Heidi Klum: There's Nothing Wrong With Henry's Princess Costumes

12/02/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy InStyle

With supermodel Heidi Klum for a mom, it’s no wonder that Leni, 4 ½, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2, seemed to have inherited a bit of her passion for fashion! Equipping her three kids with a "costume closet," Heidi shares in a new interview with InStyle that Henry is comfortable experimenting with all of the dress-up clothes, including his sister’s princess gowns. "There’s nothing wrong with that," explains Heidi, who admits that the flashy, elegant dresses are far "more fun than Buzz Lightyear." While Heidi has collaborated in the past with Birkenstock to design her own shoe line, the 35-year-old, with inspiration from Henry, may have found a new niche: designing boy-friendly costumes!

"I should make costumes for boys. They’d have to be blinged out. Why can’t Luke Skywalker be covered in Swarovski crystals?"

Dedicated to her husband, musician Seal, and her children, Heidi is "not afraid of forever" and showed her feelings by recently getting a tattoo representative of her family. "My tattoo says ‘Seal’ and has three stars for each of our children. The brown ink exactly matches Seal’s skin," reveals the producer of Project Runway.

Source: InStyle

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Kristi on

This is a timely article for me because my 4 year old daughter was dressing up her 11 month old brother yesterday. He looked adorable with a pink headband, purple headband and pink barrettes in his hair. He was very tolerant and they were playing happily. There’s nothing wrong with that if you ask me!

SY on

She’s so right, as the mother of two boys, creative costumes are so hard to find. In fact, my older son was obsessed with sea creatures so for Halloween we had to have an octopus costume made for a lot of money. He loved it and every kid that came over wore it…we have since had the seamstress make a few more costumes, even a sparkly sea horse costume that all kids (boys and girls) love.

CC on

My son loves to play dress up too. Tinkerbell is his favorite – heels and all 🙂
It’s true that it’s hard to find creative dress up clothes that are reasonable priced. The princess dress up stuff is practically shoved down your throat though!

D.W on

I agree! My daughter wants a firetruck for Xmas and I don’t mind. If I had a son and he wanted a doll, I wouldn’t mind either. I don’t think girly toys emasculates boys. They will be who they are meant to be and if that is feminine, then I would want a confident feminine boy!

Kan on

They make all of the shiny glossy glittery costumes for girls. Sometimes the boys want to be shiny too. They shouldn’t have to wait until they’re older to bling it out. They’re kids! Have fun!

brannon on

Love this article! My son loves accessories and jewelry too and its so hard to find! He also has cabbage patch kids and dolls and etc. Hate when people say … Girls or boys toys. Toys are toys. He can also rock the bling better than anyone!

UggaMugga.com on

Right on Heidi! Both my son and daughter are asking for dolls and Star Wars things for Christmas…and my husband and I are happy to oblige! I think well-rounded children are invaluable as adults…I hope my children will be strong and independent as they grow!

DLR in Canada on

“Why can’t Luke Skywalker be covered in Swarovski crystals?” Why not indeed!

Daisy on

I currently am doing work placement at a nursery and last Friday I looked up into the house corner to make sure all was ok and 2 of the most boisterious little boys in the class were sitting at a toy dining table in matching red tutu-ed princess dresses having a playdough cake. And why the heck not? They were perfectly happy and none of the other kids seemed to give a toss.

CelebBabyLover on

I totally agree with Heidi! While I loved played with dolls and other “girly” toys as a kid, I also loved playing with my brother’s toys! On the flip-side, when we were really little, he enjoyed having tea parties with me!

momof3girls on

My friends son insisted he be a lady bug for halloween nothing wrong with that.

My brother growing up was the youngest of 6 girls and he would always play with our dolls and dressup clothes, everyone said he would turn out gay when he was older. Well he is 22 and far from gay.