Ashlee is 'Trying Everything' to Induce Labor, Says Jessica Simpson

11/17/2008 at 08:30 PM ET
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During a Monday taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, singer Jessica Simpson revealed that her sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is more than ready to welcome her first child. With Ashlee’s husband, rocker Pete Wentz, recently sharing that his very uncomfortable wife "just wants [the pregnancy] to be over," Jessica says that the 24-year-old has resorted to trying every trick in the book — including "different foot massages" — in order to jump start the labor!

"I don’t know. I think she’s really just jumping around trying everything right now."

Despite Ashlee’s fierce determination to get the delivery rolling, Jessica — who is equally excited to welcome the new addition — admits that doctors "are going to have to" induce labor as the couple’s baby is "developing really quick." For Ashlee, the possibility of inducing is welcome news, according to the country singer, who says the mom-to-be is quite eager to finally give birth.

As for the sex of the baby, Jessica confirmed that her sister and brother-in-law know, but she’s not at liberty to say!

"I can’t say because they haven’t said. I’ll stick myfoot in my mouth and get in trouble and I won’t be a good aunt."

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Sydney on

What does she mean that they will have to induce because the baby is “developing really quick”, does that even make sense?

Lily on

Bless her heart.

I definitely remember that final phase all too well. I hope the little one decides to make his or her appearence soon.

Kelly on

If she really wants to get things going, she and pete could have sex.

Nikka on

She should definitely try acupuncture. That will start her labor within 12 hours, naturally.

Mandy on

I bet we’ll hear a birth announcement in the next few days. It always seems like its mentioned about inducing labor or hoping the baby comes soon and then we have a birth announcement soon after.

Hope so! It feels like Ashlee has been pregnant forever.

Lillian on

My sister had my nephew (her first child) this past August and she was desperate to get him out as well. I gave her Caster Oil and she was in labor 5 hours later…9 hours after that, out comes my nephew! She should try it.

Jess from Ohio on

I don’t know what the “baby is developing really quick” comment is either. But good luck on getting labor going. Everyone I know says sex is a good labor starter, but it must not be comfortable or easy to do with a big belly in the way.

Katie Pross on

Poor girl. Those few days after the due date and before labor are soooo difficult! I know I got desperate and tried everything (sex did not work for me). Unfortunately the baby isn’t always ready when we are. She’ll go into labor when it’s time….or when she’s induced if it goes that long!

Erica on

I think Jessica meanst that the baby is just getting bigger as time passes. Maybe their expecting a big baby and the more time passes the bigger he/she will be. I cannot wait for this baby! I think it’ll be by this weekend.

Megan on

Sydney I took that comment to mean that the baby was getting quite big and so they were maybe going to induce…obviously nobody knows but that was my interpretation…here’s hoping Ashlee gets some relief soon =))

Melissa on

Sometimes a doctor will decide that the baby is getting too big for the mom and want to induce so the bab doesn’t get too big to deliver. That’s what I’m assuming Jessica means by developing quickly.

Lilly on

I’m with the other poster who said Ashlee and Pete should just have sex.

Meagan on

I wonder if she was just trying to say the baby is big without saying it. I think that would be the only reason they would induce for “developmental” reasons.

Mandy on

Does Castor Oil really work?

Amber on

When I was pregnant, I tried everything, even sex, trying to get my baby out but nothing worked. I ended up having to have them induce my labor because my fluid was low but she came out healthy as can be and still is.

Stephany on

I think what’s meant by the baby developing quickly is just that. The baby is getting bigger and inducing labor is probably the safest choice. My SIL had to be induced Sept. 25. She was due Oct. 14 and they induced her. My nephew was 9 lbs, 7 ounces! We all think the due date was probably off but, obviously, the baby couldn’t stay in her tummy for another 2 1/2 weeks! 😉

I think we’ll be hearing a birth announcement very, very soon!!! YAY!

Ashleigh on

Castor Oil is not safe. Really read about it before anyone trys it. It only works if babys ready.

YAY i cant wait for this baby to come. iv been looking everyday to see.


She could try nipple stimulation, walking and caster oil. I’ve heard sex is an old wives tale and doesn’t really work. I heard it on “Pregnancy for Dummies” today infact but you’d think it would work because semen has prostaglandins in it and that softens the cervix and having an orgasm will cause the uterus to conract…which is inducing labor. I dunno…I know older ladies on my dad’s side that say eating Beans will do it because they cause you to have gas which will cause the labor to start lol …old mexican/indian women.

Good luck to them and Im sure we’ll be hearing about the baby any day now.

