Nicole Kidman: 'I Would Like to Have More Children'

11/19/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Proudly proclaiming "I love being a mother," actress Nicole Kidman is so enthralled with daughter Sunday Rose, 4 months, that she’s already hinting at having another baby. In Europe to promote her new film Australia, Nicole tells the German newspaper Bild she’s at a point in her life where she feels as though she can "take on everything," adding, "I would like to have more children." Because Sunday is still so young, Nicole — who recently spent her first 24 hours away from baby girl — calls her daughter "the greatest wonder" of her life.

"She is still like a stranger, who I am getting to know each day."

Sunday is the first child together for Nicole, 41, and husband Keith Urban; She is also mom to Isabella Jane, 15, and Connor Antony, 13, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Australia opens November 26th.

Source: Bild

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Gingi on

Maybe I am reading into things too much, but if Sunday is the greatest wonder of her life where does that leave her two older kids?

Mary on

Wow! I’m so happy for Nicole- I really hope she does have more kids! Sunday is adorable and they all seem so happy! Congratulations Nicole!

sara on

Is it is possible she may be pregnant already? I say that because I was surprised to see she didn’t even bother to cover her obvious grey roots at her recent Australian press conference and premiere.

Crystal on

I know this has been said time and time again but it’s seems that she puts Sunday before Isabella and Conner. Based on her interviews it seems that she doesn’t feel a deep connection with them. Maybe she comes off that way because Sunday is an infant or maybe because the kids live with Tom and Katie. I just find it a bit disheartening to read the things she says and think about how they make Isabella and Conner might feel reading it.

With that said I am not saying that Nicole is meaning to sound this way. I like her and think it’s great that she was able to experience being pregnant and giving birth, I just think she should be a bit more careful and considerate as to what she is saying.

alexp on

I’m with Gingi on this one.

Brandi on

You have to remember that she’s promoting Australia and being asked specific questions about the baby though. It’s not like she’s just bringing this stuff up herself.

Isabel on

How can she say she’s the ‘greatest wonder’ in her life?! She’s got THREE wonderful children, not just one.

Way to make your older kids feel special, Nicole.

momtotwo on

Gingi, I have to say I felt the same thing when I read the quote. Maybe there’s more that she said, and it just wasn’t posted, but the way she talks (and not just in this interview) makes it seem like she only views Sunday as her “real” child, while Bella and Conner are just… there. I feel bad for them, since they’re old enough to read these things. How does it make them feel?

marla on

maybe she’s the greatest wonder b/c she never thought she would be able to get pregnant? i think that would cause profound feelings in a woman who never thought it possible. anyway, this is just a snippet of an interview, so i don’t read much into it. and it seems like her relationship to the older kids is somewhat strained after the divorce from old tom.

Gemma on

Sunday, Connor and Bella are all beautiful and I wish Nicole all the best. I don’t think time is on her side for another pregnancy. It’s remarkable how many celebs are becoming first time moms in their late thirties and into their forties now. It used to be so rare before!

lark's mommy on

She is such a little cutie. I wish she would cover her head. Hers is covered and her baby’s head should be as well. Just the mother in

Casandra on

Gemma, she’s not a first time Mom though. She has two other children. The media (and Nicole herself) seems to forget. If I were Bella and Connor I’d be hurt by her comments.

Emma on

I really don’t read all too much into this quote. In an interview that was posted here earlier in the week, Nicole mentioned wanting to be in a “cocoon with Sunday, Bella and Connor”. It sounds like she’s just overjoyed that she gave birth after what was probably many years of waiting.

whooa! on

i’m agree with gingi 🙂

meghan on

The press is probably asking a lot about Sunday because she is brand new and this is the first press Nicole has done since her birth. They did the same thing with Suri, they made is sound like she was Tom’s first child and not his third. It sucks and I personally have a big problem with it, but the press does seem to act like adopted children are lesser some how. I imagine that Tom and Nicole both take a dim view of that.

Erica on

Whether intentional or not, Nicole Kidman’s recent interviews irk me a lot. Even though it is easy for the press to twist words I think she’s made her feelings on her children pretty clear and I don’t like it.

Jessica on

I agree with Crystal. She constantly seems to ‘forget’ she is not a first time mom! Maybe a first time giving birth- but her others were young too when they were adopted. I feel quite badly that she is always only referring to the baby and not the others.

