Jason, Milla and Daughters Fall Into the Gap

11/30/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Courtesy GAP

Actors Jason Bateman and Milla Jovovich pose with their daughters — Francesca Nora, 2, and Ever Gabo, 13 months — for the GAP’s Holiday campaign. Wearing the latest from the clothing chain, the little girls look especially sweet!

Francesca is Jason’s daughter with wife Amanda Anka, while Ever is Milla’s daughter with fiancΓ© Paul W.S. Anderson.

Francesca wears babyGAP’s Two-Point Patchwork Tassel Hat in Mixed Print ($16.50).

She also wears their Bright-Striped Poncho in Fair Isle Girl ($30).

Click ‘More’ for a photo of Milla and Ever and to get fashion info!

Courtesy GAP

Ever wears babyGAP’s Fair lsle Sweater One-Piece in Admiral Red ($39.50).

She also wears Fair Isle Booties in Pink Azalea ($19.50).

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Angela on

That is just too cute! I think I might be making a purchase soon πŸ™‚

Alice on

Oh my gosh, those are two beautiful little girls!

Ashleigh on

These are ssoo sweet, But what bugs me is both children arnt making eye contact with the camera(prob due to busy set. And in 1 the poncho is all bunched up.. hahah sorry im a photographer too. The no eye contact bugs me so bad in ads.

but i really like the poncho and hat. I know what my friends baby is getting for xmas lol!

Rayan on

How cute!!! Francesca looks like a little doll!!! And she’s got some Shiloh JP lips on her =>

brooklyn on

Ever is too cute! I love her name as well.

JM on

Francesca is so gorgeous!!!

mp on

Not only are the babies too cute for words, but it’s so important that fathers are shown involved with their children. Jason is terrific at this.

Anais on

Those are precious pictures. Too bad it’s for Gap, a company that has been in trouble about child labour.

Allison on

Ashleigh, as far as I know they’re both making eye contact with the camera. What adorable ads!

Nic on

Beauty overload….the parents and the babies! Stunning!

TracyG on

I am also a photographer and I think the photos are darling!!! Toddlers very rarely can focus at the lens, it’s too hard for them.

Francesca is ADORABLE!!! She looks just like her Daddy! And Ever is precious too!

Nikka on

Ashleigh you may be the photographer although im not sure how experienced but im on the receiving end and im an experienced ad-receiver, and they look to me like they are making the eye contact.

sinclair on

ashleigh, photography is not always about making eye contact. as a photog, surely you know that…

anyway, sometimes with little ones you take whatever shot you can get. and is she wearing baby ‘skinny jeans?’ yikes.

melanie on

whats it matter where they’re looking they’re ADORABLE!

MamaVeronique on

Those little girls are the sweetest things! Fran has amazing features, she has beautiful eyes and cheeks and her mouth is so cute, and Ever is absolutely beautiful! Milla and Jason are looking stunning as well! And really, when you have a photo like this, who cares if the baby is looking at the camera? She could be looking anywhere and she could pull it off.


Frannie is my FAVORITE by far of any celebrity babies in regards to her looks. She’s got the most precious face I’ve ever seen…her eyes, her lips, her skin tone, THAT HAIR!…she’s perfect (in my opinion). When I have kids I hope they look like her πŸ˜€

Michelle on

What beautiful little girls. I love the boots that Ever is wearing. And Francesca looks just like her daddy!

CelebBabyLover on

Rayan- ITA about the Shiloh lips. I’d even like to add to that and say that Frannie has defiently got some Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt lips (if you look at the twins’ debut photos, they’ve definently inherited their mother’s lips as well, especially Viv!)! πŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s funny, because in a photo of Ever posted about a month ago (the one of her in a blue harness/leash/baby walker/whatever you want to call it), I thought she looked a lot like Shiloh.

However, in these photos, I think it’s Frannie who looks like Shiloh! In fact, something about her reminds me of a young Angelina (not saying that Angie’s old, by any means! By “a young Angie”, I meant Angie as a toddler)!

MomOfJake on

These 2 babies are definite cutie patooties! Like they were ripped out of a porcelain doll catalogue! Francesca’s outfit is absolutely arodable!

