So, she’s right. Congratulations to you, Kerri!

Shelly on

I am over the moon about this news!! I love Kerri and can’t wait to read about her pregnancy and birth. Congratulations to them!!!

Judith on

Congrats to both of you you, Kerri and Casey. Who cares about when one ‘becomes pregnant’?? The important thing is a baby is on the way!! I hope you don’t name him/her “Beijing”. Please don’t !!! Babies are blessings!!

Nicole on

Congratulations Kerri! I’ve been watching you play since you were a freshman at Stanford! I’m so happy for you and Casey!!! I wish you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy!

Garancce on

CONGRULATIONS Kerrri Hope u will have a great pregnancy. I would REALLY like to MEET u SOMETIMES

marcia antonio on

Congratulations! my husband and are super fanatics of the sport of volleyball, so it’s inspiring for us to know that one of our favorite female volleyball players is expecting! How exciting! Congratulations to you and your husband.

Erin on

I’m happy for both Kerri and Casey! Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy, it’s the best feeling in the world and you look great. I know you two will be great parents!

Bug Bug on

OK – everyone with their calendars and bology books out – calm down and congratulate the couple!!!


Katherine on

I just wanted to comment on the lunar months comment. As an OB/GYN, I can tell you that standard practice is not to count by lunar months but by weeks. Many women like to count in months and in my opinion the easiest way to count in months is to count backwards from your due date. If your EDD is 5/5, then on 1/5 you are 5 months pregnant since you still have 4 months to go. It’s a little off as when all is said and done, if you are pregnant for 40 weeks you will be 9 months and 7 days pregnant but certainly NOT 10 months pregnant. Only at the conclusion of the 10th full month would you be 10 months pregnant. In the US it is very rare for a woman to go beyond 42 weeks or pregnancy, meaning that it would be very rare for someone to ever reach 10 months pregnant. I hope that helps. As for lunar months, I have on occasion heard midwives referring to lunar months but it is not standard practice for an MD to count in lunar months.

lowesmamma on

Congrates Casey and Kerri! I’m so happy for you guys. So happy that you are finally starting the family you’ve always wanted. He or she will be a great Volleyball player

per on

Awesome news! My husband and I met while playing volleyball and our son was born on Kerri’s birthday last August. We even delayed going to the hospital to watch the end of one of her matches.



Alyssa on

I’m so happy for Kerri!
BUT will she still be in the AVP tour? We bought tickets and I really wanted to see her.

SV on

Who cares when they conceived. Is nothing sacred anymore? Just be happy for them and wish them congratulatins and a healthy baby.

Deb on

Thank you Nicole, Lauralee, Stephany and October for clearing up the confusion regarding dating pregnancies. It is confusing, but since you often don’t know exactly when you conceive that’s why they date it from first menstrual period. Best wishes to Kerri, I’ll be following her progress! Great blog!

Deb on

Sorry, minor correction to my last post. First day of last menstrual period.

Hope on

Alyssa, she will most likely be at AVP tournaments if Casey is playing in the tournament. If you are talking about Hot Winter Nights, she will not be playing. Not sure if Casey is playing. If he is then Kerri will most likely be there too.

Sean Carlson on

To my dearest friend Kerri:It’s your good friend Sean Carlson from Long Beach, Ca-I’ve done a lot of yours and Misty’s matches over the last two years on the AVP and we’ve known each other for the last 4 years. I just wanted to say a great big congratulations to you and Casey on your great big news that you’re pregnant!! That’s fantastic news and I wish you and Casey all the best-So the baby is due iin mid-may-I wonder if the baby will become a taurus or a gemini like me?-Anyway,CONGRATULATIONS, KERRI-YOU TWO DESERVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Kirsten on

Congrats!!!You are my idol and an amazing volleyball player and yea is she going to play in the avp games because i really want to see her there?

Aisha on

Congratulations!!!! I know this is what you’ve wanted, and I am happy for you!

Jennifer Martin on

If I am due June 4 and am 14.5 weeks pregnant, when did I conceive?