Brad Pitt on More Kids: 'Why Should I Stop?'

11/19/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
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Raising six children would be a challenge for many, but raising them before the prying eyes of the paparazzi is unquestionably tough. In the effort to "keep as much normalcy" as they can for Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, turning 5 this month, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 2, and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 4 months, Brad Pitt said today on The Oprah Winfrey Show that he and partner Angelina Jolie have at least one rule that is almost always adhered to.

"We do things as a family, and we keep everyone together."

That sense of unity is on full display during the kids’ weekly "inadvertent" slumber party, hosted by their sleepy parents. "They have it set up where we’ll put them to bed, read the stories, and one will show up about a half hour later and can’t sleep, and want to read more books," Brad explains. "We’ll do that for about an hour and a half, then they’ll go to sleep, and we’ll just be fading off when someone else [gets up]." He jokes,

"I know they’ve got shifts. They’ve got it worked out where it’s like, ‘At 2:30, you pee the bed, and then you go crawl in their bed.’ So, yeah. We do [slumber parties] once a week."

Telling host Oprah Winfrey that he "can’t imagine life" without his family of eight, Brad — like Angelina before him — sounds eager to expand their brood. "We really enjoy it," he says. "It’s the thing I’m most proud of, the greatest endeavor we’ve ever taken on and the most interesting, most fulfilling, most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced." He asks,

"Why should I stop?"

Click ‘more’ to read about the Jolie-Pitt’s plans for the holiday and Christmas traditions.

Despite their best efforts, Brad admits that it’s unlikely that the kids will ever get used to the photographers who document their every move. "Their idea of the world is, we get in the car and we’re going out, and there’s 20-30 people standing there that want to take their pictures," he explains. "This is their idea of the world at large." While the couple have tried to explain the paparazzi presence in child-friendly terms, reassuring them that the photographers are "a little weird, but alright," at least one of their children was not easily persuaded. "Our little one Zahara said, ‘Actually Daddy, it’s not alright,’" Brad revealed. Asked by a viewer what he would envision for his family if they could be guaranteed at least one day out of the spotlight, Brad’s answer was telling.

"I would like to tear down my fences. I’d like to tear down my gates. I’d like to be able to see my neighbors, and my kids to be able to run in … their yards, and our yard, and wave at every car that went by. I’d like to have a big barbecue, and see the ice cream truck."

Calling the twins "lovely," Brad said that Knox resembles him, while Vivienne takes after Angelina. Her hospitalization in France in the weeks leading up to the birth was simply a precaution because of her previous C-section with Shiloh, Brad revealed. After welcoming their two newest additions, the couple had occasional help at night because they "wanted to be there" for the older children during the day; They opted against full-time help at night, however, because they wanted to "be part of that experience" as well. "In the beginning, it was mainly us, trying to do both shifts," Brad said. When asked how they managed, Brad shrugged and replied "mothers do it…hats off to all the parents out there." As for the older children, they have embraced their newest siblings with ease.

"We made sure … they know that just because the babies have arrived it doesn’t mean that they’re any less important. It’s worked out really well. They’re really sweet with [the twins], and loving. They take care of them. They have a real pride in it. It’s really nice to see."

When it comes to discipline, Brad said that he’sin charge of the boys, noting sarcastically that "the girls do no wrong." While the family does have a ‘time out’ chair, Brad joked that he spent more time in it than anyone else! As for whether he’s ever been truly on his own with all the kids at once, Brad admitted that four appears to be his limit — "so far." He added with a laugh,

"I hope to advance to six."

Next month the Jolie-Pitts will travel to one of the kids’ birth countries for the holidays, for the family has an annual tradition of alternating Christmases spent at home in New Orleans with Christmases spent overseas. While the locale might change, some things do not. "One gift on Christmas Eve, and the next morning we go wild," Brad revealed. Teaching the children about their origins remains a priority for the couple, who consider themselves "nomadic" in nature.

"It’s very important to us that they understand where they came from and have pride in where they came from, and that that’s shared amongst everyone."

To read more excerpts from the interview, click here.

Brad’s newest film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, opens Christmas Day.

Source: The Oprah Winfrey Show

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Joeanne on

CBB thanks for putting up this quote. In almost every interview since adopting Maddox and Zahara, Brad has said he wants more kids but tabloids want readers to believe Angelina is somehow forcing children on Brad. Tabloids like to conveniently leave out the many quotes from Brad about how much he adores all his kids, how much he loves Angelina and how much he wants to continue to both adopt and have bio kids.

