Heidi Klum and Kids Check Out the Lights

12/03/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

Heidi Klum — who recently told InStyle there’s nothing wrong with her boys dressing up — takes her children Leni, 4 ½, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2, along with grandma Erna, to see the Christmas lights at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

Although Heidi’s sons were interested and climbed up to get a better look, Leni seemed to be distracted!

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Mallory on

Henry and Johan look like twins! They’re so cute! 🙂

annie on

I agree with you Mallory. The boys are looking exactly alike these days! They’ve both gotten so tall, they look to be shooting past Leni. I think she got another haircut!!

Stephany on

Mallory and annie, I thought the exact same thing! Henry and Johan look like twins! They sure are gorgeous little guys.

brooke on

Johan is cuter than henry, but you can definitley tell they are brothers and they both favor seal a lot.

JazzoRenee on

I dunno about one being cuter than the other. Leni, Henry and Johan are just adorable siblings. So so cute.

Sydney on

Does anyone know if Henry’s hair is naturally that colour or if it’s highlighted? They are very cute little boys.

carlyyy on

does anyone know if leni’s last name if the same as her brothers or does she tak her biological father’s last name? and they are too cute 🙂

Mallory on

I don’t know for sure, Sydney, but my guess is it’s probably natural. Heidi doesn’t seem like the kind of mom who would give her three year old son highlights!

Erica on

Henry’s hair has always been that color, even when he was a baby.

Mallory on

Carly, I think that Leni’s last name is actually Klum.

Carol on

I don’t think Johan and Henry look alike but you can tell they are brothers. Johan is the cutest!

Mary on

cute cute pic of all 3 kids together. if i didnt know any better, id say that Henry is already bigger than big sis Leni lol!

Sydney on

I thought it was probably natural, just seeing him next to Johan and the difference between their hair, I thought it may not be, especially considering other celeb babies hair have been dyed, Maddox and Pax J-P for example. Natural or otherwise, I love Henry’s hair, he looks supercool.

Mia on

You can def. tell they are related, but Henry looks more like Seal, and the little one looks like all mommy to me.

I think Leni has Heidi’s last name, and the boys have Seal’s last name. Not sure though.

Lilly on

Her boys look like twins!

I-dra on

omg! look at the concentration! lol those boys could be twins, save for the lighter hair on henry. personally, i like to see little kids with dyed hair. it’s not permanent, it doesn’t hurt anyone & if they like it, they have the right to express their individuality how they like. henry’s hair is obviously natural, but since we were on the topic, i thought i’d chime in. all of heidi’s kids are beautiful. she comes off as an amazing mom, too.

Anna on

Does anyone know if Heidis kids speak German or if she speaks it to them. Just wondering since I am from Germany and am trying to teach my son.

laraso on

I heard they are raised bilingual. I think Heidi speaks German with them and Seal English.

The kids also spend a lot of time with Heidi´s parents…

BTW, Erna Klum always dresses so young and trendy, LOVE IT!

One of my favourite celebs, def.!

Jen on

Love how Heidi and Erna are both pulling the same face!