Artemis on

Guys, this is her first pregnancy. Whats wrong with calling that special and miraculous?

When Angelina said that Shiloh shouldn’t be privileged because she’s biological, everybody got furious that she’s ignoring her biological child and loves the adopted ones more.

I know kids should be kids, adopted or not. But having a biological child in your 40’s is exciting and she get asked about it, so she talks about it. Also, she’s just a baby and needs way more attention and care.

You seriously think that Nic is such a bad mother and has forgotten about her children?

Karen on

I don’t read into her quotes at all. The fact of the matter is whenever you see her in live interviews she is asked specifically about Sunday. It’s the same thing with Tom, he is only asked about Suri. It is pretty obvious it is the media that doesn’t care about the older children. I mean how many times have we seen Suri being photographed watching her older siblings sporting events but yet there is not one photo of Bella or Conner, who were obviously there as well!!

Anais on

A lot of you women sure have a problem with Nicole’s comments (which I find no issue with – she never thought she could have a birth child, it means a great deal to her) but never had a problem with Tom’s, who acted the same way when Suri was born. When a new baby comes into the family, it’s a big deal, and the new baby gets all of the attention. She has spent a lot of time with her older kids and I fully believe that she loves them just as much as she loves Sunday. Nicole’s life changed dramatically after she was dumped by Tom, and he didn’t make things better by essentially having his mom raise Connor and Bella in the Scientology cult. The cult obviously broke up their marriage and has obviously tried to take away their children. Now she has a child who is undeniably her’s that that cult can never take away, so no wonder she’s happy about it. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her kids any less. Everyone blames Nicole for ‘never being seen with her children’, but no one ever says anything about Tom never being seen with his other children. That is a total double standard, and I thought as women, you would be the first to stand up for her.

Daisy on

You have to remember that Nicole is now a huge, established star. When she become a mom first time round she may not have felt comfortable enough to speak so honestly.
And for anyone having a child is an amzing thing, so for a woman who has suffered miscarrages, and it has been so long since her last child, you can’t blame her for being in awe of this little life she carried. I don’t get the vibe that she isn’t as amazed by Conner and Bella, just that now she feels more comfortable talking about her new one.

Sarah on

I do feel bad for Bella and Connor. BUT, not because I think Nicole and/or Tom don’t love them as much. I have no doubt that they are just as loved as their little sisters. I feel bad that the media portrays them as second-class. I hope Tom and Nicole are able to explain to them that the media will do and say anything to sell. They ask Tom and Nicole questions about their bio kids and cut out anything else. Even if Nicole was somehow detached from the older kids (which i doubt), why would a private person like Nicole hint at that to a random interviewer???

Nicole has never said anything about being a “first time mom.” That’s 100% the media. But, this is the first time she has given birth when she was told it would never happen. That is special and probably means a lot to Nicole. But, if you read her past interviews, she gushes about the older kids. I’ve seen pictures of the three of them running around on the beach and go to basketball games. Nicole is the one who let Bella dye her hair blue. Just last week she said they were a “huge part of her lives” and that she wished she could just be in a “cocoon with Sunday, Bella, and Connor.”

The media does put more importance on the bio kids because all of us just love a scandal. Nicole has never said anything about how she loves one child over the other. And, until she does, I refuse to believe she feels that way.

Sarah on

Sorry, one more thing to add to my rant.

Nicole is very very close to Hugh Jackman who has adopted children himself. Why would adoption’s biggest advocate remain so close to someone who had “forgotten her adopted kids”?? I can’t imagine her friends would be ok with that especially when they feel so strongly about adoption. These speculations about Nicole make no sense.

Kim on

I really hope Nicole has another baby so that Sunday will have a sibling close to her age to grow up with. It’s NO fun growing up alone as an only child. Seriously! Even though she has her older siblings it’s not the same as they are so far apart in age.