Mandy on

Lovely man with a wonderful family. Angelina mentioned in one of her interviews for Changeling that the family would be in Ethiopia in a few weeks time. I guess that’s where they’ll spend Christmas then. It should be lovely for Zahara to experience her native country for the first time. I do believe it’s the first time she’s been back since Angelina and Brad adopted her.

And how perceptive is liitle Zahara? And smart as well. She is absolutely correct in her assessment of paparazzi’s.

Mia on

It was a great interview. I’m very happy for all of them, and they seem very at ease, and together.

I think most people would be very stressed, but both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem like people that were just meant to be parents.

I think their family lifestyle if we could, would all pursue. on

I have this on my DVR but haven’t watched it yet. It sounds like a great interview with lots of details. But I’m left feeling happy for this family…that they’ve created such loving children and a happy home. Well done!

Heather on

I watched a clip of him talking about their “shifts” throughout the night and it had me laughing. He seems like he handles them really well.

Jen K on

Do they ever stop talking??

Lily on

It’s wonderful to see Brad so happy. He’s wanted children for the longest time and to see his wish finally come true is just great. Those children are going to be some of the most well-rounded individuals because of the way their parents chose to raise them. I admire them for keeping and nurturing the children’s connections to their countries of birth.

That said, I do find Brad’s respone to what he would do if he had one day out of the spotlight to be quite sad. I couldn’t even begin to imagine living in such a fish bowl, let alone having my children face that on a daily basis. In the summer, after I get home from work, I take my boys to the park or we sit out on the steps in front of the house. To hear how the media has robbed them of such things is just really unfortunate.

natasha on

Such adorable quotes! He sounds just thrilled to be a Daddy of 6! I’m not putting down Maddox or Pax, but I think its cute that Knox is a lot like him.

Lily to be fair they asked for the status they have. No, their children shouldn’t be affected BUT to just blame the media…doesn’t make sense to me. Brad going on the Oprah Winfrey show, does that sound like someone who wants to avoid the spotlight?

Nicole on

Lots of stars go on Oprah all the time and don’t have paparazzi camped out in trees trying to get pics of you. No way anyone asks for that. Even the stars who make an effort to be seen, that go to premieres, etc. don’t get the same level of attention, and you’re totally naive if you think otherwise. Did you see the Forbes list of “hottest tots” or whatever? How many times have we seen Shiloh this year, and she still made #2, ahead of even Violet Affleck or Kingston Rossdale. The media goes absolutely nuts over them, it’s crazy.

I love that you can tell they are letting the kids be kids and express themselves – unique hair styles, letting them be funny and do kid things like insist to be called John and get messy. I adore how he described Angie, too.

Christina on

I think that they should stop having kids when they are not even married and they have three children out of wedlock. He should have stayed with Jennifer Aniston and had these kids

sadie on

Lily, I think it’s sad too, but it’s not the “media” who has robbed this family of their right to privacy. It’s people like you and me, and all the other posters on CBB, and those who buy glossy magazines, who have an insatiable appetite to see and hear all about the Jolie-Pitts and other stars and their kids. And it’s not just us that’s to blame, it’s also Brad and Angelina (and all the other stars) who need and use the press to promote their movies and humanitarian causes, and they talk about their family in interviews and share stories, and tell us what the kids are like, which then invokes more interest. If both Brad and Angelina gave up movie making and disappeared into a quiet life somewhere in the ‘burbs, I can guarantee you the paparazzi trail would dry up pretty quickly – as would the interest.
I don’t mean to sound confrontational, but if it truly bothers you, you need to consider your role in it. It’s convenient to blame the media, but here we are on this site looking at the very pics they have taken.

MB on

Making appearances on shows like Oprah is part of celebs’ jobs. They need to promote their movies and things (Brad has a movie coming out Dec. 1st). I understand there is a certain amount of pap attention that comes with being a celeb, but it does seem like the JP kids get a TON more than most celeb kids.

natasha on

I’m too tired to come up with a good argument haha, I see what you’re saying but in my opinion, celebrities can’t complain about paparazzi because they’re begging for people to care about them. If people didn’t care, they wouldn’t get money.

Anyways I’ll just focus on what’s positive, those kids are clearly loved so much!

Lacey on

20 years from now, the kids will follow in Brad and Angelina’s footsteps with humanitarian work and international adoption. They are raising them to have a open minds and hearts. They are wonderful parents and I love to hear about their growing family.

Lily on

I understand your argument and some celebrities certainly seek out the attention but for others, making movies or being in a television show is just their job and unfortunately, the media comes along with it.

