Brad Pitt: My Feelings For My Family Are Indescribable

12/02/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
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There’s no denying that the Jolie-Pitt family continues to spark the public’s interest, as countless interviews with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie consistently turn toward the six loves of their lives: Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 5, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 2 ½, and fraternal twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon, 5 months next week. However, despite their willingness to briefly discuss their family, Brad finds himself uncomfortable, as he is unable to completely put into words his utter amazement over his kids. "There’s no way to give true validity and weight and what it means to you in your life," says Brad, who admits that his words "get cheap as [they] go through the filters and the airwaves."

Talking with Today Show host Ann Curry on the site of his New Orleans renovation project Make It Right, an elated Brad shares that he is "proud" of his family that has ties to all parts of the world. "I look at my sons and daughters. One’s from Vietnam and one’s from Cambodia. One’s from Ethiopia and there’s this kid who was born in Namibia…and France," gushes the 44-year-old. As he jokes that "surprisingly, though, six kids is not as easy as you would think," Brad — who admits that the act of adoption is "selfish too, you know what you get out of it" — says that his home is made special with each child adding "so much to the mix."

"They’re playing, they’re brothers and sisters man. And they’re fighting, and they’re laughing, and going into hysterics and staying up late, and they’re messing with their parents, and they’re driving me crazy. I truly feel rich. I just feel rich being around them."

Click ‘More’ for read why Brad "hates" the paparazzi, and to watch video of the interview.

With the same sense of passion he has for his family of eight, Bradtakes on a certain fierceness when it comes to the constant followingof paparazzi – a group of people he blatantly says he "has no respectfor." While the actor is understanding of the press on the red carpetevents, Brad feels that a clear line must be drawn and calls for a"distinction between" a typical awards show and a celebrity familyhaving to endure photographers "calling out your kids’ names…sothey’ll look that way" as they walk their children to school. Unable to"understand how [paparazzi] can live their lives that way," Brad ishopeful that future laws will prevent — or at least control — themadness that seems to follow the brood around the world. He adds,

"Letme be very blunt — I hate these people. I don’t understand that theydo that for a living. I do not like them. There should be laws againstthem, they should not be able to follow kids like this. But there’snot, so that’s the way it is."

Brad’s new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, opens December 25th.

Source: Today Show

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Nicole on

I have to agree with him about the paparazzi – when you just see pictures of celeb families, you really cannot tell how many photographers there are, how loud they are being, etc. There are families where it is much worse – for Suri, Kingston, and the JP kids, there is always a large crowd, a lot of noise, and a lot of strangers yelling the kids’ names. That bothers me a lot – I would not want some strange man yelling my kid’s name. That’s not okay, celebrity or not.

I also love that he talked about how he was worried at first that he would love an adopted kid differently than a bio kid, but that he shouldn’t have because “it was automatic.” So cute!

MMM on

While I am a fan of gossip sites I agree with Brad 100%. The paps need to be controlled. I think laws should be put into place to protect celebrities and their children. It is out of hand.

Ruby on

You are such hypocrites!!
How can you actually say you agree with him that the paparazzi should leave the kids alone when they’re getting pics to sell to webstes and mags which people like you look at. I’m sure they got a lot of money for them because there is a high demand especially for the pics of Shiloh, Suri, Violet, Kingston, the Beckham boys etc.

How can you say that you think its disgraceful and they should be left alone when you obviously come on a site dedicated to celebrity children and are interested to see the pics??

Stephany on

As much as I love this blog and seeing pictures of our favorite babies, I 100% agree with Brad. If I were in his shoes, it would be a nightmare. Whenever I think about the pap’s, I’m always reminded of a time when Patrick Dempsey’s twins were first born. They were probably just a few months old and he, his wife, daughter, and the boys went to spend the day at the beach. The pap’s, of course, followed them, and it was just chaos with them yelling out their names and it seemed to rude and abnormal! I really felt for them but Patrick and his wife basically ignored them for the most part but Patrick did give them a smile and said the family was happy (or something like that).

It’s probably doubly tough for Brad and Angie. They are the Super Couple of Hollywood with the Super Family of Hollywood. It must be utter, complete chaos. I don’t envy them one bit.

michelle on

Ditto on everything he said. Everytime he gives an interview I love him more. 🙂

Abigail on

As much as I love seeing these cute kids, I would completely give up this website if it meant that paps were out of job. I didn’t quite realize the severity of paparazzi until recently, so I am struggling with my love of names & celebrity children versus my knowledge of the horrible situations that the paparazzi puts both parents & children in. Photo shoots are one thing, stalking people is completely different. My hope is that both photography & internet laws can be updated for 21st century needs in the near future.