Kim on

A lot of you seem to forget that Nicole had 2 miscarriages before. And now that she is in her 40’s I can imagine she calls Sunday her miracle baby.
Also, let’s not forget that her other 2 children live the majority of the time with TomKat. So for her to become a ‘fulltime’ mom again, must be amazing. It’s also strange how so many people were all positive when she was pregnant: “Oh, I am so happy for her. It’s what she wanted so badly. And she deserves her happiness after her divorce with Tom.”
And now she has her baby, and she can’t stop talking about her miracle baby and people are now talking her down for ‘ignoring’ her other 2 kids.
I don’t get it.

Lauren on

Anais, while I have my suspicions about Scientology, I wouldn’t determine without real evidence that it broke up Tom and Nicole’s marriage. We have no idea why they split, nor should we. Every marriage survives (or not) because of the effort and care put into it. Nothing breaks up two people but the decisions they make for themselves and the union.

melanie on

I’m 100% sure that she meant “wonder” as in “mystery” since she went on to say that the baby feels like a stranger.

Ivonne3 on

I am very happy for Nicole but am a little disheartened by the interviews lately and how Bella and Connor may feel after reading these comments. I understand that this is her first biological child, but she is a mother and has been a mother for many years, and ideally understands that her children’s feelings are at stake and she is to protect them, no matter what.
I hurt for myself, and my son. Though we were not adopted, both my father and his father have a set of children that they fawn over and a set (including us) that get kicked to the curb. It REALLY hurts. Now, I’m facing having a the first child of the love of my life. While this would be our first (and my first planned) child, and hopefully our first girl, I will make it a point to make sure my boys know that my love didn’t change for them, and that they are all loved completely equally. That’s more important that anything.

dickie on

I think some of you are misreading the quote. She states that the child is a wonder and a stranger to her. I think she means a wonder in the sense of something she doesnt quite yet understand.

Reading your quotes I can understand why people say women are so judgmental.

dickie on

I think she is already pregnant. She has changed her attitude about having another child within a couple of weeks! And she looked like she had a belly at the movie premiere. She didnt look that big during the last pregnancy!

Jen on

I love CBB and respect that everyone has their own opinion. However, lately I have started to cringe when I see posts on celebrities who have both adopted and biological children. As an adopted child whose adopted parents did eventually conceive 2 biological children, I feel I can speak from experience that I never once felt like less of a family member. Of course, my mother isn’t a celebrity who faced scrutiny from the media, but after having multiple miscarriages, of course people were curious about the births of her 2 babies. People are always curious about new babies, biological or adopted! Does that mean she loves me less? Absolutely not! Does she love me differently? Probably, but many parents say they love each child differently (which doesn’t translate to loving one child more or less than others). I am so grateful to see comments like Sarah’s and Kim’s who recognize that the media is creating the focus on the family. I have no doubt in my mind that all these children are loved. Just remember that the media creates a point of view, it is not the whole picture. They focus on what they believe the public is most interested in at this time, and for Nicole, that’s her newest family member, Sunday. I wish Nicole and her ENTIRE family nothing but happiness.

eva on

Nicole Kidman’s and Tom Cruise’s (purpoted) relation with their oldest children remind my own family when I was a child.

At the time they were rasing their older children they were young,busy celebrities, and though they were a married couple their lives were (as I presume based on pictures and gossip back in the day) that they had a lot on their plate, so Isabella and Connor were important part of their lives,but not the protagonists as they were raised sorrounded by their parent’s other interests and desires.

Now with Sunday Rose and Suri they are more settled down, their careers have been established and their new marriages has not been strained by infertility in the same way that their marriage together was.I guess their bonds with the young girls is stronger and more significant.

It’s quite unfortunate if its the case.However, it might not be a favouritism out of spite or neglect but the result of time and situations. I do believe that SOME families have clear favourites and some parents just uncounsciously favour one child above others.It’s not right and it does bring issues but some families just can’t help it.

Bella on

I don’t find anything wrong with her comments…as some people mentioned, interviewers are asking her “how is sunday”, “how did it feel to get pregnant and have sunday”, “are you going to have anymore children”. There is no room in those questions for answers regarding Bella and Conner. Infact, to include them would seem fake and forced…shes being asked about SUNDAY!

Why doesn’t anyone criticize the fact that in a recent interview, all Brad did was talk about Shiloh to the exclusion of the others.

