Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Vacuum: Teach 'Em To Love Cleaning At An Early Age

11/19/2008 at 06:00 PM ET


Perfect timing: The day, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Vacuum($19.50) arrived, my two year old son was dragging around our realcanister vacuum. My son takes his cleaning chores quite seriously, andas always he was very concentrated, making "wrooh-wrooh" sounds, tryingto get the hose underneath the TV unit.

When I unpacked the toy, I predicted my son’s reaction: a machinethat makes the noise itself when you push a button, but doesn’tactually suck dirt. Instead,colored glittering confetti swirls aroundin the canister’s see-through plastic body, and lights flash. Not tomention that the device is pink and decorated with birds and flowers.That’s not a vacuum, I thought with disgust, that’s an ersatz electricChihuahua. My son will never buy into that!

He certainly did! Click here for the rest of Iris’ review, and to find out how to get 10% off on your own vacuum!

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