Snoop Dogg Offers Tips on Hosting a Sleepover

11/18/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
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President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama recently revealed that one of the things daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, are looking forward to the most about their upcoming move to the White House is hosting sleepovers for their friends. Last night on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, rapper and reality tv star Snoop Dogg (né Calvin Broadus) offered some tips, as he knows a thing or two about sleepovers himself as dad to Cori, 9. "You need to learn how to bake a cake," Snoop said he would advise the future president. "It scores points, when the father of the house is able to do that." Also on the list? "Popcorn and cotton candy," he said. The most important element to hosting a good sleepover, however, is knowing when to bow out gracefully.

"They like you to get out of their face and let them be kids."

When asked by host Conan O’Brien if he then tackles the mess that is left in their wake, Snoop, 36, smiled and said "no, that’s what the kids are for." In addition to Cori, Snoop is dad Cordell, 11, and Corde, 14, with wife Shante Taylor Broadus.

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Source: Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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shan on

I think Snoop is very underestimated, I think he is funny and seems to be a great dad.
Even though sometimes he does stupid stuff, I agree with everything he said, my hubby does stuff when we have sleepovers and the kids love it, then want him to leave, 🙂

lacey on

I have to agree with Shan…Snoop does some stupid stuff, but when it comes to his kids…he knows what he’s doing. He obviously is a great dad and his kids love him!

catie on

I always forget he has wife and kids, I think it’s because it’s the last thing you’d expect a rapper to have if you go on their music videos and lyrics. On another note…Sleepovers at the whitehouse?? I’m going to admit, I’m a little jealous.

Destiny on

I agree with you both. I was pleasantly surprised at him as a dad when I caught the show. I think it just goes to show that we don’t really know celebrities all that much. They aren’t always JUST as they seem. I’m not a fan of him as an entertainer but he does seem like a great dad.

Anais on

I’ve always really liked Snoop, more than his music (not that it’s bad, just not for me all the time) because he seems like a great guy. I know he had some problems in the early to mid 90s but he’s seemed to over come them very well and looks like a great dad!

Brandi on

Aw, cute stories! I saw his show by accident because my husband had it on. I saw them one with him taking David Beckham out for fried chicken when he’s not supposed to be eating junk, and his wife catches them, so hilarious.

Fishsnot on

What about the weed and blunts, should the house supply these AND the beer, too?

Judith on

I love his tv show. I hope his house was ok after the fire. I always wondered where he lived.. Looking forward to the upcoming season of his tv show. He and Shante seem like really good parents. He needs to give some parenting tips to Russell Simmons. Russell’s children are like little divas. Cori is a sweetheart; so humble, considering who her dad is (big star). Just my two cents..

Carrie Jo on

Good advice! I’ve noticed that Snoop is very involved with his kids’ lives. He’s coached his son’s football team too.

LaydiB on

What we see when we look at celebrities is nothing but a perception. We won’t ever know what they are really like, how they act, or if they are truly decent human beings. What we see is a persona – even on so called candid interviews – when there’s a camera there – there is always going to be an unnatural aspect to it. That being said, this year, Snoop came to the city I live in for a show and I was hired to braid his hair. My kid sister was 19 at the time and he spent the entire time trying to get in her pants along with the rest of the crew he travels with. I wonder what his wife and kids were doing than. Really sad.

babes on

I have more respect for snoop after watchin his show. I’m really likin him in the new season. He’s got his kids best interest at heart and he’s always there for him. He’s one funny dude…watching him bake a cake for his little girl was hilarious. They have a cute relationship too.