Cheryl on

I’m with Kelly & Lilly… having sex got my labor going within 2 hours each time I’ve been pregnant. Neither of us found it uncomfortable 😉

Lauren on

Well, atleast we know she doesn’t have a scheduled c-section. I think she is already a week late from her due date. Castor Oil is iffy, sometime it works- sometimes it makes matters worse. If she is already dialated and effacing, it shouldnt take much to get her into labor. You just need a good romp in the sack. My water broke 3 1/2 weeks early because I was getting tired walking stairs.

Lilybett on

The hormone produced by sex (and cuddling, love, bonding, etc) is the same as the one they use in more concentrated forms for inducing labour (oxytocin). It’s the same hormone that gets the uterus contracting after labour and what “lets down” milk during lactation.

Lauren on

I want to add, I hope they have a cute little boy (I can see them having a boy) and give him a somewhat normal but different name. Nothing made up.

Shawna on

Why does everyone keep saying they should just have sex? How do you know they haven’t tried that already? If she’s tried everything then I’m sure they have. Do you really think they are going to announce in an interview, “Yes, we’re having lots of sex to try and bring labour on.” Can’t they keep anything sacred??
In regards to starting labour, nipple stimulation worked for me. I used a breast pump and switched back and forth from breast to breast. My daughter was born early the next day (and that was 2 days before her due date).

cvk on

Oh my gosh, I tried everything with my son…sex (not fun at 9 months), nipple stim., exercise, stripping membranes (not recommended!), stomach flu, and even falling flat on my belly on the sidewalk after tripping. NOTHING worked. Finally, my water broke on its own. After all of my extended family had left, of course.

Nicole on

Castor Oil is NOT safe! It can, and does on MANY occassions, cause baby to have a BM (meconium birth). Read about it. Very bad! Can cause baby to be in NICU and have chronic lung problems.

CelebBabyLover on

I, too, took Jessica’s comment about the baby developing really quickly to mean that the baby is getting really big.

Anyway, in regards to induction methods…I have read that nipple stimulation should only be attempted in a hospital or doctor’s office, under a doctor’s supervision, as it can cause super-strong contractions that can send the baby into distress.

All of that said, I hope the baby is born tomorrow, November 18. Then s/he will share a birthday with my father! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Nicole is correct, but I want to reassure everyone that “meconium birth” doesn’t always mean a NICU stay or chronic lung problems. My brother was a “meconium birth”, and he didn’t need to go to the NICU or end up with chronic lung problems.

A NICU stay and/or chronic lung problems is the worst case scenario for a Meconium Birth. Obviously it’s still better to be safe than sorry, but I just wanted to make sure nobody got too panicked by Nicole’s comments!

sadie on

A red-hot curry and small glass of Guinness has worked for a few of my friends in getting labour started.
Poor Ashlee. First babies do tend to take their time in coming!

Kris on

My best friend had to be induced. She was a week overdue and the baby was already a big one. Maybe that’s what Jessica meant. At some point if the little one doesn’t come on his/her own, induction will happen. Her fluids will get low and problems could arise.

Michelle Z. on

Eggplant Parm!

LOL. I don’t know. But that’s what I ate the night before my son was born.

You can try all the tricks and tips in the book, but until that baby is ready to come out, they are merely entertainment and (some of them) weird activities that at least take your mind off waiting.

Little Miss S on

LOL I remember the wait – my husband and I tried everything we had heard of here in the UK – the sex, eating an entire fresh pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, hiking, eating spicy food, cervical sweep by the midwife – and DD (4) still didn’t come until 11 days overdue…..whereas DD (2) came 2 weeks early unexpectedly…when it’s time it’s time! – Obviously induction is often necessary for medical reasons and I wish Ashlee all the best at this time 🙂 –

alexandrah-nell on

i think mayb ashlee should try vacumming the house thats what my sister in law did and she had her lil daughter like couple days later

Kelly on

Im seeing boy for this couple & if Pete keeps his promise to his dad they will have a fourth little Peter Wentz on their hands =) & she sounds highly ready for the baby i feel bad for her

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention this in my past comment: Perhaps simply scheduling an induction will make Ashlee go into labor on her own. That actually happened to a woman I once knew. She went past her due date, and she was HUGE (think Naomi Watts or Isla Fisher!) and more than ready for the baby to come (plus the baby was getting big).

