Suri Cruise Spies a Snowglobe!

11/20/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

A smiley Katie Holmes shows daughter Suri Cruise, 2 ½, a snowglobe while out at Rockefeller Center in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. It was a chilly day, and Suri was dressed for the weather in a Burberry jacket and jeans! In the city for mom’s role in All My Sons, the family had traveled to Los Angeles over the weekend to celebrate Tom Cruise and Katie’s second wedding anniversary.

For more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie check out our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

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phoebe on

Girl after my own heart, I love the snowglobes, my Christmas one comes out every year, it’s an integral part of the season lol. I like to pretend that it’s for my daughter but I’m lying :).

psa on

Suri just makes me smile.She is gorgeous and so is Katie.Thanks for the updates!

Bren on

The first picture is so sweet…it melts my heart!

Jeans and a jacket on Suri…yay What are is she going to be critize on now? she is not wearing a hat, gloves, a scarf? lol



Brandi on

So sweet! She gets cuter and cuter.



Trish on

OMG Suri is wearing fur! j/k! I think she looks cute as per usual. I love her jeans and shoes. She is such a little princess and is at the perfect age to discover what the holidays are all about.

TracyG on

Love that first shot! She is so darling!!!

Yep, she’s in pants and a heavy coat, so what are the naysayers going to rag on about now?

Kate on

It’s great to see Suri looking warm & happy! Can’t say much about Katie’s outfit, but it looks like she & Suri were having a nice time.

Stedine on


She is also missing earmuffs and snow boots. LOL.

The nitpickers will probably move on to Katie

Suri is just so cute and I love it when she smiles

MB on

i love how CBB put right in the post that suri is dressed for the weather! maybe now people will calm down. :-p and i agree, 2 is such a great age around the holidays, when kids can start to grasp the excitement and meaning.

Becky on

I really do not like Katie’s hair. Makes her look 20 years older than she is and wasn’t that do popular in the 80s? I hope she grows it out again. The first bob was cute, but I didn’t like it right when it started getting shorter. On that note…I LOVE Suri’s new do! Soooo cute.

Hannah on

Why does it not surprise me that people are coming here and literally waiting for a bad comment?! It makes me really believe what was said on the other comments, that those complaining about non-positive comments are worse than the people making the comments in the first place, comments that are actually completely within the rules here. Personally, I come here to look at the photos and get all broody about having another baby (I already have three year old girl/boy twins), not to wait for negative comments, maybe that’s just me lol.

Anyway, Katie looks lovely, I love her outfit, and Suri is a stunner as usual. Just a question for anyone ‘in the know’, do Scientologists celebrate Christmas?

Stephany on

Very cute! I love the first picture of Suri and Katie. Adorable! I also love that CBB snuck in “Suri was dressed for the weather”. Haha, that cracked me up!

brooke on

Even dressed down, suri is always dressed great. I love those type coats on little girls. Suri’s such a beautiful, well dressed child.

SH on

I agree with Hannah.

Also, I wouldn’t call people speaking up about a 2 year old child with a thin summer dress on, no tights on her legs, no sleeves on her arms, no coat…in 50 degree November weather at the park and other public places during flu season….I wouldn’t call someone a NAYSAYER for pointing that out. That’s a VALID argument and many many people agreed on that…it was not pulled out of the sky to find something wrong or negative about her parents…

And the best argument that someone could come up with to defend that was that Suri had “sensory issues” with tights and a coat. Hmmm…doesn’t look like that argument holds any water the last couple weeks since she’s been seen with more weather-appropriate clothes now…tights, leggings, a coat, etc. So it’s over now and the only people complaining are the people who were going against the valid complaints of other people! Go fig.

