Whoa Daddy! Hollywood's Sexiest Fathers

11/18/2008 at 12:30 PM ET
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Who is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2008? Find out Wednesday morning on PEOPLE.com! In the meantime, the site has posted a gallery showcasing the hottest celebrity fathers doing what they do best — parenting. From Ben to Ryan, from Gavin to Brad, from David to Will, we think you’ll find a daddy (or two!) who holds your interest!

Click here to check them out! Who’s your favorite celebrity dad?


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Jaycee on

Very nice album, however I’m always bothered when Leni Klum is set apart from Heidi and Seal’s other children, and noted as being “Heidi’s daughter,” such as is the case in this album. I’m pretty sure Seal is her father at this point. 🙂

brannon on

OM Goodness – Who could choose?!

jashmom on

Mine would have to be hands down….Ben Affleck with Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillippe coming in a close 2nd and 3rd!!! =)

Jaycee on

And just to elaborate on my earlier point, this album also focuses heavily on stating the fact that kids are adopted (Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt comment). I’m all for adoption, but not for always having to state that the kids are non-biological. It just seems silly.

Jaycee on

And on that note, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman tie. 😉

Jamie on

David Beckham and Gavin Rossdale tie for 1st, with Brad at 2nd!

natasha on

David Beckham! Most amazing Dad to his boys!

And I don’t like that they said Seal is with Heidi’s daughter Leni. Seal is Leni’s Dad. Period.

Brandi on

Gavin and Ryan are my favorites. Love Will Smith too.

MB on

ITA Jaycee! I always think it’s interesting to hear when celebs adopt and where from (I think Hugh Jackman’s kids’ adoption story is sweet, for instance) but your kids are your kids no matter how they came to be in your family and adoption doesn’t need to be emphasized thaaat much, esp. when there are mixed families (adoption + biological).

Liz on

It is so hard to choose, they are all great Dads. If I have to, will be Ben Affleck and David Beckham, with Will Smith come in 2nd.

Kaisa on

Well, my favourite dad isn’t included in the list as I’m very fond of Jude Law. But Ryan Phillippe is close by.

Jacky on

Gavin Rossdale is the best daddy in the whole world!

Larice on

Ben Affleck is the best dad in Hollywood.


My fave would be 1)Ben Affleck 2)Ryan Phillippe
3)Will Smith. They all look good, but they also seem like good fathers.

Jen K on

Ben is by far #1 for me!

And thought I don’t find them “sexy” per say, I love seeing Seal, David Beckham and Will Smith with their kids!!

Anais on

I loved the list, but some notables were missing – Noah Wyle, Dave Grohl (or all of the Foos, they’re all dad’s now), and Colin Farrell(!!!) But I understand that these guys aren’t superfamous or very public about being a dad which is probably why they aren’t on the list.

Rosy J on

OMG! There are so many that didn’t make the list. From those shown her, Ben Affleck takes the #1 spot, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt would tie for the #2 spot. But seriously, if all the sexy Hollywood dads, including the ones not shown, we could be here all day. lol.

Nikka on

The hottest is Nigel Barker (until Jeff Probst has a baby)

patricia on

Tommy Lee

Joeanne on

Brad Pitt, hands down.

MB on

Ooo Anais I’m with you on Noah Wyle!!!

Stephany on

Ooh! That’s tough. I’d have to say that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are tied for first, in my book. David Beckham is a very, VERY close second!!!!

JRalston on

Where in the world is Keith Urban? He is the sexiest of them all!

Heather on

What about Matthew McConaughey? Truely THE sexiest dad on the planet!