Jas on

Um, they’re celebrities right? The paps are the ones that are keeping them in the media.

As far as them getting married; hypocrite much? “what should we say because we already said this to the public? I know, we’ll use our kids!”

mslewis on

I got tears in my eyes when Brad talked about his kids being “brothers and sisters” and how they fight and laugh and drive him crazy. I grew up in a family of 13 kids and it reminded me of how we were. I remember my mother sometimes just standing there and watching us fight with a smile on her face. She said she got a kick out of our arguments and didn’t interfere as long as we weren’t killing each other!!! I have a feeling it’s the same at the Jolie-Pitts!!

Candor33 on

I am absolutely amazed that so many celebrities are harrassed by people out to make money off assaulting children. Suri Cruise is in distress in many shots. People do their best to hide/protect children and still the lawmakers do not make it illegal to stalk children, as is the case in France. What is wrong with our nation to allow this?

tara on

Yes, we all love to see these beautiful children, but really, as a parent, I have to say I would punch any paparazzi that came near my children and that is putting it mildly. It’s just plain wrong. Parents are protective and I don’t blame any celebrity a bit for wanting some privacy for their family.

Kate on

The First Amendment doesn’t just apply to media he likes! We are headed down a slippery slope when we start limit freedom of the press to appease certain classes of citizens.

GroundRules on

Brad has no problems with them taking pics of his kids, he has a problem with the way they go about taking the pics. They can take pics with the long lens they have, but they refuse to do so. They have broken onto his property more than once. Broke into the hospital room and tried to bore hole thru the ceiling. Is that okay? Does the first amendment cover this too?

Jamie on

There is freedom of the press (tabloids, though nasty, inaccurate and lie through their teeth are examples of the worst part of that amendment) and there is harrasment and law breaking. He was very specific about what he did not like and that was have paparrazi dressing in camo and breaking into his property as happened in France. Many children who have cameras stuck in their faces look distressed or are in tears, which is just plain wrong.

He has asked that they use long lenses, not scream or get in their faces. He also was clear that being photographed while working was fine.

I agree that being a loud, pushy paparazzi is a strange job and getting glee from embarassing or harassing people is bizarre. Being an entertainment photographer is something all together different and he made that distinction.

Kate on

The First Amendment does not protect breaking into private property. That is already illegal, whether it is done by the media or not. Laws like those in France that prohibit taking pictures of certain individuals are what violate freedom of the press.

Joeanne on

Slippery slope? The First Amendment does not allow you to break the law. Paparazzi have scaled fences to break onto his property on multiple occassions, attempted to drill a hole through the ceiling of Angelina’s hospital room, have bribed hospital staff for confidential health records, have stalked the children at their schools, and have chased down his car to get pictures.

Brad and Angelina have always asked the paparazzi to take pictures at a distance and to not call out their childrens names. To me, this is a reasonable request.

Bell on

I feel uncomfortable seeing candid pictures of Zahara when she clearly looks angry or scared because of the paparazzi. Same with Suri, she looks scared because of the flashes and the noise.

Brad’s told them to take long lens shots but the paparazzi continue to get up close and shout in the kids’ faces.

It’s not okay when paparazzi hide and campout on someone’s property like they did in France. It’s not okay when they fly helicopters over people’s homes or hide in trees to get balconey shots.

We also have to remember when the paparazzi chase these celebrities, they are also endangering the public with their erratic driving skills and they often push and shove strangers to get their money shot. It’s not a safe situation for anyone involved.

JM on

I agree with him there should be laws. These children didn’t ask to be born into this kind of lifestyle. Paparazzi should only be allowed to photograph the parents when out and about without the kids or atleast refrain from getting anywhere near them or speak to them. I think it frightens the kids. And as many are probably used to it by now it’s just not fair that kids like Suri, Kingston and Violet have to always feel like they’re being bombarded when doing simple things like heading to school or a toy store with their mommy’s and daddy’s. I like CBB and as long as its around I’ll read it – but if it ever got shut down do to a law against photographing kids I’d be completely fine with that as well. Maybe all the celeb parents should get together and start a law.

Jess on

I can fully understand Brad, and have much respect that he does not mask his feelings on the media’s erratic behaviour around his children.

Every time he takes his babies out, he is risking their lives more than normal because of the paps. It’s not fair on the children.

Yes, the attention comes with being famous but when it concerns your children and their safety, its a whole different matter.

I think there definitely should be some law against paparazzi taking pictures of celebrity babies. Like they have to be 10 meters away or something, or they cannot use flash or shout children’s names.