Jen1 on

Totally adorable. Simple as that. Adorable. 🙂

SH on

brooke, A Burberry coat is dressed DOWN? I know she LOOKS “dressed down” because she’s wearing jeans instead of a hundred-dollar dress…but her outfit, including the coat, was probably still hundreds, and I’m sure those jeans aren’t the 15 dollar kind from Walmart. Not that I have an issue with that, I’ve never cared how they spend a lot on her clothes because it’s THEIR money…

Brandi on

Yes, this is a casual look for her. Please don’t make everything an argument. Please.

Kerri on

Two points of agreement.

With Hannah & SH as far as her attire — I really doubt it was JUST to nitpick over something. It was a pretty legitimate concern and it’s pretty lame to pretty much ask for criticism.

With Brooke & Brandit — Regardless of the brands Suri is wearing, her outfit IS casual. It’s not a dress, it’s jeans.

Suri’s such a cute kid.

Bela on

Hannah, the answer is yes, they do celebrate Christmas.

Dee on

Hannah, because most of you always do make negative comments, THATS WHY!

Hannah on

Bela, thank you :).

Hannah on

Gosh Dee, I don’t comment here much at all, so I won’t take your comment personally, but I would say that the vitriol I’ve seen is largely from the people who comment on the so-called negativity, rather than the original posters. And it’s not as if the parents have been insulted, it has been pretty legit notes on Suri’s attire. I just thought it was amusing that there were people pre-complaining, just waiting for someone to say something they could jump on. And now, in response to that, people have defended themselves, and in the course of this, have left themselves open to dubious criticism. I must say, that was either coincidental or extremely clever! :).

Suri is such a sweetie, I love some of her facial expressions. I’d love to see more photos of her with Isabella and Conner.

amandamay on

Ok wow, I’m almost afraid to make my comment – I know people will be jumping down my throat for being “negative” (heaven forbid) but whatever. I’m entitled to my opinion as long as I’m not being mean…

All I wanted to say was that Suri is so freaking cute!

AND (here it comes)…

That haircut ages Katie like 20 years. If I didn’t know her and saw her on the street I’d guess she was in her 40s. Just an observation 🙂

Stedine on

I never said that you were not entitled to your opinions about Suri’s attire being inappropriate according to your standards. I just find it funny and know that a lot of bloggers on here with not be happy until Suri is bundled up from head to toe in cheap rags that they too can afford. How has it been confirmed that your complaints were valid? 60 degree and 30 degree weather are 2 totally different things and obviously she does not like it too hot as her coat is not bundled up

Wow on

She’s such a gorgeous little girl, I bet she’ll have a blast this holiday. 😀

What is it with this family, that attracts the nasty comments and bickering about how the Cruises look. Now the argument is started by people upset at people defending Suri in the past. Good Lord, how old are we all? Stop the freakin instigating already.

Kat on

One word…gorgeous!! 🙂

sigh on

Thank you, Tom and Katie, for bundling up your child.


~ Beth ~ on

@ amandamay – I totally agree about Katie’s hair. I was thinking that when I first looked at the pictures. Not that I don’t like the style, but it does age her a bit. Bur her face makes her look so young. I guess she’s trying to look “more grown-up”. Either way, I love these pictures. They both seem so happy 🙂

Charlotte on

Wow, you might want to read back over the comments, this wasn’t ‘started’ by people defending themselves, they were defending themselves because they were being pushed into making comments before anything was even said by them. I have to say, I love this family, always have done, which probably puts me in the minority, but the ‘freakin instigating’ that you mentioned, was not from the parties you were accusing.

brooke on

SH I don’t care if the coat is a burberry and the jeans are expensive, they are rich people, so i’m not expecting to see walmart clothes on suri, but it’s still a casual outfit. People always complain how she has dresses on, well she’s in jeans and a coat here. Casual clothes can be expensive too, especially if it’s nice brands, but that doesn’t change the fact they are casual type clothes, and not a dress. I have never had a problem with how they dress their child and how much they spend on her clothes. They work for their money, and unless they ask any of us for money on their kid’s clothes, it’s nobody’s business how much her coat cost.

phoebe on

Charlotte, I’m not certain that’s who Wow was accusing, but I think the people he/she was accusing were actually the same people in a roundabout way. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I struggled to understand at first who Wow meant so I hope I’ve got that right! Regardless, I actually think you’re right, because the statements that stoked the fire were made by those waiting for the negative comments, and because of that, this is how it’s started this time. I actually think that’s quite unfair, because by definition, those who complain about the negativity are now those who are, by default, encouraging it. And on that point, I agree with Hannah. It might be coincidence that it happened like that, but it was the one thing that started this whole thing once again.

