Charlie Sheen Picks Up His Princesses

12/03/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

Charlie Sheen bore the load of backpacks and blankies as he picked up daughters Sam, 4 ½, and Lola Rose, 3 ½ — wearing a handmade headdress — from preschool in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday.

Charlie and wife Brooke Mueller Sheen are currently expecting twin boys, due in April. Sam and Lola are his girls with ex-wife Denise Richards.

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Jen on

This is a really adorable picture of Charlie with his girls.

brooke on

Those girls are so cute, both favor denise a lot.

Ayla of No People on

The girls are very cute. I just can’t help wondering when they are going to stop letting Sam carry that blankie around in public. It is always so dirty looking. Yuck!

I understand the need for blankies and allowed my kids to have them in their rooms as long as they wanted and needed them, but not out in public.

My boys are now 30 ahd 31. I still have their blankies tucked away for their kids to see one day.

I know I will get ragged on by some of you, but that’s ok, we can all have our opinions.

Pretty girls. I know they will love their new baby brothers.

blackrose on

i kind dont see anything wrong with having a blanket, when i was 2 years my aunt gave me a pillow that i always carried with me,iam 21 now and i still have a pillow that i sleep with and i still carry it around the house.. its not like i cant sleep without or something, but i prefer to have it with me, and it has a name too..the same name that i gave it when i was 2!!..anywyas beautiful girls!

Jennifer on

Sam and Lola are such cuties! 🙂

eva on

My daughter was attached to her teddy-bear until she was seven years old.She would carry the old dirty rag of a toy everywhere,and I did get some dirty looks from parents who knew better than I what my baby needed. She was also taunted by other kids but she was very diligent in explainig that she loved the teddy her dad gave her.I felt that if I pressured her to leave it home it would only increase her anxiety during transicions from inside to outside and from school to home,so nevermind if they’re ugly looking, there’s no shame on being a bit scared and needing reassurance from something soft and constant.

Silvermouse on

I agree with you, blackrose. . . nothing wrong with carrying a baby blanket if the mother washes it. Or better yet, if the mother washes it and the child helps wash it. lol. (sorry, but a lot of the freshment girls at my college have no idea how to even do laundry-I don’t kid) Sorry to rag, but I think it’s sweet.
They are such cuties. I love it how it’s a touching picture of Charlie with his girls. . sort of sentimental because I hate it how the father normally gets ragged on during a divorce and so everyone has a bad vibe from him.

vicky on

baby blankets are okay as long as it doesn’t become a necessity. I know a girl that is 26 and still carries her baby blanket (really raggedy) around with here everywhere, even in public!

sigh on

Better a blanket than a pacifier or thumb in the mouth.

Michelle on

Those girls are so adorable and I can’t wait till the baby boys are here. And I have to say, it’s been SO NICE to not have heard Denise or Charlie bashing each other lately. They really need to be civil for the sake of those girls.

Bancie1031 on

Ayla of No People – “I just can’t help wondering when they are going to stop letting Sam carry that blankie around in public. It is always so dirty looking. Yuck!”
My daughter carried hers out in public and when they take them out in public you can wash them today and tomorrow they can look like you haven’t washed them in a month! And as someone else said better a “blankie (as my daughter called hers – which btw was a pillowcase she torn to make into a blanket)” than a pacifier, bottle or thumb in the mouth.
I love The Wiggles backpack! My daughter was a big fan of theirs when she was younger; she’s 8 now, in fact Jeff (one of the Wiggles – the one in purple if I remember correctly) was her imaginary friend for a couple of years LOL.

Bancie1031 on

OH yeah I almost forgot!
WOW I can’t believe how big Sam and Lola have gotten. It seems like just a couple of months ago that Denise had Lola! I cant’ wait to see what Charlie and Brooke name their sons ……
I know this is kindof off topic but does anyone know if Charlie and Brooke used any kind of help to get pregnant with their twins? I just remember as soon as we found out she was pregnant they started talking about how they just knew it was a boy ….. so I was just curious – doesn’t matter just curious – if they used some kind of fertility help of some sort.

mrsb on

I love Lola’s dress! Anyone know where it’s from?

amandamay on

my 6 year old son still carries his teddy bear around with him everywhere. and i mean everywhere. he is raggedy (but clean) and looks like he’s been through a war, but my son adores him 🙂 doesn’t bother me at all. i get really tired of other parents thinking they know what’s best for other people’s kids….

Stephany on

That’s a really sweet picture. Sam and Lola look like two completely different little girls. Sam looks more of a tomboy with her striped shirt and jeans and Lola looks like a girly-girl with her dress. Adorable!

Amanda on

What cute little girls, I agree they both favor Denise. I can’t wait to see their baby brothers.
As far as the blankie, my daughter who is just a few months younger than Sam has a beloved blankie but she also doesn’t need it and it never leaves the house (unless she’s sleeping at grandma’s). At that age they don’t need it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a blankie, paci, bottle, thumb, and so on. I honestly don’t care what others do, but don’t judge one as better than the rest because they are all the same. Honestly though seeing Sam with one doesn’t bother me much, if her parents actions publicly have any indication on how tumultuous this divorce has been for those girls a ‘security blanket’ is completely understandable for them.

kate on

the blanket is probably for nap/rest time at school. i’m sure she doesn’t carry it around all day. i work at a preschool and kids are required to bring a blanket and we allow them to bring a stuffed animal or something if they want. no harm in it. i can’t believe some of you think a 3 or 4 year old is too old to be comforted by something familiar, shame.

kate on

Ladies, no one ever went to college with a blanket, a pacifier or a bottle. So who cares? Lol
Heck, I had a bottle till I was five ..and I ended up being the first of my friends to move out of home!

Bancie1031 on

I also see nothing wrong with having a blankie at 3 or 4 years old.

I think Sam looks more like Charlie than Lola. Lola looks just like Denise.

Also I love how they have different styles.