I definitely enjoy hearing updates about celebs and their children and of course that could make me a hypocrite, but I definitely think there’s a point where enough is enough. Sure there’s the pictures of them when coming out of a popular store in Hollywood but there’s also members of the paparazzi who use helicopters to hover above celebrities’ homes when their children are trying to enjoy a birthday party.

I guess it’s all about finding a happy medium.

Mia on

Yeah, I can’t wait to see all their kids (and future children) grown up. Not rushing time, because as Angelina said in a recent interview, “We know they’re only this little for such a small amount of time” haha but I think they’ll be such well-rounded and giving people.

I think it’ll also be fun to see how they all view(ed) their parents growing up. I mean, I’m sure they’re a little aware of their parents/careers, but I think over-all, Brad and Angie are just “mom, and dad.”

sadie on

I hear you, Lily (and don’t worry, I am just as much a hypocrite because I love looking at pics of this family too). I think it’s important to remember though that the “media” isn’t an entity taking pics for fun. It is a service feeding demand. And that demand is created by ordinary people who love looking at pics of the Jolie-Pitts. MB, the JP kids do get a ton more attention because their pics are worth more – and that’s because pics of the JP kids sell magazines. The paps will go to extraordinary lengths to shoot this family while the demand for pics – from us readers – is there. If we readers stopped being interested, they would move on to some other celeb’s kids instead.

CelebBabyLover on

natasha- I see your point, but Brad and Angie have never really complained about the paps. Brad even apparently told them once that he understands they have a job to do, but he’d appreciate it if they didn’t get so close to the kids (this was when they were in NYC in September and October of last year).

Nicole- ITA! I mean, the paps were camped out outside the hospital while Angie was there waiting to give birth to Knox and Viv, for goodness sake! Not only that, but Angie said in a very recent interview that the paps either tried to or wanted to (it was unclear which) drill a hole through the ceiling of their hospital room, just to get the “first photos” of the twins!

Also, don’t forget that some paps actually tresspased into the yard of the J-Ps French Chateau, again to try to get the first photos of Knox and Viv. Luckily Knox and Viv were inside, but the paps took pictures of the rest of the kids, and one pap apparently went as far as to take a photo of Pax playing in a pond…completely naked!

I also remember hearing a rumor back in summer of 2007, when the J-Ps were in Prague, Czech Republic. Apparently, a pap snapped a picture through an open window of some of the kids in the bathtub.

I don’t care how famous they are or how many appereances they make on shows like Oprah. No one askes for or deserves the type of paparazzi intrusion the Jolie-Pitts deal with!

Obviously celebs have to expect the paps to take photos of them and their kids when they’re out in public. However, trespassing onto someone’s private lawn, photographing their kids naked without their permission, and trying to (or even just wanting to) drill a hole into their hospital room is definitely crossing the line!

sil on

if he wants more privacy, maybe he should stop talking too much about his private life….
just my opinion.

CelebBabyLover on

sil- Where did Brad say he wants more privacy? I think it’s a situation where he wishes things with the paps weren’t so bad, but he realizes that that’s just the way things are.

Also, why do people always have a problem with Angie and Brad discussing their private lives, but no problem when other celebs do so (and let’s face it, almost all of them do, even the ones you think of as more private, such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner)?

I mean, what’s Brad supposed to do? Refuse to answer questions about his family? If he did that, people would complain that he was being too controlling of the media or too selfish or something. He can’t really win either way.

In anycase, I think Brad and Angie are going to continue to talk about their private lives whether we like it or not. They are both very open people (although Angie a bit moreso than Brad). Plus, come on…What parent doesn’t like gushing about their kids the way Brad does?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Sil, I’m going to reiterate what I said in my previous post, along with one addition: I don’t care how famous they are, how many appereances they make on shows like Oprah, or how much they discuss their private lives. No one askes for or deserves the type of paparazzi intrusion the Jolie-Pitts deal with!

I’m sorry if I’m sounding defensive. I just feel bad for Brad when people think he shouldn’t be allowed to gush like a proud father!

CelebBabyLover on

Sorry for the triple-post, but…I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that, when Angie was promoting A Mighty Heart, the press was required to sign forms saying they wouldn’t ask personal questions.

People jumped all over Angie for that one…Never mind that it was actually the movie studio, not Angie herself, who came up with the forms!

They really cannot win either way!

Nina on

I too understand what some of you are saying about celebs and do believe there is some truth to the notion that celebs make a choice to be in films and media/pap attention comes along with it. I just wanted to add…sometimes people think they can handle something but then find out differently after actually living it. Keep in mind Brad and Angelina’s pap attention is extreme even for celebs. I wouldn’t want to live like that.

