Christina Aguilera Finds Friendship With Fellow Mom Nicole Richie

11/27/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
Arnaldo Magnani/Getty

With their 10 ½-month-old babies born a day apart, it is only fitting that songstress Christina Aguilera would befriend Nicole Richie to not only share their first-time experiences as new mothers, but to seek advice — one celebrity mom to another! The opportunity to meet each other presented itself after mutual friends introduced the pair and although Christina — mom to son Max Liron —  admits that she "didn’t know much about Nicole" prior to the meeting, she was instantly "blown away with how great of a mom she is" to her daughter Harlow Winter Kate. Inspired by Nicole’s parenting skills, the 27-year-old singer shares she often looks to her new friend for tips!

"I actually ask her for advice because she has a lot of great things that she does for her little one. She’s even a little more stricter with battery operated toys and what not, she’s a great woman."

Max is Christina’s son with her husband Jordan Bratman while Harlow is Nicole’s daughter with rocker Joel Madden.

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Lisa on

awwww both Max and Harlow are absolutly adorable and i love seeing pictures of them! I really believe that nicole richie has turned her life around and i think joel is the perfect man for her. I think she can learn a lot about a great relationship by watching Christina and her husband Jordan interact. Having said that I think Nicole is an amazing mom to Harlow and prboboly can teach christina a lot! They both seem like such wonderful moms! The only thing i am confused about is how Joel mentioned that Harlow doesn’t have any celebrity baby friends, and how that Harlow will probobly play with ashlee simpsons baby, but hopefully now max and harlow and bronx can play all together!

Nikka on

I would be interested in hearing about those great things Nicole does for her daughter !! Anyone knows?

Alice on

WellNikkabattery operated toys so maybe it means Nicole finds other kinds of games and activities? or tips, like baby music or a special game or routine?

sadie on

I’m a little confused over why Nicole is so anti battery operated toys? Of course that shouldn’t be ALL they play with, but they are hardly going to stunt a baby’s growth! At the moment my 11-month-old son loves his Sesame Street boom box, in addition to his wooden toys and playing outside on the grass and in the sandpit. I just find it weird that this is one of the reasons Christina thinks Nicole is such a good mother?!

sarah on

sadie i didnt get the impression that she was anti battery operated toys, just that shes stricter about them so maybe shes limiting the number that harlow has???

Angela on

I think it is a sweet comment from one mom to another. I think sometimes women forget to compliment each other and point out one another’s strengths. Kudo’s to Christina! I know I love it when someone is telling me I’m doing a good job!

sadie on

Hi Sarah, I probably should have clarified – in addition to this comment I was also thinking of an article I read recently (I think it was in People) where Nicole also said something about not letting Harlow play with battery operated toys (I believe the quote was, “there’s plenty to enjoy in nature” or something to that effect – though I am pregnant, so my memory isn’t the sharpest!). I’m not having a go at Nicole, in fact I admire her dedication… but IMO being strict with battery operated toys isn’t what springs to mind when I think of what it means to be a good mother.

michelle on

It is interesting to see someone else comment about not exposing their children to battery operated toys. I believe in the mind set of “active children need passive toys” and have found that when I give my son simple toys that involve him having to play with them more concretly (ie. he just can’t push a button and the lights and music come on), his attention span is longer and he is more focused. Of course, there is nothing wrong with battery operated toys, but there is a benefit to letting little ones explore their environment in a more meaningful way. Kudos to Nicole!

Terri on

What does being strict with battery operated toys have to do with being a good mom?

Still it’s nice they are sharing advice.

sarah on

oh now i see where you are coming from Sadie i must have missed that article!

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, Christina didn’t say Nicole’s a great mom. She said that she’s a great WOMAN!

ews on

Hmm, I have seen photos of the two of them showing each other their engagement rings cause they got engaged around the same time (Nicole to DJ AM).

sadie on

Celeb Baby Lover – uh, how about –
“Blown away with how great of a mom she is”
In any case, sorry, I don’t think the measure of a great mother OR woman is being strict and/or banning electronic toys! (as Nicole mentioned in her previous People article – “no electronic toys”). I’m sure Nicole is a great mother and woman, it was just an odd example. It kind of puts it out there that if you do let your kids play with battery operated toys, you’re somehow less of a mother or don’t fit the mould of a “great” mother (or woman, although I think it’s pretty clear from the quote that Christina IS talking about Nicole’s mothering abilities).

T on

Maybe she was saying that she’s a great mom because she loves and cares for her child in a mature and involved way especially with Nicole’s wild child history. I’m pretty sure Christina was saying she is a great mom on more than just the fact that she restricts her childs involvment with battery operated toys. Sounds like some people were offended that the women was complimented at all???

Nicole on

i think you all are taking christinas comment way too much to heart. shes just saying that SHE admires the way Nicole is mothering.

In no way is Christina stating that if you let your kids play with battery operated toys, youre less of a parent. You guys got off subject of the heart of the interview.

Silvermouse on

I totally understand what Christina is talking about. Nothing makes a child madder than receiving a toy for Christmas and not having batteries for it haha.

babyboopie on

It’d be so cute if Harlow and Max had a double joint parter, with a music theme as it’d suit Joel, Nicole, Christina and Jordan down to the ground!

Lynn on

I think it’s great she is strict about it! What a way to keep them all connected to The Tao~I wish I could do that more!! This materialistic world is extremely fast paced and two faced!

brooke on

Harlow and max are both so cute, they should date in the future lol. Nicole and christina are such cute trendy moms, love them both.

terri on

I agree with Nicole’s post.