Camila Alves Snuggles With Son in Brazil

11/21/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

After returning to work by modeling on the runways of Barcelona recently, Camila Alves was spotted kicking back with 4-month old son Levi in her native Brazil.

While dad Matthew McConaughey stayed behind in Malibu, mother and son enjoyed a visit with Camila’s family, where we’re sure he absorbed lots of Portuguese! Camila, 25, has spoken of her heritage, telling BabyCenter,

"Being bilingual is so important for the baby. He’s going to know allhis American roots, but he also needs to know about his Brazilian side."

See Camila and other catwalkin’ mamas in our Model Moms Gallery!

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Linney on

OMG! i can’t get over how just insanely adorable he is!!! SOOOOOO SOOOOO cute!!!

Stephanie on

He is just too cute!!! He is adorable!!!

Cassandra on

He looks so much like his mother, but he has a lot of his dad in him too. What an adorable baby!

LΓ©a on

He is really really cute !
And camilla is beautiful as always !


What a gorgeous,sweet and cute little man!He’s growing up really fast!I can’t believe is already 4 months!

Brooke on

He is cute but he looks exactly like his mother, I can’t anything of Matthew in him so far.

Philippa on

He is adorable!

T on

I thought that was Lisa Bonet!

Jae on

Wow, what an adorable little guy he’s turning out to be! It’s no wonder since his parents are gorgeous. lol I have to say, I can’t see any of his daddy just yet. Right now he looks all Mom to me but who knows what changes are in store for him. Kids change so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime down the road I thought he favored his father more. Either way, he’s super cute. πŸ™‚

Bethy on

Wow, he looks like Mom! And it’s great that she’s raising him to be bilingual…he’ll be a smart lil boy!

brooke on

That baby looks exactly like his mom, and nothing like matthew. If the post didn’t say it was matthew’s son, I wou

Doreen on

That baby is ALL Mama!! πŸ™‚

brooke on

The baby is a clone of the mom, and if the post didn’t say it was matthew’s son, you would never know because he really looks nothing like him.

Crystal on

He looks so much like her! What a cutie!

Bancie1031 on

OMG look how big Levi has gotten! We haven’t seen Levi in a while now …… Levi looks just like Camila (her mini me). It must have been hard for Matthew to stay back while Camila and Levi traveled to Brazil.

Stella on

As a Brazilian, I will tell you that whenever Brazilian have children with a man who is not Brazilian….99% of the time the child ends up looking Brazilian. I’m not sure if the saying behind “strong genes” is accurate but its something that I have found to be true for the many many many Brazilians whom I know that had children with Americans.

Adorable baby πŸ™‚

Alice on

What a cute picture! levi is a gorgeous little darling!!

sat on

I gotta say, this one makes the ovaries ache πŸ˜‰

natasha on

He’s so cute! I see Matthew in him, i think its the eyes!

Olivia` on

wow! Levi is so cute.
Camila looks great!
this is so cool she wants him to be bilingual!

Renata on

He is so cuteeeeeeeee !!!!
Well I am brazilian(brunette) and my husband is american,my baby is white,and have blue eyes and a lot of black hair πŸ™‚
He doesnt look like me it all LOL…

Shirelle on

He is So Cute

Leonardo on

Matthew McConaughey is IN BRAZIL too.

Mia on

He is a cutie. He looks just like his mommy, but I see a little bit of Matthew in the eyes, and maybe the smile.

From a quick glance, Camila looks a little bit like Kim Kardashian.

babyboopie on

I have blond hair,brown eyes and I am 5″1 – my son’s father is 6″, muscular (sturdy) and he has thick black hair and the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. My son is the spitting image of him but his hair is fair, light brown. I think if you have strong genes, the more likely your baby will look like you.

Aitch on

Oh My! Looks like mama!

Anne on

It seems that “dark” genese tend to carry over to the children more readily…dark brown hair, dark eyes. However, of course, this is completely untrue of me (red hair, green eyes) and my sisters (blond hair, blue eyes) and our parents, my mother having very dark brown hair and eyes and our father being a pale blond, bright blue eyed guy. Its just funny how it works out! My husband has brown hair and hazel eyes, and our daughter is blue eyed with light blond hair. However, he was blond until he was about 7 or 8…so, we’ll see.

Mia on

genetics are strange.

I (also) have red hair and green eyes, my moms’ family have red hair/blue eyes-and my dad’s family has dark hair/brown eyes. My mom has very light skin, and my dad has olive/tan coloring.

Yet, my brother/I both are pale skin, red hair, green eyes (his are more blue than mine).

Sokolata_mou on

The baby looks like Lisa Bonet too..

Brazil is a country in S. America. Portuguese is the language. But you can be any color Brazillian. Calla is black and she has Portuguese blood also.

Remember a bit more than half of Brazil’s population are of African decent and mixed with Portuguese.

The baby looks more like her because she has strong genes.

Levi is really cute..