Kingston Hitches a Ride on the Luggage Cart

11/20/2008 at 12:30 PM ET

Two-year-old Kingston James McGregor Rossdale took it easy while arriving at LAX yesterday, enjoying a ride on the luggage cart courtesy of his nanny. As their Mexican vacation draws to a close, Kingston got a little upset, so mom Gwen Stefani — who was slinging 3-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock — cuddled her oldest close as they walked through the terminal.

Dad is singer/songwriter Gavin Rossdale. Want more Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma? Check out the Stefani-Rossdale Family Photo Album!

Neill J. Schutzer/Ramey

Kingston wears Ugg chestnut boo booties ($50) and Old Navy pajama pants.

Click ‘More’ for a second photo with Gwen.

Neill J. Schutzer/Ramey

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Lou on

aah they’re so cute! such a lovely family x

kim on

Gwen looks pretty tired, being back home might be a relief. Kingston will be happy to get back to his familar surroundings.

MizMolly on

I see young Mr. Rossdale is sporting the robot pj bottoms from Old Navy. My son has the same set. Robots are way cool.

Sara on

I saw these photos on Just Jared or somewhere and Kingston is crying and reching for his mom.

Jared Smythe on

It reminds me of Lucianna and
her daughters..They are the
same age..

Jean on

Miz Molly, I clicked comments to say the same thing! My son has those Old Navy robot jammies too – probably in the same size as Kingston – 3T. 🙂

JM on

It’s funny how in one picture they look so grown up in and in the next picture they don’t!! I do love Kingston’s slippers (shoes)!


There’s other pictures of him BALLING his little eyes out. Other sites say he was upset because of the Paps. I feel so horrible for them…really when Paps are upsetting children something needs to be done. I’m usually pro paps because I think you go into acting/being famous knowing you lose your anonymity…but the children didn’t ask for this and they didn’t “go into it knowing before hand”.

He’s such a cute boy

Jennifer on

If you go to x17online you will see other pictures from this time. But poor Kingston is crying.. I feel the paps should back off, especially because she is holding two of her children. And they scared Kingston and the poor kid was in tears and was all red. You never see that kid crying really. He is so precious. I mean, when do you really cross the line?? Its neither safe or right to be in the face of a mother and her two young kids. If their famous or not! Poor Gwen.. I feel for her and she kept her cool too. I would of went nuts!! I applaud her!!

Bancie1031 on

Awww that’s a sweet picture (of Gwen holding Zuma and Kingston). I can’t believe how big Kingston has gotten.

Meesh on

I have to say that Kingston is the cutest celeb baby right now. Gwen and Gavin have some serious beauty genes going on. How could they not have gorgeous kids? I can’t wait to see how Zuma matures.

Allison on

That is just plan wrong. Gwen is juggling her kids trying to comfort Kingston and the paps are still taking pics like nothing is wrong. Not even cool. Also if you loook at the other pics the way Gwens jaw is drawn up, you can tell she wants to hurt someone. I give her props for keeping her cool, I wouldnt have been able to.

Andi on

On just jarred there are even people like 5 inches from her face taking pictures. I know it would be cool & all to see Gwen but dang get the heck out of her face!!!!!!

eva on

The only way to keep the paparazzi away from these children’s faces and lives is to stop buying magazines and visiting web plages like this one. If we didn’t care so much there would be no profit from the pictures of these families.

Mary on

This is such a beautiful picture of Kingston. He looks like he is having a lot of fun and he has such nice parents who give him so much love. I absolutely adore the second picture of mother&&children!

Tricia on

This is getting way out of hand–Eva, I agree with you. Has anyone seen the pix lately of Suri Cruise crying when the paps got too close, or of 8+-mos. pregnant Jennifer Garner actually running(!) away from them a day or so ago? I enjoy seeing pictures of famous babies & kids when the situation warrants it (red carpet, some public Hollywood event), but walking thru the airport? Going to the doctor? On vacation? I’m sorry, regardless of the fact that the parents chose a public career, I don’t think anyone signs up to be harassed 24/7, no matter how many of us may justify the intrusion.

lavamouse on

Kingston got really upset because those darn paps really got too close. Moreover they started calling him by his name…Imagine how a 2 yearold would feel when a crowd of strangers call you by your name. Naturally the poor kid got upset. TMZ had the audacity to say that Kingston had a tantrum. Obviously those pappers don’t have children…or at least I hope they dont

Nicole on

I don’t quite get why CBB published this set of photos – it’s like they found the only ones where Kingston WASN’T screaming his head off. He was really extremely upset the entire time.

Rebecka on

Yeah, I think it’s so sad that the paps are taking pics, especially when kids cry and they just keep taking pictures like nothing has happened.

Btw, they weren’t actually in Hawaii – just in Mexico, Tom Dumont posted a message saying that on the No Doubt Forum.

Lis on

I swear, Kingston could not be any cuter! I just LOVE this child! But it breaks my heart that he was crying b/c of the paps… Poor guy…SO FREAKING CUTE THOUGH!!!

mp on

Excuse me, TMZ, but if Kingston WAS having a tantrum, I think being tormented by paps would be reason enough to do so.

The photographers need to lay off. This is abuse.