A-Rod's Girls Enjoy Dinner with Dad

11/26/2008 at 11:30 AM ET

After dinner at Houston’s Restaurant in Miami Beach on Tuesday evening, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez walked back to the car with ex-wife Cynthia and their daughters, Natasha Alexander, 4, and Ella Alexander, 7 months.

This is the first time we’ve seen Ella since her April birth!

Natasha is wearing Kea + Joby’s tie skirt in pink ($32).

Click ‘More’ for two additional photos of the family.

Splash News Online
Splash News Online

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D on

Wow. those pics are cute and sad at the same time. I am glad that both parents are able to hang out for the kids sake. Cynthia looks amazing!

St├ęph on

They seem to be in good terms, which is great for the girls. Nathasha and Ella are such cuties! Is Cynthia’s maiden name Alexander? Is that why the girls middle names are both Alexander?

Erica Ann on

Cynthia has really toned arms!! It’s great to see the family out together.

Bela on

So sad this family had to break up. I feel so bad for their little girls.

Randi on

Coming from a family with divorced parents it’s great to see that these two can still pull it together for their children. I love the last picture I can’t tell if he is looking at her or the little girl. It would be great if we could see this family be together again.

Becky on

My gosh those girls are tall!

Becky on

Steph – I think their middle name is Alexander after their dad. I am sure his full name is Alexander. I don’t know for sure if that is the case, but that’s my guess…:)

Astrid24 on

Steph- the middle name is for their father, Alex. It’s not Cynthia’s maiden name.

Jennifer on

Such cute little girls!

Ellie Parker on

This is what THANKGIVING is
going to be like tomorrow..

With his family…that is why
you never see him with other

thanks celebrity baby blog
for the photos…

brooklyn on

I have to say, with all of the negative things I have read that Cynthia has written lately, I am truly surprised to see them together…but it is good for the girls, and they are the most important thing!

bridget on

cute girls. wonder how his wife feels about him flying to Miami with Madonna? sorry ex-wife.

dawn on

I’m glad to see pictures of them being a family. that’s why I LOVE cbb! I’ve seen so many recent pictures surface of him with madonna exiting a plane. who knows what’s going on? they’re probably just good friends.

Lacey on

It’s great that they seems to have a modest relationship, for the kids sake.

mslewis on

Having a “good” relationship is the least they can do for their babies.

lola on

wow natasha is a so pretty and ella is soooo cute ! nice to see them out an about

brooklyn on

It’s great to see them out together with the kids!!! It’s unfortunate they couldn’t work things out, but I’m sure for the girls, they lovebeing with their parents together. And both the girls are adorable =)

Lilly on

Let’s hope all those supposed emails and comments from “sources” are just fake or lies.

They seem to be getting along and putting aside their issues for the sake of their children. Good for them. Hope that his relationship with his little girls and his ex stays on good terms.

brooke on

The girls are so cute, they look like a mix of both parents but more cynthia IMO. Too bad alex couldn’t stay faithful to his wife and family, but the girls are adorable and dressed so cute

Bancie1031 on

Wow Alex and Cynthia’s girls are definitely pretty. I haven’t seen his children before, thanks for the pictures. IMO both girls look like Cynthia.

Karen on

For those wondering about the girls middle name Cynthia is Greek and per Greek heritage children are given their fathers first name as their middle name.

Bancie1031 on

That’s not correct, no not all greek children have their father’s first name as a middle name ….. I know per Greek heritage the first born son has to be named after the Father and Grandfather (on the dad’s side). I will have to ask my neighbor (her husband is Greek) tomorrow about the daughter’s though.