Or better yet,why doesn’t anyone ever mention how Katie is ALWAYS seen with Suri (tom pretty often as well) but you rarely ever see katie with Conner or Bella and the children LIVE WITH HER! To me, that is even worse…granted, she is the stepmother, but when the children live almost 100% of the time with their dad and stepmother…that stepmother should not be paying all of her attention to her biological children to the exclusion of her other children.

Joeanne on

“Why doesn’t anyone criticize the fact that in a recent interview, all Brad did was talk about Shiloh to the exclusion of the others.”
Posted by: Bella at Nov 19, 2008 6:52:57 PM

This is incorrect. Brad talked about all his kids in the interview but the media, for the most part only concentrated on the parts about Shiloh. Maybe that’s what happened in the case of Nicole. She may have talked about all 3 kids but the media chose not to care and not to include those quotes.

Janis on

Don’t blame the media! If you think Nicole isn’t talking about her other children, it’s because she isn’t. No one really knows why but her.

What I think would make people a lot more comfortable with the whole thing, whether she’s asked specific questions or not, is if Nicole would emphasize that she HAS two other children already, that she loves them dearly and that THEY are just as miraculous and wonderful as Sunday, etc., etc. She isn’t doing that regularly. We’re not imagining it and it’s not the media’s fault.

Sarah (above) says that she read a recent interview where she talks about Connor and Isabella, but you can’t just pepper their names in interviews here and there and not be criticized for it. You have to be consistent. It seems she hasn’t made it a point to defend Connor and Isabella. That is HER job, not the media’s.

Olivia on

The comments I have a problem with are not Nicole’s, but those of other people commenting on this site. I can’t help but wonder if you all would be judging Nicole’s comments about her newest child so harshly if her other two children weren’t adopted. I have read many comments by celebrities on this site where they are talking almost exclusively about their newest child, and barely mentioning the other kids and yet I don’t see an outcry over that. I only see the outcry coming when the celebrity involved has a mixture of adopted and biological children. How sad that there are so many on here holding Nicole to different standards than they hold other celebrities. It seems as if some of you are searching for a difference in how she treats one over the other. I notice the same thing happening with Angelina Jolie as well. How sad.

Sarah on

Janis, who do you think edits the interviews? Nicole sure doesn’t. Which means that it doesn’t matter how many times she talks about her older kids. If the writer/editor don’t want it in the interview, they easily take it out. It’s naive to think that the media is just letting Nicole speak her mind without editing and manipulating everything she says. It’s their job to manipulate her words.

Has Nicole told you that she doesn’t love her kids? Because, I’m sorry, but that is the only way you would have any idea. You don’t know her or her children. You don’t know what any of them feel for each other. So, your statements that Nicole doesn’t care for her kids are merely speculative. There are absolutely no facts proving Nicole is not a good mother to the older children.

CelebBabyLover on

Kim- Actually, Nicole had ONE miscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy.

Lauren- ITA! I also want to point out that, despite what the media has said, Tom and Nicole’s divorce wasn’t a nasty one. I have never once heard either one of them speak ill of each other (in fact, Nicole said in a recent interview that “I don’t want to take anything away from the 11 years with that man that were really important.”).

It has also been said by many people close to Tom and/or Nicole (including Tom himself, and I think Nicole as well), that the two remain on friendly terms.

dickie- I don’t know what you mean about Nicole “changing her attitude” about having more children within a matter of weeks. Nicole never said that she was done having children. In fact, in another recent interview, Nicole mentioned that Connor wants a brother, and the interview than asked if she and Keith are planning to try for another baby. Nicole simply said, “God’s plan”.

DiamondGirl on

Nicole was able to keep Isabella and Connor more private when they were babies.

Now that she’s more of a celebrity on her own, plus married to another celebrity and this is HIS first child, there’s a lot more attention.

On Oprah she talked about Connor and how he worked on the film set for Australia. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean her older kids are not in her life.

I think she’s just always kept them more private, and would like to do that with Sunday, but it’s just not going to happen.

It seems to me the difference is having a baby when you’re over 40, with a new husband, after your other children are mostly grown.

Of course she’ll talk about
it as a new experience – it really is in a lot of ways.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just looked went to PEOPLE’s website and looked at the picture of Nicole and Hugh Jackman at the premire of Australia, and Nicole does NOT look pregnant in that picture (and she certainly doesn’t look bigger than she was during her pregnancy with Sunday! She was small with Sunday, yes, but she got a bigger bump than what’s “shown” in that picture!).

