Nicole, Keith and Sunday Peruse Picassos in Paris

12/02/2008 at 10:30 AM ET
KCS Presse/Splash News Online

While in Paris to promote her new film Australia, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban took a culture break, taking their "little Keith-ette" — 4 ½-month-old daughter Sunday Rose — to the "Picasso and the Masters" exhibition at the Grand Palais on Tuesday in France.

Nicole, 41, recently said her little girl has "discovered her voice," which is music to mom’s ears, but maybe not everyone else’s!

"She was singing up a storm this morning. She’s high and low. Other people may call it screaming — but not to me!"

Click ‘More’ for a photo of Nicole and Sunday.

KCS Presse/Splash News Online

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Artemis on

Nic looks great in these pics! And seeing her with Sunday in the second photo, I still can’t believe she’s holding her own baby…Im so happy for her!

Artemis on

Before everybody starts blasting at me, I mean I never thought she’d hold her biological child and a baby in this age. I thought it’s over for her.

Colby on

Sunday looks like Keith IMO!!

Tan on

Aww this is my first time seeing Sunday.

Artemis I understood what you were saying,lol.I think some people think the older a person gets she may or he may not ever have kids but the realization is that their’s not a cut off time to have kids.I honestly thought she would just have her two adopted ones only as well.

Shawna on

Don’t get all freaked out, but the thing I keep thinking when I see pictures of Sunday is, “Put a hat on that baby’s head!” My mother always taught me to keep a baby’s head warm so it drives me crazy to see that little bald head uncovered in cool weather.

tracy on

Shawna, I totally agree with you, babies lose their heat through their head.

Brooke on

That is our first full face pic of Sunday Rose, isn’t it??? She does look exactly like Keith…What a pumpkin.

brooke on

The baby does look exactly like keith

Harley on

I love the pictures!

You can want to put a hat on a kid all you want, whether or not they’ll wear it is another thing. I apparently screamed bloody murder whenever my mom tried to put one on me and we lived in Alaska. The only times she wouldn’t put one on me is if we were going straight from the car into a building because the 30 seconds to 1 minute wouldn’t kill me and it would avoid the meltdown. I’m assuming that’s what they were doing.

SH on

sometimes keeping/putting a hat on a babies head is easier said than done.

Pencils on

Artemis, I understand what you mean–I’m also 41, and I also just had my first child, a baby girl. I hadn’t quite given up on having a baby, but I wasn’t holding my breath, either. It makes my little one just that much more precious. I didn’t go through all the miscarriages, etc., that Nicole did (I got pregnant on my first try ever) but I think I understand how she feels. That said, Sunday is underdressed. She needs a hat on her head and something on her legs, she should be wearing a bunting or a blanket over those tights.

Katrina on

Nicole looks absolutely amazing in these photographs. and little Sunday Rose is a beautiful baby.

JJS on

Cute family! I was also thinking that poor babe is a bit underdressed. She definitely needs a hat at least!

Rachel on

Oh, Sunday, such a cute doll! I am very happy for Nicole and Keith. Beautiful family.

I am 33 and I alreay feel the anxiety of having a baby. My husband and I have been trying for 6 months now and nothing 😦
So we just hope and pray that God will give us a miracle baby,soon!

amandamay on

they might have been going straight from the car into the museum – no need for a giant coat/bunting etc that they’d just have to carry around in there.

what a cute baby!

T on

Oh my gosh Sunday is so chunky…I love chubby babies more to kiss on! I can’t believe Nicole let her face get photographed she is usually so private when out with her baby.

I can’t tell who she looks like yet?



Elli on

First thought when I saw these pictures – where is the hat as Nicole is dressed with a scarf and they both wear coats. Grrr what is it with these celebrities? It is sth I noticed with various celeb babies.

JK on

For the love of Pete…put something warmer on the child. Everyone else looks toasty in the their sweaters and coats and little Sunday looks like she’s wearing something really cute for indoors only.
Still, really happy for this family.

sam on

In the first photo, it looks like they might be going up some stairs, so I think those who said they are going from car to building are right. I think she’s dressed fine for a dash.

Amber on


Good luck to you and your husband. I’m 31 and my husband and I will start trying next year, but one thing my mother says…don’t stress about it because as us southerners say “a watched pot never boils”. It’s almost like when you’re waiting for a phone call, sitting next to it, checking to see if it’s working and it doesn’t ring…but as soon as you get up and think about something else, it rings.
I know it’s easier said than done, but “enjoy” your husband *wink* and I’m sure when the time is right, it will happen. Again good luck and happy holidays!