So she ended up scheduling an induction. Lo and behold, she proceeded to go into labor on her own and her daughter was the day before the “induction day”! It was as if that baby girl was trying to say, “I’m not going to let someone else decide when I’m coming out! I’M going to pick my birthday!” 🙂

Barbara on

This sounds a bit crazy but people that I know (who were due at anytime) drank root beer before going to bed and by morning they were in labor. Who knows why it worked for them. ha ha ha

Ash on

Eating a whole fresh pineapple is the only way to go!

Two of my friends did this after going overdue and gave birth within hours.

Megan on

I am the proud mother of a 1 month baby but when I was in that situation just 5 weeks ago I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked for me. Literally everything you all have mentioned we tried and nothing worked. I ended up being induced, the induction failed all three times they tried and finally they did a c-section. I soooo know how Ashlee feels. Miserable. It seems like she has been pregnant forever, hopefully it will not be much longer!

dsmom on

I agree with the other posters, have sex. I was in labor not 3 hours later!

Brianne on

I agree with the poster about setting the induction date. I Had been told to be ready to go 2-3 weeks early because my daughter was so big already. So I walked around on eggshells for those last 3 weeks (and I was Naomi Watts huge). It wasn’t until they set the induction date of Jan 14th (my due date was the 12th) and I had tried EVERYTHING imaginable, down to the herbs. Well, on the 13th at 11pm i went into labor on my own. She was 9 pounds 6 ounces. My dr said next time around he’ll watch the baby’s weight a little more closely LOL

Carolle on

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but I got a massage to get labour started! If your baby is ready to be born, getting a massage will help you relax, the baby will drop and labour will start on its own. It only works when your baby is ready to be born!!! I had a massage the day before my baby was born, and by the time I got up and dressed, my belly had already dropped. Less than 12 hours later, my water broke and I had strong and fast contractions!

And if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll be relaxed and your back will feel nice!

Tara on

Or how about just wait until the baby is ready?

Inductions (and other similar interventions such as stripping the membranes) all have their own risks all well. If the baby and mother are healthy, let labor work naturally.

The average first time mom goes into labor naturally sometime after 41 weeks but, regardless, the due date is an estimate and not an expiration date.

In addition, u/s for size can be off, and often are, by several pounds. Many a “giant” baby has turned out to be quite ordinarily sized.

Holly on

Sex..Sex…Sex…I was in labor 5 minutes later.

Me on

She can try any trick in the book to induce labor, but nothing will work unless that baby is ready to come! When I was pregnant I tried walking up hills (those did start contractions, but just Braxton Hicks), eating hot peppers, having sex.. and I even did the castor oil (I went into labor 12 hours later). But the only reason that it worked was because my midwife stripped my membranes, thus causing me to lose my mucus plug and bloody show (labor isn’t far behind when you lose those). Good luck and that baby will be here soon! I keep checking back for an announcement!

Morgan on

Castor Oil isn’t a good idea; not only did I try it about a week after my due date, but when I was finally induced 8 days later (yup, 15 days overdue), Sofia had a BM in utero and I had to have an emergency C-section. Unfortunately, this was after 36 hrs of labor…I’d have rather just had the C-section the day before. Stick to walking and being patient; it’s the best thing for your baby.

lulu on

Tara, I totally agree with you! Just wait it out and try to relax cause soon enough it will all be over with! My baby was 11 days late and there was no rush on my end or the doctor’s to induce.

alabama on

I agree with scheduling an induction. My son was 11 days overdue, I went in to be induced and my waters broke just as I changed into my hospital gown. I scheduled an induction with my daughter for a Monday morning. At 2am on Sunday morning, I woke up with a start, and my waters promptly broke. An induction was all the encouragement my babies needed!!

Lis on

Carolle – that was a cute post! I love the last line!

…I’ll keep that in mind for when I start a family some day…!! 🙂

Shannon on

I was 3 days past due w/ my first. I could not convince my hubby to have sex. He was terrified if hurting the baby!
Of course nothing else worked, so I finally threatened to divorced him if he didn’t try it. Lo and behold, woke up the next morning and my water broke immediately! Sounds like it might be a big baby. I don’t know, for some reason I’ve been thinking girl for them. Can’t wait to hear the name!

Sarita on

I agree with Tara here, inductions (expecially the medical one) are not something to want. Sometimes a baby is born two weeks after the due date, it’s not comfortable for mom but most of the time it is because the baby isn’t ready. Let that baby have the power to decide when to come.

Also the people that say I did… next day I was in labour. How do you know it was the thing you did? You were already near your due date!

