Becks and His Boys Pose for Photos

11/17/2008 at 06:30 PM ET

Romeo James, 6, and Cruz David, 3 ½, were happy to pose for photos with dad David Beckham, while 9 ½-year-old Brooklyn Joseph takes a warier approach at Friday night’s Lakers game in Los Angeles. The basketball team played the Pistons and unfortunately suffered their first loss of the season!

Mom is Victoria Beckham, who wed soccer star David in July 1999.


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Mary on

CUTIES!! But I don’t get why celebs always have kids before they get married. Does anyone know why?

Kelsey on

Those are some seriously handsome boys! Lucky Victoria!

julia on

you make it sound like they were posing for fan pictures! david was taking photos of his boys on his own camera and the lady next to them offered to take a group one of them all together.

what a stunning family.

Julia A on

Aww Brooklyn and David are wearing matching shirts, and I love how Cruz is leaning toward Romeo. These boys are too cute.

Ans on

All gorgeous children! And dad, of course.
Forgive me for singling out, but I had no idea that Romeo James was such a gorgeous child.

Liv on

I think Romeo looks the most like david, and the others are blended. All of them are cute.

Sydney on

Romeo is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up, he is absolutely stunning.

natasha on

Gorgeous boys! Just gorgeous!

JM on

All 3 are beautiful but that Romeo is going to def live up to his name….mom’s lock up your daughters now he’s got heartbreaker written all over him!!!!!

Fifi on

They are a gorgeous family!! And those boys get even beter looking every time I see them!!!

OnyxJones on

David Beckham is total hotness!!!! The Beckhams boys are such handsome little men.

Elizabeth on

Gosh, they’re all so gorgeous!

Meg on

OMG, all the boys are just adorable! I had no idea how much Romeo looks like David… he’s definitely going to be living up to his name, I think!

Laura on

They are so cute!!! i love romeo’s hair!


Cute boys, including David 🙂
Brooklyn looks the most like David, While Romeo resembles his mom, and cutie Cruz is a mix of both of his parents.

Moon on

All the four of them are handsome and cute!!! Love Cruz’s smile very much!!! Yes..Victoria are so lucky! Ans she’s beautiful too! ;D

Jennifer on

All three boys are so handsome!

And Romeo certainly is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

Nikka on

Romeo kind of reminds me of Ty Pentington from Extreme home make over on this picture.

gina on


froukje on

Romeo looks like his mom!

kb on

i cant believe how big Brooklyn is now! it seems like not too long ago he was a chubby little baby! Yes I agree that Romeo looks most like his mom. Brooklyn looks like a mix and Cruz leans more towards David!

Bren on

They are so gorgeous (all 4) but I admit that Cruz is my favorite Beckham boy!! (sorry david) lol

jesse on

OMG I think Romeo is all David! Brooklyn looks so much like Victoria!

Max'sMom on

Its funny to see how everyone has a different opinion about which child looks like who.

Here are my thoughts
Brooklyn: a mix of both parents
Romeo: all his dad
Cruz: all his mom

p.s. My favorites are David & Romeo

Barbara on

I love seeing pics of David with his boys. They always look so happy and like they are having a ball!

natasha on

May as well throw my 2 cents in haha, I think Romeo used to look like Victoria, now he looks like David. Brooklyn looks like Victoria’s family (his cousins, etc.) so he must resemble her. Cruz looks like a mix to me.

Helen on

Romeo has his mum’s eyes and the rest screams out David.

natasha on

Really Helen? I respect your opinion, don’t get me wrong haha, I just think the main thing that makes Romeo look like David is his eyes!

Moon on

Yeah..I agree with Natasha. All three boys have the mix of their parents..but..

Brooklyn looks more like Victoria (maybe his eyes and lips); Romeo used to look like Victoria but now he is more to David (he has Vic’s nose for sure..and her eyes); and Cruz..he’s the total mix of both I can’t even point out which is more (the eyes and nose are Vic’s but his lips, smile and the whole face are David’s)..and Cruz’s definitely the cutest of them all! ;D

Angel on

What a great pic! All of them are just too cute, especially Romeo right now, which could change as they grow, of course. And if they end up with a great shape like their dad and walk around together as young men, tall three will be sure to break all the girls’ hearts! And here’s my two cents on who they resemble:
Brooklyn: a mix of both parents, Romeo: mostly dad, Cruz: mostly mom. Funny how some people see the opposite! I guess we all focus on different features.

Laurie on

this is the kinda family that need to keep making kids cuz all they make are beautiful creatures!! 😀 and they’re such a happy family!

Artemis on

This is adorable! Victoria should really be proud of her family, she has amazing boys.

I love the way the younger ones are having these sincere smiles for the camera. Cruz is my favourite!

alexandrah-nell on

its funny how we all think different well my opinion is that brooklyn looks like both parents , romeo all victoria & lil cruz i think david

Caroline on

All those boys are super cute. I have always thought Brooklyn seemed like a sweet little boy. His face is very sweet looking.

Sharon on

Such cuties! I agree with you Alexandra – Brooklyn looks like both parents, Romeo looks more like Victoria and Cruz looks more like David.