On a happier not, it’s a beautiful interview, it makes me all warm inside hearing Brad speak about his and Angie’s children! Such a gorgeous, cute family. Angelina and Brad have inspired me to adopt from overseas…despite all the negativity I’ve heard from various other people!

MB on

I feel bad for the celebs’ kids. I wonder if a law hasn’t been passed b/c many people seem to have the attitude that the celebs “asked” for this by being celebrities. And while sometimes I think it’s silly for celebrities to complain about being photographed when they go out to places like The Ivy, I totally understand them being upset about being harassed and about their kids being photographed. I’m glad CBB adopted the policy to not use pics where the parents are trying to hide their kids.

Artemis on

That part with paps calling kids’ names is really creepy! Poor kids.
I gave up reading gossip sites a long time ago, I just look at People and this Blog. I don’t understand why no laws are passed to protect kids from paps. No wonder celebs end up in physical fights with them every now and then. I would punch any strange man who calls my kids’ name! (I dont have kid though)

LolaCola on

GroundRules those were just rumors. Don’t you think that if someone had broke into Angie’s hospital room or was caught drilling a hole into her wall it would have been on every news program and magazine. There was security outside her door for Christ’s sake.
First of all those things are illegal and the paps do get punished when they are caught doing something illegal such as scaling the fences of private property to get a pic.
Second of all while celeb kids don’t ask for this lifestyle it is up to their parents to adjust that lifestyle (such as Bruce and Demi moving to Utah) to protect their kids. Don’t get me wrong sometimes the paps are to aggressive. For example I’ve seen episodes of TMZ where the paps are screaming Kingston Kingston or Lourdes Lourdes over here. I just kept asking myself when did these kids become celebs.
However, I’m not gong to act like I don’t contribute to the cycle because these celeb baby blogs and magazines all buy the pics from the agencies.

GroundRules on

LolaCola – It is NOT rumor, AJ said so in an interview recently. The paps did go on their property in France in camo gear to get pictures of them with the twins.
Brad had to threaten to sue if pics of them on the grounds of their home were published just to get them to stop taking pics.

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- Actually no, they weren’t just rumors. Angie said those things herself in a recent interview. However, it sounded like she may have been speaking theoretically, or just giving examples of what the paps would LIKE to do.

DiamondGirl on

Why are people blaming the First Amendment for things that happened in France?

There are lots of celebrity parents who seem able to protect their kids a little more than these two do.

You can’t send the mixed message that you will sell pictures of your children, but no one else can take them.

By setting their price at millions of dollars, they are the ones who make the pics worth that much.

Look at Gwen, Nicole, Naomi, the Afflecks – they didn’t make money off their kids, and they’re able to live a little more normally.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and yes, GroundRules is correct about the paps breaking into their property in France. They supposedly even went as far as to take a picture of Pax playing in a pond…completely naked (Pax was naked, I mean, not the paps!).

In anycase, the news about the paps in cameo gear breaking into the J-Ps property even made PEOPLE’s website!

taegan on

Actually Lolacola, they were NOT rumours!

With the camouflage thing, the paps were questioned by French police. There were some pics of them too. Even CNN covered it!

With flying helicopters over property, the Nice Aviation Authority had to tighten the laws on who could rent helicopters and how LOW they could fly. Why? Because some paps had decided this was their best way of getting pics of Angie in her hospital room.

Finally Angie said recently that paps were caught trying to drill a hole into her hospital room. There are pics also of paps on adjacent rooftops trying to take pics into the rooms that they believed her to be in.

As for the kids:
You just have to look at Suri, Zahara, Shiloh and even Kingston to know that what the paps are doing is NOT right!

If they need the pics, fine take them with long lenses.

First Amendment??? Really Kate! What about those kids rights?

brooke on

Some celebrities who like to be private, keep their kids out of the spotlight when young. Zoe kravitz grw up with lenny kravitz and lisa bonet as parents, rarely saw her until now that she is older, same with lisa marie presley 2 children and i’m sure same will go with her twibs, demi moore’s kids we didn’t see much of when young either. We don’t see michael douglas and catherine zeta jones kids, so there’s celebrities that keep their lives private. But you can’t take pics like brad did of his kids and have them in a magazine to promote a movie and than get pissed when paparazzi take pictures. You gotta decide are your private or not. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to get close up to kids though, but it is there job and everybody in this world needs to make a living. Celebrities love for people to go see their movies, buy their cds, pose in magazines with their kids, well paparazzi are people too with families and this is their way of income.

Joeanne on

Look at Gwen, Nicole, Naomi, the Afflecks – they didn’t make money off their kids, and they’re able to live a little more normally.