Siobahn on

Francesca is in my opinion one of THE most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen! Those eyes, those cheeks, those rosy little lips! Beautiful!
I hope my babies are as beautiful when I start having them! :]

Bancie1031 on

Francesca and Ever looks like porcein dolls in these pictures! How cute! I have just never noticed it before and how to point it out …. Also Francesca and Ever look like sisters in these pics ….. WOW ….. Milla looks great also ……

Bancie1031 on

LOL MomOfJake I see you had the same opinion as me …. unfortunately I didn’t read the post before I added my first post …..

I like the way they kindof are looking besided the camera instead of directly at the lens …..

Francesca does have the Jolie pout in this picture … and I love her curls πŸ˜€

Ever also kindof has the Jolie pout in this picture also ….. but it looks more like her mommy’s mouth πŸ™‚

Rye on

I think Francesca is adorable! She looks soooooooo much like her daddy! It’s so cute! Ever, in my opinion, is one of the most BEAUTIFUL babies I have ever seen. She looks like a perfect little doll!

heartache on

i think fran and ever are both adorable, and i think theyre parents are really gorgeous. however, unlike most of u, i think ever looks more like shiloh here.

Philippa on

Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. The girls look stunning and the outfits are just too adorable!

TracyG on

I have to disagree with you CelebrityBabyLover…(for the FIRST TIME EVER! LOL)I don’t see any Jolie in either baby, but that’s just me.

I think Frannie looks like Jason’s sister Justine Bateman. She could be her double! πŸ™‚

Valerie on

TracyG- I completely agree, I think Francesca looks so much like her aunt, Justine Bateman!

Candice on

I’m a photographer too and I think the photos are stunning. Eye contact is overrated.

LolaCola on

Can we not compare other babies to Shiloh like she is the pinnacle of beauty. She looks like almost every other pretty blonde hair blue eyed baby I’ve seen.

Francesca and Ever are both gorgeous babies and have their own individual features. They don’t have Shiloh’s lips, they have their own beautiful full lips they probably inherited from their own gene pool.

rb on

Frannie looks like an old soul. Her face does not look like a baby’s face. Striking, none the less.

Artemis on

She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve seen that I can remember! Looks like an angel and so much like her mom.

Jennifer on

Francesca is one gorgeous little girl! She looks just like a porcelain doll in this photo. She definitely inherited her Daddy’s genes and looks so much like her Aunt Justine.

And little Ever is such a cutie pie!

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- Obviously I can’t speak for everyone else, but I, personally, wasn’t trying to “compare” Ever or Frannie to Shiloh, nor do I try to do that with any other baby.

However, whenever I see full lips like Frannie and Ever’s, I can’t help but be reminded of Shiloh, since she does have those uniquely full lips. Not many other celeb babies do.

That said, I wasn’t trying to say that Ever and/or Frannie are cuter than Shiloh or vice-versa. I was just saying that they have lips very similar to the “Jolie lips” that Shiloh, Knox, and Viv have. Speaking of which, I also wasn’t referring to just Shiloh when I talked about Ever’s and Frannie’s full lips. I was also “comparing” (if you want to use that word) their lips to Knox and Vivienne’s.

In any case, I also want to say that I disagree that Shiloh looks like any (or even almost any) other blonde-haired, blue-eyed toddler. I’ve seen plenty of blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls Shiloh’s age, and most of them look nothing like Shiloh (which makes sense, as they don’t have the same genetics that Shiloh does!).

Does that mean that Shiloh is cuter than those toddlers? Of course not! All babies and toddlers are cute in their own way, and all, in my opinion, have their own unique look! πŸ™‚

SAR on

Francesca is an absolutely beautiful little girl. Ever is just precious.

Jenn on

They are both such beautiful girls. Both sets of parents should be so proud. They are just georgous and happy children!

Bri on

Francesca looks like a little porcelain doll :o)

Mary on

Two of the cutest celeb baby girls out there! adorable ads. πŸ™‚

FC on

Francesca has such beautiful eyes, and she and Ever look like two little cherubs. They have such cherubic faces.
They’re two little Gap cherubs! πŸ˜‰

Mowgli on

MORE Ever!!!