David Boreanaz Says Son Motivated by Communion Wafer

12/02/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
Simon Hammond/Splash News

For David Boreanaz, getting 6-year-old Jaden Rayne interested in the Catholic Church was easy. During a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, the 39-year-old actor revealed that his son’s curiosity was piqued by the Communion wafer while attending Mass alongside his dad several years ago. "He wanted to go to Communion with me, and I said ‘Well, you can come up but you can’t have the Eucharist because you’re not confirmed, you haven’t had your first Communion,’" David recalled. Jaden became increasingly upset, however!

"So as he got closer and closer to the priest, giving them out, he had that look of, like, he really wanted the cracker. So on the way back after I got my cracker, he was in tears. And I said, ‘Well one day you will go to Catholic School and study for your first communion and whatnot, and get your cracker.’"

Jaden is on his way to turning that dream into a reality! On the day David filmed his appearance, his son attended his first Catechism class. "So today was his first day, of having that experience of getting his cracker," David laughed.

Jaden is the first child for David and his wife Jaime Bergman. He can currently be seen on Bones, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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Brandi on

Ha! I did the same as a child. Too funny. One way to get kids interested in church I guess.

Alicia on

I did the same thing as well. LOL. I felt so grown up when I was went through my First Communion and could finally get the little wafer. I know exactly how that kid feels.

chloe on

eeeek… wait till he actually tastes it. if memory serves me correctly i was sorely disappointed in that gluey little cracker my first time.

Sky on

Oh I was excited also to taste the Euachrist. I personally thought it tasted good. The wine not so much.

Mary on

I’m just saying this, but you don’t get “confirmed” when you receive Communion. And it’s not called the “wafer,” it’s called the Eucharist or the host.

Mary on

Something else- I am a Catholic who really worships. I go to church every Sunday, etc,; I think that some people can get offended by this because I mean I was a little. Just something I forgot to say in my last comment.

Lila on

Just to clarify what might be confusing, I saw this episode of The Bonnie Hunt show and when you actually see the interview, its easy to recognize that David first says “you’re not confirmed” and then quickly says “you haven’t had your first communion” in a way that you realize he misspoke when saying “confirmed” and was just correcting himself. Also, when he says cracker, he does it in an tone that suggests he’s just repeating his son. Things can certainly be misinterpreted on paper!

Hope this clears up some confusion!

Little Miss S on

It’s actually an interesting debate. My kids aged 2 and 4 and I attend an Anglican church here in the UK (US equivalent is Episcopalian as I understand it), and they come down, kneel and hold their hands up like I do, and receive a little piece of what they call ‘the body of Jesus’ (bread, Eucharist, whatever you want to call it) as they are blessed by the priest. (No wine though!) They will still proceed to confirmation class etc and have a celebration of their first ‘proper’ communion (with wine and lots of ceremony) when they are old enough to understand it further, but our Church’s inclusive policy means they don’t feel left out of celebrating Jesus the way the adults in Church do, which I think is absolutely right for two of the liveliest most dedicated worshippers in Church! I am aware that others may see this as sacreligious, and this practice may not be for everyone, but I personally think if people didn’t sweat the rules and regulations (think about all the Sabbath rules Jesus broke!) more kids would come to Christ and enjoy what can be a confusing and challenging experience for them. I don’t expect all to agree with me but I hope you can respect my opinion.

Emaline on

I think I’ve just fallen deeper in love with Booth! Oops, I mean David <3 So cute!

Ayla of No People on

Having been raised a Catholic back in the 60’s and 70’s we did take what what the “Host” or “Eucharist”. Now i am seeing more and more either cracker pieces or bread pieces given during communion rather that the host.

We even have that service at the non denominational chapel we have at the residential treatment center I work at. The children get a piece of bread and a drink of grape juice.

karen scholz on

I think me meant to say Confession. I’m 28 now but in 2nd grade when I made my communion, there were also kids who recieved their first confession. It was up to the parents whether their child was ready or not. Most kids just made their communion and then made their confession in the 4th grade.

Some old school catholics believe that your must be obsolved of all your sins before you can receive communion thus the reason some kids made their communion and confession at the same time.

Caofhilinn on

My whole life have been raised a catholic and went to catholic school so you knew when you were primary 3 (age 7/8)you made your communion and you got the Eucharist and we wore the nice dress but now they have made it that your Primary 4 when you receive the holy communion for the first time, so that you have a greater understanding of the choices you are making and not just concentrating on the money and dress and everything, this now makes a child almost 9 in Ireland before they receive the Host

So in America are you 6 years old when you make your first holy communion??

i at first found it a little weird that he was saying cracker but i soon realized he was just mimicking his son in those words!!!….love david boreanaz