Brad sounds like a loving caring father and that is such a wonderful thing.

Tiffany on

I think it’s great that he and Ang want to have more kids. On the flip side, it must be nice to be a celeb and not worry about the economic crisis at hand when you have millions to spend on your children. To their credit they do wonderful things for charities with their money but the whole “why should I stop” comment just rubs me the wrong way because average citizens can’t just bat an eye at economic fluctuations like celeb money-makers can.

I would LOVE to have the Why should I Stop mentaility but that would not be smart nor realistic.

Angi on

They want more kids. Wow! Two is all I can handle!

Morgan on

Tiffany, I don’t understand why the “Why Should I Stop?” comment bothers you when you perfectly articulated the difference between his economic situation and those of the average middle class family. I’m more offended by people who can’t afford to care for the kids they have that decide to continue having kids with that mentality and then expect the taxpayer next door to pick up the tab on care for their child. Someone who can afford to have more kids and to take care of them with the obviously loving and nuturing environment that this family has formed, should be able to ask “why should I stop?” Whose business is it if they don’t?

emily on

Lily – it is really sad that their family can’t enjoy the simple pleasures that us normal folks can.

Fortunately they can enjoy perks that we can’t, like routinely taking their kids to experience other cultures, or being able to afford private schools with renowned reputations. It’s a trade off.

Sarah on

Something about his “why should I stop” comment rubbed me the wrong way too. I’m not sure why maybe it’s all in how you read it. I do love many of the other things he said in the article so I guess it’s all good.

Bugs on

If they wanna have more kids, more power to them. It’s their choice on how they want to live their family life. But i don’t think this has to do with money. It does play a part of course, but see, i come from a family of six, and my dad comes from a family of 10, and we’re not necessarily Brad or Angelina.

Nicole on

How he said the “why should I stop” comment was really sweet in the interview, it just doesn’t translate well to paper. They way he said it, it was very loving and sweet.

Marie on

You know what, oftentimes, actors are required to do press and publicity for their films or television shows because it forms part of their contract. At other times, they do it because it’s maybe a labour of love and small film that otherwise might not see the light of day. So it’s not always a case of, ‘Let’s go on a talk show!’ I don’t doubt that some stars crave publicity and ask for it, but I am inclined to feel that the Jolie-Pitts actually don’t – but because they are so famous, they try to find the positives in it and deflect the attention away from themselves and onto humanitarian causes. The interest will be there regardless.

shan on

I have this belief and not a religious one that we were put on this earth to make more life, or there would be noone left, I love kids, they drive me mad, i have gone grey and I have giant black circles under my eyes.
But I would not have it any other way, they are doing an awesome job as parents, I would not call them super parents, because there are people doing it out there with not as much money as them and still raising wonderful children.
Good on them if they want more.
I have three and when I mention that I would love another baby people pull a face and say oh god why would you want more, I think it is rude and noones business.
I wish I could afford to have more kids, those children are extremely blessed.
Paparazzi, they are terrible, yes they have a job to do, but they are going way too far lately.

Mia on

I’m all for it. I agree, they have the money and obviously we’re two people meant to be together, and be parents, and they created this beautiful family together.

They have the money, and the world will be a better place the more kids they have. Literally, because they’re being raised as very well-rounded individuals and surrounded by charity work, and still be instilled work values and such.

It makes more sense for people like Brad & Angie,that love being parents and want more, and more so are beyond financially secure, than someone that has no money, lives in extremely poor conditions, and has 7 children because they didn’t have the proper education about preventing pregnancy.

More importantly, Brad and Angie and the kids , seem like an extremely happy and close family.

Lilybett on

I was wondering if all their kids have the same accent. All of them, except Pax, have been with them since they were babies… so I wonder if Pax has developed an American accent like the others or if he still has a slight Vietnamese accent.

Kids generally have the accent of their parents or primary caregiver… but with all the travelling they’ve done, do you think it’s become more universal?

Nicole on

Lilybett, the closest I’ve ever heard to them talking about accents was when Angelina just had Maddox. She was already introducing him to French, so when he said “mama” it came out sounding more French, “maman,” and then he would say “bye-bye” very Southern, like “buh-buy.”

I never thought about that, I wonder too. Pax probably has a bit of a Vietnamese accent. I wonder if any of the kids have a bit New Orleans in their accent?

Mia on

In some of the paparazzi videos, you can hear the kids talking and they seem to have accents like Brad & Angie, pretty conventional-American accent.

