Nicole Kidman is 'Over-Bonded' With Daughter Sunday Rose

11/17/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

Once dedicated to her movie career, which included an average of two movies a year since 2001, Nicole Kidman has not lost her passion and is still driven, albeit with a different destination in mind. The actresses’ priorities these days have shifted from her movie roles to her focus on being a "good wife" to her husband, country singer Keith Urban, and "a good mother" to the couple’s 4-month-old daughter Sunday Rose and her children Isabella Jane, 15, and Connor Antony, 13. In fact, Nicole hasn’t "read a script in a long time" and although she admits "if something great came along — it’s got to give me butterflies — then absolutely," these days there is no hiding where her heart is: at home with her family.

Despite Nicole’s obvious joy with her place in life, the journey did not come easy for her when only four months after marrying fellow Australian Keith, the couple was faced with the hard road of recovery when he entered into a rehabilitation center. Now, having survived the difficult time as newlyweds, Nicole and Keith are committed to making their family work — even if that means spending long hours traveling, as the new dad did when he flew for 24 hours to ultimately spend only 6 hours with his wife. "We’re both willing to move mountains to make it work, and with that, you still touch wood," explains Nicole, who believes the "only way love flourishes is if you keep feeding it."

Having recently discussed her experience in her native country’s "fertility waters," Nicole became pregnant during the final month of filming her new film Australia. After sitting the director down to announce her good news, Nicole shares in a new interview with USA Today that she immediately began to "prepare for the biggest thing in my life: giving birth." Fortunately for the 41-year-old, her younger sister — and mother to four — Antonia was eager to give Nicole advice, ultimately becoming her "rock" during the long nine months.

"I did yoga through the whole pregnancy. My sister recommended doing that. My sister is younger, but she has had four kids. She’s had natural birth. I had an epidural! She was great for me through the pregnancy."

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Prepared to welcome their baby girl, Keith and Nicole kept themselves nestled away on their farm in Nashville as the couple awaited the arrival of Sunday. Once their daughter made her grand debut, the excited new mom made bonding her first priority as she shares that "the baby comes wherever I go." For Nicole, having Sunday close by allows her to spend her time gazing — against her mother’s advice — at her "miracle baby."

"I just like looking at her, watching her breath. I stand over her crib and watch her breathe. It’s pathetic. My mum says I’m over-bonded. I don’t care. I’m just very bonded right now."

However, while Nicole can easily spend all day starring at her new daughter, she isn’t too fond to share those moments with the rest of the world. Reiterating that she doesn’t want Sunday photographed, Nicole says she "just couldn’t expose her. She’s my baby girl and I’m very protective and I’m still hormonal." While Nicole’s motherly instincts made her want to spend the first month "in the bubble of Keith, Sunday, Bella, Connor, and me," she eagerly shares her daughter’s milestone markers as Sunday is "just barely rolling over, smiling, and giggling." A miniature "Keith-ette," Nicole believes her baby girl looks "just like her daddy" minus her fair complexion!

"She’s got my fair skin, unfortunately. I wanted her to have dark skin. She’s so pale and she has to wear zinc cream and hats. Poor Sunday. There’s no frolicking on the beach!"

After enjoying their daughter in Tennessee for four weeks, the couple packed up — with Sunday in tow — and returned to Australia in order for Nicole to finalize her scenes in Australia. In addition to Nicole’s work-related commitment, the trip also gave her co-star and fellow Australian native Hugh Jackman an opportunity to meet the new baby, which coincidentally took place on a Sunday! "She’s very calm and beautiful, a gorgeous little kid. There’s Nicole, so happy. It’s remarkable how amazing she looked a month after giving birth and she fit into all the costumes. And those costumes were not forgiving! Her energy level was unbelievable," remembers Hugh.

Having wrapped the movie, Nicole has plans to travel to England to film scenes for her upcoming musical Nine, but not before the family enjoys a Christmas holiday together. The trio will be celebrating their first Christmas together in New York as Nicole is looking forward to showing Sunday the beautifully decorated city and it’s "pretty lights — the baby loves the lights."

Australia is in theaters November 26th.

Source: USA Today

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maggie on

love this family!! soo happy for Nicole and Keith!!

Shelby on

I don’t think you can be “over-bonded” with a new baby. I mean, maybe there’s some extreme, over-the-top instances, but in general, you’re supposed to want to spend most of your time with him or her when they are so new!!

Artemis on

I think over-bonded means that not only she wants to spend all her time with her, but she also can’t stop staring at her when she’s sleeping.

I love Nicole, Im so happy for her. This is a great family.

Mary on

Nicole- I do the same thing! They’re just so great you can’t help it!! Well I love Nicole and Keith and Sunday is adorable! !

Nicole Marie on

There’s nothing wrong with watching your baby sleep. =)
I know when I have kids, I will be doing the same…probably until they move out of the house!
I must say I still consider it a natural birth even if someone had a epidural.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m glad that Nicole made that comment about the “bubble” of her, Keith, Sunday, Connor, and Bella during Sunday’s first month of life.

That pretty much confirms that Bella and Connor DID indeed spend time with their new sister shortly after her birth, and they were simply able to keep that fact from the media!

Anyway, I wonder if Connor and Bella will be joining them for Christmas. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they did, as Katie’s broadway play goes through January, so she, Tom, and Suri will probably be spending Christmas in New York.

Therefore, I’m guessing that Connor and Bella will fly out to spend the holiday with them, and probably visit their mother, step-father, and baby sister while they’re in NYC.

I even wonder if all eight (or possibly nine, if Tom’s mother comes to NYC for the holiday) of them (Tom, Katie, Suri, Nicole, Keith, Sunday, and Connor and Bella, and possibly Tom’s mom) will get together for the holidays?

It sounds like it might be a possibility, since Tom and Nicole seem to be on very friendly terms with each other, and Nicole seems to have very warm feelings for Katie and Suri as well (I don’t know about Katie, as she’s never talked about Nicole).

Lis on

Nicole seems very sweet, but I just can’t help to feel sad for Isabella and Connor. It seems like Keith and Nicole are so wrapped up with Sunday; and Tom and Katie are just so into Suri, I feel like Bella and Connor fade in the background. There are a few comments and a few photos here and there with them, but certainly no where near comments, etc. of Saunday and Suri…

I mean sometimes I even forget that Tom and Nicole have two older children…

Helen on

Nicole is so wonderful but I read here ( about what she did during pregnancy to keep her slim figure and, wow, that’s a bit exaggerated.

maaslider on

I think its normal and great. And I dont have children, but I do the same with my Jack Russell-for those who miht have one, they can gazeinto your eyes like they are looking into your soul.And if she not into “shareing”, as a night owl I just watch her breathe,dream-whatever.So I’m probably the over-bonded one.And love every minute/day of it!