Michelle Williams and Matilda Bundle Up for Coffee Run

12/02/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

Back in Brooklyn after spending some time upstate, Michelle Williams and 3-year-old daughter Matilda Rose resumed their coffee-and-a-snack routine on Tuesday. Consistency is important to Michelle as a parent; she recently told Newsweek, "I want [Matilda] to have a routine. I want the plainest, simplest, mostordinary, habituated routine possible. I just want to know what’scoming next."

Michelle’s new movie Synecdoche, New York is playing in NY and LA now. Wendy and Lucy — which earned her a Best Female Lead nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards this morning — opens in limited release December 10th.

Matilda is Michelle’s daughter with late actor Heath Ledger.

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I love seeing pictures of Michelle and Matilda us much as love seeing pictures of Jennifer Garner and Violet…he he

I LOVE Matildas Ugg boots!! I want a pair for my daughter!! he he

Kat on

I just love them! Michelle looks great and Miss Matilda is too, too cute!

I am always torn with them as I love seeing pictures, but I also respect Michelle’s wishes for her daughter to have a normal life as possible. I only hope that the pap’s respect them enough to know when to back off!

Sky on

I love the faces that Matilda makes. They’re so adorable.

Brandi on

I love that cat hat, does anyone know where I could find one?

dawn on

i have to agree w/ kat in the double edged sword in being delighted to see pics of this darling little girl. i think we all want to see pics, bc we feel emotionally invested in this girl bc she lost her daddy this year and we want to see that she is doing ok and is going to be alright, but over the hundreds of paps photos taken this past year, it’s pretty obvious that michelle is a wonderful mom and we all need not worry about matilda – she’s got a great foundation at home w/ her mom and what seems to be (other than the hounding and watchful eyes of the paps) a normal life, which again, is what i attribute to michelle’s efforts to give that to her 🙂
nevertheless, i am glad to see there are less photos of her these days and that they are less frequent as they were a few months back.

matilda is the mirror image of her daddy still. too cute for words and i’d have to say the best (and weather appropriately – yes sarcastically referring to suri) dressed lil’ girl ever 🙂


Matilda is such a cutie her little outfit is adorable and Michelle looks happy which is nice to see. I love this mom-daughter duo!!!

Anh-Chi Nguyen on

Is Matilda wearing a Lucy Sykes dress? She’s so adorable!!!

Bancie1031 on

I love little Matilda! I also love the way that Michelle dresses Matilda even for the weather 😀

Jae on

Ahhh, she’s too cute!! 🙂 I LOVE that outfit so much! So precious. 🙂

Laura on

I’ll probably be blasted for this, but man….does she even own a coffee maker?

Bonnie on

After reading her comments about paparazzi, I really do think that you should stop running pictures like this. The sad truth is that people are so much more interested because of Heath, which is tragic.

phoebe on

I LOVE the way Matilda is dressed! Miss Ledger is my favourite little celebrity girl ever!

Hea on

The temperature in NY can be down to 32°F this time of the year. Oh my, why is she not wearing warmer pants? She has on a thick jacket, a knit cap and scarf, warm boots and _tights_? Had this been Suri Cruise, people would be freaking out right about now. 🙂

L on

Hea, it was 45 degrees here in Brooklyn yesterday. I’ve noticed Suri in a little dress with no tights or jacket on days when it was in the 40s, which is truly cause for concern. People haven’t been overreacting.

Anyway, this photo is so sweet! They are the most stylish mother-daughter pair.

SH on

People wouldn’t be freaking out if it was Suri dressed like this because Suri never has on this many clothes at a time. I can’t remember seeing her in a hat and a scarf..? I take my daughter to preschool every day and this is a very normal and appropriate way for kids to dress. A lot of the girls wear dresses with tights and boots.

Emaline on

Anyone know what make her hat is? Looks so comfy and cute.

RMC on

On cyber Monday I saw the skirt Matilda is wearing on sale at thedapperbaby.com I wasn’t sure how it would look on but that is too cute.

Hea on

I should have been more clear. Sarcasm, people. Sarcasm.

Jasmine on

These two are adorable with their boots and tights! They look happy.

Catherine on

I LOVE Seeing Pictures Of Michelle And Matilda!And They Always Look So Happy!I Think They Are The CUTEST Mother-Daughter Pair Hollywood Has!

Jenny on

Matilda is so cute & michelle is a great mom, i miss heath but it’s just so heartbreaking that matilda has lost him.

pinksky on

I’m confused…I thought Michelle move to upstate NY? Are they just staying in Brooklyn until the house sells or something?