I’d like to see them eventually settle in New Orleans full time. They don’t spend much time in Los Angeles anymore, except for press stuff.

Joeanne on

I don’t think Pax has much of a Vietnamese accent anymore, at least not a thick one. I’ve heard him say a few words on a couple of paparazzi videos and I couldn’t detect anything. Of course this doesn’t mean much but I was trying to listen for one.

Mary on

They really shouldn’t stop. Their kids will have a great life with all of their siblings and once you have some kids your whole life revolves around the children anyway. Also, have you ever heard of a disappointing baby? Every time someone has a baby they love it so much and it is the greatest thing ever. I mean this in a respectful way of everybody else- but why won’t Brad and Angelina get married? Well I love this family and I hope it keeps growing.

Brunette on

Yes, Brad and Angelina are doing some very ‘good things’ but I still can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth concerning Brad’s infidelity in his marriage to Jen with Angelina. I’m not saying he should stay in an undesirable commitment but maybe someday he’ll walk out on his current family because he finds something ‘better’. Love, marriage and divorce are not sacred in the land of Hollywood. Okay, maybe divorce is.

poppy on

The “why should we stop” comment rubbed me the RIGHT way, because he likely is referring to adoption, in which case he wouldn’t be adding children to the world during an economic crisis, but giving a child a loving, capable home who is already here.

Mia on

Well, children are expensive either way lol, but I”m sure they’ll definitely be adopting next, or maybe even the second time after since they welcomed two babies with the past pregnancy. They seem to always want to keep it balanced, so I’m sure in the end after the 10 kids or so, they’ll have half adopted, and half biological.

Can’t wait to see how they’ll expand next, and the newest addition to the Jolie-Pitt family 🙂

Kati on

It´s truly beautiful to see that Brad finally has what he always wanted. He sure is the most perfect and loving father. Those six bring him and Angie so much love and joy. It was wonderful to read when he said that Knox kinda looks like him and Viv kinda looks like Angie. So one day Knox will be a miniature version of his handsome father and Viv a beautiful miniature version of her mum. This whole interview on Oprah was wonderful. It was easy to see how happy he is. He has found a perfect partner and has perfect life now.

Nicole on


FC on

Sweet interview. And considering how outspoken Z is, I’m not surprised she set Daddy straight on the papparazzi. She’s a perceptive little cookie.

Reece on

If Brad & Angie are looking to expand their family, I am up for adoption. I would love to have been part of a family like theirs. My parents are lovely people, don’t get me wrong, but come on–one day in New York, one day in Rome, the next two or three swimming in the Ocean or learning at a world famous museum. I admire them for being the kind of parent who can and does provide a rounded lifestyle for their kids. I think in 20 years or so, we will see those kids living what they learned–to be loving, giving, and accepting.

Julie Cash on

People magazine is very biased towards the Pitt-Jolies. Hmmmmmmmmmm, wonder if they will print that!

Irene Rios on

Home wrecker! Adulterer!

Rach on

Are there any new photos of the twins? Apart from the ones at 1 week old?

Judith on

My dad was born in Russia, and when he became a U.S. Citizen, he LEFT HIS RUSSIAN CULTURE in Russia. Why can’t these kids who were born in other countries become Americanized?? this culture stuff is bs, as far as I am concerned.. My dad lived to be 80 something.. By the way..

CelebBabyLover on

Rach- I think they were actually two weeks old in their debut photos (which makes sense, given they came home from the hospital on their one-week birthday!), but anyway…Yes and no. There have been some, but no good pictures of their faces, unfourtnately.

There’s at least one picture of one of the twins in the November issue of W Magazine (there’s also the cover photo of Angie breastfeeding, but I don’t count that as all you can see of whichever twin is in that picture is his/her fingers). Angie is wearing him/her in a baby carrier…But facing her, so his/her face is not visable (also, the twins were pretty young in those photos to, as that photoshoot was done in August).

Last month, there were some pictures of the Jolie-Pitts arriving back in France, and they included pictures of the twins being carried off the plane in their carseats by Brad and Angie. In one of the pictures one of the twins’ faces is visable…But the picture is too blurry to be able to make out much of the twin’s features, let alone which one s/he is! 😦

tsagrednerp on

Angelina and Brad always say that they understand that the paprazzi are doing a job and that one of the quirks of their jobs as actors was to be photgraphed but they always say that they wish the paps would just stay away from the kids… I really like this family because they are so happy together and whether they have more kids or stop now they are still one of my fave celeb families.

angellika on