Diamondgirl, I respectfully disagree. Are you really trying to compare these celebrities to Brad and Angelina? The only other celebrities who have it as bad if not worse than them are Tom and Katie and Britney. Before any pictures were ever sold to any magazine, the celebrities I listed were hounded (4 of them even before children came into the picture). Before it was even confirmed Angelina was pregnant for the first time, CNN began filming a piece called “Chasing Angelina”. Before Shiloh was even born New York Magazine hired Brad and Angelina look-a-likes holding a baby doll and put them on the cover. Inside the magazine there was a 4-5 page article about the coming births of baby Jolie-Pitt and baby Cruise. Again all before any pictures were sold to People. All before Suri graced the cover of Vogue or was it Vanity Fair complete with info on where to buy her designer frocks. When did any of the celebrities you listed have this kind of frenzy paid to the birth of their children? Never Oh and for the record Gwen and Gavin sold the first pictures of Kingston to OK Magazine. By your logic they too deserve to have paparazzi commit illegal acts to get pictures of their children. Same with Reese and Ryan and Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts and Jason Batemen who has his daughter on huge Gap billboards and…get my point?

CelebBabyLover on

DiamondGirl- Angie very recently explained the reason behind selling pictures of their children. She said “Either we’re going to have these type of people make that kind of money off our children or we’re going to say that there’s something really wrong with that so what can we do about it. Then we find a real positive…something we can make positive and do something where in turn it does some good and makes us feel okay about it all. So it’s really that instead of…it’s a response to this other thing that we have to counter.”

I also want to point out that Angie and Brad did NOT make money off Shiloh, Pax, or the twins when they sold their first photos. They gave the money to charity.

Also, I don’t think Brad is saying “Don’t take pictures of my kids!” He has said in the past that he wishes the paps would use a long lens and not get right up in the kids’ faces shouting their names.

And as for Gwen, Naomi, Nicole, and Jen and Ben: Maybe Nicole’s (and to clear things up for anyone who might be confused, I’m pretty sure you were referring to Nicole Kidman) and Naomi’s families have a bit more privacy, but the Stefani-Rossdales (who, BTW, DID sell Kingston’s first photos to OK Magazine.) and the Afflecks, especially the Afflecks, definently do not!

I mean, Violet gets photographed being brought to and from school, for crying out loud! I wouldn’t call that a “more normal life”!

CelebBabyLover on

Joeanne- Suri’s debut was in Vanity Fair. 🙂

MB on

LolaCola, the JPs HAVE moved! They don’t live in LA. They have a base in New Orleans and some other places across the world, I’m sure to try to give their kids a more normal life. However, as some other posters have pointed out, the JPs are HUGE celebrities and really aren’t going to get peace from the paps anywhere.

JM on

Brooke the difference is that celebs kids like Lisa Marie’s or Lenny Kravitz is that the paparazzi internet blog world didn’t really exist back when those kids were babies! The craze has only circulated I’d say in the last 7 or 8 years and especially since babies like Suri and Shiloh were born has it become somewhat out of control.
You didn’t see photos of celebs kids in the 80’s and early 90’s because there was no market for them. For some reason the world has now become obsessed with celebs and their kids.
I always said when you become a celebrity the fame comes with it and it’s not always great but it’s something you need to deal with. However that does not hold true for the kids of celebrities who were born into it without being asked what it is they’d like.

But I will agree there are ways to not bring attention to yourself or your family and keep them away from the spotlight it’s just not the same for people like Angie and Brad, Gwen and Gavin, and Tom and Katie I guess because of who they are.

Jana on

Brad stated in an interview that for some odd reason, his family is not hounded by the paps etc in New Orleans and that was very important to them.

Tanya on

I feel like Brads just blowing of some steam because for the last three years paps has been chasing his kids, and he has held his frustration over this to himself, but suddenly it has reached a level where he just cant hold it back anymore, and so hes screaming out his anger over the kids situation, and hes got a right to complain caus thats the only thing he can do, trying to make the paps feel guilty about what they are doing to his little kids, scaring or hurting them..
But no matter what happens I`m not gonna stop looking at photos of his children. Its alright to complain,Brad but dont believe people will stop showing interest in your family, looking at your kids photos in websites like this babyblog. The only thing that eventually is going to stop the paps from photographing your kids is simply to stop adding a new child to your brood every year. It will take a couple of years, but eventually the media will get tired of your family and let you live more of a normal familylife..

Angela on

In europe Paparazzi are not allowed to take photos of the kids. Brad and Angelina sold the photos of the kids so that the paps stopped following and they gave all the money to charity, hoping these paps stop. But they are wild. They should really regulate this business in USA.