SH on

I’ve had 4 pregnancies. Castor oil worked for me once – had the baby within 4 hours of the contractions starting. Sex worked for me once – had the baby within 7 hours of that. But neither of these were the first time I tried. I think the catch with all the “wives tale” remedies is that the baby also has to be ready.

michelleanne on

She is on a race with my brother and sister in law who are due any minute to have their 3rd baby and first boy in the family for 20 years, my s.i.l. is 2cm dilated lets see who goes first..LOL

Becky on

I read about this resturant back east that is famous for inducing labor for pregnant women. Women flock there daily for their eggplant parmesean and everytime they go in labor within 24 hours.

I know two people who did the castor oil. They both said be forewarned…you go #2, badly, after you take it, but at least you do go while pushing! 😉 And my sister who had a natural birth with both kids, said he daughter, who came after castor oil was a much faster labor/delivery, but two times more intense and I have heard that a few times that the castor oil makes you go into labor and makes the labor a lot shorter but makes it more intense and strong.

I too have been checking this site several times a day for the past week waiting for the announcement, as I did with Gwen’s baby. I can’t wait to hear the name!

tamara on

poor her. it sucks to be overdue. i’m sure they tried everything but come on, how many times can you have sex, especially 9 months pregnant, and the reality is, something baby just doesnt come out and inducing is necessary. i was induced 2 weeks early with my second baby, b/c of IUGR, she just wasnt growing, but just after the cervadil (a gel they put to ripen the cervix) i started contracting hard and she was born a few hours later, no poticin. sometimes that baby just needs a little push. i’m sure ashlee is being smart and i’m sure she has wonderful doctors who are taking care of her and her baby. for her sake, i hope her baby is born soon and healthy, induction or not! and for those who say just wait until the baby is ready, waiting is very hard when you feel like a baby is falling out of you!

Becky on

I meant to add, my friend went into labor 2 weeks early and when I went to the hospital to see her when she was in labor, she had a big smile on her face (of course, this was after the epidural 😉 and she said her and her hubby had sex 6 times the day before and viola, she went into labor. A lot of people think it is the orgasm that causes labor, but it is the semen that causes it. My husband wouldn’t have sex with me the last 2 trimesters 😦 My baby kicked him once during the deed and he was done after that. I honestly don’t blame him. 🙂 But I was induced 3 weeks early due to preaclampsia so I didn’t have to try the tricks to get the labor going.

Jesse on

Yes, I remember that time (I was 9 days “overdue” when I started my labor). It is very hard–one of the few times in our life that we have no control. We can do little rituals and pretend they have an effect (yes I was having lots of sex, eating pineapple, and drinking RRL tea). But really, the baby comes when he/she is ready. Usually when they are as large as they can possibly be, while still being able to pass through the maze of the birth canal.
I really do not think having a “due date” helps us at all. I think it produces a lot of unneeded anxiety and in some cases unneeded intervention.
I do wish Ashlee luck, those last couple days are rough!

jjj on

Please, please don’t take castor oil! It isn’t safe. I know some people say that it worked for them but why would you want to take the risk?

D on

I know the last few days are rough, but there will be NO rush from my end for baby #2!

For baby #1, i tried EVERYTHING…sex, pineapple, eggplant parm, spicy food, walking.

After the birth, I was thinking, he came out when he wanted to and instead of me trying to shove him out I should have SLEPT those last two weeks and relaxed because your life is totally different when they are born!

Now that I am preggers with #2, I am going to *TRY* to remember my own advice the last week 😉

Kate on

Hello Lillian,

Castor Oil definitely works. My , great-great grandmother & my great-grandmother and my grandmother were all mid-wives. My mom is ironically a retired OB/GYN nurse. My mom has told her ladies to use castor oil for years and it works every time. My sister used it and bam she went into labor. Its awful taste but it gets the job done.

Lillian on

Kate…and others,

Thanks! I assume everything works differenly on other people, but it worked for my sister as well. We did a lot of research before we tried it. She was 2cm and 80% efaced before we tried it and my nephew’s perfect. You definitely have to be on your way on your own before you try it otherwise it’ll just give you trips to the bathroom. I’d definitely try Castor Oil if I’m in Labor for a week and still no baby!

Lacey on

I can’t believe she is still pregnant!

