Beckham Boys Explain, Entertain at Lakers Game

12/02/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

Listen up brother! After returning from their trip to NYC, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, 9 ½, explains a few of the finer points of the game to 3 ½-year-old Cruz David while sitting courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers/Toronto Raptors face-off on Sunday evening.

Dad David Beckham and middle son Romeo James, 6, also enjoyed the game, but Cruz was the main attraction, breakdancing on the floor during the cheerleading routines!

Noel Vasquez/Getty

Click ‘More’ for photos of Romeo giving dad David a smooch, and Cruz breakin’ it down freestyle!


Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

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LA Shark on

Too cute for words!!

Ter on

These boys are so handsome!!! Victoria is one lucky lady!

michelle on

Look at him dancing on his head. That kid is fun.

brooke on

Those are some cute boys. Romeo is gorgeous and cruz is so cute break dancing. Adorable kids all of them

Alexandra Juliet on

Romeo-what a gorgeos boy! I think all three (or four!!) Beckham boys are adorable, but Romeo is incredibly handsome.

Cruz is hilarious. He’s got some skills for only being three!!

ALl they need is a little girl. I’ve wanted them to have a girl for a while now; I’d think it’d be cute for her to have three big brothers.

Shannon on

Oh my gosh how funny is that picture of Cruz!!! I’ve never seen a 3 1/2 year old do that!

kelly on

How sweet is that? Especially that photo of the two youngest with their dad. Adorable!

Robin on

How cute is that! They are gorgeous boys…If I were Suri Cruz I would snag a Beckham boy right now!

Harley on

Not one of those pictures is lacking anything in the adorable department! Cruz has some skills!!!

Natasha on

AWWWWWW! Everything about them makes me squeee inside! Brooklyn hugging Cruz is too adorable and Romeo kissing Daddy makes my heart melt!

Amber on

Look at the expression on David and Brooklyn’s face while Cruz is breaking it down…they look like they see it ALL THE TIME at home. Too funny.

Mary on

They are adorable!

luckyme on

These boys are really gorgeous! I bet they’re very sweet to each other! I don’t like lots of people criticizing Victoria, I bet she’s a wonderful mom!..Btw..Brooklyn and Cruz look exactly like their dad, while Romeo is the spitting image of Victoria!They’re so adorable

Onyx Jones on

OMG I am too old to have a crush on Cruz(although not for David..sigh). He is too freaking adorable. The Beckham boys are all blessed in the looks department, but I love how they seem to be just normal little boys.

Meg on

I love the pictures! The look on Brooklyn’s face in the first picture is just priceless.

Artemis on

How cute!! Those kids really get along and Cruz is just adorable with break dancing in every chance he gets.
Victoria should be so proud of her 4 boys.

Alanna on

Three little future heartthrobs!

Brandi on

I love all the pictures! What sweet boys, Victoria is a lucky lady.

Denise on

All three of those boys are going to so handsome when they grow up. How adorable is Cruz and his infamous break dancing routine. I love it.

Natasha on

I think Cruz looks just like Victoria in that first pic! It’s crazy!


Such gorgeous boys! I especially am fond of the youngest ones…but they are all beautiful and lucky boys! They seem like alot of fun!

DLR in Canada on

Those are fabulous pictures of the Beckham guys. Amazing how Romeo looks just like his mum in that picture. I do wonder if that’s safe though because I would think at a young age, Cruz’s neck and skull are suscrptible to injuries with head break dancing. When break-dancing was all the rage there were numerous reports of people getting broken necks and injuries doing those twirls on their heads. It just popped in my head as I noticed the position Cruz is in with regards to doing the head twirling.

kelly_love on

DLR I thought that too at one point but I do think that if he was hurting his neck he would know to stop. The Beckham Boys are so cute and i think Romeo is a little David while Brooklyn & Cruz are little Victorias.
either way, the family is beautiful.

Jess on

The first picture is amazingly special. It really does capture a sweet moment between the brothers. This is one of the real times I wish I had paps following my every move…to snap me with the little ones!

Grace on

The breakdancing and kissing is cute, but Brooklyn’s the standout here for me. That’s the sort of picture that absolutely warms a mum’s heart — totally comfortable, totally sweet, just the sort of way you want to see your 9 year old interacting with his younger siblings.

I know it’s not like that all the time, but it’s important that a kid is able to behave that way when no one’s looking.

CLO718 on

These are three handsome little boys

Ava on

Brooklyn seems like such a sweet big brother. By the way those plaid shirts which they look quite adorable in are from Abercrombie kids in case anyone was wondering. I work there so I can spot our clothes a mile away. Beautiful boys, all of them!

Megan on

*falls over from teh cute*

Mary on

wow, Cruz is totally serious about his breakdancing lol! i remember he did it at a Spice Girls reunion show as well. serious talent for a 3 yr old.

Sarah on

love these boys, they’re so adorable!

phoebe on

They’re adorable pictures, but someone might want to keep an eye on Cruz, as he’s liable to develop a bald patch from doing that all the time!

guest on

@ robin ! suri isnt cute enough for any of those boys :DDD