Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Are Playing the Name Game

11/17/2008 at 10:00 AM ET
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Already in her second trimester, Alyson Hannigan is relying on "flowy tops" to hide her burgeoning belly on the set of How I Met Your Mother and with no plans to write the pregnancy into the show, she is sure she will "be carrying things in a few months." While the 34-year-old disguises her bump for her role, her husband Alexis Denisof laughs that once she is off work, she is like any other mom-to-be with her — very specific — pickle cravings.

"If I bring the wrong ones home, she won’t touch ’em. It has to be the exact right ones. They’re the sweet, kosher pickles. They can’t be the pepper, garlic, or whatever — it has to be the right one."

Despite Alyson mentioning her excitement over finding out whether they will be the proud parents of a girl or a boy, Alexis reveals that the two are already in the know. "We know the gender, but I don’t think I’m allowed to say. Alyson didn’t give a clearance," says Alexis. However, the dad-to-be is willing to share their baby-naming system saying that both he and Alyson make a list, swap the suggestions, and "start eliminating names from each other’s lists" hoping to eventually "compile a master list." Some names Alyson and Alexis have already ruled out? Alyson’s suggestion of Bruce and Alexis’ suggestion of Dennis!

As the upcoming holidays grow closer, the couple are eagerly looking forward to a chance to "nest" as they prepare for their spring baby. Already sharing her New Year’s resolution — "to get more organized" — the excited new mom, who is "over the moon" feeling her baby kick, will spend her break stocking up on newborn essentials. With Alyson full-swing into baby-mode, Alexis is getting into the groove of things as well.

"As soon as she gets a minute off, she wants to go to a baby store and fiddle with the clothes and look at the cribs. It’s been really fun! Slowly we are collecting onesies!"

Source: E! Online, Star

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Topsi on

Uhm…if he’s not allowed to reveal the sex then maybe he shouldn’t have revealed the names they have been considering either. With Bruce and Dennis on the list one would hope it’s a boy!!

Kate on

Sounds like he did give away the sex!

How cute are they, I LOVE this couple!

Aelys on

I love these two, they are so funny! I’m sure that baby will be born with a smile on its face!

Susan on

I like how excited they are. It is sweet. I also like that Alexis won’t comment on the baby’s gender because Alyson “hasn’t given clearance.” 🙂 Nice to see a husband who is really in charge during a pregnancy! Haha. 🙂

My Mom used to say to my dad that he could make bad jokes about names all he wanted because in the end it is the MOTHER that signs the birth certificate. They agreed on a name, but she loved to give him a hard time about names.

Brandi on

Uh oh, did he let the cat out of the bag? Haha. I agree, they are the cutest.

Harley on

I adore these two, I’m so happy for them 🙂

Amber on

I definitely think he let the cat out of the bag on the sex. LOL!

brannon on

Of course … they may have ruled out both names because it is a girl?!

Kate on

Dennis Denisof?

D on

LOL Kate! It puts it in perspective when you add the last name ;). Good thing they ruled out that name.

Stephany on

I have a sneaky suspicion Alyson and Alexis might be having a boy! 😉

Either way, they seem so excited! I’m also glad that Alyson nixed Dennis Denisof! Too funny!!!

MB on

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a girl.

JC on

He could of given it away but those could of been names from prior to finding out the sex he had thrown out.

Jazz on

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a girl either. We’ll just have to wait and see!
My husband and I are doing that too right now for our twins! So exciting.

CelebBabyLover on

Does anyone know how Alexis is pronunced when it is a man’s name? Is it pronunced “Alex-iss” like the girl version, or “Alex-ees?”

Bee on

Dennis Denisof — that’s funny! No wonder it got wiped off the list.

I’m disappointed the pregnancy isn’t being written into “How I Met Your Mother.” A couple of episodes ago, when Lily and Marshall talked about having a baby but decided they weren’t ready, I thought the characters would end up with a baby surprise anyway since Alyson is pregnant.

And if you haven’t watched “How I Met Your Mother,” go rent the first season and catch up quickly! It’s fabulous!

Ashley on

It could be a boy of course 50/50. He didn’t say what the baby is though, that could have easily been one of the original two names that got ditched lol. [Just as JC said]