The sad thing is that if EVERYONE could just have and exercise a genuine respect for each other and each other’s views, these debates would stick to the cuties in the pictures, and not turn personal.

Jane on

Suri is absolutely the most adorable child! Such a cutie!


She’s so cute…that smile just lights up a room.

Nicole on

Wow, it got started because the people who were always complaining about others commenting on Suri’s clothes were going, “Look, see she’s in proper clothes, what can you say now?!”

It’s extremely rude, frankly. While there are some people who LOOK for something negative, the fact is, people were genuinely wondering why she was dressed in summer clothes when other celebrity kids are in the same place and they’re all bundled up. They didn’t come and comment for the sole purpose of being negative – most of them went on to say that Suri looked adorable!

So now we have a post full of “what can you say now?” like someone personally attacked people, when all they were doing was wondering about how weather appropriate an outfit was. And now the post is filled with negativity, just like the other ones, because the people who usually get upset over the negativity started it.

I absolutely adore that coat on Suri – it goes great with that haircut! I like Suri’s hair this length, a little longer than when she first got it cut. She looks like she really enjoyed this outing.

Lauchis on

Suri’s a cutie, as usual =)

Also, at first glance I thought Katie was Tom in that first picture! I don’t think that hair flatters her at all.

jokerzz on

I don’t think that this website is here for people to continually attack/criticise celebrities and the way they raise their children. I honestly think it’s so popular because it shows celebs are people too that are just trying to live their own lives. It shows us that they too are human, and maybe, just maybe they make mistake with their children EG not putting a coat on them. You were not there, you didn’t see what had happened before and afterwards and most importantly it’s not your child!! Just leave Tom, Katie and Suri alone and if you want to start looking for fault with parenting and mistakes people are making why not look in your own backyard.

PS Suri is gorgeous and I have always loved Katie, although her hair isn’t doing it for me recently

Marbe on

I agree with Amandamay and Becky by saying Katie looks much older with that hair cut! She really looked stunnin with the bob. Suri is so beautiful, but I loved the pig tails!

Emily on

Does anyone else think Katie’s hair looks like Princess Diana’s famous hairstyle?

I will say, my son is the same age as Suri, almost to the day, and sometimes he fights so much about putting on a coat or jacket that some days, I just let him go cold and keep a blanket in the car! 🙂

gigi on

katie looks like tom now with that hair. she’s still pretty though so to each their own.

trudy on

I love Suri…and I love Tom & Katie. It feels so good to see such a happy, healthy family. Suri’s many facial expressions and reactions are so endearing. She makes my day and always puts a smile on my face.

TracyG on

“it was not pulled out of the sky to find something wrong or negative about her parents…”

Oh no? What about the posts that people wrote saying that CPS should be called on Katie. The posts that said that Katie wasn’t a ‘good’ mother because she didn’t “insist” that Suri needed her coat?

I am certainly not LOOKING for negativity…it comes to this family REGARDLESS of what *I* say..

And for the record, I do believe that my opinion counts just as much as the next persons. It does go BOTH WAYS. Just because I don’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean that I am looking “for negativity”

And, if there’s not allowed ANY bad comments, then people need to stop commenting on Katie’s hair, her clothes and her husband! Oh wait….that’s called it’s OK!

lala on


Kerri on

TracyG – The comments I remember about CPS being called weren’t the ones talking about how Suri should be wearing a coat. I remember people responding to those comments saying that if they were really that concerned that they should be calling CPS.