Bancie1031 on

Shawna – I agree, I definitely believe in hats and shoes and/or shoes. I’m 29 and was always told that’s how heat escapes through your head and your feet.

OMG look at them cheeks! She’s adorable! Not sure yet who she looks like.

Jennifer on

Sunday Rose is a cutie pie!

diana on

Well, I, for one, don’t really mind the way Sunday is dressed. I looked up the weather in Paris and it was max. 42F and min. 37F. And, beside the digits, Paris is ALWAYS mild (except for the rare exceptions). And the baby was wearing a cardigan most likely in wool or, worse, lol, cachemere. The same for the lower part. And, maybe, Nicole wears a scarf for fashion, not for warmth. I fully trust her to be an attentive parent, for all of her children , more for the last, miracle baby!

Nika on

They look so happy together! Funny, because Nicole is the same age as my mother (who is now a grandmother, I’m 21) but I think it’s great she doesn’t let that hold her back! Where I live are not many ‘older’ moms (and they’re also not all as young as I am), but I think you start seeing it more and more often!

I don’t like to nag but I do agree with all of you though, Nicole and Keith have much warmer clothes on. Whenever I go out with my little girl (9 months old) I make sure she is wearing just one more layer of clothes than me, that’s what I’ve always been told.

Janet on

My kids won’t wear hats either. And my youngest one takes off her shoes and sock as well. You will also rarely see my kids in heavy coats if they are just going from the car to the store/house/etc. Coats are not supposed to be worn in carseats because it’s not safe. So if they were just going from car to building then I see why she’s not so bundled up.

Car on

omg, look at those cheeks, she is an absolute doll !

sophia on

I am beginning to read the comments on this blog less and less. I guess all you mothers are perfect. And what you say goes. Stop judging and putting yourselves on pedastools.
As for Sunday and her un-hatted head. I am very sure if the baby was cold, Nicole would put a hat on her. She is certainly a very intelligent woman and loving mother.
Get over yourselves. If this all you people have to say, celebrity-babies should just shut down the comments. Same people, same comments…

tink1217 on

Sunday is gorgeous and Nicole looks amazing!!

lisa on

Oh my! At least throw a blanket over that beautiful child! I can never understand why people in general (not just celebrities) can take the time to put a coat on themselves and then not put one on their child?!?

Brandi on

She is a little Keithette, isn’t she? Precious.

lulusass on

I think Sunday looks pretty layered up… She has shoes, tights, a dress and a cardigan (and probably a singlet underneath the dress)…she is in the warmth of her mothers arms who is protected by her husband and they are surrounded by paparazzi. Nicole probably isn’t going far…. Seriously unless it is raining or snowing, what’s the problem? (And if she had a blanket over her covering her face people would be complaining that we couldn’t see Sundays face!)
p.s. I am a parent of a very healthy 4year old, therefore I’m not completely naive on needs of a baby/child….there is a fine line between warmth, health and practicality…

DLR in Canada on

I found it interesting Keith and Nicle are all bundled up in layers and scarves while Sunday is basically left bare in her dress and tights. I mean it is Paris in December.

Rebecca on

There’s nothing wrong with the way Sunday is dressed! It’s far easier to run in while holding the baby than to fuss with a jacket! They’re going right inside, they’re not playing in the snow or anything. She would have to bundle baby up, take her out, take off the bundles, put her in the carseat, drive to where they’re going, bundle her back up, run inside, then take off the bundles. That’s too much for a lot of babies! She has the right idea, I do that all the time with my 13 month old.

Gale on

I am a mother of two, grandmother of 5 ages 21 to 3. I am a physician assistant. Children as a rule are healthier
when not kept too warm. She has her mothers heat to keep her warm. They are a beautiful family.

Lynne on

Hello!!! What do you call those on Sunday’s feet-are they not called shoes? How would you know about her outfit? She has a cute jacket on (maybe made of wool)and those tights, they look warm enough not counting Nicole’s hugging her over her body protectively. My family has four doctors and learning from them, babies are not supposed to be overdressed. Cute and pretty baby! So happy for Keith and Nicole.

