Celine Dion Would 'Love to Extend' Her Family

12/03/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Thibault Camus/AP

When she wraps up her world tour next year, Celine Dion says that she sees another major life event on the horizon — a new baby. In an interview with the CBS Early Show, the 40-year-old songstress confirms that she and husband René Angélil have at least one embryo frozen in their efforts to make 7 ½-year-old René-Charles a big brother. "We’d love to extend the family," she reveals. "I started to talk to René-Charles about it…He said ‘Can we have four and five?’" For now, the family of three is enjoying life on the road but Celine admits that she sometimes feels "guilty and bad" because "children need stability."

"We are normal people, but we have a very, very different life…I’m proud of René-Charles because he copes and he’s let me do my things. But I tell you, when I am in my PJ’s, that’s his favorite time and it’s mine too."

From the sound of things, René-Charles’ long hair — often a topic of lively discussion with readers — is here to stay. "My son loves his long hair and it doesn’t bother us," Celine explains. "We see he’s got long hair and when he’s ready [he’ll get it cut]." She jokes,

"Maybe he’ll be 55 when he’s ready! His dad doesn’t have any. He wishes he had his hair."

The next stop in Celine’s Taking Chances tour is Phoenix, AZ, on Dec. 6.

Source: CBS Early Show

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Mary on

I’m not the biggest fan of his long hair, but if they like it. I also hope she does have more kids!

J on

I don’t think boys HAVE to have short hair. my 2 year old son has long hair (about an inch and a half past his shoulders at the longest point) and I LOVE it! so many people refer to him as ‘she’ even when he’s wearing very obvious boy clothes including Blue camo. it gets annoying,but I can’t see trying to cut his hair when he doesn’t like to sit still to even get it brushed. some boys look better with long hair anyway.

brooke on

No offense to celine but she has talked about wanting a 2nd child for a long time. Her husband is pretty old, she should have it soon if she really wants another kid.

Stéph on

I love Céline! René-Charles is so cute. His hair is totally find with. If he likes it, I don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of it. I like boys with long hair.
Céline’s show Taking Chances is great, I saw it here in Montreal and it was so great! One of the best shows I have ever seen.

I hope that Céline has the other baby that she wants so much and maybe 4 or 5 others for René-Charles!

Artemis on

I dont understand how is her son’s hair anyone’s business!

fay on

she’s 40 & hes in his 60’s…

i wish they’d think abt adoption… but its not my business… bah

a on

i think his hair is fine love celine her concert was awesome saw it in vancouver

Micky on

I wonder, if they have another baby, if she will also say that everyone in the world loves that one. *eye roll* Gag.

CelebBabyLover on

J- I know exactly where you’re coming from! I had short hair as a kid, and people constantly called me “He”, even when I was dressed in obviously “girl” clothes! I HATED that…But yet I liked my short hair and refused to grow it out!

About two years ago, however, I finally made the decision to grow my hair out…and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! After looking back at some of the many photos of myself with short hair, I’ve vowed never to have my hair that short again! I DO look like a boy in those photos, and frankly, I don’t like the way my short hair looked now!

Bancie1031 on

I personally think his hair should be cut, I personally don’t like boys with long hair. But hey it’s his hair and as long as he likes it and takes care of it then to each is own. I do hope that Celine decides to have another one but hopefully she won’t wait too much longer because as previously stated her husband is getting on up there in years.

Carrie on

I think his hair is adorable. My son is two and he has yet to get a haircut. (he will get one when he is ready) I hope Rene and Celine are blessed with more children. They deserve it!

Cheryl on

Fay, René’s age (66) disqualifies them from many (most?) adoption agencies. When we adopted, BOTH prospective parents had to be under the age of 50.

Also, his history of heart attack and cancer would likely disqualify them, if he weren’t already too old.

Anna on

I personally don’t like long hair on boys either, so I would love to seem them cut it, but to each their own I guess.

Even though he is 66, I still think because they are celebs, they could adopt a child easily.