And look back over the 40+ posts on this thread…has a single one mentioned anything about Suri not being bundled up enough?

Also, with regards to Katie’s hair length, I MUCH preferred it when she had the bob. It was gorgeous. It inspired me to cut 9 inches off and rock a bob 😉

Carol on

Suri looks adorable. I would say that by commenting “Look she’s properly dressed now” people knew that she was improperly dressed before and are themselves looking for something else to be negative about.

SH on

brooke, I wasn’t trying to pick a fight – I just thought it was funny that she had a Burberry coat on and you used the words “dressed down” – I guess I took that as “cheaper” not “casual” like you were trying to portray. 🙂

Mary-Helen on

Suri’s coat is too cute! I can’t afford Burberry, but the coat is too die for!

CelebBabyLover on

I’ll admit, when I first saw that Suri was wearing a coat, my first thought was, “Thank goodness! Now no one can complain about her not wearing a coat!” And I agree with TracyG. There WERE some judgemental comments on those posts of Suri not wearing a coat (I’m not going to say any more than that, because I’d rather not start a fight!).

Anyway, I’m in the minority here…I actually like Katie’s hair! Her hair style is actually very similar to one I had for years (only mine wasn’t as “swept back”). That said, about two years ago I made the decision to grow my hair out…and I am very glad I did. I have no desire to have my hair that short again!

However, because I had short hair for so long, I completely understand why Katie seems to prefer it. Short hair is a lot easier to care for than long hair. An added bonus for Katie? Having shorter hair means less hair for little toddler hands to pull!

phoebe on

I like Katie’s hair too now, it’s grown on me lol.

And TracyG – no one claimed that CPS should be called or said that Katie is a bad mother, it was a series of observations that a lot of people made which were totally within the rules here and the people saying it, almost all totally respectfully (you are always going to find people who take it a step too far, on both sides of everything), did not deserve the abuse that was thrown at them for saying it. The point keeps being missed here though, the reason I (and others) object to your post is because you (not alone) have in the past seemingly tried to restrict what people can comment on. If you want to say ‘I think Suri looks warm enough and doesn’t need a coat’, that’s in line with the people who are saying ‘I think Suri looks cold and does need a coat’. I just feel that if you don’t want to read negative comments, don’t read them, but I wish people would stop trying to regulate what other people can say. People don’t always agree, it’s just the way it goes, but just because someone doesn’t have the same opinion as me, I wouldn’t want to deny them the right to make their point, be that point good or bad. If people would just stick to commenting on the celebrities and their babies, essentially what this site is here for and why we love it, there would be no need for the debates.

Of course, this didn’t need to happen again on this post, because no one made any negative comments. And the fact that people were sitting there waiting for the negativity makes me think some of them actually enjoy reading all the comments, despite what they may say to the contrary.

Anyway, I love the combination of Katie’s outfit and her hair, I think the shortie style she is sporting looks amazing with her younger type clothes. And of course, her doppelganger is a poppet as usual!

Gia on

I agree, I dont like Katies Hair, its like shes trying to play catch up with Toms age, or at least have a hair style that was around when Tom was her age.

Denise on

My gosh, that first image is so cute. Suri looks absolutely adorable. Her coat looks so warm and toasty. Bless her little heart.

Elizabeth on

I like Katie’s haircut. She’d probably look a little younger if she used a texture spray and roughed it up a bit. It’s not the cut itself that’s aging her, it’s the way she wears it.

Agree with TracyG on

TracyG I agree. It’s amazing how much cattiness a few can put into an “observation”. Some people are just very good at making a nasty comment but rewording it to keep it within the guidelines.

Phoebe you’re right, some people do need to stop trying to regulate what others say. I think poor TracyG feels that pain right now. It’s apparently ok for some to knock Katie and Suri’s looks (as well as other celebs out there), but it’s not ok for Tracy and a few others to back them up?