Jessica on

Everyone told me the same thing about putting a hat on my daughter. Since the day she was born she would not have it. She pulls them off no matter what. Same thing with bows now that she’s 1 and her hair is growing. Everyone says her hair is in her eyes and I should pull it back somehow, but she won’t keep them in! I did find a few hats with ties or velcro that go around the chin, those stay on a bit longer. Maybe that will help some of you moms with the same problem. 🙂 Sunday and Nicole look absolutely gorgeous. I don’t believe she’s over 40!

DiamondGirl on

For pete’s sake, this is her third child – I think she knows how to dress the baby for the weather and the circumstances.

They’re not that bundled up themselves – just jackets with sweaters.

Martina on

What a cutie – so great to finally see a little bit more of Sunday Rose. I love the little sailor dress and stocking too – I found them at the Best Dressed Child online boutique. I hope we see a little more of her soon

Allegra on

Okay, I know people have already said this, but all I’m thinking is “COVER THAT BABY’S HEAD!!!!”. I’m living in Paris right now and it’s been really really cold lately (whoever said it’s ALWAYS mild was wrong!). Poor little Sunday, her tiny head must be freezing! Although the rest of her attire looks okay, not really warm, but okay. That said, they are a very sweet family unit, by the looks, and Sunday is a doll! To me she actually looks a lot like Nicole did when she was younger. Look at her famous childhood photo…Sunday Rose through and through!

diana on

Allegra, Paris is mild compared to other places. I live in Romania, have been in many parts of the States and Canada and there’s no way to say that it’s freezing in Paris.

Melany on

It IS freezing in Paris in december. It’s pretty windy too. I got sick on my honeymoon in Paris, just because I didn’t have a hat on while it was drizzling and cold.

Fifi on

Being cold has nothing to do with getting sick…you don’t get sick from going outside without a jacket!!! And I think Sunday is dressed fine, its not like they are going for a long walk they are walking from a car to a building, not a big deal!!!

cindy on

Harley, I agree with you, you can put all the clothes you want to on a baby and if they do not want to keep them on they will get them off.
This is a beautiful pic of a beautiful family. Sunday Rose does look a lot like Keith. She may change and look more like her mummy or may look like both of them. Time will tell.

Allegra on

diana, I am not denying that there are other places in the world that are colder than Paris (nor am I having a go, by the way, or trying to start an argument) but I’m just saying that the current weather in Paris is definitely enough to warrant a wooly hat on a baby’s head. Anyways, Sunday is still alive and well, judging from the more recent pics of them in Spain or Rome or wherever it was, so it’s all fine. X

Traci on

Wow, what a glamorous looking family!! They are beautiful!!

And what a gorgeous child. She is a wonderful mix of both mom AND dad. =]

Stephanie on

Nicole looks like she can’t quite figure out how to hold her baby??? Just give her to Keith!!

Linh-e-Pooh on

The Kidman-Urban family has never looked better; with both parents’ protective arms gripping and hovering over little Sunday, I can almost tell that they are in ‘their happy place!’

With that said, I don’t doubt that this photo was taken during a short outdoor session; it seems like it was straight from the car to the building! Why complicate an already complicate situation (with the pooperazzi) with a hat that most babies can’t stand, when you can just rush her in the building and satisfy her individual distaste for hats (hypothetically speaking, of course, not that I know whether Sunday is comfortable with hats/caps).

Both Nicole and Keith are dresses fairly warm, but doesn’t look like its freezing out, so why are people being so judgmental? Nicole values Sunday more than anyone speaking here, so I’m sure she is doing what she thinks best for Sunday!

Sunday is just a precious child and resembles her handsome father magnificently; I am sure in due time, Nicole’s delicate and exquisite features would surface onto Sunday. If not, Sunday is fine with any parent’s looks because they are both gorgeous! I cannot wait to see this little one as she continue to grow; its a sure bet to say that she’ll be just as gorgeous as both parents, possibly even more radiant!

Star on

I am completely giddy about Nicole Kidman’s new little bundle of joy! A healthy new little baby girl, is the best early Christmas gift one can get! And you know Sunday Rose will be just gorgeous if she looks like her mummy or her daddy! I’m so happy for the couple! In case u haven’t noticed I am a huge Nicole Kidman fan. See I am a fashion addict and Nicole doesn’t let clothes wear her she wears them and owns everything she rocks!