Stéph on

Even if he weren’t too old for adoption agencies, I remember Céline saying that she wanted to carry another child because she loved the feeling of being pregnant and wanted to go through that process again. I love how Céline tells everything about herself. Like when she was pregnant, she said it right away to the media and she has alwayssaid the truth about René’s cancer, heart attack, their fertility issues, her feelings, etc. I love her for that, she it true! unlike many others. And has a big heart, I don’t know if you see them in the US, but here in Québec, Céline is often on magazines with sick children that she met and talked to and she tells them that they are courageous and that she is proud of them, etc.. She is just so great!
Love You Céline!

fay on

cheryl, i hear u…

however, when angelina adopted pax, i remember there being a story abt unmarried couples not being able to adopt in vietnam, so angelina adopted him there, then when he got here, brad adopted him…

not to speak out of turn, but i’m SURE there are ways around things that apply to us “normal” folks when you have THAT much money available at your fingertips…

now i cld DEFINITELY be wrong, as i’ve never had that much money available at my fingertips… but i’d be surprised if i were…

Disgusted on

His hair is gross and he looks like a girl. I am sure he wants to be like his mom so much since she is never home, so he keeps it long. Plus, he gets so much attention from it, which he desperately needs. So, of course he wants to keep it. There are definitely some psychological things going on with the hair, and Celine is in denial.

Max'sMom on

I remember hearing that when she was pregnant with Rene Charles she actually had 2 embryos that had taken. She decided to only keep one & freeze the other for later. She did not wish to have a high risk pregnancy. So Rene Charles fraternal twin could be born soon….

Rachel on

I would not have long hair for my son, but I think Rene-Charles looks handsome with his long hair.

Nico Janse van Rensburg on

live isn’t tust live…

live is what you mace of it… you go CELINE…

Mwah I would love to meet you…

babyboopie on

My boy has long hair like her son, it’s very parisien! I love my son’s hair, I’m always combing it every night!

Lindy on

I can’t understand why they want their BOY to look like a GIRL. I don’t believe in giving in to children’s wants, when it goes against human nature. It looks like it’s the old saying “Spare the rod, and SPOIL the child” !!

Nanci on

I’m not a big fan of long hair on boys.
Cut his hair so we can see his handsome face.

CelebBabyLover on

fay- Angelina did not break or bend any rules. Vietnamese law makes it difficult for unmarried couples to adopt (note the words “very difficult”. I have never seen anything, other than in tabloids, saying that it is outright forbidden for unmarried couples to adopt in Vietnam), so Angie adopted as a single parent.

Legally, Angie IS single, so she wasn’t breaking any rules by adopting as a single parent.

The adoption agency that Angie adopted Pax through also said that her adoption of him was perfectly legal, and that she recieved no preferential treatment.

I am of the belief that most of the time, celebs DON’T recieve preferential treatment when adopting. True, it often seems like celebs are able to adopt very easily.

However, keep in mind that we virtually never hear about a celeb adopting until the child is either in their arms or the adoption is immnient. Therefore, we no idea how long celebs actually have to wait to adopt unless they tell us (for example, I believe Angie mentioned that it actually took nearly a year for Pax’s adoption to be completed. That is actually the standard amount of time it takes to adopt in most countries).

All of that said, I do think that there are probably cases where celebs do get preferential treatment when adopting (for example, I highly doubt that Madonna would have been able to adopt David had she not been famous).

Cheryl- They’d likely be disqualifed by adoption agencies because Rene had a heart attack? That’s awful! My father had a heart attack earlier this year, but that doesn’t make him any less of a father! Also, he was extremely lucky and didn’t sustain any damage whatsoever from his heart attack.

In my opinion, adoption agencies need to stop being so strict about who they let adopt. People who have had heart attacks or cancer can still be wonderful parents!

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – I could be wrong but I believe that I read or heard somewhere that they disqualife people who have had a heart attack or cancer because of the what if’s …… what if it happens again what would happen to the child ……
I do agree with you though that they should stop being so picky with certain things when it comes to adoption.

Isy on

Wasn’t she on opera a long time ago announcing the birth of her 2nd child?

benjamin mayorga on

I flu from buffalo ny. to Glendale Arizona on Saturday Dec. 6, she may me cry, when singing “Because I love you” she is an angel. Also Mahammed Ali, was there. That night my dreams were fullfil.

Donna on

I would be thrilled for Ms. Dion and Mr. Angelil to have another child, however they wish it.

There’s no doubt about it that Mr. Angelil’s namesake, RC, was meant to be … and he’s a cutie. As for the little guy’s hair, I’m indifferent to it. It doesn’t point to any issues except that he likes his hair the way it is, and Ms. Dion is okay with saying, “It’s your hair — it’s up to you” instead of forcing a haircut on him. If RC is self-confident, then it’s all that matters to his parents. She’s such a spectacular lady, and it’s touching to see the love she and her husband have for each other … and their child. What a lovely family!