I think it’s just that she’s wearing the type of dress that tends to make everyone look like they have a bump!

As for her roots…I heard somewhere that she’s breastfeeding Sunday. Therefore, perhaps she is concerned about the chemicals from hair dye leaching into her milk or something.

Or maybe she’s decided to stop coloring her hair!

Bugs on

Well, before reading most of these comments, i don’t feel bad anymore. I too felt a bit uneasy with her comments.

I understand Sunday is her first biological child, and it’s very rare when i see her with her other two kids.

When Sunday was born, i remember someone joked in a blog posting something like “You can’t touch this baby, Tom!”, meaning how Tom Cruise has had more authority on Bella and Connor’s lives than Nicole ever had. I simply don’t see Nicole with her older kids anymore! It’s very rare when that happens.

So maybe (it’s just my guess) that’s why Nicole feel that Sunday is the best thing ever in her life. It’s HER baby. I don’t know, i’m just rambling now.

CaliAngel on

I have to agree with Gingi and Crystal on this one.

Nicole just needs to have a little more tact when talking about her child.

kaya on

Google ‘disconnection’+ scientology, it’s actually not that unrealistic.

Although I agree that it’s probably just the media who isn’t that interested in their older children, therefore rarely ever asking about them. I wouldn’t blame Nicole for that, it’s also just a snippet from an interview.
Anyway, I can’t wait to see more pictures of Sunday, she’s going to be goregous:)

kaya on


I just noticed your comment about being an ‘only child’ and I have to respectfully, but stronlgy disagree with you!:) My siblings are 7 and 9 years older and I definitely did not grow up feeling like an only child. (although, our living arrangements were certainly different) You apparantly did not like being an only child which I can understand (mainly becaue I can’t imagine it), but a sibling is a sibling and age doesn’t matter that much IMO.:) Plus, I mean Suri and Sunday (ha, that’s cute) are close(r) in age as a matter of fact…

SH on

I think Olivia has a great point here. There would be no issue here if Conner and Bella were biological instead of adopted. There’s celeb after celeb on here, divorced and not divorced, gushing about their “new” baby and say nothing about siblings and people don’t bat an eye. But now that she’s gushing about the “new” baby – which she’s obviously being ASKED about the new baby – she’s the worst mom in the world and hates her poor adopted children. Give me a break.

dickie on

SH, I think you make a great point. What about Meg Ryan? You hear her talk pretty exclusively of Daisy (omg!she’s adopted!) in her interviews and her excitement and wonder of how she came to her. And the comments are always positive. I suppose the comments here are peoples own uncomfortable feelings about blending adopted and bio children in one family. I would hazard a guess that all the negative comments come from people who were raised by their bio parents.

JM on

IDK lately Sunday does get all the attention but it def could be the way the media asks Nicole the questions and also the fact that she’s the “new” baby. Did anyone ever stop to wonder that perhaps Bella and Connor have also asked their folks not to speak about them in public???

lala on


I forgot this is the blog where all the know-IT-all bloggers come to make comments.


Exactly, you don’t!

lala21 on

I guess she will just go swimming in the “fertility waters” in the outback and get pregnant. Wish it could be so easy for me!

Michelle on

What is wrong with you women? How can you be so critical of a woman you have never met? I hope none of you ever have to hear or read people saying things like this about you.

Such a shame.

sam on

I agree. Would anyone’s parenting skills stand up to the harshness displayed here? No one knows how often Nicole sees her older kids. Maybe she should drag them out in front of the media whether Conner and Bella like it or not. Would that satisfy everybody?

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- ITA! Just because we rarely see Nicole with Connor and Bella doesn’t mean she never sees them!

In fact, she has made quite a few comments lately that indicate that she sees them more than the media (and thus we, the general public) realize (The comment other people have mentioned about her wanting to “be in a bubble with Keith, Sunday, Bella, and Connor” is one of them. She also made a comment not too long ago about a photo of Bella and Sunday together. She also mentioned on Oprah that Connor worked on the Australia set, meaning he obviously visited Nicole at some point during the filming).

Nicole is a very private person, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that she tries to keep her visits with Connor and Bella under wraps.