Kaii on

Last I heard she went into labour yesterday, Someone had to fill in for Pete at the TRL concert his band we’re meant to be playing in.

babyboopie on

By the time I was 37 weeks pregnant, I was more than ready for my son to come out, I was like, ” Just get out baby, just get out, Mummy’s waiting!”
But then when my son was born (obviously I was relieved that he was here safe and ecstatic I got to meet him!) I felt a bit sad, as I missed being pregnant, it was such a wonderful and special time although I didn’t really appreciate it in the final weeks.
I know how Ashlee must be feeling but it just adds to the suspense and excitement of finally meeting your baby.
Having said that, I think it is a boy!
Hope your baby arrives safely and everything goes well, Ashlee and Pete!

ak on

sex worked for me (my DD was 8 days late), but only to kick my labor into high gear. I’d been in early labor for about 8 hours. For two weeks before I’d tried everything–pineapple, black cohosh, sex, walking, castor oil, acupressure, etc. and NOTHING.

DivaStar on

My due date was Jan 7 I calculated it just like the Dr did and came up with December 23. I walked mine out, I was shopping the day before x-mas eve, and went back x-mas eve to finish up, and my water broke while I was standing in line and my daughter was born on x-mas day.


Oh my gosh, I tried everything with my son…sex (not fun at 9 months), nipple stim., exercise, stripping membranes (not recommended!), stomach flu, and even falling flat on my belly on the sidewalk after tripping. NOTHING worked. Finally, my water broke on its own. After all of my extended family had left, of course.

Posted by: cvk at Nov 18, 2008 12:09:53 AM

You’re joking right?

Stephanie on

As a mom to 7, I KNOW how uncomfortable the last days and weeks are. I just wish Ashlee could find a way to relax and savor and enjoy these last days of pregnancy, focus on that, not inductions… general babies come when babies are ready to come….

Stephanie on

WOW! I feel so bad for her! It seems like she is more than ready to have this baby! I can’t wait to see a birth announcement! Having said that, I think it’s a girl!

Angela on

ACOG states that women should NOT be induced or sectioned for suspected large babies.

Such hogwash we women are fed…and believe too.

tracey on

I agree with Stephanie. I hope she’s not feeling pressured into ‘getting the baby out ASAP’ because those last few weeks/days are something to enjoy, not feel rushed about. The baby WILL come out when it’s ready. What works for one woman – sex, pineapple, walks, massage etc – may not work for another, so I don’t like to assume anything.

Amanda on

I read the comment about castor oil and I agree with the above poster who said it can cause more damage then good. I did everything to make me go into labor with my now 2 1/2 year old son. I tried the castor oil, which just made me so sick, and caused him to have a BM while inside me. He could have died from it. He spent 30 hours in ICU and then until 6 weeks old they were concerned he would be blind and deaf. Thankfully, he’s fine, but that is something to take into consideration.
I did the sex thing, didn’t work. I even did the various foot massages, and Aidan still refused to grace him with his presence. What actually caused my monkey to come into the world was me being scheduled to be induced at 8 am on Feb. 23. Aidan, apparently not happy with the idea of having someone else make his decisions, did something at 3 am, broke my water at 4 am, made me have contractions 45 seconds apart AS SOON AS HE MADE MY WATER BREAK(!!!!!) and was born at 6:15 am. I swear he’s my boy–late for everything, then 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be somewhere rush, rush, rush.
Nothing will cause the baby to come until the baby is ready. Everything else is just in vain.

marcia on

it feels like shes been pregnant forever, i think it’s a girl. omg, i hope that she goes soon into labor! can’t wait to see that beautiful baby!

Lanna on

With all my pregnancies I’ve hit that wall where I’m so tired and frustrated of being pregnant – some of my emotional rants about it have cost me some friends who just didn’t understand it.

I’ve had pregnancies of 40w3d, 40w3d and 41w6d (yes, almost 42 weeks!). My body just cooks babies a little longer than the arbitrary 40-week mark. Although you best past 40 weeks – especially with my last baby – I was trying everything with my midwife’s input (castor oil, sex, massage, nipple stimulation, eggplant parmesan, and I don’t know what else) and the day of I’d had my membranes stripped with black currant oil applied to my cervix, and a plan to start black and blue cohosh tinctures (given to me by my midwife – but I never did get around to taking them since that labor/birth was an hour and a half from start to finish). You can get desperate and emotional at the end, that’s for sure.

Lanna on

Oh, forgot to add, I homebirthed a 9lb11oz boy and later, a 9lb girl. Just because a baby’s supposedly growing fast (as they’re supposed to do at the end!) doesn’t *always* mean a mother cannot birth her child without interventions.

hollywood stars on

She looks beautiful to me compare to Jessica.

emily on

I remember those days! Sex didn’t work for us, either. Finally, I walked up 18 flights of stairs and then 1.5 mile right after…my daughter was in my arms 36 hours later.

Mimi on

Raspberry Tea!